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this is you know we near is live from berlin panic on london bridge central london is in lockdown this evening as british police deal with what they're calling an unclear situation but as a precaution they are treating it as a terror related incident officers called a stabbing incident on london bridge near the u.k. parliament eyewitness video shows civilians tackling a man on the bridge before cliche and injure a suspected attacker. also coming up iraq's in battle prime minister announced this resignation protests in central badat celebrate the news which comes
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a day after security forces killed 40 protesters in conscious of the country has been rocked by 2 months of grassroots anti-government demonstrations. plus fridays for a future goes global again thousands of young people taking part in rallies around the world the call to action coming ahead of next week's un climate summit in retreat. and political turmoil in malta where prime minister joseph muscat reportedly plans to resign imminently as the deepening crisis worked by a journalist murder engulfs his closest allies. on my heart thank you so much for your company we are starting with breaking news in london where police say they have shot. not and detained
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a man on london bridge after at least 5 people were injured in a stabbing attack while a footage posted on social media shows armed police wrestling down a man and several other men in civilian clothes one of which appears to be holding a large knife back away while a white truck is also seen right here parked across london bridge and footage also shows the police are checking the vehicle merges the services including ambulances were quickly at the scene and have the cleared a major incident one london bridge you might recall was the scene of a 2017 islamic state inspired a terror attack that killed 8 people. and one of police have also responded in the meantime saying this on twitter at this stage the circumstances relating to the incident at london bridge remain unclear however as
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a precaution we are currently responding to this incident as though it is terror related one man has been shot by police are very tense the scenes in the heart of london of course want to show parts is there charlotte what do you know. well the police responded to this incident on the london bridge shortly before 2 pm local time it's a friday afternoon these bridges are crowded with tourists and employees of the city of london and like those that work in the bank and insurance companies that are very close to that bridge they responded to this incident to a stabbing at the police said witnesses describing that they saw several injured people bleeding and the video that you mentioned shows a man in civilian clothes wrestling down a man on london bridge. the police took this man in civilian clothes away from the
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other men and then subsequently shot the alleged offender on london bridge this is what the video shows now this area of course is cordoned off police have reacted promptly services and police are treating this as a major incident with a number of injured as we're hearing but the situation at this point seems at least to be under control because those buildings that were on lockdown around london bridge employees and people in those buildings where now free to leave and have been going on the transport system surrounding those buildings and as you're reporting we're showing a live pictures aerial pictures of the london bridge which is for obvious reasons sealed off in lockdown this area charlotte it's in the heart of london.
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it is in the heart of london you're absolutely right these several bridges next to each other crossing the thames always very very busy on a friday afternoon this one is next to tower bridge which of us of course might know as an iconic landmark in london and this bridge leads into well basically the financial heart of the city's famous skyscraper buildings that all of us might know where banks and insurance companies are located and also several tourist attractions such as the borough market and you mentioned this was also the london bridge the scene of a 2017 terra attack where 3 men close to the islamic state ran a truck into pedestrians and then step people at this borough market that i mentioned so this is an extremely busy area now it has been widely cordoned off
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and and the police are still at the scene of course investigating this incident because they are investing and we're also expecting them to hold a press conference any moment now before i let you go charlotte i mean i want ads our people because as you've been reporting back in 2017 there was this terrorist act that took place there we don't know the details of this particular assault that took place but it might might be a really scary time for londoners. well of course those that witnessed the scene you've been hearing them now on social media those witnesses of course extremely under shock that they had 2 witnesses on friday afternoon expecting nothing just walking the bridge and crossing the bridge and busses and this is a city on the edge of course i think what p.p. people are somewhat used to these kind of incidents is because london saw so many
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terror attacks and 2017 so people employees they used to they have buildings being on lockdown also for training purposes and that's why employees at least from what we've been hearing have been staying very call but definitely this is a city used to these kind of incidences and that is why police and ambulance services are also very well prepared to respond to these kind of situations where to charlotte reporting from london thank you for the updates and we're going to keep a very close eye on this developing story a soon as we get more details we will bring those to you but for now we're going to move on we're going to tell you about some of the other stories making news around the world. china has reacted angrily to president trump's approval of measures backing pro-democracy activists in hong kong beijing says it will take for him countermeasures against the u.s. if it continues to meddle in his domestic affairs but the pro-democracy supporters welcome to move celebrating what it called
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a major boost to its push for more local political control and more autonomy for china from china rather. russia has test fired in an intercontinental ballistic missile a video released by the country's defense ministry shows the topple am being launched from the country's couple sinjar firing range the ministry says it successfully reached its target in kazakhstan. and south korea k. pop star young soon young has been sentenced to 6 years in prison for raping a woman who did other key pop star your was also secretly filmed he also secretly filmed the rape and shared the video online and keep upstart choi young hoon was sentenced to 5 years in prison. rescue workers in albania are winding down their operation to find survivors choose days deadly earthquake the operation is now focused on a collapsed beachfront hotel in the port town of tourists 49 people have been
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confirmed dead across the region that rocked it was wrong by a 6.4 magnitude quake in apologies we're having some technical issues so we move on to our next topic climate activists around the world are taking to the streets in the 4th fridays for future global climate strike while they're demanding the government step up their efforts to cut carbon emissions and they're sending a message as well to the u.n. climate change conference which begins in madrid next week balik here in berlin thousands of young activists protesting in the city center and around 2 dozen people jumped into the chilly waters of the river sprayed to protest against the government's climate protection policies. and it's very very cold all australians that were among the 1st to take to the streets in sydney hundreds of young people skipped school to hold a rally outside the city hall. our house is on fire part metaphor part call to arms of climate change activists as they seek to hammer home
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a sense of urgency yet for some here in sydney it's been a painful reality already. by the right. i thought. for. residents here are living on the front lines of this crisis and the effects are everywhere if you saw the crowd or whatever shape it was the south some people couldn't come out because of the smoke and this is for that long of alcohol and i think it's really really really telling people i'm out actually i think about it because i mean it's so bad. in the philippines sisters were doing it for the planet
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leading a march of hundreds to demand action. it was a more subdued picture in seoul where the friday protests have struggled to capture the imagination. but in india the roots of this movement as an impassioned call to galvanize the youth into something of a revolution are all too evident both going to. be feeling really really important but sooner getting hot in the movement not just right in the future because it's all about the system seemed to conserve out finally getting away from its murder rate is about to moving this obsession on environmentalist needing to go on the overt to nobody make. a charge out in south africa to put some living their bodies on the ground to make a statement about the impact that rampant consumerism of black friday sales. it's having on a global the crew system. well on that note and many of those striking for the
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climate have dumped today green friday and it's their time to take a stand against black friday the traditional day of bargain shopping after the american thanksgiving holiday it has spread now around the world but in france this resulted in protests these images that you see right here are from outside the amazon a warehouse in the southern city is beyond where demonstrators have clashed with police climate activists want to send a message that the overconsumption synonymous with black friday is harmful to the environment. it's black friday in france and everything is on sale well almost everything there's a growing resistance to this foreign invader marching through french shopping precincts maybe some just creates more garbage a minute some years i think we consume much more than we need to and it's not just shoppers who are questioning consumption patterns also me. consuming has a real impact on our jobs on ecology on our health this must be taken into account
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like friday doesn't fit that picture anymore. 3 years ago the green friday movement for responsible consumption was launched to make people aware of environmental problems related to mass consumerism. the mother who had left when i see black friday it's unbearable when i see these low prices and i think about the people who are making real products in very badly paid i think about the environment that's being attacked. hundreds of french companies and associations have joined the movement they encourage people to reduce reuse recycle and repair their god it is yet if he saw one would be better to keep just good at a fix to last as long as possible you know especially that when a dishwasher doesn't work it's often not a big problem just. over consumption and waste our hot topics all the way to the top next. month the french government is to debate the future of black friday.
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well next to unfolding developments in iraq which has been in the grip of bloody anti-government grassroots protests that took a dangerous turn on thursday well in response to what happened on thursday iraq's prime minister adding that he says he will present his resignation to parliament to lawmakers so lawmakers can pick a new government or the move comes after weeks of anti-government protests and the number of deaths in the unrest has now surpassed 200 demonstrators across the country have taken to the streets since early october to protest against government corruption and rampant unemployment. to get you the latest now on the stuff asylum is a reporter for the washington post and badat and he joins us now from the iraqi capital. tell us 1st i mean the prime minister resigning and the entire cabinet
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presumably going with him will this really means that stance of change will this calm the unrest that we've seen unfold in the past almost 2 months. i know it's not going to come down here but there's actually going to create the more egregious numbers when i went there today to churches where they were celebrating they were tears of joy that they finally accomplished something but they're saying that this is not what they came for it only come for like pushing away the prime minister they want to overthrow the whole system they want to change because they want to change the election law in a way that a lot of to directly elect their prime minister not in this way when they voted for a party and the parties have collision with each other and nominate someone they want to change the constitution and the election low and then they will they want to have an early elections which is not going to happen unless the parliament with
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vote on that and apologise self which hasn't been done yet they are saying this is only step one they are saying it's a victory for them because if i leave a message after 2 months of being around 400 people died as a result of violence they managed to do this but it's not enough for them they are seeking for more right that it's not enough for them but i'm just wondering though obviously they're emboldened by the fact that mr mehdi is now is stepping down but i want to did he just buy himself more time because it's going to take a long time to reinstall a government and i'm also wondering how we list it is it that these changes that the protesters want to see. be implemented in iraq how we list is that that that will actually see the light of day. 1st of all the reason he resigned is because today on friday the shit out of his authority aka the much i need to study his speech he said he condemned the violence that took place yesterday and not
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another south of iraq around 40 people died in both cities because of the violence that took place there and he condemned the violence and he said and they quote he said that the parliament who voted for this government should do something i consider that option which means that if i want to withdrawal the confidence from the prime minister because of this speech writer or submits his resignation it means that the next session of parliament which is going to be on sunday the parliament will accept the mission of the prime minister if they accept that which means that iraq will have an emergency government until the blocs agree on a new prime minister right what does this all mean stuff out for neighboring iran which you know rightly or wrongly adds imagine was perceived to be very sympathetic to tehran does this mean that iran is losing its influential role in iraq.
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it depends who's gonna be the next prime minister is after the last elections there was a huge drive between iran and other players in order to push away i don't know by the visit by mistake because for iran how did that body was known of the the american way in iraq. there was a huge frightfully huge corporation between iran people in your eyes and then they couldn't reach to anyone that they could just sit there many of the settlement kind of that he appeared to like what once you became imposed a lot of oil was an observer says that the iranians aren't became longer in the time of other betty it was august the economy situation and political situation whoever will be the next prime minister is going to be a huge challenge for iran because iran won't want to make sure that whoever the prime minister is they want to be able to deal with him and cooperate with him. and
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then reporting from that badat thank you thank you. and back here in europe a political turmoil in a mall tower where media sources there are reporting that prime minister joseph muscat is to resign quote imminently well his position had been threatened by the political and legal crisis brought about by the probe into the murder of journalist a daphne. who was investigating government corruption when she was killed any car bomb attack 2 years ago while angry protesters including the lisa sun have been demanding that the prime minister's that the prime minister resign although he has said he will stay in his post until the murder investigation is complete well earlier this week must pass through my chief of staff keith a schembri who was arrested over alleged links to the case and was later released
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without charge. or this is been a momentous a week for a mile to so many developments let's take you now to our very own barbara who is in valencia the maltese capital. where to begin ok let's 1st start with prime minister joseph muscat who reportedly plans to resign imminently a look at what more can you tell us about that. we are waiting actually for a televised address to the country within the next hour or so of joseph musket and it is an extraordinary day here because for a couple of days you had the feeling here in walter that things were coming to a head that this was not sustainable politically really the anger with people within the population was really growing and we saw some some relief your real fury among people here protesters particularly with the family of the murdered journalist they put out a press statement saying he really really needs to step down he's deeply implicated
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in the murder off the top because he said that he cannot possibly stay in office and not possibly be the one who promises justice and his own affairs need to be a probe and so finally it seems they're getting what they want we have to wait a bit for the mood devotees it's not quite clear what the musket will step down immediately and the vice prime minister will take over they're supposed to be elections later and in new prime minister in general all but the he will sort of stay in office for a while as and as a sort of caretaker that still has to be decided it seems bought in extraordinary spectacle because last night we saw after a 7 hour cabinet meeting almost smugly defiant joseph muskett faced the cameras and say i have nothing at all to reproach myself with i have nothing to do with this and i'm going to see the investigations through and overnight they had turned his mind and the president finally this morning must have told him you can
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carry on you really do have to step down now his position was definitely sustainable but what begs the question now of course is what does this all mean all these developments an extraordinary day in an extraordinary week what does it mean for the investigation into the murder of daphne according to. things are going to get really interesting now in the courthouse here behind us at the moment jorgen fenech is being heard he is the main suspect one of the wealthiest businessmen off malta the main suspect of having or did they hit against. and he already had asked yesterday for a presidential pardon in order to be free to tell all about government involvement into this sleaze and corruption surrounding the murder of the investigative journalist this is not only about quantum of papers and the dubai connection this goes much deeper and it seems to really end compasses all areas of maltese economy
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and society and not a corruption probe against ministers of this government here has been open to date so finally it seems that the whole edifice seems to be tumbling down and critics here we saw a release casing. editorial of the leading newspaper the malta times today that said this country has turned into the mafia state and things really have to be brought out into the into the light now and things really have to change fundamentally barbosa reporting from malta thank you. and i some potentially positive news for you now a malaria free future one that be great while it could just happen on the tasmanian island of zanzibar scientists are using drones in what could be a breakthrough and i foresee i we have to go now to london because the police are holding a press conference on that breaking news story about the attack on london bridge sick list it's 29th of november police were called to a stop at a premises near to london bridge the city. emergency services attended including
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offices from the city of london police on the matter of. a male suspect who was shot by specialist officers from the city of london place and i can confirm that this suspect died of say. a number of other people received injuries during this incident as soon as we can provide further updates on their condition we will and our heartfelt sympathies go out to everybody who's been involved in this and is actually waiting for the question of the locals as soon as we can get that information we will get it to you. as you would expect due to the nature of the incident we responded as though this was terrorist related i'm now in a position to confirm that it has been declared a terrorist incident we are working jointly with the city of london place as we continue to respond. officers from the mets counterterrorism command about leading this investigation but i must stress we retain an open mind as to any modes and it would be inappropriate to speculate further at this time. due to reports that the
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suspect may have have an explosive device specialist officers also attended the same and wide cauldrons are in place to ensure there remains no further danger to the public however i can confirm at this time we believe that a device that was strapped to the body of the suspect is a hoax explosive device. officers continue to carry out meticulous searches in the area to ensure there is no outstanding threat to the public. those expensive pullman's will remain. in place for a considerable time but i would also the public place continue to avoid the area. public psyche is obviously a top priority we will be announcing police patrols in the city and across london i would ask anyone with information m.h. the footage of the incident the could be shared with our investigation safe to do so in the u.k. police image appeal websites. i would also ask the public to continue to remain
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vigilant and report any concerns to the. i know i would ordinarily take questions i'm not going to take questions at this time the prime minister is also the person very well be having with the commissioner of the met to demonstrate major keep patients he will update to get whether he. had a police statement there where it now is official if the police and i have declared this a terrorist incident also the police officers are saying that a device strapped on the body of the suspect contains a hoax to hoax explosive a rather we're going to get you more on the story in our next bullets and a for now thank you so much for watching just a reminder of the top stories now rather we're going to. be. going to top the hour thank you. jim.
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food. to know that 77 percent obama are younger than 60 pot. that's me and me and. you know what it's time old boy says bob hart. all the 77 percent we talk about the issues. this is where you cut.
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the 77 percent this weekend on d w. i n where the real trial it resides. i come from get lots of people in fact more than a 1000000000 if you can lead the largest democracy that's one reason why i'm passionate about people and aspirations i'm a consultant. to from the book is trying to. in going in after the for the funny one and remember thinking at the time if the blonde in bold can forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for the full. when i do the news i often confront difficult situations for conflict between does something stand on a scene to spawn my shop to confront good speeches on policies and development just for the spotlight on issues that matter most cons of to security issues
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nationalization. a not hands can achieve that so much more needs to be john and i don't think people have to be a concrete solutions my name is on the chief and i work at the job. this is a shop coming out. warning see that one rise could affect knowledge of a shop in the next 30 yards a new study warns millions are facing the risk of displacement. or scientists call for some. practice at the table the u.s. and taliban are talking again but where will talks and the start. time we need to feel some nuns fighting to change ingrained prejudice.


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