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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2019 3:00am-3:02am CET

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much cheering. tomorrow today d.w. . least if curious. do it yourself network. the news you know max you tube channel. and don't miss out. venice where this opposition leader won by joe has returned to his country despite the threat of arrest he had they known a tour of latin america to build support for his effort to unseat venezuelan president nicolas maduro the u.s. has threatened a swift response to any violence against. the. north korean leader kim jong un has arrived back in pyongyang from last week's failed nuclear summit with u.s. president donald trump kim travelled home from vietnam by trying to took sixty hour
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as he's making with trump ended abruptly last wake when north korea didn't agree to u.s. proposals on day nuclearize i shouldn. us back forces are reporting a mass evacuation of the last remaining town in syria controlled by the so-called islamic state around three thousand have reportedly left back who's in the country's aist hundreds of both sides surrendered to coalition forces they say only around a thousand people remain in the town. a cleanup is underway after a series of tornadoes swept through the south of the u.s. killing twenty three people the state of alabama was the worst hit with damage also reported the night bring georgia. it was the deadly streets to to hit the u.s. in nearly six years. but as well as south declared interim president is back in the country and hasn't
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been arrested yet but neither has he achieved his goal of forcing nicolas maduro from office and setting up a new presidential elections so has venezuela's latest revolution run out of steam i'm phil gale in berlin and this is the day. that i was able to enter venezuela thanks to you and your demonstrations we feel we have made a decisive step towards the conquest of our freedom. victory the south american tour of this conquest everywhere is because if you the venezuelan people and it's a reason to celebrate and to honor our.


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