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this is. brazil's president says he may reconsider an offer to help fight fires of the amazon but 1st he wants an apology from the french president. claims the president accused him of lying about his commitment to the environment also says if macro apologizes he may accept any from g 7 countries also coming out the t.v. station in afghanistan that's run by women for women it's a sign of the new freedoms that women are enjoying since the fall of the taliban but they still don't have any say in the future of their country.
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i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight the brazilian president says 1st the apology then the money the president will saying he will only accept an offer of aid from g 7 countries to fight fires raging in the amazon if he gets an apology from the french president. announced the g.'s of its offer of 18000000 euros over the weekend but says that called him a liar and insists that macro nell say he's sorry more than 80000 fires are burning in the amazon many of them are out of control. destruction it's plain to see. presume state is one of the last hit regions as. soon as one fire is out another starts.
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after international pressure brazil's government has sent in the army to work alongside firefighters but ministers have been blamed for allowing parts of the amazon to be developed and for turning a blind eye to forest clearance this farm of those says he has no choice or the world or you both of you have to make a clearing by felling trees and then planting seeds. even if you take a deserted area you still have to mow and burn to build a house for yourself to make a home for your children but. we're not birds and can't live in tree one of your lord. of the river though you. get at the g. 7 summit french president emmanuel mack on secured an 18000000 euro aid package to help fight the amazon fires help of the whole world but brazil's rightwing
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president jaya bolsa naro has threatened to reject the deal accusing his french counterpart of colonialism. what google. mccrum off as a troll rich countries to the amazon. does anyone help anyone without wanting something in return. why do they have their eyes on the amazon what if they wanted that facade long. macron has stressed it's not only brazil that's affected by the fire. of. p. there are other countries in the amazon that have asked for our help it is important to mobilize it quickly so that colombia bolivia and brazilian regions who want access to this international help can have it and can reforest quickly. when the rally aid heats up the amazon continues to put on the lungs of the wild in desperate need of help. and for more on this now i'm
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joined by correspondent he is a bird he joins us from brazil's indonesia state it's an area that has been severely affected by these blazes but it's good to see you we know that there is a growing dispute right now between mexico and also nora over these g 7 funds what is the reaction there in brazil sonora wants an apology 1st yeah the reaction is that people here some of them supporting both sonora these are the the folks that are really liking his nationalism and his expressions towards destroying the amazon for for economic reasons they are in favor of him they like his attitude but on the other hand there are many people who are more live in the cities who are the left here of brazilians who are really feeling ashamed of him because of him and who think he should let. international help arrive in brazil
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he should not talk such such make not such strong statements he should cooperate completely with all the states who are interested to help and what's going on right now or has any progress been made in tackling these fires. we conned sure of this so far because it's the military now since the other day who are in charge of this who are coordinating together with the fire fighters. the battle and the fight against the flames and so it's difficult to wary fry this because it's in remote areas happening it's not here yet so if it's more than 400 more than 800 more than 1000 kilometers away from here so we can verify it and the military as they so far do not give they don't. give statements they don't express themselves because they say they have to settle everything they have to get things
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started so so far we can confirm if we did more than 40000 soldiers are here working and fighting the fight fires it's just difficult to say so but we hope that in the coming days it will be clear but that is that's part of the problem reporting the story isn't it is that it's almost impossible to know if progress is being made in fighting these fires right yeah it's difficult for us we see many planes many planes many times flying above us they are 2 military airplanes who have to 12000 liters of water they are regularly dropping the water at the effected area as they come back to hit to put a value this is happening so i think the effort is is for sure has been made and is done so far but we can't really easily add at the spots at the fireplaces but we receive pictures and. other material videos from the forces so they are
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going on and people think that many weeks are so that the fires will finally finally be polished all right joining us tonight from northwest brazil with us thank you. well the leaders of russia and turkey say that they share deep concerns over the fighting in northwestern syria and that they hope to work together to ease tensions in the province turkey's president. traveled to russia on tuesday for talks with russian president vladimir putin and relations between the 2 countries have been strained in recent years with. opposing sides of the syrian conflict but during a visit to an airshow near moscow the 2 leaders seemed keen to stress the relaxed nature of their relationship. celebrating cooperation by eating ice cream together russian president vladimir putin paid for his turkish counterpart wretch of type street offering up
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a sweetener before talks. about the directions cooperation can go as well as some delicate issues in the region that's are on the agenda. the venue and aviation show reflects increasing military cooperation between russia and turkey which is a nato country turkey has bought russian anti-missile systems irritating nato and is now looking at purchasing russian fighter jets as well co-operation has limits russian and turkish troops are both in syria on opposite sides russia backs the syrian government while turkey supports the remaining rebel forces in province. recently russian backed syrian forces have stepped up their campaign against rebels there. we cannot tolerate the syrian regime. by air and land against civilians under the
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pretext of fighting terrorism and unfortunately attacks on civilians strengthen radical groups. putin said russian forces in syria were under threat the closer the terrorists continue to show the positions of syrian government forces trying to attack commission military installations deescalation is not as a refuge for militants let alone as rich had from new with time. both countries see a huge stake in syria and are trying to do without the west as they settle their differences. are due to meet with officials from another key player in the syrian conflict iran next month. or moscow correspondent emily sure when has been following the meeting for she told us more about putin in everyone's show of unity the 2 leaders do have have close relations for a while now and they were it seemed key to stress that came to stressed out today
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they seem very at ease with each other they have met very frequently in the last few years aired on always calls putin his dear friend and today they kind of presented a picture of friendship with putin even buying aerotow on an ice cream on the sidelines of the aviation show and i think in many ways that's a strategic partnership that we're seeing in defiance of the west today the 2 leaders were looking in part at fighter jets that of course against the back drop of the fact that turkey is buying from russia the s. $400.00 missile system much to the dismay of many of turkey's nato partners so they were i think showing a picture of defiance a picture of friendship to the west and kind of yeah defiant. that was in leisure when reporting from moscow here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world dozens of women who accuse jeffrey epstein of
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sexual abuse have been heard in a new york court the hearing was set for the criminal case against the wealthy financier to be formally dismissed following his death but the judge said that he wanted to give the victims a chance to speak abstain committed suicide in prison while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges british opposition lawmakers led by labor leader jeremy corbyn have agreed to work together in parliament on legislation to stop a new deal breaks that corbin has also invited conservative lawmakers who oppose a new deal scenario to join forces against the prime minister or minister boris johnson's plan is to leave the e.u. even if a deal cannot be reached italy's a center left democratic party and the anti establishment 5 star movement have both expressed optimism following tuesday's talks to form a coalition meant to shut out the far right populist leader of the parties have reportedly agreed to keep prime minister giuseppe conte an ally of 5 star as head
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of a new government. well it has been 18 years since the taliban lost power in afghanistan in that time some women have gained freedoms they never could have imagined under the rule of the militants yet there is not a single woman present at those high level negotiations currently taking place to decide afghanistan's future and in those negotiations no mention of protecting women's rights. it. is a glimpse into another afghanistan a television station by women for women its very existence not to revolution in a country imagine from the shadow of the taliban. ever since the islamic fundamentalist group were driven out women have been discovering new freedoms even in the face of threats. mustn't go in there that i will not allow the taliban to stop me from learning from working or from having hope for the future of my country
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we will not allow the taliban to force women again to sit at home as they did during their dark period of power. in the reception to privately colored parkas stand as reminders of the dark past but while women have made leaps in your lack of a voice taliban peace talks has angered some. you know where has the injuring dominance of the patriarchy been clearer than in high level negotiations about the country's future. growth so one of the women should have been part of the peace negotiations but there haven't been any talks on women's rights as far as i know to until jack a mob i work in the media i appear on t.v. and i'm concerned for my future because even if peace comes off you chair might be in danger sure timed in my heart that i'm that. it's
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a view shared by campaigner fawzia koofi the taliban try to assassinate hard for speaking out for women's rights for the rest could not be starker and i think the new generation of afghanistan the transformed your vision of afghanistan will not be able to accept this kind of approach and behavior and therefore i think this is a major issue a major issue or pose a major challenge it would say poster taliban the integration taliban peace process would be how do we smoothly ensure that these taliban fighters interviewed the system without respect to the values that people of afghanistan believe in since the war began here in 2001 women have enjoyed equal rights to men in law even if society lags behind unequal c. however is another matter. you're watching the w. new story come a major ruling on america's opioid quite as accord in oklahoma orders the drug
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maker johnson and johnson to pay more than $500000000.00 per fueling the of a government that kills thousands in the u.s. every year kris kobach the up next with that story and more if you govern your business to stick around for that coming right. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a new town the danger she put just one to the shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have work all of the strengths of many candidates and their problems are always the same.


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