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this is deja vu news live from for lead iran says that it is quote ready for war after shooting down a u.s. spy drone tehran says that the drone was in iranian airspace the u.s. says that it was in international airspace and chooses to brand of an unprovoked attack. also coming up tussles in brussels france and germany clash over who should become the next president of the european commission germany's chancellor merkel warns that they may not reach an agreement at the summit today and china's
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president xi jinping is welcomed by cheering crowds in north korea she and kim jong un will discuss the stalled talks with the u.s. about the north's nuclear deal to the north denuclearization plus the women's world cup scotland are on their way home after crashing and burning against argentina the scots look certain to win until their opponents counted into rowing and a controversial come back. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program iran says that it is quote ready for war after shooting down a u.s. spy drone tehran said that the u.s. had crossed a red line by sending the drone into iranian airspace now the u.s. has denounced the incident as an unprovoked attack it says that the drone was in international airspace the incident comes at the times of heightened tension
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between washington and tehran. funding the republicans with the shooting down of the u.s. drone was announced on iranian state television. they did not immediately broadcast any pictures of the attack but showed instead a file image of the type of drawing they said had been hit by an unmanned surveillance aircraft he's the gathering imagery of large areas of land in all weathers the commander of iran's elite revolutionary guard said they had destroyed the drug because they wanted to send a strong message to the us. i don't know those who defend the border of the islamic nation of iran will react in a total and decisive way to any intrusion by foreign elements on our land he would offer only. our borders how are our reggie an enemy that violates our borders and will not return and will be destroyed. the commander went on to say that iran was ready for war but added that they did not seek conflict with any
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nation. however the incident comes at a time of increasing tension between tehran and washington at its heart the international nuclear deal which the u.s. withdrew from last year. this week iran said it was also no longer willing to abide by the terms of the agreement and could soon restart its nuclear activity. also raising concerns are attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman. on wednesday the u.s. military presented more evidence it said linked tehran to the incidents. iran for its part denies involvement. the united states has also said it has no interest in fueling the dispute with iran but the fear is a military confrontation could happen not by design but by accident. and we're
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joined now by simon maybe a lecturer at international relations at lancaster university and you know simon as we've seen there tensions between these 2 countries they've been increasing 1st some time this development is that surprising to you. no particularly i think if we look back over over the past few months particularly the past few weeks we've seen the both iran in the united states and also saudi arabia are all getting increasingly concerned about what's happening in the gulf that becoming more and more suspicious of each other and as a consequence it's hardly surprising that the united states would be launching these types of drones trying to get a better picture of water run who's doing thinking that if it is provoking iran if it is putting this pressure on iran economically militarily politically then iran might lash out and i guess that would be the obvious thing to do to look at what iran is doing to try and get a sense of whether it is at that point of launching any type of attack but then of
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course iran would be on the lookout for they said on the lookout for any penetration of its airspace and if there is any doubt about u.s. drones or indeed any drones flying into iran's our space right now given that it's on the defensive given that it's also politically charged that it would certainly do something like this and we have some very strong rhetoric i mean the country saying that it is ready for world war given that simon where do you go and i mean further escalation possible here. well i think your your little package just before you came to me did a very good job of summing all of that up in the sense that it's not necessarily that states will want war the danger here is that war will happen accidentally it's not in the u.s. interests for them to go to war with iran president trump has repeatedly said he does not want to commit u.s. forces more into the middle east saudi arabia doesn't necessarily want war but its crown prince mohammed bin salman has said we are ready for war if it comes to it iran doesn't want war the iranian economy has been damaged massively by the
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economic sanctions placed on the state after the u.s. withdrew from the nuclear deal so it's not really in anyone's interests the pragmatic response is not to have a conflict here because that will be devastating for not just the states in question but also for the region and for international actors as well but the danger is that in this climate of increased risk increased instability increased fear that someone does something and is perceived in a different way or someone does something accidentally and it triggers something and that's exactly what your package said and i mean you're saying no science here deescalation in fact the united states already announcing that it's sending 1000 more troops to the regions to sign it and can you can you see either side here really backing down are they stuck in this game of chicken. i think that's probably a good way of looking at it the neither side can really afford to lose face here we know that trump is a booking on a presidential reelection campaign he's not worn for for new ones really in his
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rhetoric he's is bombastic he's not going to back down but neither can the iranians their fate their very survival is on the line they will not back down in the face of the united states so it's not going to be a case of someone backing down from the other what it will take is a different state a different organization stepping up and saying right we need to do something we need to mediate we need to have some diplomatic back channels and we know that there are back tunnels open between the saudis and the iranians and various other actors but we need to know that they're open right now and that both sides and the united states are willing to talk to one another because if not then we will see this game of chicken getting more and more dangerous it's not in a ban from lancaster university thank you. thank you. leaders are meeting at this moment in brussels to discuss who should fill the blocks top jobs that follows last month's european parliamentary elections the most prestigious position up for grabs is the european commission president deposed now held by john. there's
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still no consensus on who should replace him and the issue has created friction between the 2 leading nations france and germany. but let's take a look now at the top 3 candidates german chancellor angela merkel is backing conservative man for very of the central right european peoples party but it's unclear if they were will be able to win enough support from the other groupings in the parliament another contender is the danish liberal margret to vestavia the e.u. competition commission are known for taking on u.s. tech giant apple and google she would be the e.u.'s commission's 1st female president then there is current vice president franz timmermans the candidate favored by the socialist and democratic group but he's unpopular with some eastern european countries who he has accused of flouting democratic values so let's make sense of this all we are joined now from brussels by georg mathis to tell us
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a little bit more about 1st of all the importance of this job and 2nd of all why has it become so contentious. no sir i think on days like this where we talk about horse trading behind closed doors one should emphasize that of course the european re-union is run by e.u. member states they're the ones in the trying seat but of course when it comes to e.u. institutions the commission is the most powerful and to run the commission every e.u. member state is keen to place their person in that key position now when it comes to that top job it's always been contentious even jungle junko had enormous support from the european parliament for instance and from a member many member states there was some haggling 5 years ago when he was voted into that top job and it's no different this time and we know that the european parliament starts work on july 2nd big question as to who is going to be showing up for the top job when can we expect any decisions. a top diplomats
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told us that basically before that key meeting by the european parliament he is convinced that 100 percent there will be a person be appointed to that the european parliament then can vote on however german chancellor angela merkel when she arrived today for the summit said there's still many sticking points particularly emphasizing that process of the lead candidates a process whereby the european parliament basically picks candidates that then the council could select. for this top job let's hear what she had to say didn't often don't have a post host and we'll be having an open and extensive discussions on this so it's possible there won't be any raise out today from my point of view because it's not really a problem of the top sure enough now aim should be to get this resolved by the time the new european parliament moves in parliament to do so that we can get to work
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straight away that means we still have a few days left on target side. so georg i mean we heard it there can there be a compromise of course or a compromise could be a candidate someone like michelle dunne yea you know who is not been running an official campaign who is a frenchman so that would be good for me for the man in my car the french president who's a conservative which would be good for center right german chancellor angela merkel but of course the problem is he's not a lead candidate and that is a problem for the european parliament which at the end of the day will have to vote will have to confirm a candidate that that is being chosen by a summit here in brussels and so it's a real. is the number of bargaining chips on the table because another 4 top jobs the head of the european council head of the european parliament the foreign political chief of the european union something like
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a foreign minister and the head of reed the european central bank are all to be appointed and those jobs could then be allocated so we have to wait for the entire package at the end of the day you will need to franco german deal in order to sort this one out. mathis in brussels thank you let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world german media are reporting that several of the country's politicians are facing death threats from far right extremists police say that this includes colognes mayor she was seriously wounded in a knife attack 4 years ago earlier this month a pro-immigration politician was shot dead. at least 3 people are feared dead after a building collapse in the city of good cea in northern italy the victims are thought to be a couple who lived in the upper floor of the 2 story building one other person is missing. and chinese state media say that the former head of interpol man hong way as he pleaded guilty to accepting nearly 2000000 euros in bribes will be sentenced
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later the chief of the international criminal police organization is an issue last year while visiting china from his home in france one man's wife says that the charges are politically motivated. to showbiz whales have a arrived by plane in iceland where they are set to live out the rest of their days in the marine wildlife sanctuary the 2 baluga whales previously entertained visitors at an aquarium in china a pair of 12 years old and are expected to live to age 40 and 50. all the united nations says that a record number of people worldwide have been forcibly displaced this year by war persecution or violence the figure now totals 71000000 that's 2000000 more than last year it includes asylum seekers refugees and the internally displaced to mark un world refugee day amnesty international is highlighting the particular difficulties facing older refugees amnesty filmed in camps that housed refugees
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from myanmar and after a crackdown by myanmar's military almost 800000 broken to fled to bangladesh and many of them were elderly. life in bangladesh so crowded refugee camps can be a constant struggle. for the elderly it's often nearly unbearable the human rights organization amnesty international interviewed nearly 150 displaced wrote injured 54 to over 90 they found that aid agencies hadn't done enough to address the needs of older refugees. the latrines not that far for the people who can walk well it's only problem for me. i don't go to the come to nick they don't provide good treatment they usually only give one or 2 tablets when my son buys medication for me i take that i'm wary of going. to and that this man was able to reach
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a designated age friendly clinic but such places are rare in the refugee camps for the elderly food medical and sanitation facilities are often difficult to reach researchers documented cases of older patients foregoing medicine because they could not navigate the challenging terrain to the clinics. despite the challenges these are the lucky ones many other elderly wrote enjoyer were unable to flee with me on mars army attacked their villages in rocky in state. you know mothers that we were in the field the soldiers with chasing people and shooting people who could run managed to escape but those who couldn't run were killed and then out of the when the soldiers came and said house is on fire my parents were inside for the last 5 years my parents weren't able to move on their own we couldn't take them with his mommy flat my parents died when the house was told. it's uncertain when the routine refugees will be able to return to their
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homes in myanmar for the elderly it's not clear whether they'll ever make the trip home. chinese president xi jinping is in north korea on his 1st visit to the country he was greeted at the airport by large crowds waving flowers and chanting slogans talks with host kim jong un are set to center on nuclear weapons program after a february summit between kim and us president donald trump failed in vietnam this is the 1st by a chinese president to north korea in 14 years the 1st visit by chinese president to north korea and 14 years and as you can see here we're joined by journalist fabienne crutch mark who has the view from seoul safavian tell us she's been paying more reception there in pyongyang for him how are we to read this is this a sign that this will be fruitful talks between the parties. well they want to send
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a positive signal that we know the latest that according to chinese state media xi jinping wants to push north korea to get back to the negotiating table with the u.s. about denuclearization those talks are it is the only right now and he wants to basically inject those talks and keep them going again but not of the summit this also about the historic ties to not korea and china it's just 7th and 17th 75th and in person of diplomatic ties between those 2 countries 66 years ago they were fighting side onsite at the korean war and basically they want to send a send a positive signal they want to show that they have a close home honest heights and yeah that's basically the main narrative that they want to convey to what's the international community how likely is it that they will be able to do so. yet so basically both have common interests
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north korea depends on china because it's their economic lifeline. north korea cannot survive without china they need diplomatic support and they want that china basically because their stance in how they negotiate with the united states and north korea is actually willing to spend it on their own terms and that means 1st trust building and partially giving up some of the nukes and giving getting some economic concessions by the u.s. well the u.s. once basically a one time deal they want to hurt and north korea to completely denuclearized over and that you so she can join then not being a new york state he wants china to basically lobby for him with when he talks with donald trump later they will need to do one week at the g. 27 in japan what do you make of the timing of this meeting because we are just approaching the g. 20 summit for example. yeah i mean that's very crucial i'm china i think
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i mean the invitation to xi jinping to come to come young that's already very old and he accepted it now why because he wants some leverage to negotiate with donald trump she bought the trade war because donald trump needs china to back his strategy off met some pressure and so they have kind of the conflicting interests here like china says you have to call it right with us on the trade war and then we can also a big queue up in the north korea conflict i think that's really crucial to understand the main signal actually is what's u.s. and i'm sure dumbstruck is closely watching the summit. and seoul thank you. russians have been confronting president vladimir putin with their fears over falling income and the country's creaking health care system more than one and a half 1000000 people submitted queries for an annual question and answer session
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with the president broadcast on national television putin acknowledge the concerns over people's declining income but he said that the country had surmounted its worst economic problems since the recession of 2014. his moscow correspondent emily share when watched president putin's q. and a session and here's her assessment. vladimir putin's annual call in show is like a safety valve it's an opportunity to ask critical questions in a controlled state t.v. environment this year the focus was very much on domestic issues after all there's a lot to discuss there there are the unpopular pensions reforms there's the t. hike that happened at the beginning of the year there are falling real wages and rising prices usually russians tend to blame the government rather than bloody near putin for their problems but surveys show that trust in bloody near putin is that a long term low and in a surprising move in the show bloody near putin took responsibility for the failings of his government still the show is always an opportunity for putin to
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kind of wave his wand at the problems of ordinary russians and to make problems from dirty water to low wages simply go away the problem and the question at the moment is whether real russians here are normal russians really believe that vladimir putin can make those problems go away and really sure when they're in moscow preparations are underway in bella bruce for the opening of this year's european games on friday 4000 athletes from across europe are expected to compete and bellaver has poured millions into making the event a success critics are calling it a whitewash for the nation's regime but for the country's athletes it's all about the competition. and to me 3 our son off is giving it all he's got is a boxer from belarus has been training every day before the showdown with hopes of coming out on top and to winning gold in the 2nd european games. to me
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this is a big start for me and the 1st european games i won silver now i've set the bar higher because this competition is the high point of my career of my 4000 ice leads from 50 countries spot taking part the visitors will be along to enter below reuss with these us the city is all about showcasing bellows as host of the biggest sporting event in the country's history and we want to show off our country these european games are a great occasion for tourists to visit for staging a big p.r. campaign that we're aiming especially at the west. that's no accident bellerose has a terrible reputation in the west not least because it's been governed by no authority area and leader alex on the lookout for the past quarter century he's known for oppressing the opposition and anyone else who doesn't toe the government's line european greenskeeper european games are nothing short of soviet
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style whitewash during the 1980 olympics in moscow people acted as if everything was fine and there were no political prisoners are seeing a replay of this here our guests are playing along like i'll be happy if we as hosts just put on a good show to. be young to politics the hosts appear to have done everything possible to avoid any problems from rebuilding all sporting venues to sprucing up trains the troops is the main thing they say is that bellows is safe. routes hasn't been able to host many important international events so this is a chance for the country to present itself from a different side. and people here a looking forward to welcoming as many guests as possible there are 2 sides to this the games are awfully expensive. and yes very but i think it will pay off but it took a d.n.a.
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expert we hope it will bring more cash into the country though i bet i'd like to see more global parties like this is not on the way anybody let's show. of course we want to prove to the world that we're the best. i only see the good in this it's an honor for us. and for the box that dmitri our sound it's a chance to show off his skills to speak to sponsors and managers. restored. it would be great if belarus could host the olympics one day but the clear was more than a. sports and a far world class athletes could do just as well then as they will at the upcoming european games so but he's officially repeated. but 1st bellows has to prove its competence as the host of the european games minsk 19. now to the women's world cup and it was
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a nightmare end to the competition for scotland they enjoyed a comfortable lead over argentina but threw it away in the final 20 minutes of the game it means that the scots are heading home well argentina still have a slim chance of progressing to the knockout stage here's what happened. scotland didn't waste time taking the lead with kim little setting the tone with their 20th minute strike i scotland seem to have things wrapped up at 3 nil thanks to an aaron cuthbert volley in the 69th minute scotland well on their way to their 1st ever knockout round appearance in a major football tournament i put argentina responded less than 5 minutes later with me da grossman and this is a neat finish launching an improv. comeback i took 32 in stoppage time scotland keeper leo xander period the late penalty to look the hero. but it didn't stand for the 3rd time in this world cup the video assistant referee demanded
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a penalty be retaken and for the 3rd time this world cup the 2nd attempt was converted to florencio bone secondo sealing the dramatic equaliser and shattering scotland's hopes i a quick reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you here at news from says that it is quote ready for war after shooting down a u.s. spy drone over southern iran washington says that it was in international airspace president trump has said that iran's action was a very big mistake. the leaders are meeting to decide who gets the blocks top jobs france and germany have clashed over who should become the next president of the european commission chancellor angela merkel is warning that they may not reach an agreement a taste. coming up next on t.w. news asia meeting of old allies with implications chinese president xi jinping goes to north korea for talks with kim jong il on why now and what will be discussed and
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a mystery brain infection in eastern india kills more than 100 children their parents state authorities did too little too late. to do so misconduct that and more in just a few minutes if you're watching news kelly in berlin thanks for watching have a great day. absolutely.
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surrounded by coal mines. this is the village of a creamy in northern greece or. people were getting ready to move away until it turned out there's no cool here. that was 8 years ago. they're coming up our job was a disaster no one seems to carry over the guns there. in 60 minutes want to w. . i'm not laughing out of the chair well enough
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sometimes i am but most end up in which it happened to be the german thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotypes question here thinks he's a country that i now live from. kiev need it seems ridiculous grandma there you go it's all that they know i'm a joke join me for me the german fun beat up your post. i'm skilled at the volume or not hard and in the end this i mean you're not allowed to stay here any more we will send you back. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers were alliances of the what's your story ready ready. i'm with numbers of women especially of victims of violence. take part and send us
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your story we are trying in order to understand this new culture. you are not a visitor nothing yet you want to become a citizen. in 4 migrants your platform for reliable information. this is deja vu news asia coming up on the show today a meeting of old allies with huge implications chinese president xi jinping goes to north korea the 1st chinese leaders leader to visit young in 14 years why now and what will be discussed also coming up a devastating health crisis in eastern india more than $100.00 children die from a brain infection.


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