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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  September 1, 2019 12:15am-12:31am CEST

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news the burn does need to follow is off to the break with all the gold strong saturdays games a day to get to do is get the latest news and information on our website of course that is. dot com i'm headed home for thanks for joining me and see if i can see. the. center of the conflict zone with tim sebastian. i'll be challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the stands as a. crushing through the rhetoric holding the powerful to account for the conflicts . conflict zones for tim sebastian hong d.w. . coach of british kind of. normally from
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africa and the world your link to exceptional stories and discussions go from the use of easy to i want with safety debbie to come smash the coffee join us on facebook g.w. for god. it's a match day 3 and 3 is the magic number this guy behind me to move at a new school 3 goes on friday night as leipzig took all 3 points home from about the top of the table plenty for the day and their rivals respond. don't worry i'm betting on saturday i'm dead set on reclaiming top spot newcomers when you're in that state in their way and i came to cause a major upset. by. new superstar signing.
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made his 1st stop for the club against sidelines the perfect opportunity for the brazilians on a mother to kick biden's mota into top. that's him plenty more to come in this edition of the. mechanic line let's get started right here. and we're up against you on these sides have met twice previously albeit in the german cup and even the dogon prevailed and moved into the next round on both occasions the matches were either decided in extra time or on penalties if goldman's goal is to end the season as champions they are going to have to win games like this and do it in 90 minutes. a party atmosphere in new neon berlin sold out stadium the newly promoted side aiming to do better against dortmund than the 4 near last in their home debut but it was the visitors with the game's 1st chance in the 5th minute bronze cross too hot to handle. and
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jaden sanchez. whom young had a chance of their own with a corner about 5 minutes later former dortmund defender never trying to use his head. the next corner did the trick though. setting the outer 1st advice stadium on fire in the 22nd minute i don't mince defense completely lost track of will make history today his 1st ever been as the goal was also on yawns 1st top flight goal at home but the surprise lead lasted only 3 minutes and making no mistake sanchez feeding him the ball to make it $11.00. late in the half dortmund's thomas delay and he landed on his head after colliding with sebastian anderson but was able to return to action and continue until the break. less than 5 minutes
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after the restart struck again dortmund lucy i'm far from john. and your son out brad manual are conjugate his shots saved by perky but both are there to launch a torpedo from long range and don't yawn were back in front and the berlin newcomers weren't done yet the 75th minute they made it 31 i shall go back a with some nifty work setting it up and anderson finishing the job and the day scoring to the delight of the home for 3 months after winning promotion to the only on come up with another big surprise dortmund meanwhile unable to come from behind as they've done in their 1st 2 games of the season. ah. was quite the shock there for dortmund but now it's a bond after only a draw in a win so far this season already feeling the pressure we all know there are special couple of club with very high expectations and 4 points from 2 games just isn't
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enough 3 points for a must this time out so it's a good thing by him where home against bottom of the table might look like an easy fix and the perfect opportunity for them to give their new star signing fit if you could change his very stuff for the club would buy a new midfield dynamo make the difference. she could she know and even paris scituate the 1st starts of by munich they were eager to assist inform forward robert lewandowski who had already scored 5 in the opening 2 bundesliga games but the clash between the champions in the side currently bottom of the table did not go into form initially jump boldly n.c.o. snatch it in the 6 minutes of minds with bias defense all over the place but was struggling to get into the game but the little i came on 36 minutes puffed out the score a 5 it's a low good work for paris it. just before the break the hosts won
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a free kick all about took his time. scoring do it with an absolute crack at. the austrian is becoming a real dead ball specialist. the floodgates open for button in the 2nd half this time sets up paris it's for 31. an impressive home debut past the hour mark and kingsley come home putting on the at. the beginning to fall apart and easy finish for the france international. then who else but levon dusky joining the party is well on his way to becoming the league's top scorer yet again after just 3 match days the 61 grant was completed by substitute alfonso davis. and the tough taskmaster is. still now unfortunately there hasn't been a game where i'd say we've been
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a 100 percent perfect even though we've won 6 want to don't think anyone's going to bed completely happy. minds have big problems. while not jumping for joy. with kitschy neo facing him personally. there are 4 more games to go and here are 3 of them in our summary kicking off with leverkusen against hoffenheim and $23.00 matches this picture has never ended goalless never in fact have been 5 goals each of the last 3 meetings between the sides with hoffenheim winning the last 2 surely another goal fest was on the cars right. despite the best efforts of leon bailey and co this one state schoolers hoffenheim coach out for a troika set up defensively and his tactics were a success. team showed a strong mentality again today you can't say we were lucky we earned it the boys
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fought hard and we didn't get anything for free. for an expert. opposite number was once his teammate today peter bush's side faced an opponent that they simply could not break down. and toys it's disappointing because we were clearly the better team normally we'd reward ourselves with a goal but unfortunately today we failed to settle with. the only team yet to school the season needed hatton's help to open their account in front against the guests from berlin thanks to an own goal from making a stop i soon after the restart it was too new to the hosts but still there was no shock of players name on the scoresheet he don't good style is why you would if it turned home by covering breaking i finally shaka did manage to bag one of their own jonjo kenny the 1st royal blue this season to school for his side i his no
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drive in the 85th minute through through the crowd and into the back of the net it's the 1st time that child could have won at home in more than 7 months on their 1st bundesliga triumph under a new coach viking or. friedberg were looking for a 3rd straight. to start their season against a cologne side yet to pick up a single point the guests looked to have taken the lead just before half time but kingsley shindler strike was disallowed after the video referee spotted this foul by dominic drexler in the run up. and just minutes later favorites freiburg were in front. of slapstick own goal from rafael she calls the tune from the behind the break just moments after they thought they'd taken the lead i shortly after the restart though the guests were back level the 1st of the season for cologne
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talisman anthony modeste after he converted a beautifully placed cross from el yes he reached. and it was scary to see old injury time sensation he slalom his way through frogs midfield charged into the box and have a deep hole to capture colognes 1st 3 points of the season joy at last on match day 3 for the newly promoted us. it's a similar situation is next match newly promoted tata boys started their campaign with 2 defeats had the an enviable task of travelling to vols but it was and won both of their 1st in much as they were soon stunned by the visit is. open the scoring in the 12 minute one coyote highlighted home a look at their some fancy work from stirling mamba and the brazilian finished the job in style. 10 minutes after the restart the regular firing a rocket to rescue a point for the wolves as the only newcomers. here's
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a look at all the results from match day 3 so far the most shocking result without a doubt coming from right here in berlin new ones a 31 win over dortmund their 1st ever been this new year when very few would have had that on the cards before kickoff have set them out with the most goals in a game so far this season a vital win that. impossible when they end those folks perfect start of the season well getting their very 1st points and live 60 move then he scored 3 on friday in that game against we have games and braman in frankfurt to look forward to on sunday let's have a quick look at the table still a way to go of course until may but top of the table up there with 9 points is lives they stand alone at the top they are not the only team with a perfect start the season black and yellow fans cover your eyes open slate from 1st to 5th now in the bottom half it was a good weekend for the newly promoted sides when you won and 10th and you got cologne and both off the mark and 13th and 14th the mites down the bottom pointless
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so far all the dramatic could change that on sunday. that brings us to up play of the day as voted by you on twitter and the winner is david oliver with just one percent more than. i love i gave brian the lead with this sensational free kick now the often doesn't score many when he does they are absolute beauties buying went to school for more it was the pick of the bunch and you'll play the day. that's all from us here on the putting a binder full is happy when i'm happy that we're back on sunday may be just talking about them we'll bring you a very special final pull from ashley three's big win is when you and i be sure to join us and so then we'll leave you with some of the best scenes from saturday's games for me and the rest the team here in berlin thank you and goodbye. i'm.
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here i'm going to. interest reports are. europe's most arab league. player better than nothing better than spending cuts just as the club launch on. slayer road next to live. ok want to race. you know water is never far away. water and wealth and what the people of all the book made of it that's going to be the coming being from my tour of the city today and it's always have a lot on my list too or would be complete without a trip to oak spokes premiss marionette theatre. in 60 minutes on g.w. . welcome to the book is the game here the 1st
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place to talk about a. phrase that's no. good . juggler lead plaintiff. got a problem gringo go. find out why i will report the headache reading his if that punch later in the show. and.


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