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this is do give you news live from berlin and the u.s. claims one of its warships has chopped down and a radio drone in the us president trump said the on manned aircraft posed a threat to the americans days will vessel iranian foreign minister zarif told reporters that he had called no information about losing a drone what will this mean for relations between washington and tehran. also
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coming up as the german captain of a by current rescue ship goes to court in sicily the european union ministers try to reach an agreement on how to deal with the migration crisis but once again they failed. japan and in shock as the death toll in the arson attack on an animation studio rises to $33.00 a suspect is under arrest after the worst massacre in the country's post-war history. and marching for peace in cape town the military is sent into a town that's been torn apart by rival gangs we'll bring you a special report from our correspondent on the ground. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump says an american warship destroyed an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz on thursday trump accused iran of quote. vocative in hostile
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action he said the drone was downed after repeated warnings were ignored. this is the ship that the white house says brought down iranian drone the u.s.s. boxer an assault ship sent to the persian gulf just over a month ago u.s. president donald trump said a drone had come within a 1000 yards of the u.s.s. boxer and ignored calls to stand down. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran against vessels operating in international waters the united states reserves the right to defend our personnel our facilities i think trysts and calls upon all nations to condemn iran's attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation. and global commerce. iranian foreign minister mohamad jobs are if there was a new york for u.n. meetings said he could not confirm the possible downing of
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a drone. the downing of the woodward and about to get broken through false we don't know if. the judge said that's what i said we have no. doubt that he thought the problem etc would be to have you know senator cohen this is the latest scrape between the 2 countries over who is provoking whom in the strait of hormuz. on june 20th iran shot down a u.s. drone it said had violated its airspace just days ago the iranian military seized a foreign tanker in this strategic strait saying the ship was smuggling oil and they released this footage allegedly showing the incident the united nations has urged restraint on all sides to avoid an open conflict. let's speak to adnan tata by he's a middle east analyst based in germany and he joins us from. good morning good to see you thank you for joining us what do we know about what actually happened here though we only have a donald trump's account so far it seems yes we heard the
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foreign minister tell us are you speaking yesterday denying this and this morning that it would you for minister she has also tweeted that there is that iran hasn't lost any drone and he was basically also mocking the u.s. president placing the u.s. has down to tone drawn so so far that it's based basically the u.s. claim in the iranian denial and yet we're seeing another escalation between the u.s. and iran how serious is this. i think the situation is extremely dangerous we see both sides trying to get the other to a point where. the face saving exit is needed the u.s. as it ought to its maximum pressure strategy around its maximum resistance strategy both are trying to raise the cost for the other side and it's it's dangerous to see where this will lead us so you're saying this is a dangerous situation but at the same time we saw the iranian foreign minister in
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new york propose new talks some possible concessions so where are things had it i think this is part of the pattern that we see on both sides so we see upping the pressure on different in different forms but at the same time providing some if you want to say avenues for backdoor talks or some sort of an agreement and as i said the face saving aspect of diplomacy might play a role here so that either side presents the other with such an exit the u.s. has said we just don't want to see that you can run ins becoming a nuclear power this is something that the iranians don't have a problem with and i think this is also a very has not proposed something that would further make the deal for the robust so let's see where this will go but at the same time we have to be worried because these these measures that are meant to scare off the other side i'm afraid will continue i can at this point what would it take to get both sides back to the table
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and to stop this ask elating attention. at the moment it seems that the iranians want to see the u.s. position which is the one that will exist in during the obama years so no u.s. sanctions that have to do with iran's nuclear program or other sanctions and remain for the u.s. side it seems that there are divisions between the president and his foreign secretary and his national security adviser so the u.s. position might be a bit ambiguous here but for the trump it seems as long as it would be his deal there might actually be a deal so let's see where this will lead us but i think the international community show should ask both sides to really come to their senses at this point our middle east analyst adnan tabata by thank you so much for your analysis my pleasure president trump is also facing a lot of controversy at home we'll talk about that in
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a moment but 1st some other stories making news around the world in afghanistan at least 6 people have been killed after a bomb exploded near kabul university authorities said the bomb had been placed under a vehicle no group has yet claimed responsibility but the afghan capital is often targeted both by the taliban and the islamic state a terrorist militia. a moroccan court has sentenced 3 men to death for the murder of 2 scandinavian women in december of last year luis a good just person and maher and were killed in their tent at a popular hiking destination the court also jailed 20 other defendants with links to the killers. japanese media is reporting that tokyo plans to summon south korea's ambassador on friday as the conflict over world war 2 era compensation deepens japan's foreign minister tuttle cano wants a soul to rectify a court ruling that order 2 japanese companies to pay koreans for their forced labor under japanese occupation. in the u.s.
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signs that president trump thinks he might have gone too far he's told reporters that he disagrees with the ugly chanting at a campaign rally in north carolina at that event trump repeated his attack on a group of democratic congresswoman who he branded on american and that's when the chanting started echoing racist tweets by trump the next day the u.s. leader try to distance himself from his supporters words. he steps out confidence and in no mood to back down donald trump was heavily criticized for his racist tweets against 4 democratic congress women but he's doubled down on his comments suggesting they should leave the country. thank you suggestion for the hate filled extremists who are constantly trying to tear our country down they never have anything good to say that's why i say if they don't like it a little leaves little i. love it don't believe it.
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and then this from his supporters. here are the targets of trump's attacks 3 of the 4 women were actually born in the u.s. you know i know maher is a somali refugee naturalized as a u.s. citizen the women. say trump is shutting down to bait based on the color of their skin. because i criticize the president as should be deployed i want to remind people that this is what this ties events and his supporters have turned our country that is supposed to be a country if we allow democratic debate this president put millions of americans in danger last name his rhetoric is in danger of being. lots of people this is not just about. threats to individual members of congress. it's not the 1st time trump has used such divisive language to appeal to his base it helps him win
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the presidency in 2016 and he wants to win again republicans have defended the remarks. i don't think it's racist to say was it racist is a love it or leave it i don't think a somali refugee embracing would not have been asked to go back. on everybody from somalia to go back. with his comments analysts say trump is firing up his supporters and allowing anti immigrant sentiments to become mainstream. i don't think for them that will be the moment when we whether we aspire to be a whole lot better or whether we want to go but who in effect make america. i i this is an unprecedented time in the united states with the
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president showing no sign of letting up on his racist rhetoric. one of the most divisive issues in the u.s. at the moment is the trump administration's treatment of migrants with reports of terrible conditions and abuse at detention camps along the southern border that's after migrants have survived the dangerous trek through central america and mexico in a sign of just how tense the situation has become u.s. citizens volunteering with organizations dedicated to helping migrants say their faeces facing increasing in tackiness them and in some cases even criminal charges in our next report we meet volunteers for the group border angels working to help migrants trekking through the california desert. with every step they take the dangers of the desert become more and more evident keith sun and no access to water may crossing the mountains a risky undertaking peeped in volunteers of the so-called border angels try to make
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it safer by dropping water in the desert traces tell them they're on the right track this is a heavily traveled area. because the border patrol presence has been stepped up in other areas more people are feeling funneled into this more dangerous riverine region and coming through here and there are discarded things that go along. along the way the empty water containers show that their efforts are not in vain. this is been a very strenuous hike so far you can easily consume one and a half or 2 leaders off water so it's very obvious how important these water drops are essentially they can save the migrants life. among the volunteers are descendants of migrants like seek his son chess whose great grandfather migrated to the u.s. from mexico 100 years ago there were no roads there were no interstates there
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wouldn't nothing so the only possible way that he could have gotten up here and him in my great grandmother were. walking. you know. somebody had to help him along the way. here i am. others want to make a statement against the u.s. government's migration policy. and ministration and the current political climate is a represent a vast majority of americans to welcome in the prius. finally the group reaches its destination time to deposit some water containers for migrants coming through from the nearby mexican border the bottles will be among the 1st things they find when crossing into america a personal message in spanish when i sweat up the good luck to those who might need it. we have brothers and sisters that are in need that are facing death and 15 hardship that because of
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a gallon of water might be able to be saved and become productive. at the end of the day the border angels hiked 10 miles through the california desert they say helping migrants is their duty because america has always been a nation off immigrants. european union interior ministers have failed to find an agreement on how to deal with asylum seekers rescued in the mediterranean sea as the ministers held talks in finland the german captain of a migrant rescue ship at the eye of a political storm appeared before an italian court from there she sent a clear message to european leaders. about the arriving at the courthouse on sicily kara wreck a tour was mocked by reporters the 31 year old german sea captain is being investigated on suspicion of aiding illegal immigration last month she piloted to
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see watch rescue ship into the italian ports of lampedusa with 41 micron so on board. i sincerely hope that the european commission now after the new election of the parliament will do their very best to prevent situations like that happening and that all the european countries will work together in the future to accept any people which the civilian fleet has rescued. it's in these hard line interior minister met tell you salvini wants to stop rescue ships like sea watch bringing my consist sure as the summit of europe's interior ministers got underway in helsinki there were bold words. the situation is critical we cannot let anyone drone at the mediterranean sea anymore we have to find solutions that are more robust arrangements that are not ad hoc as they are right now in this situation needs our attention all the time and we should act there together for the summit ended in
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failure france and germany pushed to so-called solidarity mechanism for distributing rescued migrants italy and malta rejected the plan salvini opposed dates and the remaining one of the main landing points for migrants comes to me and it means that every want to royce in italy or in malta and i will never sign a document which says that everyone has to or. in my country because we cannot rely on them being relocated you know for those that may look. i'm so for now how europe should deal with people sailing from north africa in search of a better life remains unresolved. to japan now where people are paying tribute to the victims of an arson attack that killed 33 people and animation studio in the city of kioto went up in flames on thursday after a man burst into the building and doused it with fuel nearly 40 others were injured some of them critically. neighbors of kyoto animation said they heard something
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that sounded like an explosion and then there was smoke. police said it looked like someone had poured gasoline around the studio the arsonist reportedly screamed di as he doused the building and set off the blaze authorities arrested the suspected fire starter and have identified him as a man in his forty's but the attack shocked a nation for violent crime is rare. but. while i had thought this area was quite safe so i am stunned. myself on the kill i never thought such an incident could take place in kioto of all places and especially in this area. i wonder what grudge the suspect was holding their breath that. japanese prime minister shinzo took to twitter to denounce the attack this is the worst massacre in japan's post-war
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history the suspects identity and his motive remain a mystery but police confirm he is neither a current nor a former employee of the studio reports say he was too seriously injured to face questioning when police arrested him. you're watching news still to come algeria and senegal have a chance to claim african football's biggest prize in cairo tonight we'll check in with both sides what they can. but 1st to cape town in south africa where the military has started patrolling the streets in parts of the city it's part of a government plan to kuala escalating gang violence the soldiers have been called in to bring order to a district called cape flats where almost a 1000 people have been murdered our correspondent chris reports from the city i. see being an option for peace right in the cape town township of manama when the
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local. child was. 2 left to carry adam's these daily demonstrations have become a disappointing ritual he's lived here for almost 50 years and says the level of violence nowadays has never been so bad it's father to 5 children adams worries about their future none of us feel safe in this is in this environment now schoolchildren. freely in the olds this is a lot of innocent people that said. the residents have been organizing these protests on a daily basis for 2 months now but nothing much has happened since then. adams shows us the around his township manenberg has been considered a troubled area for many years but in recent months violence has escalated with several gangs involved in the brutal battle over drugs and power this is still
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limited considered to be in the. words. so it's pretty straight to divide the terrorists yeah. both gangs reached a true. but it didn't last long just a few days ago the shoot out took place and a man was killed. the protesters express their solidarity with the victim's mother by marching to her house. music marching and we had. we should now we have to march again. to try and to try and get peace again. and continue with what we're doing to try to make manama could be to police. the military is now patrolling the cape flats area of which men and brokers apart they're supporting the police for 3 months to bring the violence on the control
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residents demanded for more security but adams doesn't believe it will solve the problem there's a lot of unemployment in manama and unemployment causes. so we need to look at the programs to get people really doing the serious. i mean the army is not going to solve the problem. for now many good resisting them and giving it just so they say they will continue until the streets are free but. 6 chris reporting there and he joins us now from cape town for more on this story hi adrienne what is fueling this violence is the drugs alone and why are we seeing this surge now. definitely playing a major part but it is not a direct loan it's several factors that we're seeing here and there's different gangs he also is not only one or 2 is dozens of them they all have different targets some are in the drug business others are doing other things some are just
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to controlling their terror so it's really a very difficult problem with a very different level so that needs to be addressed obviously because it has gotten a voice in wars over the past years and you've set the numbers more than 100 people were killed this year alone this week and the past week and more than 40 people were murdered in the cape flats though it is a massive problem that obviously needs to be addressed. now the military is being brought in what will the presence of the army there actually change what can they achieve that the police haven't been able to so when we talk to people here we hear different different stories but many of them have been criticizing the police saying they were not effective enough over the past 2 years and the numbers are actually confirming that i am at a police station at the moment you know we've talked to policemen they are all very active i mean they're risking their lives trying to improve the situation here but also residents tell us some are corrupt some on the very effective and the numbers of the police are just simply too low and this is
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a political problem clearly there's not enough policemen that are sense to the cape flats to address the issues and they haven't been enough here for the past years so it seems the last resort that the government resources now is to send the military and people some people have high hopes at least that it will stabilize the situation for now gathering tell us more about how residents have reacted to the military now coming. quite mixed reaction so you have a lot of people we talked to were happy finally they're coming they've been asking for that for a long time to get the situation back to normal but also we talked to some like the gentleman you've seen earlier in the reports who are well not so convinced that this will change the situation on the long term because this the problems are structural they've been here for a long time and they can't really be solved by the police or the military they have to be addressed in the long term by the political space equally the unemployment in southern africa of young people more than ever 2nd young person is unemployed this is a major problem and this is driving young people into the hands of gangs they don't have a perspective and the perspective has to be created for those people. to be
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a correspondent adrienne chris reporting for us from cape town thank you ira. and football tonight is the final in the africa cup of nations senegal has a chance to win their 1st ever football title the lions of tauranga are the slight favorites against algeria but the algerian team has already defeated senegal in the group stages and will bring an army of travelling fans to cairo. algeria fans have filled chartered planes to see their side in action in egypt and they are convinced they all claim a 2nd title after the triumph of $990.00 some even believe it's fate. i can do to support our geo of course we've been waiting 29 years for this i'm 28 years old it's the perfect time so i'm going to represent everyone. it was a late winner from superstar that fired algeria into the final after the final
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whistle on sunday morez was full of the supporters optimism. we had already did not think this is going. to play the final. tough game. we are capable to to win it but they are confident to be jubilant senegalese supporters back home who watched their side triumph over tunisia in the semi it's only the 2nd time ever that they've reached a final it's total joy it's national pride we're all happy we've been waiting for this since 2002 sat your money and co have ended a long senegalese wait for a 2nd shot at the title and they're delighted to have come so far sure we're proud because it's been 17 years since we last reached this stage since the generation of 2002. and it's thanks to perseverance and hard work.
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but the hardest part is still to come i'm the only one set of supporters will be celebrating come friday night. american j.b. holmes is leading after the 1st round of golf open championship at port rush in northern ireland home scored a 5 under par while local hero and pre-tournament favorite worry mcelroy had a nightmarish start is 8 over par leaves him struggling even to make the cut in the 1st open on northern irish soil in 68 here. are minor now of our top story here on d w the u.s. says it has shot down an iranian drone in the strait of hormuz after the drone that threatened one of its warships but iran's foreign minister mohammad javad zarif says he has no information about losing a drone that comes less than a month after iran downed a u.s.
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drone the same area further straining relations between the 2 countries. coming up next on a day w. was ico africa will meet women taking care of the elephants and kenya and we'll check in on efforts to save water in the camera thank you for watching. blood.
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a radical depletion of forests. for 25 cultures as a response to. forests and money. the tragic reality behind the exploits. starts july 24th on a double. hello and welcome to the latest episode of eco africa this is nelda coming to you from the foster park in lagos nigeria and if you ever wanted to know how you can make a difference in the environment stay tuned ok with me is my charming colleague from
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