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i am i had plenty of reasons to celebrate all the 2000 same sex couples have tied the knot in taiwan since little came into force in my. then you're watching data many news from berlin coming up next a day to be a documentary about the philippines fight against islamic state insurgents on the back of the top of the hour thanks for watching. and for the new. language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. w. mr.
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richard. it was good don't know where mother always burn the place and it's a good. good for her. if i have 'd a minute of my job i want to join the ice and. this was caused by an ideology that's foreign to us by a livestream is him coming. into the country from other countries.
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i see this. thing. it's a good reshuffle this is just eat i don't cement of a liberation. front in the school of law and in the blink of an eye my children were gone and i will never see them again and that's unbearable. and. what the president always a good lesson. this is only the beginning. from.
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whom you ma'am. the room. the removal. we're on mindanao the 2nd biggest island of the philippines. it's in the south of the country a little smaller than south korea and famous for its natural beauty. this
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is also the site of one of the longest running conflicts in asia it's mainly a conflict between the christian majority and the muslim minority more than 100000 have been killed over the past decades. may 2017 saw a catastrophic development the self-proclaimed islamic state also known as i got involved in the conflict. with just a few 100 fighters that seized the mainly muslim town of mirali and held it for 5 months. the consequences were devastating. the philippine president rodrigo to tear known for his brutal 0 tolerance approach proceeded to bomb the city. we want to find out how it was possible for us to gain
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a foothold in the philippines. we meet someone who witnessed the battle for murali. the people thought it's a joke proceeding. and they cost tens of thousands of people. it's unthinkable but it happened and this is how terrorism place it's like because it can explode break out anytime you want. to look mom is a historian and a member of a powerful muslim family nonetheless he has to ask the army for permission to accompany us into the center of the raleigh it's now an exclusion zone the city has a population of 200000.
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is not allowed to enter his house. not all the booby traps and explosive devices in the area have been cleared away. soldiers tell us where we may go and how long we may stay people here call the exclusion zone ground 0 tens of thousands have lost their homes. it's funny thing. is used to be the central mosque. he used to come here and stay here and pray for
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the dead. artillery marked are headed up there gunships jet fighters. bronco fighters every day of west's use to bomb the space. i was watching it the whole time that started my 12 days of entrapment here . there was a time under secondary i think my brother went to general batiste. and ask him to stop the bombings but the army rejected that because they say. they can't handle the situation. definitely they were not able to handle the situation. i am spiders had taken downtown morale we on may 23rd 2017 government forces responded swiftly and harshly.
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in this type of warfare you have to flush out the enemy from their defensive position. if you look at the experience of. aleppo. all of this experienced bombings but in the case of. the hour when we did the bombings it was been pointed to specific targets only. the battle lasted 5 months more than a 1000 people were killed for the armed forces it was the toughest battle since the 2nd world war i asked terrorists took hostages and murdered christians.
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desperate terrified people sought shelter on no deano man's property both muslims and christians. i was not afraid i just want to make sure that everybody is safe i don't care about death of us waiting to die. i don't know i did not fear death because. you know i was schooled you know really just says. the situation. we never think about. as an enemy. if it's god's will that you die you die if it's god's will that you really believe even if you're. right in the middle of mosul or. or in damascus or where. after 12 days of siege food and water were running out in iraq.
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look man whose nickname is norway decided to flee with those he had been sheltering . in front of a tiled white building. a boy was blocking my path. i was right in that basketball rink and then when i got near. he recognized me and said go away. and i said what are you doing here i'm going to play. what are you doing here. i hope that he's even so proud of it and then after that he said this is no way that's let them pass let them pass so. when i passed by there i saw some snipers there in that building. bullets and their guns. were looking at me is it. but this they stopped firing and i felt so happy i mean you cannot explain experience down in any other situation but
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. i i felt that elation i did that it's almost divine. i'm still alive and the people are alive nobody got hurt that's ok thank god. look man became the hero of harare he led more than $150.00 civilians to safety. in parts of the city that were not destroyed life looks like it is back to normal though martial law is still in force throughout mindanao thanked. here stopped repeatedly at military checkpoints.
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wanted posters for suspected terrorists are everywhere. who are they. and what do they want. we meet abdul he was recruited at the age of 17 he didn't have a job i asked offered him money and a gun he says he trained in the jungle alongside local and foreign fighters. says i mean less audience but i love what i and the country taught us what the qur'an says. is an eye for an eye. and we have the right to take revenge but then you're going to napoleon's i've been let out. the i.a.s. commanders launched the attack earlier than planned abdul wasn't in morocco at the time. you know.
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when we heard that they had started fighting those of us outside my rafi max and we discussed how to get to the center. i mean. but i mean we tried 7 times we even used motor boats to try to get in from the lake but it didn't work. but. i do past information about the movement of government troops to his eye as comrades inside the besieged city by cell phone he tells us that 40 of his friends were killed none the less he could imagine joining battle again. so. we have an advantage because we are young people just blend in with the population. the military can't easily identify which of us are fighters who know
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how to use a gun in a given. fight there or don't know coming on. because it was i wouldn't fight in iraq. or any other muslim area the same thing would happen again. only muslim people with. but if the battle took place somewhere else i would join. the dual is out of a job again and he's disappointed about losing the battle and about the empty promises i said made. the leaders of the i.r.s. finders in my role we were 2 brothers omar and. members of a powerful clan they are revered as heroes by their young followers. but most
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muslims on mindanao have no sympathy for the ideology of the so-called islamic state other can share reef is a leading figure in the local muslim community he knew them out of brothers because of his long beard he has been dubbed bin laden as in osama bin laden. sharif likes the nickname even though he says he is opposed to violence and said that to the local i asked fighters. visiting me in my house and you have convincing me to join them sometimes get told me please join us we will make you us our army. yes and he will make us our leader actually when you have talking with me he said. you join us because we cannot trust anymore
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people have been governments because they are always betraying us yes so that's why i did become. bad because. sharif did not join the group led by the mountain brothers he told them he could not fight because he had heart disease. islamic state called on its sympathizers around the world to support them out of brothers in the battle on mindanao. day that's why i told him it is impossible because. i've been you know when this water but the highlight of the politico but i mean we're not. too happy if you see been in iraq. doing. anything so what. you know you lose.
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sharif run several religious schools in morocco way he says the kind of islam they teach is peaceful and has nothing in common with i.r.s. ideology. he tells us that muslims here are concerned to maintain their own culture independence is not a priority. in fact he says many muslims in iraq we had actually voted for do territory. and yet it was the president himself he continues who provoked the attack on the city. what our president did use did by did. ok you can bore. me and bore. in may on opinion this is the day. but the goldberg go betterment or
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self-support because did not allow us to negotiate. their release. we accompany shareef to midday prayers in the mosque. feel. safe. muslims make up just 5 percent of the philippine population the majority are catholics almost all the muslims live on and are now on. sharif says that many here feel marginalized and abused by the philippine government appealing only confirmed by the bombing of.
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as a result of the conflict and the destruction tens of thousands fled the city. we visit one of the many camps set up for the displaced. is a widow and used to run a small shop downtown she has 8 children since the battle erupted she hasn't seen 4 of them. my strength comes from allah only from allah he keeps me alone. think that. before i could hear my children's voices but not anymore. before in the middle of the night at 1 in the morning i could hear them crying asking for help
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but now i can't hear them anymore my children are too far away already i can no longer hear their voices. normal. the 4 who have gone missing 3 girls and a boy were all in qur'an school when the fighting began. and the 4 children still with her are tormented by thoughts of what might have happened to the others were they seized by the i.a.s. fighters are they long dead. or missing. someone trying to hide by suffering from other children. it turns when i pray to god to ask him to take my life. but when i see my children. i still so young. i will go about
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going to go my request and instead ask him to give me more years to live the gunmen the monk. who couldn't for. people. who. most of the children in the displaced persons camps don't go to school most of the families are poor. the hiring of an important person has come to visit some miracle talk she's running for the senate and if she wins she will be the 1st muslim senator in a quarter of a century she's critical of the way deter take conducted the campaign to retake or
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just. that's a liberation of all this is just. kind of i don't cement over liberation but the real liberation is not living in this kind of the liaison this is not the way we were this is not the kind of like we want this is not the kind of freedom that we want for children missing amongst 1000 people missing is not an achievement it is a moral disaster it's in funny it is infamy for us. that can never be repaired. nobody knows how many civilians were killed during the siege. so mere a good talk takes us to a mass. grave outside of town. it's not known who is buried here. none of the victims were ever identified.
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is an example of discrimination on of not allowing traditional indigenous mediation systems if we keep on making peacekeeping as a decision of only men in uniform and the national with local civilian population on it will always be a lock and failed experiment it's a failed decision tomorrow is a failed decision it cannot be any more used as a template for any other. the following day we have an appointment with the largest muslim rebel group on mindanao the moral islamic liberation front or m i l f we are told to follow the black pickup in front into territory controlled by the group.
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for decades the rebels fought for independence from the central government in manila many thousands were killed in the fighting. no wait wait wait wait wait. but since i has burst on to the saying the former arch enemies the front and the government have become strategic allies. you know. we need a rebel leader who played a key role in dialogue with the government under successive presidents. gods only john tells us of his determination to establish an autonomy as homeland for his people young some moral. negotiations lead to a deal codified in the bongs
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a more organic law the basis for the new bangs and moro autonomous region in muslim mindanao with its own parliament government budget and islamic legal system. what is their reason why i missed not obvious just happen if this because of vision just of this young people are never fed up. that's why i am then a hair. the girl. of course. they. may. never believe.
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because. they're muslim. and. we're allowed to visit the headquarters of the military wing of the liberation front. us. the chief of staff isn't in uniform perhaps of the shift
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from armed struggle to political action and responsibility. or we ask what might happen if the project of autonomy doesn't go well. day and maybe day. people are up and they are saudi leads us by our creativity did a lot of people really become diminished by the time that the isis with. the station double means all the followers of the will go in for their good will and. that they can become bigger. says. the liberation front has a lot of support among the muslim world poor many believe their ancestors were victims of a historical injustice committed by christians the spanish american colonists and the philippine government in manila. the prospect of autonomy and peace has given
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the people here new hope. the m i l f says it will disarm up to $30000.00 fighters once autonomy from the muslim majority region is implemented. what they have not been based but the support of the men we will not. to commission our forces and we will not give up our fight arms which we promised that the government. the rebels take us on patrol. out in the marshes here there are still fighters loyal to i asked lying low. we have the impression the m.i.l.f. men want to show that they are still in charge as if to say without us there can be
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no peace on mindanao. the movement's leaders evidently think highly of president hu territory for advancing peace but also because he too is from mindanao and has muslims in his family. history as you see it in the peace process that's why really that us president the good thing because obey his pronouncement his actual. folies. attributed the words have been displaced that's why i really thought i suppose that instead. we ask ourselves who does the land really belong to to the muslims whose ancestors settled on mindanao in the 13th century or to the christians who came much later but now account for the majority of the island's population.
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we visit the village of mali 100 families live here they're all catholic. the only dust to carve out looks after the small chapel the villages within the new bangsamoro autonomous region. possibility simply. my worry is that we just don't know. if we go to the town hall for example we don't
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know what will happen to us when the muslims are in poland and what they can do to us. even a minor bomb and. said in that book i know that's why i'm scared when our date is in town and not christians. or even me and madge look ok did that mean i'm good i don't let that was matter of course i'm afraid that my robbery will happen again i saw what happened in the city was destroyed and our livelihood would also be destroyed if this were to happen somewhere here in our area daily income it was all i want to. live here. we don't want to be evacuated we don't want to live without direction
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and they don't want the muzzle in the mine but with the man. when i am really stood by yeah whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa we're hearing. the villagers are descendants of christian settlers from the north most of whom came here while the philippines was under u.s. control which only ended in 1906. many here don't trust muslims. i see no evidence that when muslims come to our village says no problem but when we go to where they are they want to cut off our heads well let me in. the middle of you know i'm with the long as that's why we don't want them to rule in our community that lives on them but that's the attitude of muslims is very different from our christian attitude. though when the money it's terrifying. what will happen to our children when we have to live on the muslim row. muslims and christians are different than what i was a child simply had not become me. once the muslims rule they will make us the
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slaves and steal our harvest well but i won't tell me. i'm going to welcome. after church on sunday in a nearby village it's time for some cock fighting. it's a bloody spectacle and a favorite pastime for many in the philippines mainly among christians.
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muslim religious leaders and the moro islamic liberation front disapprove not of the cruelty but because it involves gambling.
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we reached the biggest city in mindanao. president was mayor here for more than 20 years. this is where he began his notorious war on drugs seemingly deploying the police as extrajudicial hitman. estimates of the number of people killed ranged between 502-0000. to 2. the next morning we meet an old friend and confidant of the president his
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sister teresa. he invited us to see his fish farm. so this is where i heard my money beyond what they are being told there and more here than we think people really care. oh he's a busy politician so he soon heads back to the city. we arranged to meet him again later. is a mainly catholic city and it's striking how prosperous it appears to be compared to
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muslim communities in mindanao it is also considered the safest and cleanest city in the country. many say that's thanks to run 2 territories tenure as mayor. pace used to race and agrees we need him again at his waterfront resort he says to tell is a man of action not words watch only what the das the option that it takes that is how you measuring him don't measure him by what comes out from the small he is doing to be unprecedented when he was mayor here for more than 20 years in this city that plus his way of doing things and he had to do it hands on you know i he's my friend. during night time during times when there are high incidence of holdups all taxi drivers he would drive a taxi himself how about guns ready and drive and go to places where hold ups are
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usefully happening he once also will be held up because personally counter them in his own way. drugs corruption violent extremists if you handle them with kids gloves and all that maybe you will just prolong the agony. for you but. to russia does p.r. for do terror taban ever he can. for many years he was presidential peace and visors he explains the peace plan from mindanao to a group of visitors many of whom are fans of the president. was recently. where. the races says it's a very western point of view to accuse detail of abusing human rights and argues
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that to turkey is so popular because he both pursues reconciliation and embodies toughness as he demonstrated with respect to murali. it is a stroll signal to the bad guys that don't bear around with this country have been in the peace process under several presidents and we have not moved it. this time the president feels that we can improve as a nation if we try to give more authority and power for the locals. we head back to raleigh to meet normal dean look mom again. he shows us the small museum that his family sponsored.
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and. the central exhibit is the painting depicting a battle between muslims and spanish colonisers who arrived in the 16th century and were the 1st christians to settle in mindanao. what happened in mari city is a continuation of a colonial war against our people. and that is what's happening now. and until. they see circle i mean more city has the end result. and hopefully. we can resolve this peacefully without going through a war. like i said.
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look man says he's going to run for deputy governor political developments over the coming months will prove decisive. little little. he views the prospect of autonomy for muslims in the region as an opportunity to overcome old enmities but as a historian he's all too aware of a long history of conflict or many centuries or many decades for many generations. most of the problems that are being solved in mindanao has to go to war. every don't want war and war but if it comes then so be it.
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at the end of our trip we take part in a ceremony to mark the start of reconstruction in the wrong way well over a year after the brutal battle. well only. partly out of. the event had been postponed several times so that president deter could attend. but in the end he doesn't show. we leave mindanao with the feeling that regional autonomy will not amount to much unless the muslim minority see real improvements in their everyday lives. enduring poverty and discrimination would only keep the threat of islamist terror a life and render peace an empty promise.
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into the. gutter. hoping its pavilions and providing a 1000 the specter of some. games or demon spawn w. .
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i'm not proud of they will not succeed in dividing us about not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking a stand globalism is that matters. made for minds. to france dear antonio here's a scene when your mother was born in 1069 the world was already 8 years old and you know my grandchildren were born after the wall fell morning in the financial. 3 generations one family on a journey through recent german history. starts nov 6th on d. w.
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. this is deja really news live from berlin and germany's foreign minister calls for a lasting cease fire in northern syria. is in ankara for talks with his turkish counterpart who dismissed as unrealistic and other german proposal for an international security zone in the region also coming out. germany's social democrats move a step closer to choosing new laden's party members whittled down their list of candidates to 2 tains one that wants to stay in government with angela merkel's.


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