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way. well here's what we heard earlier from the main players in the debate over granting a breakfast extension i've been clear that the u.k.'s request is for the extension to the thirty years of june i could be working to make sure that we need european union indeed we could have left the european union by now the parliament didn't pass the withdrawal agreement so we need out extra time to work to ensure that we can get a deal through parliament that enables us to be even a swede most of the way it's in everybody's interest i think what matters is that we are able to do these the european union not the point at which we rushed if i got withdrawn agreement that would enable us to leave on the twenty second of may that to me said before the announcement that the united kingdom is also preparing for the european elections is very important to me that will guarantee the continued functioning of the european institutions. is that it's of the off most importance to us that the u.k. leaves the e.u.
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in installed in a manner that we also want to meet the easy twenty seven unified and well stocked in this spirit i have no doubt that we will reach a unanimous agreement again that's what's about to go down i don't need to see you now it's time for decisions we've negotiated a withdrawal agreement with two years a lot of time was dedicated to that so i'm impatient to hear what she recently has to say but as far as i'm concerned nothing is a given and it's nothing and particularly listening to rumors because long extension critics will soon be. right nothing is a given well we have our correspondents following all the angles of the bragg said story for us that we have barbara vessel in brussels a lot of pots of standing outside of the houses of parliament in london and we have our breaks and analysts with us here in studio alex for sweating good to have all three of you with us bob i want to start with you in brussels that's where the action is right now the e.u. twenty seven leaders meeting to discuss a possible extension to bragg's that there doesn't seem to be
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a consensus behind an extension but the question is how long are we understand that the french government the president is playing bad cop of sorts tell us what's happening. president is really blocking everything he is blocking the leaders getting together and everybody having an early night so diplomats already say that this is going to carry on for a while so we will be here because make wrong really says he wants an extension at the moves till june thirtieth that actually is the date that reason may once most of all but he wants it for different reasons because he says he wants britain i would she doesn't want a british presence at the european union summits in the future where decisions will be made about the future about the budget and about the political directions they don't want to be politically kneecapped by britain who would be an unwilling member state during the time of a long extension so that's micron's reasoning however what's behind that is for
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domestic reasons he wants to be seen strong against britain traditionally french president beat the brits of the head with a big stick and so the haggling goes on at the summit here in brussels all right some accompanying on pressure there barbara if there is an extension granted which we are expecting whether it's short or long it looks like there will be strings attached what are they. the strings will be that britain has to pledge not to interfere in europe's business to be constructive and not to try to veto or block any major decisions there will also of course be meetings without britain at the table we've seen those already during this whole breck's of process during the last two years so that's not then unusual and also mark wrong somehow ones for britain to sort of more or less stay out of european politics at all that is something that legally cannot be reinforced it would be a sort of political agreement how much water that would hold the in the case that
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a heart breaks a tear would follow to resume a an office nobody knows what the reason that those discussions are taking place right now barbara the. our doubts of course whether prime minister theresa may can actually get any sort of deal by parliament so sure let's come to you in london now back home the prime minister had been trying to work together with the opposition labor party to get enough support for her deal to pass through parliament how have those talks been going. well these talks are still ongoing they will continue tomorrow on thursday when theresa may returns to london but there hasn't been really a major breakthrough yet and labor has been saying theresa may has to move more towards a softer breaks of possibly remaining in the customs union and so far she has not done that so there is definitely some common ground between the two leaders both want to leave the european union both want to leave the single market for example but this common ground is really on paper and the political divide between them is
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very huge so here in london there's very little hope that these talks will actually lead in the end to a compromise show that i mean what we have to say that teresa mayes under immense pressure from her own conservatives what are they saying about all of this. right the hard line us in her potty i mean they would be perfectly happy to leave with a no deal with the man it's no deal they say on friday they dreading possibly long extension or any extension of the dreading the thought that the u.k. would have to take in those european elections in may and they have been really rebelling against to resume a within the tory party which she definitely has lost control over so they are talking about trying to oust her but just how and when is a matter of debate because theresa may has pledged time and time again that she will stay on as leader until she has her withdrawal agreement pasta in parliament and that can take time. to come to you know we heard just say that the hardliners
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entries in my party are dreading an extension but this extension is not just about the u.k. is it other countries would also be affected. course they will be and we know that for example the economies of france germany the netherlands denmark today and just a few their economies will be affected but the biggest threat really to any of those other twenty seven members is the republic of ireland now let's just remember the situation with island they share a border with northern ireland northern ireland is part of the u.k. the republic of ireland will remain part of the you now if there is a no deal brics it there is the very high possibility that there could be a hard border returning between the republic of ireland and northern ireland not only would that affect trade for example the republic of ireland exports a lot of agricultural products to the u.k. so that could cripple some farmers but the real issue is about the peace process
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remember when the so-called troubles were in place three and a half thousand people died and that all ended when the good friday agreement was signed twenty odd years ago nobody wants to see that done though any threat to it we saw the german and german chancellor visiting dublin earlier this week she was standing shoulder to shoulder with liver and the prime minister of ireland saying that we are one we stand with you we're in solidarity so nobody wants to threaten that island does not want there to be a new deal brics that they want to be an extent they want it to be extended brics it to be delayed for the time being at least so this question of the irish border has been an issue from the very beginning and if we're realistic here alex it's taken two years to this point where the u.k. that you have been to go sheeting whatever the extension is if it's a few months or a year what difference will it actually make it's a good question i mean the one difference it will make that if it's a year we will certainly not see to resume a still prime minister she's got
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a few weeks a few months left at best and you know whatever happens deal or no deal party of finish with her is just how they get rid of her. when she decides she's really got to fall and has sold as they say and go with bricks it i mean everything is still on the table we've been saying this for months if they get the extension ok there will be no no deal breaks it on friday that cliff edge will be kicked down the line but it still is a possibility may june and have that they agree this extension to they could still be the possibility of revoking article fifty a second referendum everything is on the table everything is still to play full all right everything is still to play for barbara just coming to you now briefly you there and brussels and as you said it could be a long night what's your instinct telling you are we going to see an extension and if so for how long are we going to see an extension and there is there has to be a compromise because. the french president really has dug himself in if he needs to
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climb down from history need to be sort of sector prices from the others so maybe the fall maybe december or september or october or something like that that's at the moment my best feeling about that great change during the night all right as the french president said nothing is a given our correspondent covering the story for us barbara faisal in brussels i wish a lot of parts in london and alex for us waiting with us here in our studio thank you all very much. but we asked people in london what they thought about britain asking for more time to figure out its withdrawal from the european union i'd like there to be a long extension of the whole situation to be reviewed and for that we have people's votes so. if me has a deal which we know she has then you could have the deal is going to remain well it's not roy it's got starts. it's like you know vote.
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we haven't given you permission for the so called all is small me moment. we've wasted three years going nowhere. but we've lost the opportunity to do most of the problems and not just wasting our time wasting european time as well i think leave us then then deal with the repercussions afterwards i think that's my fault yet. or let's catch up now on some other stories making news around the world german police have raided more than thirty properties in berlin in the east of the country there are linked to suspected far right extremists around four hundred officers took part in the dawn operation targeting around twenty suspects they were alleged to have established a network linking the hooligan martial arts and neo nazi scenes algerians have kept
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up their protests against the country's political elite that is despite the new interim leader announcing fresh elections for the fourth of july the country has been rocked by weeks of protests was pushed out ailing leader of the us is beautifully caught. new zealand's parliament has voted to ban military style weapons in the wake of last month's deadly mass shootings prime minister just into our door and made an emotional speech backing fifty people were killed in the attack on two mosques in christ church a white supremacist is facing murder charges. astronomers have revealed what they're calling a groundbreaking development using a global network of telescopes they have photographed the edge of a black hole for the very first time now black holes are celestial objects with such strong gravitational fields that even light gets sucked into. this is the image that's changed astronomy for ever. eight radio telescopes in different locations across the globe have made the invisible visible. in
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a faraway galaxy called m eighty seven there's a black hole a massive unseen object so dense it sucks up anything that comes close even light itself the point of no return the boundary beyond which there's no escape from a black hole's gravitational pull is called the event horizon. world famous scientist albert einstein predicted the size and shape of this boundary one hundred years ago. in one thousand nine hundred fifteen albert einstein imagine that this idea there are very big weight transforms geometry that when the mass is to has he you make a hole a mysterious hole where nothing can get out of it where all its absorbed astronomers can't see black holes they infer their existence from the strange orbit of the stars around them and they say you'd need
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a radio telescope as large as the earth to image the hot matter swirling at the event horizon of a black hole but by using the telescopes and various locations synchronized with atomic clocks they could gather enough data to create this remarkable image. and you may wonder how this image was made in the first place event horizon telescope data it's like incomplete puzzles that we actually only see the pieces of the real true image and then we have to feeling these gaps of this missing pieces to construct they're basically possible in it that is actually much our data people from forty countries work together to create. this virtual observatory called the event horizon telescope and analyzed the data. astronomers want to explore how matter can disappear from our world forever and take
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a deeper look into einstein's theory of relativity and his initial theory on black homes. from a distance black hole seem wondrous but up close they are the most terrifying things in the universe. all right let's get more on this groundbreaking development with mark macor credit senior science advisor in the directorate of science that the european space agency the e.s.a. and mark is also responsible for communicating results from the essays astronomy planetary and fundamental physics missions mark thank you for joining us so explain to us why this is such a spectacular breakthrough well we've known for quite a long time that something like black holes must exist partly for mine stein's theory of general relativity but also there's a lot of in direct evidence that we gathered from looking at other galaxies looking at the remnants of stars in our own galaxy essentially a black hole is
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a place where there's a very small volume with a very large mass inside it is so dense that light to confiscate from gravity so high that we've never seen a picture of one before or of the environment of one and that's what's so significant that significant about today's release from the event horizon telescope a real image of a black hole for the first time is this a real image of a black hole because a black hole is of course that not visible it's just black so how is it been possible to take a picture of it. well as the black hole pulls material in around for all stars and gas and dust which surround the black hole without intense gravity it spirals around the black hole in what we call an accretion disk and as it does so it heats up through friction and that can give off very intense light x. ray wavelengths and other wavelengths and so what that's what you're actually seeing here is the accretion disk just before it spirals in and disappears over what's called the event horizon that point at which no light can ever escape from
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the black hole again so we are seeing the black hole if you like as a silhouette against the accretion disk surrounding it we're going to report that the black holes are dangerous why is that. well if you were to get close to one all sorts of strange effects would actually happen to you you would at some point disappear across the event horizon and because light can't get out you would never be able to get out again giant black holes like this one actually this is six and a half billion times more massive than our sun it's actually relatively slow the process that will happen is you cross over so probably not a lot would happen to you but from the outside we would actually never even see you cross the event horizon because the rules of general relativity is so crazy that time slows down as seen by people looking from the outside and we would just see you stuck only edge of the event horizon forever if the black hole was much smaller and we do know there are much smaller ones just maybe one off times the mass of our
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sun there the gravity changes so quickly as you fall in it would rip you apart completely so they are indeed quite dangerous it really is a fascinating phenomenon mike you know this is a breakthrough for astrophysics as we said what about for ordinary people what can we take out of this. well i think one of the things which is really important here and your piece said that is that this is a worldwide collaboration this is something that no one country no one continent could do on their own only by collaborating all across the world we needed to telescope the diameter of the earth to be able to get the level of detail seen here so that involved years of work in collaboration and getting on with each other is we we think is the way forward for solving many of the problems in the world and also i think it it's a demonstration another validation if you like that on stein's theory of relativity from over one hundred years ago is right and it's
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a very important theory that in fact much of our modern economy depends on when it comes to things like navigation satellites and other systems einstein's theory is right in there and so it's really good to have it proven right this image looks just like the simulations that yes that it would right mark mccracken from the e.s.a. thank you so much for joining us my pleasure. now israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has secured victory in his country's parliamentary elections his main challenger benny gantz conceded defeat it was a neck and neck finish at the polls but netanyahu is expected to form a majority coalition with support from a number of rightwing parties all leaders from god's blue and white party say they will make life difficult for netanyahu and the opposition. benjamin netanyahu triumphs again he was confident of a win on election night even before official results were announced there no doubt
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it's a night of colossal victory colossal i am very moves. but until his rivals concession benny gantz and his centrist blue and white party insisted they had one too that's what the first exit polls suggested. the president must give the task of forming the next government because we are the biggest party. results on wednesday proved otherwise with the backing of israel's religious parties netanyahu and his likud party are more strongly placed to form a government together they have a majority of sixty five parliamentary seats out of a total of one hundred twenty. eight . nation of israel has entrusted me for the fifth time. with an even greater trust. that baba when did we ever get so many seats i don't remember.
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netanyahu looks set to become israel's longest serving prime minister but only if he remains in office after possibly going to court over corruption allegations he appears unruffled about the chances of an indictment. netanyahu his new government could drift even further to the right to his present one in a bid to bolster support he promised to annex the west bank an unprecedented move the territory is home to more than four hundred thousand settlers considered illegal by the international community. netanyahu as victory comes as a blow to palestinians. all israeli leaders work against the palestinian people. especially this government they've grouped all the right wing extremists around netanyahu. and home young man over reaction among israeli voters with mixed i'm devastated absolutely devastated. we're surrounded by right wing radical people who want to airlift mall here or
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tories in this part we're never going to have peace i'm terribly upset here of the saracens and the shock of my last i was sure that this time we would win i'm very pleased about it because their fingerprints always a great leader. is rarely a strong country. in the world country and i think it will be better and. i don't think the. ever enough experience. and that's the reason i'm very happy about the result of us president trump is. so pleased he's convinced netanyahu can advance the middle east peace process he also his congratulations as did austrian chancellor sebastian course. the official results are due thursday the pentagon has already conceded israeli president ruben
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rivlin still has two weeks to decide whom to assigned the task of forming a new government. now german basketball great dirk nowitzki has announced his retirement the forty year old has been a national basketball association is most successful import and he is adored by fans and dallas texas it's he led the mavericks to their only n.b.a. title in two thousand and eleven and he was crowned the league's most valuable player in two thousand and seven she did an emotional farewell after twenty one years in dallas. as you guys might expect this is my last home game i was so i want to thank my family lot of people for the work from all over the world and lots of folks from germany but that's where my sister it's been amazing i thank you guys so much for coming i would always come a long way since you first arrived in the u.s.
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more than two decades ago let's take a look back and have a cease stellar career. for you was a yes. yes it's. a down to earth superstar to wicki straight to success may have been an n.b.a. title eight years back but he kept another milestone just weeks ago shooting his way up the records that it is now six the n.b.a. all time points better than any european player. it all began in his hometown of spared a bit he was a slam dunk talent in germany's and significantly less popular basketball landscape lanky it great with the ball his standout play led him to the n.b.a.'s dallas mavericks at twenty years old. skills and lots of hard work led to novitsky becoming the first european to win the league's most valuable player title he got similar recognition for his starring role in the two thousand and eleven finals
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against the miami heat events he pushed the mavericks to their first ever championship he was achieving his dreams after thirteen years in the u.s. . his accomplishments made him a superstar in the united states in his recognition wasn't limited to the sports world. it's fair to say that we have very rarely seen a better playoff run than the ones he had last year it was. his stardom and the more than two hundred fifty million dollars he's amassed over his career haven't kept novitsky from staying grounded humble team player he's also helped to lift up germany's growing basketball scene he received a hero's welcome in his homeland after winning the n.b.a. title. whoa i'm totally speechless was. despite plenty of success for club and country one of his biggest honors remains
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carrying the german flag at the opening ceremony of the two thousand and eight olympics. he's been bestowed numerous awards on both sides of the atlantic dirk novitsky the greatest european basketball player in history and a towering personality. arthur major now of our top story british prime minister theresa may as made her case of an emergency european union summit for more time as late as june thirtieth to get the break the deal through it appears likely both that she will get more than she actually wants a delay of six months to a year. and we'll have an update on all the latest developments from brussels at the top of the hour thank you for watching.
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benjamin. to. western civilization he's timing a monastery that italy into a far right cultural warrior has activists for a european populist movement. conwell has the backing of some powerful people but opposition is mounting and not just locally. next d.w. . the
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present you're at the most. exposed to the. most creative. trying to taste. really charming. little. t.w. . extravagant . get to. know their stuff.
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and the finished. party and chat with sessions from around the world. to get the groups every week. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me craven and european elections are coming up at the end of may with big gains predicted for far right parties indeed one recent poll suggested that populist euro skeptic parties could emerge as the strongest forces in countries like france poland and italy.


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