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activists not immoral from iraq both for all or for efforts to combat sexual violence in conflict each nobel prize is worth more than $900000.00 the wards haven't had it out nearly every year since 90 no one this week nobel laureates have already been announced in the categories of medicine physics chemistry and literature and we are now looking at the door at the room where the nobel peace prize for this year is about to be announced the the actual awards themselves will be presented to the winners a ceremony later year on december 10th we see the door opening and let's listen in . then the weeds. nobel committee has decided to ward the nobel peace prize for 2019 to ethiopian
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prime minister. ahmed ali for his efforts to achieve peace and international corporation and particularly for he's decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring every trail. the prize is also meant to recognize the stakeholders working for peace and reconciliation in ethiopia and in the east and north east african region. when i'll be off became prime minister in april 28th teen he made it clear that he wished to resume peace talks with a retreat are. in close cooperation with the side yes off valve again the president
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of a victory on our behalf quickly worked out the principles for a foreign and for peace agreement to end the long no peace no war stalemate between the 2 countries. these principles are set into declarations that prime minister of vienna and president that he signed in a smart and. in. july and september. an important premise for the breakthrough was obvious miss unconditional willingness to accept the obvious ration rootling of an internationally international boundary commission in 22. now peace does not ever eyes from the actions of one party alone when prime is prime minister reached out his hand president after the cross state
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and hill to formalize. the peace process between the 2 countries. the we've been nobel committee hopes the peace agreement will and will help to bring about positive change for the entire populations of ethiopia and eritrea. in ethiopia even if much work remains be our myth has initiated important reforms that give many citizens hope for a better life and the brighter future. he spent his 1st 100 days as prime minister lifting the cum trees state of emergency granting amnesty to thousands of political prisoners discontinuing media censorship.
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legalizing outlaw opposition groups dismissing military and civilian leaders who were suspected of corruption and significantly increasing the influence of women in. political community life. he has also pledged to strengthen democracy by holding free and fair elections. in the wake of the peace process with every trade our prime minister are being has engaged in now the peace and reconciliation processes in the east and north east africa in september 28th in he and his government contributed actively to the normalization of diplomatic relations between every tree on to booty after many years of political hostility.
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additionally. merde has sought to mediate between kenya and somalia in their protracted conflict over by its disputed marine air. this there is now for every solution to this conflict and instead don the military regime and the opposition have returned to the negotiating table and on 17th of august they've released a joint draft of a new constitution intended to secure a peaceful transition to civil in the country. prime minister abi played a key role in the process that led to the agreement. as he opiah is a country of many different languages and peoples lately old ethnic rivalries have fled dark according to international observers up to 3000000
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ethiopians made be internally displaced this is in addition to the 1000000 or so refugees and asylum seekers from neighboring countries. as prime minister mentioned thought to promote reconciliation solidarity and social justice. however may challenges remain resolved ethnic strife continues to escalate and we have seen troubling examples of this in recent weeks and months. no doubt some people would think this year's prize is being awarded too early. in the nobel committee believes it is now that abi our. efforts this recognition and in the encouragement.
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in the region nobel committee hopes that the nobel prize will. strengthened prime minister. in his important work for peace and reconciliation. is africa's 2nd most populous country and east africa is known just economy. and peaceful stable non-successful as the oh yeah look how many positive side effects and we'll help to strengthen fraternity among nations and peoples in this region. with the provision of alfred nobel's will firmly in mind in the region nobel committee sees me as the person who in the preceding yeah
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has done the most to discern the nobel peace prize for 29 teams. thank you very much for your attention. and you are watching live coverage of the of the else 1st taking place in also today of the peace prize the nobel peace prize for 29 teams with me in the studio is peter craven peter craven what do you make of the us i think it's a great time congress model of muslims to good news story for africa and it's very you know we have an african one last year in the south of the prize went to dennys movement from the congo as you mentioned earlier and now we've got another african women very much deserves it he's been instrumental as we have we should just mention his name of course but the ethiopian prime minister has been awarded the prize just so we're all clear about the ordered for his contribution to peace an international call cooperation that's actually reaching out to neighboring eritrea
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and that's very important because in recent years very often the the award has gone to single issue or to this sort of not being focused on the the designated c. task c. . bio for a nobel of the peace prize which is bringing about reconciliation peace congresses doctrine of tensions and reduction of fighting between nations that is war be automated certainly achieved in in the conflict the deadly conflict it cost 70000 lives between his country korea and trades his east been a remarkable achievement he came a little bit out of the blue he's been very much identified with his person of course. the retrain leader mr bookwork he also played his part in this so it's not just one man's. triumph but he certainly is a triumph so the committee you're saying this comes a bit out of the blue so would you say that this is a surprise i mean this this particular that was on many people's list you know how it's your listeners like at the start of the show but i think when you talk about
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no experience that somebody else has been rights are right at the top of the lists all through the process we call sort of speculation that was created to connect the young see climate climate to go at the un to global warming artifice from sweden and she didn't get the award will there be a lot of discussion about why because she's had a huge impact she's galvanized youth around the world she's managed to generate enthusiasm anger militancy. among 4000000 young people around the world and it's a growing movement of people who wonder why may be great she didn't get the the award but some people were saying she needed to protect it from her success stories yeah there are many worthy candidates in the nobel committee does not release its list of candidates as it were so it's always a bit of a gamble as to figuring out who might win in this case it has gone to the ethiopian prime minister again for what the committee says is his contribution to peace and
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international cooperation for his initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring iran trip and i want to ask you a little bit about the what this prize is intended to do. because it's not just to recognize achievements already already done but rather as an encouragement and we heard a bit about that today can you tell us more about what what they're what the nobel committee is hoping to achieve with this problem as well it goes all the way back to alfred nobel himself who obviously is very famous for inventing dynamite one of the mostly tools and all. substances that man has never generates it mean he went to his death is it where it is assumed we do not know and not know this with a very bad conscience indeed and therefore he put the money forward for the award to encourage peace efforts between people to encourage negotiations and encourage peace conferences and the reduction of standing armies and military conflicts and this is certainly a prime example of what has been achieved but they've also been doing it so it was
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also a domestic achievement for mr ahmed he has been credited with the introducing you can only occur forms that have been people released from prison women's rights are being promoted it's. many people in ethiopia have said that the last year olds who have been the best times in living memory. and that is very much the triumph the achievements of the prime minister of the president so again the nobel prize has been a awarded to the ethiopian prime minister but for his contributions to peace and international cooperation typically for result in more conflict with the with eritrea but the work is not yet done as we heard there are $3000000.00 internally displaced ethiopians in the country and there is still a lot to be done on the peace and any challenges lie ahead as we heard from still call this a war being given as encouragement peter craven the presenter political correspondent thanks for your analysis again this year the simply this is the 3rd year we've done
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this running thank you so much. well for more let's cross over to iraq to testify from w.'s aramic service tell us more about why the committee has chosen on or a prime minister in its efforts to forge peace with eritrea. this is a very big achievement for when he make a peace deal between the bandits as you know egypt and. libya who are between 1908 to 2000 season for the next 20 years the 2 countries remain nor peace nor our situation so when ended by making peace in july last year that was a very huge step especially for families who are supported to be because of these conflicts and thousands of people are died because of this why are and after that
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after the peace deal the 2 countries more down where opened and 49. connection was restored and the air transportation also resumed in fact after a while the border between the 2 countries are close. or for the 1st deliberation but it was a very huge step forward when it comes to the peace deal between. but obvious achievement is not only that but on the neighboring countries his personal involvement on the. contest of parties of sudan different parties different forces to make a peace deal and to do to have a transitional government that's also a huge step so his involvement in the neighboring countries is huge and also his achievement in the internet and internationally is also one thing but i can say
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that the peace prize is given to him because of he's involvement in the horn of africa ok involvement in the horn of africa but specifically focused on what's going on between ethiopia and eritrea as you mentioned there were the spread of long war. between those 2 countries this award is being offered that was explicitly stated as a sign of encouragement for work still to be done how how much work is there still to be done in achieving peace between ethiopia and eritrea. there are so many things we do know are bought by the ways that the peace has been the peace deal between the 2 countries. everyone told told us that there was a peace deal and what we have seen so far is a very generalized statement when it comes to when they told us about that peace did repeatedly you know when journalists and political analysts repeatedly ask get
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the details of the peace deal between the 2 countries but still there are that the details are remain unclear so you know the date is even ethiopia's. plan to start to use. t.v. and ports and also to to start trade relationship between the 2 countries and also you know there is a disputed place between the 2 borders which is a mean reason why the 2 countries. that you know they went to war so how they deal. you know 22 sort of border conflict those disputed places which is which is given by the border commission of the 2 countries we don't knows such things so the i can see some of the things
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still undone we would see in the future if they solve on the problem between the 2 countries so how important is this as a signal do you think for the horn of africa for that part of africa in in addressing the problems that vex part of the world. as you know the horn of africa is a very volatile region it is very known for a repeated conflict between countries there was also a civil war like for so many years in that when when you see south sudan somalia even in yet you do need to abandon it and. the n.a.s. always have a very volatile region so when avi comes to power the 1st thing what you did is visiting all the neighboring countries even nost night when he opened
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a unity park in addis ababa in his palace he brought all the neighboring countries presidents and prime minister said some state to to come to give an end to sort of the problem and to unify that horn of africa country he always said repeatedly said that instead of bringing the last solution for that region we should come to give that we should work together so i can see that this peace prize might have a contribution for a peace in that region thank you for so so much for your insights there that was iraq go test for. american service thanks for joining us thank you very much. and just recapping again the this year's nobel peace prize has been awarded by the nobel committee the announcement was made in oslo just a short time ago and it has been awarded to ethiopian prime minister. for his contribution to peace and international cooperation particularly his initiative to
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resolve the border conflict with neighboring irretrievable you're watching news from berlin. here in germany media reports say the man suspected of carrying out an attack on a synagogue in the city of hama has confessed he's also 'd admitted having a right wing extremist and anti semitic motive the synagogue attack took place on wednesday the holiest day of the jewish calendar yob kapoor the gunman killed 2 people on the street but failed in his attempt to run amok in the synagogue. a city in mourning for the victims germany's president frank vaulters steinmeyer among those showing solidarity outside the synagogue where signs of the attack are still imprinted on the door. trial but the 2 men still trying to process it all but i just can't understand what has to this a 40 year old woman was the 1st to fall victim by chance as she passed by the synagogue minutes later the attacker killed a 20 year old man at
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a nearby shop. the accused attacker was carrying 4 weapons and 4 kilograms of explosive material. and during the night police raided the apartment where the 27 year old lived with his mother. former neighbors from a previous address remember him. even past a spy without ever smiling you couldn't say hello. how can i say when this is he was kind of a loner you know germany's interior minister horsy who 1st visited the crime scene authorities have defended lack of police protection not to synagogue saying there had been no warning. as a whole for delivered a clear message. he says will tell if you just wrote a crime carried out yesterday is a shame on our whole country. with our history of such things
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must never happen in germany proceed. he's pledged to improve the protection of jewish sites and deploy more personnel in the fight against right wing extremism. the regional interior minister says some politicians carry blame. those who used the language of the nazis might not be legally responsible for what occurred. but they leave the path and lit the fire guys to lunch to. 100 showing to the march of mourning through hala to the synagogue laying flowers and candles signs of their rejection of terrorism and those who spread hate. early respect to an eyewitness who was inside the synagogue and holler at the time of the attack this is how she described the events and where where i actually right
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in the middle of reading torah when so what i saw and heard was like one explosion followed by a smoke like a cloud of smoke that i saw through the window or another explosion another cloud of smoke and then for some seconds like everyone was silent and confused because no one really understood what was happening and then all of a sudden things move super fast and so there's a surveillance camera outside and this rain inside so you can see what's happening on the street and the cantor who was leading the prayer he had for some reason when he turned like sort of around he had a perfect view of the screen so he saw what was happening on the street so he saw that there was an armed man outside in full gear i had i didn't see the screen so i actually was like really thanks to the cantor who had a press and amazing reaction who immediately understood the situation a 1000000 or so was happening look at the screen turn around and told everyone to like leave the room go to the back room and then actually go up stairs and get down on the floor stay away from the windows it's like you know you switch into that
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kind of mode where you're not really thinking about what exactly is happening but more like what needs to be done and what needs to be done is like to get people into a safe room and then sort of like make sure that we're all ok. a firsthand account of what it was like to be inside that synagogue and hollow when it was being attacked and you can find the entire interview with christiane christina feist speaking there you find that full interview on our website at www dot call now to some of the stories making headlines around the world today u.s. president gul trump has held his 1st rally since democrats began impeachment proceedings over his dealings with ukraine's weeks ago in minneapolis he lashed out at democrats saying they were trying to destroy democracy calling their investigation a partisan witch hunt. the chief writes that they go she 8 years for the e.u. and u.k. are holding fresh talks in brussels as european council president altos says he has
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received optimistic messages that a brecht's deal can be reached that's a day after british prime minister boris johnson and his irish counterpart last ditch talks ahead of next week's e.u. summit. and in ecuador thousands of indigenous people have gathered for more protests in the capital quito it's the 7th day of nationwide demonstrations that are frequently involved clashes with quiet police the president has evacuated his ministration from the capital the on rest was originally inspired by cuts to fuel subsidies and other austerity measures. a bridge collapse in eastern china has killed 3 people and injured 2 others a dashboard camera captured the moment when a large section of the overpass fell in jones who province officials say an overloaded truck appeared to be because it's. the u.s.
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ambassador to the u.n. has warned that turkey could face quote consequences if it does nothing to protect civilians as it pushes ahead with its offensive in northern syria she didn't say what those consequences would be but international calls for turkey to moderate its action in the region are growing thousands of residents fled on thursday as turkey pounded kurdish militia for a 2nd day. plumes of smoke disappear into the docketing sky but a burning reminder of the conflict remains night brings no reprieve as turkey continues its offensive. turkey's pushing into northeast syria territory held by its enemy the kurdish led syrian democratic forces hundreds of bombs have already fallen as turkey attempts to carve out a buffer zone to house refugees. the death count has begun this family lost a young boy one of several dozen reported killed on the syrian side of the border.
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explosions 2 on the turkish side as bombs fly north in retaliation. so far the number of victims remains in the dozens. at the united nations european states and lining up against tankers actions when you would still it is in the north east will further undermine the stability of the whole region exacerbate civilian suffering and provoke further displacements which will further increase the number of refugees and i.d.p.'s in syria and in the region turkish president red chip type of on sent his own warning. what we needed a european union. pull yourself together. i say it again if you try to label this operation an invasion. it's very simple we will open the gates and send 3600000 refugees your way. pretty good all time
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you'll move to jesus is the regular unleaded i was up. by yvonne has allies in syria these are the fighters from the free syrian army an anti kurdish militia being sent in to claim captured territory. but turkey is in the driver's seat. and just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d w news the ethiopian prime minister. has won the 2019 nobel peace prize the norwegian nobel committee said it was in recognition of his initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring. 2 countries restored relations in july of last year after many years of hostility. there watching d.w. news live from berlin coming up next we have
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a documentary documentary film for women artists using rap music graffiti dance and fashion just stand up for women's rights it's all over the news from the outputs of his watch for a lot of course all the time at the deli dot com i'm terry barton is going to pleasure thanks. for social change the movement is like a mosaic every murder contributes. for women artists from around the while fighting against violence and repression and for women's rights. for stories of courage and success. little stones when it comes up with. including 5 minutes.
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all. sure that people will go for g.w. on facebook and twitter to date and in touch. we are watching a positive train all in the water the poorest of the poor in poor countries started valuing education they are demanding good quality education for their children because what it wanted also realize that if they have to have good quality products and good quality consumers good need to look quality skilled workforce i'm very confident that in 2050 no child or no i going to build a man illiterate that is the fun moments going right that is that behind right rich
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the nature of the god has given to us and goes on of this legend of it that i had to learn who was pledging of it i had the freedom against nature of the i can just walk. is there a deal in sight political leaders in washington are upbeat about the latest u.s. china trade talks the world's 2 top economy are the middle of their 14th attempts to break dean months long negotiation that also on the show as the u.s. and the european union are baldwin is just beautiful.


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