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i knew these. groups. leader successors be. one tragedy starts. this is steve every news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes ethiopian airlines always stood by its foreign pilots after the march tamed plane crash that killed all one hundred fifty seven on board now a preliminary report stating the crew followed procedure as a case of the carry out will be talking to an aviation expert in. a country where great exams over the age of eighteen are advised not to go to the police we meet the mauritanian living keeping up the fight for tough and rules on sexual
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violence. and a new show called the seventy seven percent is starting soon and stay tuned to find out what it's all about. i'm christine window while come to africa i'm glad. we begin in ethiopia way investigators have a u.s. jet make a boeing to review its flight control system a report released by the government states that the pilots off ethiopian airlines jet that crashed sixty minutes after takeoff last month performed all procedural duties recommended by boeing when the plane started to nose dive but still could not save it i was talking to an aviation expert in the days of about first this report. march tenth was
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a clear morning ethiopian airlines flight three zero two had just left at its abu buffer in nairobi when it plummeted nose first into a field outside the capital a disaster that killed all one hundred fifty seven people on board. a preliminary report now rules out human error as the cause of the tragedy suggesting the crew did everything in their power to avoid the crash. the crew perform it all the procedures. repeatedly provided by the mine fracture but was not able to control. the boeing seven three seven max eight reportedly experienced erratic climbs and descents shortly after takeoff a situation similar to the one preceding the crash of lion air flight six one zero in october which killed one hundred eighty nine people. that he was very clear throughout interview with we do not have
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a student because. number one it's the same airplane more than brown to be on the other hand the flight the duration of the flights or source or most of it not all flight was six months six minutes is very short like. the scrutiny is centered on an anti stall system that has repeatedly given pilots problems it's designed to automatically lower the aircraft's nose if it detects a stall or loss of airspeed anxious to win back public trust in its products boeing announced last week it had reprogrammed the software on the seven three seven max to stop the anti stall system from triggering but the us federal aviation administration advised boeing to keep working on the proposed fix before submitting the system for a view. for more on this i'm joined by nick actually an aviation expert he's joining us from the ethiopian capital addis ababa welcome to africa mr they've got to what do we know now that we didn't know before the release off this preliminary
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report. actually what the release of today's report does is we confirms the analysis that was done from day one the day of the aircraft crash a lot of aviation experts who have been stating that there is something wrong with the boy aircraft there's something wrong with the way the system was designed by boeing so all it what it does today's it makes it official has been discussed for the last three and a half weeks so that's probably what i would say that major thing that we learned second thing what we learned is again a reconfirmation that the pilots were qualified to fly that the plane there and trade at their craft as the air war the and said if i so these are just a reconfirmation as very important but consummate under expected from beginning to size interactive on the business about the pilots they had been some reports in the media suggesting that the pilots didn't were not properly trained to operate the
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software this is as indication for ethiopian airlines as it is. absolutely absolutely indication and especially since i know the airline it's training as a biggest aviation academy in africa not only does it train its own pilots pilots from all over the world come to be trained ethiopian airlines so yes it's absolutely indication that they have been qualified in fact unlike see some of the carriers in the united states let's say the largest operator of seventy seven dash eight hundred i'm not axes is an american carrier called southwest and it doesn't even have the simulators where the ethiopian airlines which only has five billie's has spent millions of dollars to train its pilots on those aircraft in the united states their train going on i pad in the fifty six minute training period whereas here it actually trained so that also again reconfirmation this some there was for some early speculation that maybe the pilots were not trained and all that right is
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we confirmed that they were qualified to fly the plane ok so the airlines had to ground i think four of these planes and i wonder what that meant for the carrier and if they are losing money which presumably they are there just in a pos that on to the passages. not no not at all in fact you have to understand each of our lines in the biggest airline in africa is on and it's thirteen aircraft it's actually bigger than the two the second and third largest airlines in africa combined so what it is doing and i was talking to the c.e.o. of the other day is they have really deployed they're going to be redeploying the rest of the fleet which is about one hundred in ten of them to make up for the for the other four as being grounded in the for the ones i was crashed so there's no way second there's not that they're not in the passing or in fact if anything the systems that we do have analysis benefit aviation industry in general and african passengers in particular because it saves them cost that makes it convenient so i think the loyalty of the customers will still be there and i think as we continue
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to service of that with the dunns the coke of compensation part and i think is what you're implying is a very important one because. their aircraft therefore have been grounded around the world six hundred fifty plus have been grounded so lawyers will be expected to compensate these are analyzed aircraft actually particularly were brand new they're still under warranty so i would expect buoying to compensate ethiopian allies not only for a plane that crashed but for the grounding and for lost revenue so there is i think some financial support that i expect to come frank he's open our lives down the wrote ok so midianite that aviation experts coming to us from madison thank you thank you for the next story is in mauritania way activists are fighting to pass legislation to punish gender based violence more severely but in this conservative nation where criminal law is derived from sharia law the topic divides society and
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politicians like the legislation has already been rejected twice in parliament. zahra has lived through a mother's worst nightmare last year her five year old daughter was attacked by a neighbor. he came and took my daughter while i was asleep then he raped her it was so bad she had to have an operation. rights groups say most survivors of sexual assault in mauritania don't dare to report their cases to the police that's because the victims of rape are often imprisoned for having sex outside of marriage a criminal offense in mauritania in this case the rapist was convicted because of the girl's young age but the women's rights group a f c f says even the sex offenders that get convicted often serve only a fraction of their sentence for the past two years a bill seeking tougher penalties for sexual violence has been awaiting
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parliamentary approval. we need this law because we know that violence against women is skyrocketing. statistics on violence against women are not actually available in mauritania but rights groups say they have women coming to them all the time the draft bill was drawn up with the help of muslim scholars to try to make it acceptable still parliament has rejected it twice and now it's been withdrawn. we can't adopt a law which contradicts sharia law as that's the basis of our constitution. the debate is not new back in two thousand and thirteen d w covered protests in mauritania after a young woman was raped and murdered the family says banda sukkah even had her eyes gouged out by her attacker. activists say things won't change until the change is protection to abuse victims until that happens.
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and we have an exciting new program coming up here on t v it's a magazine show called the seventy seven and here's a little bit about this. seventy seven percent. are young. in. time. for on t.v. . this is where. you see. ok if you've just seen them in the train left my colleagues. join me now it is studio and edith is out in nairobi ok so what makes the seventy
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seventh the show to watch. good point you've made it is that. it is the seventy seven percent because we see basically that. pollution is a huge for what is the most beautiful continent and seven seven plus. thirty five so basically this show in our show you can see is a platform where africa's you'd come to get up to two dialogue to debate on different issues it's not just about talking about the challenges or the problems you face of the continent but also a piece where you can express pride in being africans as different segments where you're talking about people are talking about cities that and the cool things that make africa so it's really a mix of everything but bottom line it is. because you've talked about debates going to be hitting the debates signature off the program so what what are you going to be debating what kind of topics are going to be getting into. everything
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christine i tell you nothing is off bounds and it's not so much what it is we're talking about but how the engagement is happening i'll give you an example we've just come from uganda we were talking about gender inequality a topic that's already hot in and of itself but i had really lenny walls from africa telling me things that left my jaw on the floor and this is the kind of engagement that we wanted from the people on the ground and it's exactly what we're finding shocking things things that are making us question what views and realities about africa and all of that is coming from these young people the seventy seven percent as i like to call them ok to have all excited now when does the show debut well it's starting on the sixth of april the first time a seventh that. they're going to be aired so other times after that so people don't have to but if they did miss it ok that's the seventy seven percent coming up. thank you to my colleagues it of humanity is in kenya and michael jr is here with
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me in studio not to mention one who is also host of the seventy seven percent. and that is it for now from africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page the seventy seven percent is also on the website and we'll see it next time i find out. i'm not jumping out of the gym because sometimes i am but they said nothing with the gym don't think deep into the german culture of. new ridiculous grammar there you go it's all that they know i'm right so join me for me to get them to come host. india. how can a country's economy grow harmony six people parliament. when there are do workers
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look at the bigger picture. india a country that faces challenges and people are striving to create a sustainable future. clipper projects from europe and. eco india on d w. hello welcome to our culture and today a new expression of works from yoko ono has just opened and like i think my colleagues felt roxboro was there and he'll be here in a minute to talk about it but also coming up. play it aloud at the metropolitan museum in new york rock n roll songs make impact on our culture through iconic rock instrument.
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but let's get straight underway with the yoko ono exhibition and scott is just back from the opening and in a way actually there's a connection there she's also an iconic figure in rock'n'roll ready yeah you know really yeah of course i mean but it's interesting because before this exhibit i think i was thinking about yoko ono and what i what i think about her and i guess i mean i think we all sort of an image of her but it's really directly connected to you know her ladyship with with john lennon and i always really if i'm honest i thought of her more or less just the wife of a job out of you know and you know the people the person the people of the beatles on or whatever but and the one who then went on to make some really strange music with john lennon and the plastic ono band if you remember that so that was my idea going into this exhibit but the this exhibit from leipzig is called pieces power and it displaced sixty years of her artwork i didn't even know she had that much artwork to show.


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