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look now at climate. guru mark series every week on g.w. . the be . the best. this is 2 w.'s come to live from berlin a new life for children islamic state thousands of them live with their mothers in a camp in northeastern syria some of them have been taken in by european countries now germany has agreed to take for the offspring of german fathers a modest also coming up. on the united nations and who runs humanitarian day
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really look at the one of the white helmets on syria saving the victims of a brutal civil war. and chance academically mocks a historic milestone on the road to general reunification she joins hungary's leader to remember the difficulty as they go on the border between hungry and austria was opened and are thousands of these gems to make their way to the west. and on the bundesliga is open weekend rb leipzig tanisha 20 on both ends top 5 debut with a crushing 4 nil defeat. hello and welcome i'm a touchy jimmy's agreed to take in 4 children born to former fighters from the so-called islamic state a german delegation is has traveled there to receive the children 3 of them are all
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foes and another just 6 months old and seriously ill they've been living in the olive oil camp in ne in syria. we chose over 70000 women and children it's the 1st time jimmy has taken in i is children. being countries including france and belgium have already done so but they are still more than $100.00 children from german parents waiting to be back created. ok i'm joined now by our political correspondent hans brand at up on him entry studios and with me in the studio i have d. w.'s expert on the so-called islamic state florian noise health field and let me begin with you you've traveled extensively in the area and worked in that region. if you what do we know about this 3 factory should that supposed to be happening right now or as you said it's 4 children that are being outed over to the german foreign ministry for ministry officials say at the border between syria and iraq. 2
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of them are girls one of them as a boy they're all said to be preteens and that's 6 months one of the children a 6 month old only she's the child is being repetitive for health reasons this is said to be officials local sources on the ground have told me that the supposed to be the 1st batch of around $100.00 german children or children of german descent also some men and women are also said to be will be repatriated in the coming months ok so they're all very vulnerable of these 4 children and of a vulnerable condition that may not turn to you hons now what has the german government been saying about this reback creation because if it's confirmed it's a pretty significant move. yes it would be a significant move if it is confirmed but in the government press conference today the forum about a sport foreign ministry spokesperson would not confirm that this was happening in fact germany has been very cagey about this whole process all the government and
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the foreign ministry are saying is that they are trying to prepare the growing for the possibility of reproach that includes making agreements with the authorities in syria northeastern syria with the authorities in the neighboring countries and obviously trying to confirm whether these children in fact are of german descent or of german nationality so so far the german authorities have not confirmed that this is actually happened right so no confirmation from the government but foreign turning to you know the syrian goods have captured lots of fighters of women and children living in camps in northeastern city why is it so important for them to return to their home countries that's what i'm rita here in rights watch says that at least 11000 women and children have been captured who has been members or used to be in the so-called islamic states and they live in desperate conditions they live and. they're exposed to a tradition and several children have already died if they stay in syria or these conditions but they will be dispersed these conditions and there's no way of
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bringing these people to justice there's no mechanism to trial them we're told for not forget that these people are still these adults are still highly radicalized they live in a separate section of the camp where it's unsafe to go for the security person now if they're allowed to stay there and they will keep on radicalizing the children and these children would just grow to be the next generation of jihad is that doing to you know we've seen that a couple of the government's best and governments have taken back for a fight is that because look florian said some of these guys fight is a still a radicalizing is a fear that the media outlets but there are those who say they've given up the terrorist agenda so why our government so reluctant to actually take back these people. well obviously the biggest problem is the question to what extent these people still are radicals and to what extent one can control them once they're about money and not all of these people can be charged in a german court it's not very clear what can be proven against them in
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a german court simple membership of the islamic state organization obviously would also be something that could be accused of and in addition to that if you get back dozens or maybe more than a 100 of such people the cost of controlling them of supervising them of surveillance will go into into the dozens of millions think those are the thoughts that are behind these maneuvers by the german government to try and prevent this from happening dr hans brand political correspondent and florian annoy hoff an expert on ai as terrorism thank you both very much for sharing your perspectives nesting in syria and we'll take a look now at the work of why tell me it's a risk you group on the united nations and you know what humanitarian day that's when a tribute to speech aid workers who risk their lives in humanitarian service the white house based in the city of it lived where 7 of their volunteers recently
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killed as government forces and their russian allies advanced on the city is the final stronghold of rebels opposed to president assad. racing to save lives rescue of mohammed tommy receives details of the incident over his radio a russian warplane has dropped bombs on an apartment block in moderate room on a town in syria's province right now every moment counts. they arrive at the scene to look for survivors buried in the rubble who can't get out without their help and the owners of. this time at least it seems no one is being hurt or needs the white helmets assistance. we help injured civilians children women and old people are dead our work is really important there's no other organization on the scene that saving lives was up for.
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mohammed joined the white helmets and 2013 he's one of 180 volunteers based here at this emergency center. that rescued thousands of people from the rubble that's what inspires muhammad to keep going. still not every mission is a success and the memories of what he's seen still haunt him i was. a farm woke of. the worst was when i pulled 2 brothers from underneath a concrete ceiling they've both been sleeping in the same bed and one of them was already dead you know we say the other one that made me cry not by. the white helmet so i've been working around the clock since the government launched its live offensive. syrian and allied russian fighter jets have been bombing targets here in the last rebel held controlled region in the country. the government says it's only
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targeting militias loyal to al qaeda but in reality they've also been hitting apartments hospitals market. and schools. the white helmets document the reality of this war from the ground sees them as terrorists and that's why they themselves have become a target. in the pain and again as we were rushing to save people's lives russian jets launched a 2nd wave of bombings hitting the rescuers many of our people have been killed or injured in that way. and how it's all that. 9 white helmets have died in the past 3 months alone the group says a good friend of mohamed's was one of them. i couldn't do with what happened for a whole week he couldn't talk to anyone and couldn't understand what had happened i was with him when he was hit we wanted to save civilians that child was. mohammed
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has also been injured in the field several times. but he says in the end all that pain has just made him stronger. the syrian government in damascus has branded the white helmets as terrorist supporters how they respond to such accusations i spoke to a cell mall in northern syria earlier he's been a white helmets volunteer says the beginning of 2013. our reaction is a lie is lies whatever i have been repeated and the truth of the through walls whatever the hell have been night because we say hundreds of civilian and document what happens on the ground and transfer what have been the ground of ground this is the cause of transforming what i've been on the ground and several civilians said regina turned eyes as i as i said to him into hospital someone with. some hospital coordination i was cheerful view and russia and they attacked that
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they could thank the item is good and that this can band 30 times the length on the item it's we lost 8 volunteer we. also have no insurance and we lost the take calls between ambulance and fire fighting just just of the 2 of our volunteer i've 1 been and serious injury and onset of the. russian helicopters the simplest one even what we're responding and destroying one vehicle and so unfortunately that. this is happening every day when the heart keep on going how do you keep your volunteers motivated in the midst of all this danger and all this controversy because your organization has also been given in 2016 the right livelihood award and also nominated for a nobel peace prize. actually if you one here is a part of the assad regime and doing this come been 300 millions of dogs
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50 markets at least. around most school 16 schools and what about if you want here is a thought yet so are we are we does it really and here we are on what i want to live sometimes when an observatory. that's a helicopter or in a crowd of of and for how many a have little homes. we trying to please but all would know we have to when there is the me with the child a year later we just one just didn't want to ever the civilians and this is i wonder if you for that report. as a white helmets volunteer thank you very much for talking to d w. thank you let me now be up to date with some other stories making news around the wild a rescue ship carrying more than 100 refugees has rejected an offer to go to spain as absolutely under an estate the open arms vessel is known to off the italian
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island of lampedusa rescuers say the refugees need urgent assistance and it would take too long to see if the spanish courts. and iranian oil tankers seized of gibraltar in early july is at sea again off record their release date the greece one was held on suspicion of smuggling or to syria contravening the new sanctions iran has warned that the us in the us not to try to seize the tanker. the turkish government has replaced the mare's of 3 cities in the arrested more than $400.00 people the alleged ties to the kurdish militant group to be k.k. look at government offices were cordoned off as police carried out grades. the people of hong kong once again filled the streets on the 11th straight weekend of mass for democracy protests hundreds of thousands turned out despite heavy rain for they were calling for more democracy for the territory as we hear from did obvious
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seana chosen bill unlike some of the previous demonstrations this one remained peaceful and the. calm dignified resilient these are the scenes organizers have called for the few expected it's not quite like this. protesters of all ages braving the poor and rain to march the crowds swelling in every direction bringing parts of the city to try to stand still this see the protesters launching through the streets feel like it that they're going to add a lot of these protests will if they take. over the last few weeks to rachel ray that it's going to face. these tens. which is how the point of free many had felt weeks of clashes and shocking scenes of hong kong airport on tuesday that tarnished the movement beijing branding the more violent protest is close to terrorists. but as they arrived on sunday they were united.
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says that people power and peace their weapons of choice in the battle for the image last week there's a lot of protests in the airport and i think that caught all of attention for the whole world that's why i think today is one of the important day for us to see peaceful try to be a rational and civilized group of people because i know the worst watching us as night fell the true test began as protesters converged outside the government complex it seemed like this could end like so many protests before take out masks at the ready trepidation police could come in at any moment to disperse the crowd then came this. small clusters of protesters spreading through the ground mission complete they chant everyone go higher. we. have a victory today we have nearly 2000000 people coming out. for you so our 5
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demands peacefully so we won today's protest too we absolutely peaceful and so that's why we are encouraging people to go home. 11 weeks into this movement they've proven they still enjoy improved support. i as move people take up the cry the demonstrators discussed no need for riot police to move in these protesters were policing themselves. for the 1st weekend in weeks to gas masks unused face white and you're watching news coming up ahead on the buddhist leaders opening weekend when you don't believe make the top fly deep. you but i've been leipsic crushed the hopes. of the 1st of the commemoration of a historic milestone on the road to have been reunification and the end of the code will on this day 30 years ago hungry unexpectedly allowed hundreds of. communism to
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cross the border with austria so that they could make their way to west germany it was the 1st rip in the curtain that separated common this is to europe and the democratic west and it wasn't long before the berlin wall came tumbling down. a solemn moment to comment mariah it's a moment in history that changed its cars german chancellor i'm going to america and time gary and prime minister viktor orban both camps to shop around that's years ago a picnic in this time darien city at the border with austria let to tearing down off a historic barrier and you're. simply click will to be the picnic became the scene of the biggest breakout of people from is germany since the construction of the wall in 1961. the pan-european picnic it was organized at the austria-hungary importer during the gathering at least 600 is germans crossed the
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border and escapes for freedom in the west by november an estimated 70000 have fled via hungary this event was seen a sticky factor in the fall of the berlin wall itself 3 months later. suck on the stem biospheres chaperone is an example of what we europeans can achieve when we stand up for our core values age. why america and our band celebrated the this pivotal moment in the fall of the aaron curtain it was clear that the relationship between the 2 leaders has strained in recent years our incest he holds the chairman chancellor's work in high regard because. more than a bitch power is steam is increased by the knowledge that from debate to debate from dispute to dispute from day to day in europe constantly needs uniting. but america lent hold very different views on how europe's borders should be
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managed nowadays it's known as one of the biggest critics of mcas decision to leave the german but us open and that's hundreds of thousands of refugees into the country. standing by at short drawn is the political correspondent simon young someone just left has been making it quite clear where she stands on the issue of refugees how do you think her remarks are being received there. well the 2 leaders went on off to the official ceremony to have a bilateral meeting and they came out afterwards gave a press conference and you could see that there are different assessments of what the events of 30 years ago here in shock from mean and imply for today's refugee policy. angela merkel talking about the necessity of
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a humanitarian response and helping people who are really in need viktor orbán saying well you know the right thing to do is to strengthen europe's borders he says that hungary is been doing that of course it's ironic because many people would say that hungary is now putting up borders and preventing refugees from crossing them where 30 years ago they opened the border inadvertently admittedly but it became within just a few weeks of that so-called pan-european picknick government policy and as you said it paved the way really for the end of division in europe so you know a very different situation here now and hungry as a country that is still in the focus of this anti migrant group within the european union angela merkel is here today trying to build bridges with hungry and
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emphasize the common points between the governments as she put it so some of the 2 leaders are united in celebrating and commemorating this historic anniversary of 30 years ago but from what you're saying this still remains very far apart on the problem today of refugees what message did mr orbán have for the german chancellor . well on that question he said that you know the right thing to do now is to protect europe's borders he said that in 30 years ago they had opened the border to promote the freedom of europe and it's to promote that he says and it's a point he's made many times before you know in order to protect the freedoms they obtain then the smaller european countries central european countries particularly must. now as it were defend european borders and european values as he
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sees them but the 2 leaders were also talking about other things to do about migration for instance combating the causes are working together on developing development aid in africa also talking about the enlargement of the european union to include the west balkan nations like. or bosnia and herzegovina for instance because i think both leaders think if those countries come into the european union then migration flows in future will perhaps be less of a problem at least for hungary and that could of course help this bilateral relationship which is a little bit cold at the moment right simon young children hungry thank you very much for your reporting from there. that was a big weekend for all yawn bellied fans as the club made its been to see her debut
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after decades in the lower divisions she had to break through sunday's action is talkies m d doug news source says. a proud day for oneone fans but the day ended in trashing disappointment so you know they may have lost big but at least they stay true to their values so what happened and retell was that one yawns or truck and they decided to organize a stimulus boycott which is basically an atmosphere boycott so they remained silent for the 1st 15 minutes of the match and the reasoning behind all of this is because . like i just said a club that stays true to their values they set that life is the antithesis of what football should be about that they only are so successful because of because of their corporate sugar daddy. but at the end it didn't make much of an impact on the field because it was like that had the last laugh ended up winning 4 nil and we
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have this highlights let's take a look. to you in berlin fans have been waiting for this moment for decades and the emotion showed finally in the big time those who didn't live to see that day were also there in spirit. beyond the 1st of all is a very different ground to what i'll be like to get used to when the bomb goes later but the negative reception for the club backed by an energy drinks firm was very familiar. to your own players were looking to hit the ground running and show the togetherness which helped win them promotion. to carrying out a muted start on 15 minutes of supporters brought into life just as they did like 6 miles or so house to obstruct. their not as one's 1st win as a goal celebration is likes it pass. noone gave the full back far too much room but it was still a fine finish. a crack of
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a muscle subject so doubled the lead on 31 minutes if you knew and didn't know how tough the blunders that you would be they knew now oh you don't coach fisher bravely put these glasses back on but it soon got worse to move than a bus through to make it through you know just before half time. to sit and cuckoo grafter for after the break. you knew we were heartbroken at the end it will be a tough season for the promoted berliners but the coach club's supporters will keep on singing. so he was a desperately disappointing for. sunday's other big game frankfurt was up against hoffenheim and frank freud despite losing a lot of the key players had an amazing season opener it took them only 36 seconds to score a goal thanks for watching him tega and hoffenheim there for you know a complete defensive breakdown and i'll go hoffenheim did manage to have more of
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the bar they just couldn't do anything with it they did score 2 goals both of them good offside so for frank for it this is just spectacular they lost 2 of their best players in the u.k. your bitch and ask and i lay out the drive but one has to see the shock result of this weekend's win this legal was really but i munich and there drawer to head to believe i told but they have added someone new to the team yes they have so by and confirm the known signing of a quick teen you know they always have the option to buy and one of the main reasons that they brought him in was because they need more creativity on that on that team but if you look at their transfer policy recently it's so confusing and it just it just a lot of desperate moves i mean it's cool. here that they've been able to fill the vacuum that i and robin and frank rebury have left behind as specially if you talk
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about one on one quality so you can bring in somebody like even paris it's unknown or katyn you know but neither one of them are the cops 1st choice says that 1st choice was your survey ok so it has the makings of an interesting witness to go season a name of a talkie for must say thank you. you're watching the w. news up next equal in deal environment magazine do stay with us for that if you can buy but.
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no indiana looks for signs of nature the biggest city of delhi was here there's plenty of pollution and little foreign middle consciousness. but n.g.o.s delhi greens wants to change that. it aims to raise awareness put small eco friendly projects. will its efforts to bear fruit.
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i was here when i arrived here i slept with 6 people in a room that is very similar it was hard i was free. i even got white hair and. the gym language. this keeps me and they go but you need to interrupt it's the same thing you want to know their story. their fighting and reliable information for margaret. how does time want changed their. w. correspondent susan. candiotti has to be the only good. for
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the fairies flavors of the exotic lizzy i am a challenge for you all of the region and the real. food confusion and fun. from street food to a 5 star restaurant tasting taipei starts september 1st on d w. hello welcome to your destination for solutions for cleaner greener and a more sustainable tomato every week we introduce you to change me because people like you and i while making a significant impact could.


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