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i think. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense to explain the different reality. and now here at the heart of the european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. why this is not often i work at the government.
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it. just took us all a revolutionise tango in breaking with convention he brought this traditional argentine music out of the dance hall and into concert venues around the world. that.
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day they mean something 1955 something new appeared tango intended for listening. this was a groundbreaking development but it was too. angle that was no longer only for dancing that was completely new. is innovative tango which enraged traditionalist in his day drew inspiration from jazz klezmer music stravinsky and bartok p.s. solo went on to become one of the leading composers of the 20th century in 1960 i discovered each radio speaking about me one called me assassin generated the other one murder i was having fun i was in love with you they made me popular. i remember the last text you took in what is like this i called taxi game when you saw my face. shot and when he's insulted me and he called me a communist. he went away i didn't. like the dogs will you look
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at the head like that so what did he do this for me i didn't do nothing i only changed the tango that's all i. got is an even if it's your now. whereas you know i got. sure of what. he said it was going to be we don't know. but it's a bit of a. needle in. your soul and his 2
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children deanna and danielle had a complex relationship marked by periods of closeness and times of silence even estrangement. deanna pierce will eventually decided to write a biography of her father in preparation she recorded a series of interviews which no one would see for many years the conversations marked the end of a long period of deep discord deonna died in 2009 several years after the book was published. if you had. planned to write about asteroid. she mentioned it to him my father's 1st reaction was no biographies are about the dead not the living things the law of. daniel pierce all who is also a musician is now the custodian of his father's legacy. daniele's relationship with faster was not always easy times of deep within indian musical
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collaboration alternated with long periods of separation. what always united the father and son was a love of fishing. the vehicle shop becoming my father and i went shock machine together only what it was in some glass in 1961. i think what made my father strong was the problem with his leg he tried to conceal it but he couldn't hide it. by when you looked at him his left leg was a pillar and his right was scrawny. it always upset him if someone had called him limp he would have attacked the. us was born march 11th 1921 in mar del plata argentina. it was a town of fishermen and immigrants that the local elites hope to transform into a luxury a seaside resort. aster was born with
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a clubfoot in an attempt to correct it he underwent 7 surgeries the 1st when he was just a year old after each surgery he spent many months in a cast. his mother assumed to and his father be thin to decided not to have any more children fearing they might be born with a similar disability. and his parents were called pampered their only child. after the last surgery the p.s. all a family decided to start a new life in new york. i lived in exile in mexico for 9 years. my father who had just given a concert at the stage and said you want to write about my life. i was puzzled it seemed it suddenly changed his mind so then we met every day from 5 to 11 in the morning very disciplined recorded his whole life on tape you know i wanted to know what he was like as a boy as
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a young man and. they say. if your soul is settled in a poor district of new york as immigrants their lives were difficult and demanded many sacrifices. no you know found work in a hair salon own biases cillian gangster the backroom harbored illegal betting well in the french no nina shampooed the female clientele the wives and daughters of the jewish mafia on tuesdays and on thursdays the italian mafia. it was the era of prohibition the p.s. all is sometimes made whiskey in their best which they delivered by side car. just a pure soul absorbed the vibrancy of the city. by
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that my father happened upon the instrument at a pawn broker in new york's jewish quarter. he bought the bandoneon and brought it home for me. i thought he brought me a fan. i didn't know what it was. i would own it he explained it was a bandoneon the instrument played in the music i listen to every night you're going to play it was an order you're going to study the band on him. on a story my ears frozen sometimes crying in pain he took me to the bronx to study with ted tucci twice a week my father made that sacrifice. he says i don't know deana if i would have
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done it yesterday he believed in me. but he believed in me in a certain way as if i were a genius. but i'm not he made me feel important. and that's how he set the course for my life. in 1935 the famous argentine tango singer carlos del arrived in new york to act in a film no nino an ardent admirer of tango wanted to give him a gift a wooden statue he carved himself a store was intrusted with the delivery when gardell heard a store play he invited him to appear in the film. where do you really want to go. the
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encounter with gardell helped shape posterous future. all i can tell you is we were very close. to weeks before god i'll die i received a telegram from new york asking me to go on tour with him. but. luckily because of a family problem. i couldn't and i didn't die. but. the plane on which carlos del was traveling crashed in colombia. in 1936 overcome by homesickness the p.a solace returned to argentina or was torn away from the creative energy of bjork. in modo plata aster received word that
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a famous tango orchestra would be performing. he went to the concert and asked to audition the musicians were astounded by the 16 year olds daring. he played gershwin and bach on the bun dhoni owned spoke spanish with an american accent their response was swift they invited him to buenos aires to join the orchestra. but i had to talk to my father and mother about it i told them i had to and my father was happy. he was losing me and he knew it i said i'm leaving he said something like your mother is going to cry she'll be very sad. for a boy osiris and moved into a shabby boarding house with other musicians he missed his parents and often wept at night but he was tenacious he practiced constantly and played at the novelty cabaret. other orchestras began to take note of the 17 year old bund only young
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player. they called him tenderfoot. i entered the world of gigolos and prostitutes a world of drugs drunks and gamblers. a world apart on which i participated and as a member of an orchestra. there were 13 musicians in the orchestra 12 lived with a woman if no nino heard i was living with a woman he'd have killed me. you see. in 1939 arthur rubinstein performed at the record on in buenos aires. found out where he was staying and brought him the score of a concerto composed in his honor rubenstein examined the score and told him it was not a concerto or had left out the orchestral part. rubenstein advised him to study composition
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with the noted argentine composer. i had a way about and it was like speaking to a cleric. but i studied hard and was happy. i went to concerts at the tatra cologne to rehearsals analyzed works records i started to listen and that sparked a change in me. in 1942 us to marry did a wolf did he was studying painting and like to sing they shared a deep fund. she poured herself into our stories but in musical career. when he set for poems by jorge luis borges to music for an album to be performed by star singer edmundo rivero he asked did it to sing on the demo and brought the sample to bogus. go by.
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there. on the day of the recording it moved to revere or asked for his if you like the result bush has told him he preferred the sample version the one sung by the young woman. must appear solid became known as the tango revolutionary who spoke to listeners in an entirely new language of music pure soul a broke with traditional tango melodies and rhythms and with the way the bunn dani own was played. what's less well known is that in the 1940 s.
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he was a star of classical tango orchestras. well still a student p.s. ola began composing arrangements for the most famous orchestras of the time including for the low. but for every $100.00 notes oster wrote struck out 20 so asked or decided to quit. when his son daniel was born in 1945 all star was playing with if you're into an orchestra where no one disputed his arrangements. that are still young to make a different kind of music and found his own orchestra and even if he would earn less money from it. he managed to bring together the best musicians in argentina and in $1046.00 he founded the orchestra. jump in heels and i'm no better than me going to be in a safer ground all alone you me with a new little enough in the middle of the piece to wait out. to a single body of my daddy used to have and you're better than him you know by this
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book we are number one i was because i got it with you michael because i read over boys. wish we had the flu in the us in the uk i mean that when you look at the most bit of me with your i used. to solo had made great strides during his studies he ventured a big decision he would give up the money on he decided to stop performing in nightclubs and leave tango behind instead he would focus on composing classical symphonies. in 1953 astor one the father and 7 ski prize for his symphony of wayne osiris which came with a stipend to study orchestration in paris. eat miss i took the bandoneon with me just in case. over the issue of the best composers went to paris to study with. this she was like a 2nd mother to make book she wanted to know how i live my life if i was
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a good person so. are you married of course i have 2 children she told me that's good. i studied every day. she was a torturer. digital are you going to she read my symphonies course she said it's well written but where spirits all live i want to know what does p. it's all a do who is. in the end i told her i played the bandoneon she had known. it she still the that's the only instrument the call hindemith couldn't play. when you said do you like it i love it she made me play tango.
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took my 2 hands is this is it. is it she heard my style the harmonies and the rhythm. she didn't hear the cha cha cha the chim whom common to tango she heard a new tango. that opened my eyes i picked up my bandoneon and never put it down again if you know what it is. in paris us there was steeped in creative ferment he worked day and night composed many tangos and recorded an album with the paris opera orchestra. armed with all this new music us to return to buenos aires he felt unstoppable he returned home like a gladiator determined to fight for his music and sparked a musical controversy. argentina had just suffered 2 months of rising violence
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on september 16th 1955 president one peron was overthrown in a coup d'etat 3 years after the death of evita put on. a military junta took power and a new era of uncertainty began. they don't because i don't fell and tango along with him so it was strange. going to go evaporated bolero exploded bill haley took off with boogie woogie rock'n'roll and all that stuff. and a form of tango died because no one was dancing tango but at that moment i was born not because of. 2 minutes.
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of. this same year us tippi a solo once again brought together the best tango musicians and founded the uk to to buenos aires. controversy erupted his tongan wave both quickly met with fierce resistance. you know. they're. going to pay. you for it if you're going to be able to say that i want to go back and they'll think i'm going to buy the company for you i mean. i'm sure you're going i think i mean. i don't know. i don't. know what i got mine and all that. you don't want to. know what you're doing you got that pointing out i'll. tell you home number and i'm not.
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we often had to play for free no one wanted to listen to the ensemble or i was very discouraged and when i get discouraged i leave the boy. who didn't give any warning. we all make the same sudden foolish decisions like my grandfather dad moved to new york just like menino i was studying piano with monta branch playing the chopin preludes. i played incredibly well. my father said you're going to study at juilliard school of music you judy art like glenn gould and the other great artists. things turned sour in new york but they didn't let on so deanna and i wouldn't.
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things went badly really badly i even stole hands from the market i didn't have a dime. one day i took one of my records to a studio c.b.s. i'll never forget what they said it's very beautiful but in this country it's not what you know but who you know that counts. driven by financial difficulties us to resolve to do what he had always rejected to go on tour and play traditional tango accompaniments to dance shows. in 1959 during a tour in puerto rico just as he was about to go on stage he received a call from mar del plata his father no nino had just passed away and. he decided to play anyway.
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that it. was. back in new york oster asked his family to give him a few moments. alone in half an hour he composed adios noni you know. even a little early i still remember no nino who always teased sad people. get up you little mo you have to play he always wanted me to play so that's what i did with. it and it.
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underneath anybody's. penniless the p.s.l. is decided to return to buenos aires. aster was able to sell the u.s. known you know earning just enough to buy 4 tickets on a freighter. that
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. mr p. a solo brought back many new compositions with him from new york but also a deep frustration. in when a site is he founded a quintet which once again roiled argentina's music scene. but if you don't believe me we present to you the most modern and innovative expression of tango a style that has propelled the yarn to bustard because owners are the center of the world's music making.
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this was the start of the most exposure i'd ever had playing every night for a very small audience but they started to really listen and understand what my quintet was trying to accomplish. it was a new form of music especially popular with bands of jazz with night outs who went out to listen and enthusiasm into the.
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store in diddy's relationship fell into a silent crisis. well don't commute about not that you know my sister and i we all difficult there until 19650966. my father left and it destroyed our family. hello who's that dad how are you i'm leaving ok see you later. no i'm moving out what do you mean you're moving out i packed a few bags you can bring them to this hotel take them to this address between sent martin in florida. i stood there like an idiot because i never imagined something like that could ever happen you know we had a wonderful family. with us are gone did they sank into depression. several months later daniel left home too and then deanna left for northwest
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argentina to work with the country's poorest. did he was left alone. i left. i had no home nothing i worked constantly i didn't care about the house i just wanted to write. i was selfish but that egotism gave me the strength to keep going. i see to be the kind of. don't forget it takes more courage to leave than it does to stay. ended a divorced in 1966. i'm
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going to ask you straight are you bitter you know enough absolutely not i had a bad temper because they attacked me i used to have quite a temper like that you know but. i ask you because in a newspaper a few weeks ago. you implied that you were recognized in europe to morrow in your own country you were criticized rejected but you don't hold the esteem you deserve . i had opportunities to do wonderful things. i received proposals from friends to work with george most duckie from italy to work with mills and i would be any more projects than i could have imagined.
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here i have nothing there i have everything i wanted to. tell me when my father left for italy he wrote me soon after danny i'm sending you a tape of what i just recorded. when i heard it it sounded like quincy jones but it was my father's music. store was new country and was brimming with new ideas the italians liked his music
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and he felt at home there. his popularity in italy continued in france. success in europe gave him access to an international audience paving the way for collaboration with other established artists like george was to keep a row near the mark of the lochiel rostropovich the turn of a low so enjoying all again. in 1975 influenced by free jazz bands. formed the opted to electronically and
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recruited his son daniel they performed across europe. i'm happy. people follow me and applaud me understand me they get the message which isn't easy because i change constantly. it was you know it's my father returned one morning in march 78. after a long stay in europe mr appears all is back in argentina. are you here to stay. for the moment yes are you venting yourself. i always have tomorrow
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or the day after i'll sit down and think and i'll figure out what i want to do with it. after 4 years of touring us tour suddenly decided to disband the tattoo electronical. danielle found out by chance while listening to a radio interview with his father. it was the worst thing i'd ever heard i mean that evening my father came round for dinner. i was exhausted my projects weren't working out and playing with my father was the best thing i had i looked at him and said. you realize you're going
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backwards it was the worst thing i could think of. he said who do you think you are. i didn't see my father for 10 years after that view so you see below me. at. the. book it was a couple of book reassume before your previous he. he. was certain he was sure that i wanted those of you with books to be good you. see here there's a way to. see it out when we're all on the bus at all and it was you know
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we you know we just you would get a little of the nobles. in 1974 deanna was denounced and became the target of the argentine anticommunist alliance a far right death squad she was forced into exile and settled in mexico with her partner the nephew of us who seem to be a floor a founder of the mothers of plus today mio a group who campaigned for the disappeared. once she said to me if we were at war and you were on the other side i choose. you i said your current state of where seriously i'd shoot you. that was in 1970 s. you know at that time vienna had taken on a norm to get elsa no one knew where she was later we found out she was in exile but we didn't get to say goodbye. on march 24th one. 176
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another military coup swept argentina the dictatorship that assumed control opened what became the most brutal chapter in the country's history a facade of normality was maintained which even used the 1978 world cup as a smokescreen. the regime kidnapped tortured murdered and systematically disappeared thousands of citizens. while deanna p.s. ola lived in exile in mexico her father and some other artists attended a dinner hosted by general vidalia leader of the military junta it took a years to forgive her father.
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but as a sort of i think the rhythm is the only constant in my music. everything else is new evolving. it's contemporary it's now yes tango is still in there but it's another world it's the world of awestruck piazza ola focus on the. roster divided his time between france and argentina. he found love again with laura escalade whom he married in 1980 after a long engagement. for you may have been a very quiet period of my life very happy very peaceful. you know
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what a strange feeling to be at rest and i needed those years of rest my new gun would get out of every i spent last summer and pointed at a story and you're a guy. those 3 months in 19791980 renewed me. as a result of my music is not agitated or aggressive anymore it's not as biting and it's very tender romantic and different. to what it means of course. nobody can actually go into that. just to get a little less so you know what you're not that. good a good boy you know you know if you're able to put up with people because of the label that's to label the earth that the political if you would on the i think kind of. the make your voice become you know people even though they dance and that's you know given the baby is on the way that because of what they perceive to be
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because i go back to that period what out of the baby of the little girl that we're going to go to me out of and it was a pickle it. is a little weird that many only want to share with you because they eat. lunch june 11th 1983 us to p.s.l. and finally achieved his dream he performed his music on the stage of the theatrical on with a symphony orchestra. at $62.00 he had finally received recognition in the claim at home in argentina. is a victim in a. moment but he. may know if he and bill shorten 1982 he had a heart operation. the doctor told him forget the stage focus on composing
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it will do you good but it was impossible for him he loved performing on stage. i bumped into my father again in 1989 he stopped by to say hello he blew the horn and he must say these i want you dad it was a rather chilly encounter it's been ages since we've seen each other he said i'm
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important that's why how are you how was pointed out. something strange happened i couldn't compose for the 1st time in my life i sat at the piano and composed nothing. you could tell he was worried but he went on tour anyway on that damned 5th of august his days of playing and shock fishing and. because he was on. 1 august 5th 1990 while on tour in paris suffered a stroke. several days later he was transported to point a side ace in a coma. but. my father was in intensive care once deanna and i had calmed down a man stopped me and said are you done come with me and i'll tell you a secret. i thought oh no sit down please this comes from a trusted source your father signed a pact with the devil in exchange for success he agreed to
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a terrible death my father always said paralysis is the worst thing that could happen to me but paralyzed he was and i never saw that man again. on july 4th 19922 years after the stroke solo died in buenos aires. i don't it i'm dead or i'm back to. you. several minto's remain from his days in new york a harmonica. a sketch of him made by diego rivera. and the 1st recording of a stork playing the bundle when he was 9 years old. i
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am. so convinced for the changes. people making it possible to go africa fantastic right. as they set out to safe environments. that learn from one another. and work together for
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a better future. 90 minutes on d w the. first school in the. first clinton was. gore's grand. moment arrives joint direct attack on her journey . you know we're an interactive dungeon. and the rioting returns home. i think is everything. i make a muslim. school much different culture between here and there challenging for. some business i think it was worth it for me to come to germany. shall be my license to work as a swimming instructor to be sure now our 2 children one who don't just run fast.
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that's your story take part share it on info migrants caught next. to. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin selling the lord over the spread of ebola in the democratic republic of congo confusion at the border with rwanda as authorities try to stop crossings after another death in the city of goma fears but epidemic are growing also coming up the u.s. set to abandon
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a key cold war arms control treaty why the end of the intermediate range nuclear forces agreement raises concerns about a new global arliss right.


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