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all. in april 2015 a boat sank in the mediterranean feast 700 migrants drowned this was on his coast of vision has brought the wreck to the venice biennale night but can't of us will really be classed as own or is this just tasteless well it's certainly getting people talking and that is very much in the spirits of this being on a now in its 58th edition which aims to open up new perspectives on the world is
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that succeeding let's take a look. fog . steam sic ribbons of that rolling down the facade of the central pavilion. the artificial fog envelops the visitors at the entrance curator ralph rudolph promised powerful images and the show begins with one created by lara for the rest so. that you can physically feel. its rising from the ball the visitor was afraid. to let you know all the thoughts of the visitors who are inside who are engaging more. of course as human beings for not just about things. in our heads we can live in the past in the future but in our bodies we're always living in the rest of this. seditionist entitled may you
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live in interesting times what does that mean is that a chinese curse as is widely supposed now that's a political myth and in this age of fake news and alternative facts this show urges us to take a closer look at the world around us and to take a stance. that would really be. obvious by people coming to the fore in this mall cabinet is the diagram a created by dominicans artist 1st enjoyed this whole it's amazingly realistic but where are the animals and other living beings. those people more. actually based on old photographs of some of the driest places on earth through the desert in chile where there's room for 50 years so it's looking like something here science museum also making that make about what could be the
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future of earth with climate change. many di rama's used to offer an insight into the past stage scenes of everyday life this dire omma gives an insight into the future into death this dire rama. also to me is like the religious form of work for real. rudolph has done many works which are easy to understand and yet have a lasting impact. to me durham who won this year's golden lion for lifetime achievement brought a slab of stone his path around the world he detailed. me here. how it's brought them to mom by our travels through the sewers into the great. to it becomes a story about global economic relationship. that ends up with an office building before you live. weighing in at half
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a ton. but at the same time it's a symbol of exploitation. and. real love isn't one for spectacle nor does he believe in political correctness he thinks that our should be allowed to be an image that burns itself into the mind so that it's not forgotten. robots watching clean and surface or liquid that looks like blood over and over again. what it is to work in the world george bush fury this. is for you. you do it. every lentulus and desperate beast that might shatter the glass panels at any time programmed with 32 different motion sequences everything under control.
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a lot so. yes the last few days we've reduced. the workers but the chinese artists when young and hang you who think that the essence of mass is that it cannot be tamed. jury. to think it. was yours. so what are you. think it's possible to read this many different love. artists. for instance 1st free expression. we live in a society that's. structure to and fro expression.
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this is. not dissimilar to what sounds. like a murderous whose crime comes back to haunt them. a machine perhaps can be controlled a human being cannot. humans try to seek their own path in venice this path could leap perhaps 2 lithuania's pavilion to a summer ultra with a deeper meaning. i cried so much when i heard that the corals want to exist anymore the girl sings. it the way it is the winner of this year's golden lion for the best national contribution to the venice biennale 0.
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0. 6 0. 000. sun b.c. it's a performative piece that was created by the artist trio. of 5 orchid i need to and lena to. thank for. this actually you want to see that it's a nice contrast between the songs there are underneath and the light. side to inform i know they're relaxed on the song so you observe. a lot. going on in the 1st. stone. emphasis on something
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below at 1st glance they might look like vacationers at the beach but the people in swimwear sing about the impact of everyday travel on our climate or about the mass extinction of species be a company text explains how culturally crises unfold today with the ease of a pop song a brilliant piece of work with the way nia a worthy winner. where to now the longest long is in front of the french believe. is it worth the wait. is it a metaphysical pressure cooker or a mystical palace whatever it is it's a leering how far you've come on. really good deep snow so this touch so. full of this it's his have to go around the back.
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then you want to enter for their grand entrance you know i wanted. us to find a new way through life and not you know that through and just be done true for the right. the right way and it's just much more special for the back. here you know. we've already. so if you if you want to know they need to get into it but just climb up the but you know. it's a good point you. come in. here we started to get on the phone to the british the serious. break that. busy
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busy busy busy all around is the detritus of civilization. 'd creates miniature installations depicting the end of the world she's interested in the state of transition as well as that of destruction. it's a big to do and live green when it's in me it's quite close to reality and future in their thirty's. you. kept it well but. the work also brings to mind biblical imagery and noah who after the flood released adarsh to find land.
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who won the turner prize in 2013 travelled across france inviting artists and performers to come with her to venice to animate the french privilege and. if. then we met a magician there can't start getting the table or the birds flying out of paintings and we couldn't believe it so if i can reverse it we carry on the tree and then joined a and it gives amazing being. a film journey with real discoveries digital surrealism continuing into the analog world. a marching band. i mean we met them and only when you know years they're off on the president that we met you know i don't know if there were an indie film.
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then you know we get. no fish is into the unconscious and discovers the state of the world magnificent but where should we go now after all this strangeness welcome we expect at the judgment of alien. wanted to do something completely different with her head hidden the artist representing germany can't talk right now and has her own spokeswoman. marking. the artist's real name is no touch of sather head here she was born in iran and is now a professor in the brain and this is a work of anti representation she simplified her name. to constrain what is the
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measure of conformity the artist wanted to confront the challenge of curating the german trevelyan in venice and the optimal form for doing this is integration the optimized for it if. that's hard as you to help man is not a pseudonym plus an adaptation. so i don't see what. the artist produced videos for the be another depict or journeys to migrant processing centers in germany or centers have been called anchor centers anchor here is a euphemism for arrival decision return. to center service holding camps until people are deported or choose to go back to their countries of origin voluntarily. in pulliam in italy the artist visited the spot where migrant harvest helpers were killed in a road accident hugh. not just as you don't have them and also i chose the task as
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you to happen man because she inspires me very much with her significance mcnish seen the way she works with different all it forms different forms of knowledge and has successful transitions between music installations and the different sensual impressions that are in polish it come. like at the french her value in here to the front entrance is closed. but inside there are rocks and a dam that reaches to the ceiling it's powerful but permeable. it's a bad spot and right sample dabs hold back water and the accumulation of pressure forms energy. in an arch against the pressure that they are expecting but if the pressure is too high or miscalculated and they burst. it's a simple image to illustrate some german people's fear of being inundated with
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migrants. it doesn't seem as if this wall will hold for very long the other side reveals the simplicity of the installation. the structure is made of wood and cardboard with screech from the speakers the soundtrack of protests. message clearly received time to move on. to spaces that meant to be for all races you know for all tribes for all communities to speak the truth because it's much to me that. this statement could well be the most high for this year's be and. the dominance of the west is over and that is to us from the global south especially from asia and africa are represented this year. never
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before. impossible to miss magnificent self portraits by the south african photographer and activist. who exposed various roles. her gaze is seeking. questioning. demanding. we don't have my church presentation at museums around the world so i think that it's about time between. your asia specifically the spaces and also to take ownership of our voices to take ownership of our plec i kaif's we write our own narrative is visual narratives are very important and also for us to say that we are proud of who we are as black people. proud and joyful
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this was one of the great emotional moments of this he has been on a surf on ghana celebrated its 1st national pavilion in venice an exhibition that is 120 years old the country's 1st lady came to the inauguration as a top british architect today with a j. that's canadian roots and who designed the pavilion. as president wants to ensure that the gods are central to the development of a country central to tourism so total soft part of the country and communicating to the world because of incredible benevolence of a country and its people so that's why we're here and not a small pavilion but a very large privilege making a very large statement. i just designed plays on canadian building traditions creating an intimate space for the sensitive portraits by painter the net your dog watching.
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answer 1st is by felicity up on this 1st professional female photographer she started taking pictures at the age of 14 and captured the political developments in ghana which in $157.00 was one of the 1st african countries to gain independence from britain and that narrative informs goannas 1st pavilion which is untitled gun of freedom. and such a powerful statement we have read you know what does that freedom mean what did it mean that in 1000 fifties that when he got on the pan then what does it mean now how you know how has that freedom grown or not granted what does it mean for us to be free. 6 artists from different generations offer their viewpoints on these questions. john a conference video installation was commissioned especially it's about migration climate change and trust environments. the works will be displayed in gone
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as capital city opera after the begin on the island will be accompanied by a series of debates around the gonna freedom project. it's all very well coming to venice you know with the well heeled crowd and doing something like this but what the relevance of what resonance that they actually have within the country not just in our ground i mean and in the kind of sounds where people you know maybe east west galleries but in communities across the country this is very much part of this process. thousands of kilometers running between ghana and india but only a few meters separate that type of indians the world's biggest democracy is being represented in venice for only the 2nd time the government set the theme the pavilion pays tribute to a national icon mahatma gandhi this year is the 150th anniversary of his. but.
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every time every time some places understand we do look up to gandhi so the idea was to really look at these artists and how they're lewd to all very subtly you walk him through his ideas and pronounce values of either p.s. nonviolence passive resistance many milken's option ecological concerns and so on. in 1039 mahatma gandhi wrote his 1st letter to as of hitler addressing him as dear friend. just as color it has decided to project the original manuscript onto a smokescreen than a failed attempt to prevent a war 5 weeks before germany marched into poland remains very moving today. the center of the work is really the viewer who 1st reads the message in 1st person because it as is their friend friends have been urging me to write to you for the sake of humanity and i think it's a moment
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a reflection of your own position and how you made it in the world for your own gestures and actions. for sure container cook county to gandhi is a point of reference she explores violence in public space sexual violence india is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women. the artist's works are wearable. so this is are more for protection for the female body but the mccann ism is such that when you're wearing it you can move too easily you know the hands move in a particular way the head moves in a particular way so you're trapped the body is trapped in a way is so i'm talking of what the things the notion of protection and the motion of being trapped. what does it mean to be a woman in a patriarchal society the artist herself or the arm of i have performances to do this in the middle of mumbai was courageous.
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it's getting loud here in the brazilian pavilion. partly fictional documentary that follows the rehearsals for us when garrick competition this subculture combines folklore of pop and vogue it's a scene that attracts that involves the l.g. b.t.i. community and young people from the outskirts of brazil's big cities. there are poor people from the favelas a socially speaking people who have very well less access to things of. a white or more privileged class colonial class of people in the north east have
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access to so there's a feeling of. collectivity and they space where they get together they recognise each other they understand that they belong to a certain form of x. this is and and that is mainly for me a very very beautiful form of resistance despite the public power i mean the estates of power. moreas fighting for self-assertion. there is no hierarchy regarding gender abuse the models just an incredible amount of energy. was good. this has been a knowledge eels with some pretty serious topics but also in a very left field and colorful way. shoghi and fairy and this could be chewbacca seen from inside. and here she
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comes. the put out and held it also known as choppy short for shoplifter alias. the read through her to the early and leaves from the darkness to the end of the rainbow. into the sky. the material hair extensions from china as cheap and as many as possible. it's like a place they can't there's a nest. and be embraced by almost like like you know walking into your children book dream world or being embraced by instead of you're bracing the teddy bear it's. basically my main inspiration as humans and human ingenuity and you know the
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absurdity of the things of the mass produced for obscure purposes like most of the color hair extensions to be added to our own hair shop the who was born in reykjavik has been living in new york for a long time. hess cultists have already been displayed at the museum of modern art and on a record cover fulfill the icelandic. color therapy where art seeks to put feel as in a good mood. that was $21.00 from the venice biennale night with artists and visitors from around the world. thanks for joining us see you again next week.
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mom falls and born with. asterix the famous hold the son of raising his 60th birthday. with a new adventure. for the ride as his body on the lakes. and a feisty young woman band at trendy. here with.
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ok coffee mugs. game heats documents and the where else. we travel to places to visit to suck up all in all. by everyone here and doggone thing. is this man in a cycle jersey. and 60 minutes from d.w. . luxury behind the mirror humans are exploited and animals cruelly slaughtered. big brands have committed to fair working
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conditions and sustainable production. but who is monitoring to some contractors. and investigative documentary goes to italy and china and looks behind the glamorous facades of fashion houses. the luxury behind her starts no membership on t w. you probably recognize this famous face it's mona lisa of course but do you know how she was created here will find out later on in the show. hello and welcome to another fun filled edition of your own max here's
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a look at what else we've got coming up.


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