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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2019 12:00am-12:03am CEST

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to me that she was into the don't tell me the. truth. you know and the joint should come off in the morning. review of the symphonies of your home is. the brahms code. starts october 11th on t.w. you know. this is deja vu news these are our top stories. global oil prices have spiked after 2 drone attacks on saudi arabian oil facilities the weekend strike saw the world's crude oil output drop by 5 percent despite initially hinting at the possibility of military retaliation u.s. president donald trump has since stated he has no interest in going to war with the
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red us blames tehran for the strikes. turkish president recha tie affair no one has met with his russian and iranian counterparts in ankara for a summit on the syrian government's push on the final rebel enclave in it but amir putin has had rouhani support syrian president bashar al assad's offensive which has gained momentum in recent weeks eto and is concerned that the fighting will cause a renewed influx of refugees into turkey. british prime minister boris johnson told out of a joint news conference with his luxembourg counterpart after facing jeers from n.c. bracks it campaigners johnson had met with european commission president. in a bid to make progress on the bracks an impasse the commission says britain has still produced no viable alternative to the contentious irish border back stocks will continue this is deja vu news from berlin you can always find the latest
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headlines at d.f.w. dot com or follow us on it has been 6 years since he became the world's best known whistle blower blowing the lid off america's secret surveillance what edward snowden did forever changed our world including his own for 6 years he's lived in exile in russia and now as his new book goes on sale edward snowden is preparing to move tonight i'll ask his attorney will snowden ever be able to go home or will it have to be germany where he writes his next chapter i'm in berlin this is the day. ultimately i will suffer whatever the consequences are of mine with mr snowden should return to united states in face the serious crimes that with which he's been charged.


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