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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  July 19, 2019 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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thank you. the at. this is news coming to you live from berlin the german chancellor credits that you are trying to score a future movement for spurring on the environment policy matter annual summer press conference on activists like swedish totenberg driven how to box hill on climate change and she answers questions on a range of other topics including. our chief political editor of the beaches she'll be joining me in the studio also coming up to the u.s. scream swamp its war ship has shot down an iranian drilled in the god of the u.s.
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president daughter trump says the unmanned aircraft posed a threat to the american naval vessel would be drawn strong minister zarif says he has no information about losing the drone. and in japan mourning paid tribute to the victims of an athlon attack on a q 2 or animation studio $33.00 people were killed in the. southern of a warm welcome to you i'm on the. german chancellor has been commenting on a range of issues that are and some a press conference here in berlin in addition to questions about the health and foreign policy as well as domestic policy america was also asked about climate change one reporter wanted to know what impact climate activists grettir turn burg . the find is for future movement while having let's have
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a listen to her remarks about the young activist. who worked at it or even before grettir came on the scene we had decided on a climate protection law on substance could we do a great job of mcgregor and other young people pointed out that it has to do with their lives 1st and that they will live longer than us. and so that moved us to act more swiftly and his or her hands would be. a chief political entity and we should know was at that press conference with angela merkel and she's with me in the studio now welcome mashallah i'm going to america put a very strong focus on climate change at the start of her remarks to the press conference was that while she was also asked about it i mean it is friday and almost within hearing distance the next fights for future demonstrations were going on and in the past she has been on the record of at least paying credits to giving some credit to the parties for future movement she of course knows that she herself
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was environmental stuff back in 1995 that's how long it is ago about climate change was a very pressing issue and germany not being able to fulfill its own commitments and still debating without a concrete outcome so far within the own governing coalition in 2019 is a pretty poor showing so i think this was her way of admitting that maybe we need to move fast and that's also what we see when we look at the polling about the green party that tackles climate change is doing indeed very well and edging ever closer to the cd you know a lot of questions on a foreign policy of are asked at this press conference what struck you most yes it was very interesting on iran which is an issue where germany took a lot of credit for getting this so-called iran nuclear deal the j.c. p.o.a.'s signed and the americans of course leaving it means that this whole thing could fall apart there she was out of whether there was an expectation or why. iran
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should still stick to something that the americans are leaving and she said that it would be a positive sign a sign of confidence war the international community that's what can i say and not a very hands on. also throwing her weight behind the french president a man whom i call it is efforts to get the americans and the rain ians around the table so those germany has lost some clout there is not a big player in resolving or at least freezing what is currently a potential standoff between the united states and iran bring that right and she was also asked about donald trump yes and this was very interesting it was a very last question and she was asked head on whether she condemned whether the comment the racist comments towards his own congresswoman let's have a look at that statement i reject trump's comments and stand in solidarity with the congresswoman he attacked that's how brief it was and it was very straight and i think this is an interesting
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comment to hear from her she simply had reacted to it because she had been asked straight on and i think this might potentially prove a bit of a tricky point when she next deals with us and they get a response of a firm and decisive leader let's talk about her hands she's unsub this question many times about her health but the questions don't seem to end this 1st take a listen to what she said today. i cannot function and secondly as a human being i am also personally very interested in my health. with saddam and after all as already mentioned in 2021 my political work will be finished. but i hope life will then go on and i would like to live it in good health didn't get those. isn't right the few. we have to say she's looking really didn't
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really good have but what people there satisfied with her on for well they got pretty much of repetition of what she had said before she didn't sound very dynamic did she but she doesn't sound very dynamic at the best of times i have to say the german public we've seen some polling that feels that it is indeed a private affair but of course there are concerns still underneath the surface that she might not be able to hold out but the big question is how much longer does she have to hold out as german chancellor or remain in that office officially until 2021 that's what she's committed herself to that's what she feels very comfortable confident she will be able to manage as well but we might well see and i dare say it's more likely that we will see her government coalition with the social democrats for papa for then you know how did she seem to you all sort of personal question at this press conference tell us about that yes i mean this is also the chance to get a bit of more background out of her and also on the record so i asked so what kind of qualities she thought one needs to be german chancellor after almost one half
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decades and this is what i got out of. all the most money. yes you need to have realistic optimism. and joy in what your doing. why don't seem this month and also a willingness to always reevaluated new situations in my opinion the most important thing is always a healthy curiosity about people. mentioned. now also asked whether she felt the need different qualities since donald trump is u.s. president and she straight out said no so there you go that's her advice on any man or woman out there who wants to come to a chance in the future we should occur if they did obvious chief political editor as a tool to you. 1st we heard america adding her voice to the international condemnation of president trans attacks on this group of non white democratic congressman but is
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trying trying to distance himself from the fallout of his repeated taunts specially those directed at somali born congresswoman. this appears to be the case after his supporters were chanting center back at a rally in north carolina. he stepped out confidence and in no mood to back down donald trump was heavily criticized for his racist tweets against 4 democratic congress women but he's doubled down on his comments suggesting they should leave the country. to the suggestion for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down they never ever do think it isn't their choice say if they don't like it a little leaves little i. love it challenger leave it. and then this from his supporters. here are the
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targets of trump's attacks 3 of the 4 women were actually born in the u.s. you know nomar is a somali refugee naturalized is a u.s. citizen the women say trump is shutting down to bait based on the color of their skin. because i criticize the president i should be deported i want to remind people that this is what this president and his supporters have turned our country that is supposed to be a country if we allow democratic debate the president put millions of americans in danger that's name his rhetoric is in danger of being lots of people this is not just about. threats to individual members of congress. it's not the 1st time trump has used such divisive language to appear. his base it helps him win the presidency in 2016 and he wants to win again republicans have defriended through mountains. i don't think it's racist to say was it
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racist as a love it or leave it i don't think a somali refugee embracing would not have been asked to go back to raise this issue on everybody from somalia to go back. with his comments analysts say trump is firing up his supporters and allowing anti immigrant sentiments to become mainstream. i don't think for them that will be the moment when we whether we aspire to be a whole lot better or whether we want to go but who in effect make america why. this is an unprecedented time in the united states with the president showing no sign of letting up on his racist rhetoric. and i have some breaking news feel a strong earthquake as hits just north of the greek capital athens the 5 point one
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magnitude tremor sent people running out into the city city streets in fear phone and violence connections with a knocked out one witness called the creek strong but fortunately not bay long nobody yet about the damage all possible injuries joining me now live from athens is correspondent. and to tell us how did you experience the earthquake what more can you tell us about what happened there. but i have to tell you i am still shaking and trembling from the very very powerful quite mind you i am just northwest of the greek capital. around the area nearby the area where the epicenter of this quite why and. it was it was unbelievable for me i've lived through several quite often various parts of the world but this one i thought i would not survive and what i
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personally felt it kind of coming all and thinking that it would just subside within a couple of seconds it intensified with every passing moment and 2nd to the point that i said that you know this is just going to be the end it's just going to continue i literally stalled my have to just a very old sturdy stone built house moving right and that. i would like to do we have another we have another post trauma right now ok so still change on vieques want to. continue but if you want to be back and you've been opposed to leave. i understand i have the door open and i'm not to jump out at any moment. so yes there have been several aftershocks as a result of this powerful quake we know that there have been several down midges
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again telecommunications. but there is no account right now from how many injuries how many people may have been injured and. other damages and i want to have you been able to go out and see if this mean any damage to infrastructure to buildings. to be honest i only looked out for damage in my house everyone as i went out onto the street spilled out on to the streets to to. you know because of the shock and once they realized that it was over we were all kind of going back to inspect our. ride on because of it in athens thank you very much for talking to us and to take care of yourself and please god as soon as you can if there are any more tremors thank you for talking to us now thank you thank you thank you. and this sort of money this been a powerful earthquake in the greek capital
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a $5.00 trip money we're just talking to our correspondent to experience to assess and says she was still trembling shock after that quake we're monitoring that story for you and we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get in get it now you're watching news coming up ahead tension in the u.s. claims one of its warships has been destroyed by an iranian drone. the u.s. has shot down an iranian drone but iran's foreign minister says all of these drones are accounted for. that we don't bring you up to date but some other stories making news around the wad the top court in the netherlands has upheld a ruling that found that the dutch state party is liable for the deaths of 350 bosnian muslims in the 9957 it's a massacre the men were executed by bosnian serb forces after being expelled from a u.n. base dutch troops had been guarding the base. german sea captain rocketeer
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has left italy after facing questions in an italian court yesterday she returned to germany before heading to an unnamed destination. is accused of aiding illegal immigration after docking in italy with 40 rescued refugees on board she says it was her duty to save lives. former south african president jacob zuma says he is once again willing to give testimony in a public inquiry looking into corruption allegations against him zuma had pulled out saying he felt he was being questions too harshly judges seem to have found a way to persuade him to continue. to japan now we have people upping tribute to the victims of an arson attack that killed 33 people and animation studio in the city of kyoto went up in flames on thursday after a man burst into the building and doused it with petrol. nearly 40 others were injured some of them critically japanese media reported that the 41 they were
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suspect had previously been convicted of robbery and treated for mental illness. devastating details are emerging of the arson attack that shocked japan witnesses say the fire at the cato animation studio spread so quickly that people jumped from windows to escape the flames. others scrambled up the stairs in a desperate and futile attempt to save their lives many of the bodies were found in a staircase leading to the roof. police believe it was this man who was responsible for the deadly inferno he wasn't employed by the firm and questions over his motive remain local media are reporting that the suspect had planned the attack because he believed the studio had plagiarized his work. a woman who wanted to remain anonymous says she interacted with the suspect at the scene. where it was i asked
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the man whether he was ok then he yelled at me saying don't talk to me don't mess with me he seemed strange and he was so burned that i couldn't see his facial expression. as investigators sought says residents pay tribute to the victims still in disbelief over what happened in the neighborhood you'll get a lot of it. on your show do animation studio really cares about its anime fans. i don't understand why workers at the studio had to go through this. video because this is unforgivable. it's good that i'm not going to die and these young people were the same age as my grandchildren if my grandchildren had died in these conditions i wouldn't want to live anymore. the japanese anime community is also in shock and fans from around the world are rallying around the stricken
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studio. the crowdfunding campaign to help the company rebuild raced past its original target within hours. jealous to that hog and my guess been following developments and joins me now from tokyo who really find that this fire could have been related to the animation studio what can you tell us about that well actually the 1st ball i had when i. was that it could be. this and considering that just in japan. a lot of the iraqis and laid off of the work that you did with the scenes negotiations all these things. i could see how you could accomplish this is something that is if you look just on how it must be i'm afraid that the line to to occur is very poor so we'll
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have to leave it then we'll try to establish another connection if you need to but you have how can vote in tokyo thank you very much for that. here's fed says an american warship destroyed an iranian in the strait of hormuz on trial accused iran of provocative and hostile action he said the drone was doll and after repeated warnings ignored. this is the ship that the white house says brought down an iranian drone the u.s.s. boxer an assault ship sent to the persian gulf just over a month ago u.s. president donald trump said a drone had come within a 1000 yards of the u.s.s. boxer and ignored calls to stand down. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel facilities and interests
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and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation. and global commerce. iranian foreign minister mohammad java zarif who was a new york for u.n. meetings said he could not confirm the possible downing of a drone for the owner of the record and about the growth of policy you know if. it was shut down. that's what i said you have no. doubt. have you met her with me to have you know i said oh come on this is the latest scrape between the 2 countries over who is provoking whom in the strait of hormuz. on june 20th iran shot down a u.s. drone it said had violated its airspace just days ago the iranian military seized a foreign tanker in this strategic strait saying the ship was smuggling oil they released this footage allegedly showing the incident the united nations has urged
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restraint on all sides to avoid an open conflict. joining me now is by he's a gentleman based middle east analyst welcome to you now what do we know about what actually happened as we had iran's foreign minister said he had no information about a drone being shot down. yeah and his deputy say that she has tweeted basically the same line and then saying maybe the u.s. just down there or. it's all there is a claim on the one hand the denial of the other hand and just minutes ago that i heard you see the revolutionary guards announce that they will show and publish footage that this drone basically had captured and show how this drone has basically returned safe to in space so we have to wait and see that footage and see what actually you know. irrespective of the confirmation obviously in another incident between the u.s.
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and iran and how serious an escalation is this. it is serious it is dangerous i don't think that this particular episode will be a game changer but what we are seeing is a cycle of incidents in which both sides are poking each other or trying to see at what point the other side is willing to. do to come to talk and to see to face saving exit and that is the pattern both capitals washington than tech run are basically pursuing right now both sides say they do not want to military competition and get the iranian partners has also proposed new talks telling us visit to new york if they're very potentially of conflict and if i call an incident that you mention or is this just political brinkmanship. i guess it's a guess it's both or so we hear both sides saying united they do believe them that they don't want a war but it's not as if you can control everything that's happening day in day out
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in such a explosive context so it's very dangerous at the same time and yet they're sending out signals that there is some willingness to talk and that's this is what i meant with the face saving exit that you might see i think both sides are also seeing or trying to find out what is the point where i can get the other side to talk without losing face without being given too much concessions and i think this is also something that. the iranian foreign minister has laid out with the offer to talk about the jay security risks with president trump. right and if not doubt that that that the bike thank you very much for that analysis. finally folk dancing like you've never seen before no money to expect traditional costumes done from holding hands standing in a circle and maybe an occasional flap the home get in trouble for men called fitch guy like you do a bit of slapping but an incredibly high speeds why don't think phonetically have
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a look. like. a really 1937 hand collapse and foot taps into minutes that's a new world record nobody's faster with their fast paced mix of tap and hungry and folk dance has taken audiences from new york city to beijing by storm how did ganguly bob and pop and the others manage it. success or for being a powerful profession now is not is not how you doing seen it said that the students. which includes plenty of self discipline and at least 3 hours of practice a day and as many as 10 in the run up to performance. they used to work more on developing their muscles but now they concentrate on speed and endurance.
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that's improvising tempo and all that slapping heard a bit. you don't. permit just. about the 2nd the same. just. off the stage and. about do does it hurt when you hit yourself with your hands and he said yes yes it's. pretty good 1st got together in 2009. to perform both alone and together with other groups with musicians or with anyone else who experiments with rhythms. the lead up to all 4 grew up in rule hungary they join folk dance groups early on and they still study the traditional dance styles from the one carrion carpi fields normally they're performed at
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a more leisurely pace. the energetic quartet is constantly working on new ideas in their shows that use the projections their mission is to bring one carry on traditions to a younger audience. there perfectionists that push themselves to their physical limits on stage and on the set of their new promotional video. the cultivate the image of the muscular man and they enjoy the enthusiastic reaction. to what they observe one iron rule no dancing at political events rich or won't let anyone misuse their love of
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tradition for any political agenda they just want to dance and set new records and they are certainly not lacking in energy and enthusiasm. after all that frenetic activity you want to stay on for a health program it's appropriately scored in good shape and it's up next i'll have the news for you in half an hour. live.
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in good shape. a rosy complection the subject of luck. the makeup industry constantly learns women with new promises. and many use it every day. to dream luck can also become a nightmare. when cosmetics to be harmful. good shape next on d w.
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robots are still in the development phase. but what's going to happen when they grow more. humans and machines were able to peacefully coexist. or are we on the verge of a model life so. if we just bumble into this totally unprepared with our heads in the sand fusing to think about what could go wrong then yes let's face it it's probably going to be the biggest mistake in human history. artificial intelligence . this is now spreading through our society. is this the beginning of a golden digital age. will we be subjected to continuous state surveillance.
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or ai experts be able to agree on ethical guidelines or will this technology create deadly new autonomous muslim systems. place the robot collapse starts aug 14th on t.w. . welcome to in good shape here's what's coming up solid versus liquid which kind of soap is better for your skin. e.t.h. dean why ritalin doesn't help some people with attention deficit to soar.


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