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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 8:45am-9:01am CEST

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tales of extraordinary women is a bestseller in over 40 countries and one of its authors francesca will join me in the studio. and connecting afro futures an exhibition of museums for decorative arts is dedicated to the complex and versa tile world of african hair and fashion design. well since $989.00 the premium in petit ana has authored exceptional talents and lifetime achievement in the categories of painting sculpture architecture music and theater and film and initiative all of the japanese royal family the prize comes with a cash purse of 126000 euros and this year german violinist. is among the 5 winners. another highlight of a stunning career and so few motor is announced winner of the prestigious premium
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imperial board in recognition of her life's work as one of the world's most celebrated violinists. it's all about passion really when you're passionate about something everything else kind of falls into place and yes of course most of the times and has to be disciplined about all this. stuff for decades motor has maintained her position as one of an elite group of violinists she was just 12 when she met conductor herbert fun carry on in a meeting that would jumpstart her international career and sophie motor has left a mark on the world of music and is passionate about giving something back through her foundation the violinist also works hard to help future generations. we need music in kindergarten and have to exchange our cultural roots in a kind of playful manner we need music get it as education for life and excelling
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in leadership but also understanding that being part of a group is wonderful because it's not a luxury item it is as as important as breathing the air and therefore i have to reckon send out messages of love and goodwill. the announcement of the annual winners takes place at the same time in 5 different locations worldwide answer to the motor attend of the berlin event the japan art association hands out the awards in 5 different categories the winners receiving around one 126000 euros each. does use their own figure pios to see only prizes and are open to all international which is why it is also called the noble prize for the arts center the decisive thing about it was this founding idea connected was. japanese open it up to the world try to show that it's a value of art lies in
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a to stick exchange art should never be excluded or shot off but must be in dialogue. renowned new york based designers todd williams and billy tain to comb the award for architecture their current project the obama presidential center in chicago for completion in 2022. japanese bando thomas a bureau won the award for theater a legend in the world of kabuki theater thomas a bureau is famed for his portrayal of female roles. for sculpture british palestinian mona how tune is the latest recipient seen here with her glowing globe the whole earth is one big trouble spot. the peace prize winner is south african women can trade for painting the visual artist work in compass is painting sculpture film and animation one of his major themes has been the struggle against apartheid a area. where i was 16 what i thought was
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a box of chocolates in my father's study turned out to be photographs of people who'd been shot by the police the shop for message to me at the time they felt like a new way of understanding the world seeing the world filled with. 5 winners 5 extraordinary artists and safin water in the 4 other prize winners will receive their premium imperial awards on the 16th of october in tokyo. well and as a few more to it is of course a fantastic role model for young female musicians but when she was a child there were no female violinists to look up to instead she was inspired by pippi longstocking the strongest girl in the world out of astrid lindgren children's books. and her partner elena favi thought that such literary heroines needed some backup in reality enter the rebel girls to empower the young girls of today once upon a time there was between 2. am
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this book sound much because spiers girls in london do you know that poor coraline is a poet and i think you can have 2 jobs going to be a great. thank you for good night serious rebel purpose has made a big game for an american. girl can be any. or any of the regular guys out there. thank you for change. and joining me is rebel girl. co-creator and co-author of the bestselling goodnight stories for rebel girls i'm very proud to say that i felt like daughters copy and she loves to read it at night at that time welcome to our studio incredibly successful books countries go translated into 47 languages just give us
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some insight into what was the initial spark that inspired this thank you so much for having me i'm very happy to be here the nationals park was the needs to create something that i didn't have when i was a child so i was always an avid reader and when i when i thought back about where my favorite books i realized that all of them made but i'm going to and i thought well let's go and see if the situation has changed since the eighty's when i was a kid and when when ed and i went to look at the stats we realized that still today only 37 percent of children's books have a female speaking character and if you look at history books it looks like the world was made by men so we wanted to kind of fix that and to show girls that they can be anything they want and that the are surrounded by women were making an
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impact a lot of them who were in the background and also coming to the foreground 100 bite sized biographies in these books and it's an incredibly diverse collection you know with from frida kahlo to serena williams to the bronte sisters and to the pakistani activist malala but also a lot of girls and women who are not very well known how. did you or how did you hunt down the stories well we followed different criteria we wanted the book to be as they versus possible in terms of race in terms of age because we wanted every rebel girl in the world and every woman to find a little piece of herself in this book and we wanted to feature women from all different all sorts of career paths because we wanted to show girls that they could be anything they want so we intersected these criteria and we came up with these selections and the final crazier was that we didn't want to create an encyclopedia
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we wanted this to be actually as the title says a book of good nice stories exactly so we selected the stories that have it that had a very strong you know. favorite english component and every one of them starts with once upon a time so there are kind of alternative fairy tales but very much about real women yes. none some of them are not uncontroversial at times you chose people for instance like margaret thatcher how tricky was it sue to craft those stories for a young public you know it was treat and personally i disagree with the politics of margaret thatcher but we didn't want this to be a book about the liberal women we wanted this to be a book of women who followed their. beliefs despite living in a world that was designed for men and there is no doubt that whether you agree with her or not margaret thatcher did that so. she didn't need to be like those who are
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absolutely not just tell us what you learnt about the importance of female role models for girls today. i met one little girl in london who told me that they were having career day at school and she said she wanted to be a surgeon and one of her classmates told her you can't be a surgeon because girls cannot become surgeons and she didn't take offense in that she just shrugged and she said hope you didn't read the rebel girls book so that is you know i think it it's peaks very well to the importance of being growing up surrounded by a babe or set the v.m. in role models yes well it's i learned so much reading this book i can imagine that it's not just the little girls who are reading this book but actually adult women as well and i know you've received tons and tons of mail take home message obviously to not be afraid and stick to your beliefs yeah and as the 2nd book says in the u.k. sion don't step back and everyone will move forward thank you very much good night
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stories for rebel girls volumes one and 2 to empower all the girls and women in our lives there's now podcasts and calendars francesca cavallo thank you so much for coming in and joining us thank you. and now to africa where the concept of contemporary african fashion is being actively redefined an innovative generation of designers is in the process of breaking the often still dominant ideas of western fashion and beauty ideals and berlin's kwan's museum or museum of decorative arts is showcasing what's emerging from new fashion hubs in places like kampala and. the final touches are made shortly before the opening. for the 1st time designers from senegal. present their design in berlin. connecting africa future brings together african designers in a collaborative display which transcends clichés and stereotypes of african fashion
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the exhibition challenges traditional western beauty standards by bringing together fashion past styling and. what we want to achieve is to show people here in the west in the northern hemisphere look there is a contemporary fashion industry in africa with fashion shows and with many different. brands exhibits and video shows that africa doesn't want to be the dumping place for clothes discarded by the west in the british fashion designers have them using sustainable ancient and techniques for example using fabric. the most designers are about to step made in africa clothing that comes from africa it's high end it's premium fashion it can be worn in any way it's not explicitly for people of african descent. the importance
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of hair in african culture is also reflected on in the exhibition. hair and hair styles and not just fashion. they can be a statement of culture identity and an inspiration for the yacht. and on that inspiring note to our time is up so until we meet again all the best from myself and the crew here in berlin just about i.
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do see business worth billions of euros and much of the rubbish used to make incomes come time the. book is 20 and under you plantations to starvation wages in extremely unhealthy conditions the german manufacturer is not the flames because we should exert pressure all the way down to the front. of. the. eco india. how can a country's economy grow and harmony its people and violent when there are doing worse look at the bigger picture india a country that faces many challenges engines people are striving to create a sustainable future clever projects from europe and india.
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in 90 minutes on d w. that . and i'm just going to go to ground news to tell you from the bottom of it's personal device it's about topics that affect us all a lot of pollution climate change and the big turn. only check out.
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this is the w. news live from berlin israel's benjamin netanyahu fighting for his political survival exit polls show the election that israel still too close to call with netanyahu unable to secure a majority against rival benny gantz both are urging patience as the vote count continues also on the show. trying to reconstitute everything he says pushing them
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to a climax where it's a bad victory are about himself and this is i think deeply irresponsible and this.


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