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martha stewart. must see concerning. do it yourself network or. subscribers. this is state of the news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes a highly anticipated court case is safe to get under way in malawi. election victory last month the core tool kit a titian from opposition parties who allege the vote was modeled for a word. then back to the motherland 5 eastern black rhinos born in europe have been relocated to one day it's part of a program to reintroduce the species to the country after it had disappeared for nearly a decade we'll see how they're doing in their new home. i'm
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christine wonderwall come to news africa i'm glad. we begin in malawi way of the constitutional court is set to start hearing a challenge to the outcome of last month's presidential election opposition say the vote which president narrowly won was beset by irregularities the prison which atika had applied to stop the hearing set for wednesday but the court ruled against him the allegations of election fraud triggered a massive protests in malawi made last week demonstrations hold the resignation of the head of malawi's electoral commission and an investigation into claims that the results sheets. with correction fluid. or i should have more on the situation in malawi i'm joined by tom boy timothy is the chairperson. a coalition of.
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the as the human rights defenders coalition they're also pushing for an investigation into potential election irregularities welcome to africa timothy's so you'll coalition alongside the opposition are challenging the validity of last month's election that's open so much how to get reelected what are you hoping to get out of this legal process. thank you very much. to begin with like to say citizens of this country. we out of state you know whatever happens in this country and we believe in electric justice and we are demanding electron accountability for we know that the disk knows this country spirit and i says it people and no one should come to distort the will of the people people came in their lives numbers on the 25th of may but
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what came out or sides that people have busy applying or actually true aides to pigs or law on are on on or on are these ads which was an acceptable sleaze that's where my dad was a lot of the they gravity's and what we expect out of this whole process we expect electorate justice expectational the citizens of this country they're well to know what plea to have been and if anything this example this country added to go back to the polls to let justice prevails and it doesn't let warren. riyad it winna. because some people used out there for a week that they i mean if you're rated city that so we see your predictor of fraud price in order to try and money people who want justice ok let's talk about this process you in effect take issue with the electoral commission. you believe that
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it's not acted independently as an independent institution and i just wonder how much faith you have in the judiciary that in this process that they did issue also be independent. to begin with this it is as of this country has lost trust in the in my loud little commission and that's why we have had people protesting cross the country since that day we voted out to get people in for testing and the 20th of june or as they did that people showed that they do not trust their little one and they have lost confidence that's why we're calling for they had all fall. asleep course. the citizens of this country and we still. in the civil society when it will be staked and trust in our gadgets so we're advising our judges and the courts that
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whatever decision that they will make eventually should be in the best interest of justice we want to the courts to. provide justice ok that which is actually fair to the. we have trust. given the courts. who believe they do just the right right my last one to you mr m. tumble just as you have done in the last weeks and we've seen what time of court and president of demonstrations in malawi are you going to continue in that way mobilizing people to come to the streets. yes we are going to continue and we're going to also use straight edges right now we are going to ask citizens of this country hussein signatures or across the country the same signatures or too explicit their dissatisfaction with the process and we're all going to our citizens to send signatures if they think. to go
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they sort of well our little polish ok for missing out with the election so this is what we're planning to do we are going to point in minding justice but basically it's all as a while for you malays were demanding an issue for almost 3 quarters peaceful protest where rising the citizens never to engage in a very right d.v.d.'s all right that's timothy i'm tumble speaking for the human rights defenders coalition of malawi appreciate your time thank you very much i appreciate it's out of the story off a true homecoming 5 back east and writers have spent their 1st day in africa after being relocated from europe to rwanda the 2 males and 3 females were flown from a zoo in the czech republic where they've been getting to know each other ever after arriving from say fresh european parks. grazing in their new home
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after a long journey all the way from the czech republic to africa 5 black rhino is get their 1st taste of rwanda and they seem to like the grounds in this power. struggle to show this wonderful having to this is the one a wonderful place for. i don't think you'll be any problem it takes time but lucky those species which does well and i'm sure he'll 6 months old or you. will be well settled and your middle. eastern black rhinos are critically endangered only 5000 of them still survive in the wild which is why these primaries bred in europeans or use have been flown to rwanda after a transition period they'll eventually be released into the wild and hopefully reproduce c. when does ambassador to germany was there to wish the runners well before the animals left europe late last week. she age.
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they are very likely to go in. is in a country that is considered to be one of the cleanest country in the one of the safest country of the continent so. it's already a good prerequisite for a new home. and for a wend helping save the black rhino is also a way to promote eco terrorism. and this contributed to our national target of debris printer 24 from 444-2800 1000000 your stores are under moves to your. revenues we are out of this course of vision but it's also contributes to well being good for our. we have communities potentially
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turning a profit and animals finding a new habitat it sounds like a win win situation for rwanda's new black rhino. is to me the next story is in south africa where rugby is a daily sports but the game is still largely dominated by white men and there have been if it's to redefine it as a national sport now one such if it was the appointment of a black woman as the 1st female coach of a national scene lorian your highness's 1st international game is a few hours from now when the under 20 goals team faces and in a 2 match bilateral series. we had the training camp of south africans on the 20 rugby team in the capital of pretoria the squad just getting ready for its next game. and for the 1st time its coach is a woman.
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who was once a national team player for her becoming a national team coach is another dream come true it is just. this is important you all so are you are you know position where you can influence people influence the future of our country and as a nation. just go inside. but my goal. is to help someone achieve the best that they can and look at that national on a national level i have the power to do that. sending young people down the right path has been her job for the past 4 years she herself was a student at the high school in the cape town suburb of now she is one of the teachers. no small feat in the part of town renowned for its gangs and crime. i. mean that
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in clause sometimes you have to be. on that we feel sometimes you have to be very firm and explain to them what is the a little quiet for you and off the field you have a more into active moment where you can be a deal with them speak to them about. how to motivate them to do the piece and they can do for themselves and for the future. being both teacher and directly coach has certainly impressed her students. is it any positive off optimistic she always looks on the bright side i i'm really proud of my most for doing something that she loves and just to let other people be inspired him to do what they love so i'm. doing that. ok on the playing field she is now responsible for players from across the country and that's perhaps her biggest
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strength knowing how to get the best out of them. she wants to break through the traditionally male dominated sport of rock creek at least skin color and race she says are a thing of the past. oh definitely. equal opportunity for everyone in south africa and definitely in the structure of these opportunities go to law so. you can play so it's a change with. the next goal for laurie and johannes is for her team to win its upcoming games further down the road she dispassionately like to see more women in leadership positions in the sport and eventually she'd also like to be coach of the main women's national team. and that is the news africa as always you can catch. on our website and facebook page inspirational women in that the post
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leave you with some to chose a strong effort the women i felt. 6 . first clue most of the. doors grant a moment arrives. joining a regular training on her journey back to freedom. in our interactive documentary during the regular season returns home monday w don't come to tank. so she'd have to get through the bundesliga break without
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a football thanks again. the women's vote comes from the solipsistic side. emotion comes something. that swings in 90 minutes most solos of the results hit on t.w. me some. odd. welcome to the world of arts and culture 10 years ago we all woke up to the shocking news that michael jackson died suddenly more about that in a minute but also coming up today. in venice. a british photo collages are inspired by works of. june the
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25th 2009 michael jackson died of an overdose of drugs administered by his private doctor which were meant to help him sleep just 3 months before the king of pop had announced a series of comeback concerts to be staged in london his 1st live shows in over a decade today his legacy is divided undoubtedly one of the greatest musical talents of his generation there were also terrible allegations about his private life which position to this day. was michael jackson a troubled musical genius a monster or maybe both. one decade ago news of the king of pop's death nearly broke the internet google and other platforms experience delays as millions tried to confirm the story. in the next days the shock and then the emotional outpouring of his adoring.


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