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tv   Drive it  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2019 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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d.w. . first day at school in the. first clip. and then gore's grand moment arrives join the arena tango on her journey. in our interview don't you miss dora and returns home. welcome to drive it the d.w. car show coming up presents the all electric formula championship. we take the full range of rabbits out into the june. and then beauty did so beast the cuban version of the porsche cayenne.
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there are now a contest to close leads read says paul scheer recently released the company's version of the cayenne this is 85 so what's different a lot of windshield is a little flatter but the big changes start at the front pillars and the rear has changed a lot since well they're the coup plan has little in common with the standard. 20 millimeters lower in a one thing as well as 18 millimeters why debit and credit taking longer. 3 engines on offer for it all real beasts he says but we'll get back to that later 1st it is going to take it out for a little spin around the austrian city of cuts. from the very beginning engineers took a 2 track approach to the 3rd generation and so the could play has been in planning for quite a while aimed at younger customers the models redesigned body promises a more dynamic sporty driving experience just like in the standard cayenne it can be had with the bra. power trying to the pump out between 250 and 404 kilowatts.
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up. the sloping roof line and really give the coup play a distinctive personality that can perhaps best be described as athletically imposing a kind of cross between champion sprinter and sumo wrestler. as you probably expect less headroom in a co-pay and usually you'd be right but cautious engineers are pretty clever that they lowered the sinks by around 3 centimeters freeing up that space for taller drivers and passengers. the interior shares one characteristic of the standard it's clear lines and good instrument overview. the transmission is an 8 gear automatic.
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full bucket seats a standard for the model but in the rear they can be swapped out for a 3 seat bench. that. says connoisseurs can choose the design trim line months it includes 22 inch wheels ceramic brake pads and various body elements made of carbon most of them in the interior and roof they help make the car a little lighter he says like. the rear of the coupe a screen sportiness the small black strip above the logo deserves a 2nd glance it's an active spoiler that extends out to $13.00 centimeters at speeds of over 90 kilometers an hour increasing the downforce on the rear axle to improve stability and dynamic performance.
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making the roof out of carbon cuts 20 kilograms in the vehicles overall weight which also slightly lower its center of gravity. classes that in his opinion a car of over 2 chance can ever be considered really sporty but the downs have a very sporty appearance here. and when you take it out to test it zip on country roads it handles a very wealthy. she with the feeling you are safe and in control he has all wheel drive and the one he's driving also has ceramic brakes you can brake late long and hard with them without a problem. but it also comes with the driver assist system so even less skilled your drivers would feel very safe behind the wheel of it he says. class is testing the s.q. pay version of the car and equipped with a $6.00 cylinder by turbo engine that can hurl it from a standstill to 100 kilometers an hour in 5 seconds flat top speed is 263
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kilometers an hour a bare bones version without any extras so i was in germany for just under 100000 euros. the performance parameters are pretty impressive says klaus when you hit the gas it really leaps forward and even presses you back into your seat a little. what's interesting is there's no lanka before the turbo kicks it off because the engine has 2 super charges nowadays you can build in such a way that there's no lack he says to make it. on the wheels control the law allows you to individually configure a range of different driving modes and if the sportiest mode just isn't quite sporty enough maybe time to take it up a notch. or thought that a lot of. classes had enough of the cooper s. model now is going to try out the term over another car bought it. packs $550.00
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horsepower and so has plenty of go he says. he didn't invent the s.u.v. to play sigmund but the southern german schools car manufacturer just wouldn't be porsche if it didn't try to show the competition how it's done it's hard to top the power and performance offered by one of its models bearing the turbo. says the cost performance data really impressive it's ups out of 286 kilometers an hour on the autobahn no one really needs that of course but some drivers like the feeling their car can almost go 300. $100.00 in just under 4 seconds he says and the parameters overall are a lot like that of a sports car even though it suits the group a of course can't make that claim but it looks like one good sports car drivers is what they're looking for. the free to go. server which would he take you can be 550 horsepower but you don't really need that
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he'd be just as happy with the s. version of that as it is. there's also the little matter of the $47000.00 euro difference in price between the $2.00 there is plenty of fun to be had in the ask you play even more race driver. is in today and i'll show it was in morocco apparently there have been sightings of a rare wild animal here and he's hunting for clues. he's just seem fresh tracks with the wind hasn't covered the movie yet so it can't be far away as. they lead the way.
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he's spotted it all the new ford ranger raptor and he says what an impressive silence. while. or that an american model says this kind of car might seem familiar to our american viewers because you'll find the f 150 raptor there sadly we can buy it over here in europe but thanks to the ranger the raptor has finally arrived here is a closer look at the design. these i check. just like with its big brother the ford logo is emblazoned across the radiator grille. the lateral air intakes and heavy duty plastic off road skirting also come from the f 150. handy step helps you climb into the almost 1.9 meter to make up.
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time. as. we make our way across a long sandy beach to the nearest of them in animals which is quickly from 2 to 4 wheel drive to find out what the raptor really has to offer we have 6 different driving modes to choose from as even one 1st so. that's part of it however emanuel says he's still finding a pretty rough going despite all the extra assistance driving over in june like this you can't tell whether the sand is firm or soft. you have to keep hitting the gas until you're over the top he says otherwise you could get stuck pretty quickly . sometimes you can do everything right and still end up stuck but with a little help in the right tools you can get yourself out to get.
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the special off road tires on the range or branch or are really suited to the. purpose you can use them on the roach suv but they'll make your journey much louder and anyway this is a vehicle that belongs out here in the great outdoors. the fine desert sand creeps into every nook and cranny as is a man well as soon as he steps out of the car issues are full of it and of course the interior isn't spared either. he says there is sand everywhere. and a car would definitely needed for good vacuum later. on and. stops all that. develop together with full performance the range of wraps around has
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a reinforced chassis of hardened steel it also offers high performance position sensitive shock absorbers from the brand fox which made a made for itself for off road racing. the pickup is powered by a 2 liter by turbo diesel engine that puts out 156 kilowatts it's 500 meters of torque i mean there is always enough power 10 speed automatic transmission comps are stacked. trying to head out of the desert and get back on some kind of track. it looks like the local dogs are pleased to see. the local camp some of the less so. little by little the sand gives way to gravel
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and soon the road grows pretty rocky. but of course there's a suspension to match you just need to select the one you want with the control on the steering wheel. of the. model says you need to keep your wits about you when driving off road if there's a stone the size of a medicine ball in your path no suspension in the world is going to help you if you hit it you're likely to break something so always be alert. also standards are looking rear wheel differing. that allows both back wheels to spin independently of one another depending on which has the better bridge. shock absorbers and with $2.00 steel millimeter under right guard the raptor stands
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out even alongside the normal range or. even high speeds are no problem for this cas as a matter well it actually feels quite relaxing considering how broad the terrain is but that's why he switched on the special bar off road mode. comes from the legendary for how 1000 offer advice in mexico. now there's just one more challenge in store for the ranger raptor it's mastered desert rocks how about water. the truck plunges through without a hitch it's nearly 30 centimeters and ground clearance keeping well out of trouble . with the raptor has fording capabilities of 85 centimeters says i'm out of so i can drive through water up to here but he wouldn't leave it in there at that depth because
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the boat would probably fill up a lot of. the interior wouldn't be far behind and the fine leather upholstery and large digital display would be devastated by a soaking they almost make you forget that the ranger raptor is a utility vehicle and starting price 67000 euros in germany is also a state for the class. says that visually the ranger rapture is a stunt class and it's off roading abilities are also top notch the only improvement he wills for is. engine similar to that of the pickups big brother the f 158 appreciate a nice v 8 with a cultural role. b.m.w. has launched its new mit to play which packs a 460 can
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a walk punch the bavarian carmakers put everything it learned from its mit g.t.e. motor sport race car into the series model it's even available with optional high performance carbon body parts that make it lighter and even more aerodynamic. he has introduced the 3rd generation of its soul model in europe with a bold step beyond your crossover s.u.v. will in the future only be offered with an all electric drive the korean car maker says the new more powerful $150.00 kilowatt yso has a range of over 450 kilometers on a full charge. we here in berlin in the 2nd biggest city in europe.
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how cool remember that today is the solution is the one becomes the more those problems on the mobility is the solution which consistent. with what is crunch time says former formula one driver nico rosberg we need to take action everyone needs to do their bit a small contribution from everyone would be a huge. knowledge for the final countdown. and latest of him i says it's like making popcorn the 1st nothing happens and then it all goes pop up at once that kind of sudden explosion is what we'll see in the next. he is he needs to find see god in front and really see what better place to stay to race using don't even look for our own or leave the little sliver a lot of hell to technology early in germany.
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the all electric championship formula is making a guest appearance at berlin's former airfield temple. it combines environmentally friendly racing with mobility solutions for today and the future and presents the challenges of creating sustainable clean transport. to it. and at the heart of the event formula one former world champion nico rosberg he's now an ambassador network and visionary for green mobility. he says he's always had a passion for innovative technology sharing his time in formula one and now with a focus on frankly technology. this is what we're running out of time rosberg says and it's really really important that we do something that. he thinks this is a number level time for the industry and discovering it as an entrepreneur has
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sparked his passion for him it's not just about the innovations themselves it's also about the enormously positive contribution they're making. it's win win and also a great business opportunity. has managed to combine his entrepreneurial spirit with enthusiasm for green technology . environmental sustainability is now his biggest focus after a stellar career in motor sports it's almost like starting all over again. because as he misses formula one and always will especially the successes they were such intense unique experiences that he won't find easily elsewhere in the life he leads now. in 2016 age 31. rosberg took the top marks from
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a sadie's but others and he says it was really an awesome time. is dad kiki rosberg was also a formula one legend nico 1st drove a go cart age 6. even then he wanted to be a formula one champion 10 years later he entered the formula b.m.w. . and you want to test drive in a formula one car. it was just a year later he became a formula one driver for williams in 2006 he competed in his 1st formula one race and finally after $206.00 grown pre's he landed the title. was. rosberg now has other challenges to overcome with more heat and less speed his next goal is working towards a green future. he thinks they'll be some really cool looking vehicles in the future like electric scooters velo copters even the flying taxis. transport
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make our lives easier he thinks it will also be cheaper which is very important and it will be great for the planet's. emoter by company owner i'm biased so very much has had asked me for much of his life he was in china about 10 years ago he couldn't even see the sky because of all the smog. he knows what it's like to not be able to breathe properly no fun at all he says emo billeted is just one way to make our world cup it clean. the town of henning's top new berlin is home to form a start up rocket they designed a new 0 emissions motor bike with pedals which has now gone into production. we need to stop blasting these fumes into the air says unbias it's over it has to end i was so in the.
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and les explains that because the bike they make is electric it only weighs 120 kilograms and you really feel it. unlike other electric bikes this one has pedals he says which is quite unusual there's no throttle on the handlebars like those you see in almost a box for the last 100 years it's been replaced by pedals which act as the throttle . the energy is converted in this box there are lithium ion batteries here which then power the engine it's a lot of fun. so it's a. lot and purrs also shows us how easy it is to charge the a rocket using a normal household socket. this is the charger you plug one end into the port on
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the bike and the other into the electricity socket at home it takes a maximum of 5 hours to charge fully he says. it's pretty easy to do with a top speed of 90 kilometers an hour and a 120 kilometer range in germany it costs $12000.00 euros. working on the rocket and driving in iraq it has raised and raises awareness that we can drive and travel around without polluting the environment so much. society wants this change she says these are the doors are wide open confident that people are more aware now than they've ever been before. and there's uses berlin as an example of why we need new ideas every year 40000 new people come to the city he says and they need transport you can't give everyone a car and dress things the iraq could be one. these new ideas new type of vehicle
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that could transport people in more cleanly quickly and efficiently annoyed at how fun it was getting from a big. boss watching all the illegal what if. we can't reach a concrete. 90 into your life eat free. really really believe in the mobility. we are one of the world's oldest manufacturer lector cars we've been making electric cars for nearly 8 years now. and that's one of the reasons why we are informally the world nor about our brand. of the world nor badass sustainability talent is more about innovation nor broader technology and that's why we are bracing for made.
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my nose larger me is a global company headquartered in india there are over $1300000000.00 people in india and around $20000000.00 more every year at this rate in 10 years india will overtake china as the most populated country on earth. we basically believe in giving opportunities to people the rights that stuck out to agree right. we come from india but our view is global we operate more than 100 countries. in mind of a century of both products and services and possibilities for the long term goal is to mass produce an electric car that stands up to the chinese competition formula is a major testing ground for car makers with electric dreams. in 5 years they'll be
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informally here born and produced the world's fastest electric car which is the. mantra is expanding working with companies around the world they now own car design company planning for lina imes together they created a luxury and shrink hypercom it has a 1900 horsepower 1900 which is twice the performance of a formula one car 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in less than 2 seconds. and be available in the market who can beat that. for a 100 in less than 12 seconds. one of the most beautiful pieces of art i've ever seen is a bit unfair not. a work of art for the streets but how will things go out on a formula eve race track for mahindra and the other teams catch the next instalment
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of the race for future on next week's edition of troy. formulating in berlin a stage for politicians and i'm forgettable event for facts. and a challenge for the participating team small formulae from by early next week on driving we go green.
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plan 9 is the coffee bomb from the amazon and in just a minute has led to its name to brazil's most populist soft drink now it's grown on another scale with lots of kind of close. insistence on this gunfire not the traditional way of sustainably and for you as decides but they are struggling to survive in the face of mass production looking at 8030 minutes on d w.
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r's. rock n roll. on. the same rhythm some content by the church. service a car bomb stumble bomb rock and religion a clash that brings many colson to my god the devil out of a mole in 75 minutes on w. o. how to cover more than just one reality. where i come from we have a transatlantic way of looking at things that's because my father is from germany and my mother is from the united states of america and so i realized fairly early that it makes sense or tsk. different realities. i'm out here at the heart of the
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european union in brussels we have 28 different realities and so i think people are really looking for any journalist they can trust for them to make sense of. things that's how i work at the. rock and. to live. up to cut. sinful school contempt by the church. you know the evil feeling that you feel when you think. jocasta music. stop of all no one is more popular than jesus come look religious morality
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preachers subversive. with some marketing potential by placing a warning label on music products. and religion a clash that brings many. to my. party to really so irreconcilable. double rock'n'roll starts june 17th w. an estimated 2000000 people marching home come demanding the resignation of the city's chief executive kerry. i'm about to repeat that mass protest and suspend an extradition bill that would allow people to be sent to men in china for trial. demonstrators are calling for the bill to be scrapped. u.s. secretary of state mike compel has said the u.s. does not want to go to war with iraq.


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