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only a promise to our son who was going to leave the jungle and return to the concrete and glass drunk. the result reverse culture shock. you realize how strange artificial little it's really connected to life. the prize winning documentary. the forest. first on t.w. . this is date every news africa coming up in the next fifteen minutes two weeks inside killed it dies smashed into southern africa top sell the picture the areas of mozambique lost still suffers in neighboring zimbabwe too many people has lost everything superduper. been tough for. the inside of the house. been. three cops in the now we still get an update
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on the situation about cars funded in zimbabwe who's just returned from the areas worst shift by the storm. and i just paying homage to africa's greatest need is ivory coast commodities. i'm christine one well come to the news africa i'm glad. it's been two weeks and sites loaded dice smashed into wasn't beaks closed and the showing hurricane force wind and rain that flooded swain's of the country before battering east and killing more than seven hundred people now and the outbreak of waterborne diseases threatens to aggravates the already daya conditions facing the millions who survived. thousands of people in the mozambican
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province of minicon were left homeless due to cycling. they'd be forced to live at the site of the road. all the houses of collapsed everything we had is gone we have no way to live with our children so we decided to come pare the emergency shelters are overflowing. and forty thousand people need help in the province of money alone the second worst hit area of mozambique. and those who have fled their homes face hunger unless they can pay inflated prices authorities have condemned anyone trying to turn the tragedy into a business opportunity and called on people to help each other. we call on all mozambique to show solidarity to one another this cannot be a moment where fellow country men take advantage of each other worsening the suffering of our people here in the province. so we're asking traders and better
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exactly what we asked of their colleagues in q mile susan and across the entire province. but let's unite and be sensitive towards the situation our fellow citizens are in. their suffering they have lost everything and they need our help. the people here have little choice but to wait until further help arrives. africa's privileged reported from zimbabwe's worst affected area that's to money money he joins me now from the capital haddadi high privilege good to see you what is the current situation in the hardest hit pause of zimbabwe right now. yeah risky and search efforts for the missing people. is two
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under way right now we understand. a unit from south africa that has been enlisted by the zimbabwe government their dog and rescue units that skim through into the country one choose the that is started where in the eastern part today in those areas where people are believed to be buried and ropes and rubble was to try to identify the places where they are buried so that they can be excavated from those places so by this morning the teams with the dogs had to tie started to go into those areas and wiki is underway and then the other thing is that. food to distribution and also aid distribution is underway is will distributing in most of the parts that we're affected by the issue is some of the places to inaccessible but now the more chill cause that i'll go into those going into those
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areas and recently on monday world food program brought in. here through e.u. funding that is now fearing it be got tiny into the efik to areas with food aid right pretty cheerlead it says the exits and a way to recover the bodies of missing people i'm but always talking exclusively off the recovery mission on this still some people out there that can be rescued was still alive. chances of people being rescued alive are now slim because now it is gone over in a week since this disaster happened so most of the missing people are now believed to be dead but to kill early in the valley called place called the corpus to see to
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where the entire town suv was buried under rubble during their fifteen march friday fifteen march night you find that senses of now rescuing people are alive are very slim so people have lost hope they're just now hoping to find closure if the bodies of their loved ones are recovered apart from shell so food and water privilege what other resources has been committed to survive his office just lost. the resources that have been poured in so far you find that a lot of. the international. aid organizations have come in to help but the government is poured in something like hundred million but not issue of dealing with the psychological effect and the trauma that the community lots of money money has gone through so you find. organizations that. cycle
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a social support to have moved in and now they're offering counseling to victims and survivors and also families that have experienced this disaster particularly in that area because you find some people who survived this disaster who only left you know a family probably a family that was between six and ten so it is very difficult to deal with such a situation because if they don't do that suicide could be on the rise in that area ok privileged. from zimbabwe thank you. it's common to say listen to music and watch films made in africa by africans but when it comes to video games the continent games designed and developed in africa make up one percent of the global markets next story is. where
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a group of developers are competing to put african inspired games on the wolf stage . they have twenty four hours to come up with a compelling idea for a new video game made in b'nei this is the been in game jam a jury chooses three ideas with the most potential and will help the young developers towards an entrepreneurial project this is a challenge for the participants. to feel the assault as one in those we love playing games since we were teenagers but the games were always from other countries already but i was so if we get to a level what african programmers are thinking about using video games to solve the problems facing africa i think it's a good initiative. it will pause and africa so what initiative will be of till now video games designed in africa make up only one percent of the global market but this may be about to change while. the one video game is a video game
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a some us have fun or learn something by growing up and for a few years now because i've had the idea of a to video game bearing in african culture that density could be an export hit. letting the europeans and western a seat in africa differently so. they. exchange and empowerment instead of import and adjustment video games are fun but also a powerful instrument to put african culture on the map. now these coffee beings behind me might have a look off minimalistic chic about them but there are no automatic the coffee bean is a national treasure in ivory coast the country is one of the leading girl is off the commodity and the cup of coffee has inspired the work of one ivorian artist take a look at what he's brewed up. you could mix this politic with milk or water and
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just drink it but not be there every an artist has developed a unique painting technique he created portrays a famous african leaders such as the late president thomas aca with a special mix of coffee and cocoa powder his art teacher encouraged him to be experimental and that took him back to his fruits. my mother and father are farmers city and when i was growing up my mother drank a lot of coffee my father also drank a lot of coffee. but he was a bit more refined with it because he would mix the coffee with cocoa was my mother would make coffee everyone had to drink it when i was growing up we drank a lot of coffee. it brought us all together and those are the memories that inspire me. and he wants to inspire his public this is why you've painted black leaders like patrice lumumba martin luther
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king. did this and then he puts emphasis on personalities or people who we've forgotten. people we read about a long time ago he brings them back to life through his work by using coffee. culture and when you look closely the textures and colors a different it's a regional. trust received since two thousand and origin ality has its price levels of paying around five hundred euros for the most expensive coffee on the market usually followed in the news well the women of the global teacher prize two thousand and nineteen have each he has been welcomed like a pop star by his students when he arrived at nairobi's jomo kenyatta airport the math and physics teacher from a secondary school in a village in kenya's rift valley says he will invest he's one billion dollars in
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prize money in projects for the community here he is coming home in the first place i did not expect it and therefore it was really a good woman's protest for me but for kenya. or to most students who struggle every single big. with so many challenges they don't know if you had to go to get. very good things and that's it for now from news africa you can catch all our stories on our website and facebook page now kenya's president kenyatta congratulated to beachy in the video message saying your story is the story off africa a young continent bursting with talent how right he is we leave you now with some images off to be choose. homecoming until next time. so myself.
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but good. to be out here me. my. city in ruins maro a. symbol of a long conflict in the philippines between the muslims and the christian population . in strangers occupied the city center in two thousand and seventeen president to church's response was. my generation will never again
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look full of. the reconquest turned into tragedy this is not the kind of freedom that we want. how did morality become a gateway to islamist terror. an exclusive report from a destroyed city. philip in the sights of bias starts april eleventh on d w. hello welcome to news from the world of ops and culture the graham stein have made a career out of controversy but have they now gone too far my colleague david leavitt's is here because people are saying they've crossed a red line this time their way to start is a video that involves concentration camps. we'll have more about that in
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a minute but also coming up. in the gulf state of qatar for the opening of this spectacular national museum. and we meet german show. there's a polish restaurant then and is ranked among the best in the world not bad for a one time gang member by. ramstein by far germany's biggest rock group internationally finning stadiums around the world with a distinctive visceral brand a very hard rock not going to release their first new album in ten years and david the promotion has already started with sort of their first music video from that album came out today it sparked a huge controversy a huge debate in the press and online it features members of the band's dressed as holocaust victims. as.


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