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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  February 12, 2019 11:00am-11:30am CET

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this is g.w. news live from berlin the standoff in venezuela escalates in an interview with d.w.i. opposition leader why why the halls of the military to allow humanitarian aid into the country otherwise he says as many as three hundred thousand people could die but little says he won't budge also coming up to the end of an ordeal was jailed and thailand's of facing deportation to bahrain but now the refugee football team all of arabia has made a triumphant return to australia. and hollywood star christian bale praises the
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director of his latest film device. the father used by the man around these are the smartest men around teach me does it through comedy and then through that you actually get incredible emotion from a you know she very moving through. the mind of the bell on the red carpet of the berlin film festival and also find out how the after transformed himself physically to be able to play to former american vice president dick cheney. i'm sumi so misconducts good to have you with us venezuela's opposition is renewing its push to bring in humanitarian aid from neighboring countries in defiance of the government and military now the country is facing severe shortages of medicine and food and more than one hundred tons of u.s. aid are still waiting in the colombian border city of cope with the. but president
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nicolas maduro has ordered the military to block the supplies from entering venezuela he says the aide is a trojan horse and part of a u.s. plot to overthrow his government now opposition leader why don't you has told d.w. news the mother little government could be guilty of genocide. which will move them into good we've been very clear with the armed forces that they have to allow humanitarian aid to enter and whoever blocks it will be tried for human rights violations what's happening in venezuela could be considered a silent genocide when you have hundreds of thousands have died because of a shortage of food and medicine and this regime has not protected people's right to life so this regime is responsible for direct deaths like in the case of the special forces that killed over seventy people in a week for protesting and for indirect deaths because they are not doing anything to solve the food and medicine crisis will be of the got to go in there and we have did have use of harms of both the from our left america desk with us here in a studio to tell us more about the story of failure the mother of government is blocking this international aide says as we heard that this is part of a u.s.
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led effort and one guy though has that that's clearly not the case we heard i'm just wondering your view there do people believe mother when he says this is part of a u.s. plot well some people certainly do i mean this is not a new speech to venezuelans this this has been used by former president over chavis and it has also been used to excuse the mismanagement of the oil. well the oil reserves in venezuela and the terrible crisis that has been going on for years now. i want to say the u.s. is completely innocent we have seen interests from the u.s. in different countries in the region and certainly the self-proclaimed nation of one way according to some media reports in the field has also been meticulously planned with the help of colombia brazil the u.s. and canadian authorities we heard in that interview though the one god why they're saying that model could possibly be responsible for genocide and those are very
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strong words ok very strong i think genocide is a difficult word to use because he has talked about hundreds of thousands of people dying i don't think the numbers can be proved but certainly millions have fled venezuela because of the crisis and they're very much are many have died and we are seeing now three hundred thousand that could be at risk because they are not getting the necessary medicine. we have heard one guy though also say that there should be more protests are we going to see an actual showdown at the border with colombia well he has called volunteers to help him get the aid into the borders they might come to different parts of the border from brazil also and caribbean islands like aruba and he has put up a page with one hundred thousand people already signed up for him for them to bring in the eight it is
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a difficult situation because if they do do this by force they might be confronted with the military of the borders ok so we could possibly see a showdown if that's the case tell us more about one by the himself how has he managed to bring this government into such a crisis well i would say he was of the right place at the right time now that the crisis is getting worse he was unknown to two of the world's a few weeks ago and he was proclaimed the president of the national assembly that kept working normally even though the moderate government doesn't recognize it and like i told you he was shocked by military by a story by authorities from the outside who helped him to proclaim himself that that's why we also saw how quickly the u.s. and other governments around the world recognized him as the official president ok just briefly a failure you mentioned the u.s. some other countries like russia how much influence do they actually have on the
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sec rice as well russia and china keep backing my duro cuba keeps backing him other governments from the region and some what the u.s. has called the the tower need troi which is venezuela cuba and. but he certainly is being well he's losing power in the region maduro more and more and the u.s. is gaining more power as neo conservative governments have gained a more momentum with colombia and brazil and their new governments right there with the from latin america desk thank you so much for your analysis. as we've heard the standoff over aid is intensifying he. said this report from the border with colombia. says the military blockade of this border bridge is a crime against humanity with the border sealed foreign aid including desperately
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needed food medicine and basic supplies has been piling up across the border in the colombian city of kuta. now why dole wants venezuelans who have fled the country to bring the aid across the frontier thousands of volunteered to do so even if it means confronting venezuelan soldiers guarding the border. i don't want to go to we have to talk to them because we are the people but we are unarmed and without weapons we can't do anything we have to talk to the military but it's the military that should be helping the people not the other way around. my lad is it but if we have to face the minute tray of course we will but peacefully there are lots of people that do need this medicine i'm healthy i can manage to get something to eat but children and the elderly cons about remember when on c.n.n. you get a look at some of the military is always persecuting people instead of helping they just fire on ordinary citizens the government orders them to fire to kill people it
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shouldn't be that way. has been urging venezuela's armed forces to abandon maduro and let the supplies into the country but madero says that would be a stepping stone to a u.s. led invasion and the military has so far been loyal to the president. mean that he will many more weight on them will throw thousands of men and women have shown their ability their training their physical and moral strength the strength that we need to tell the empire to get out of venezuela. venezuela yankee empire the yankee go home we're not fighting over your. oh how i says he still has faith that the country's armed forces can be won over but he has not ruled out asking the u.s. to intervene militarily in venezuela if madeira refuses to step aside.
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let's catch up not some other stories making news around the world in spain the. trial has begun for twelve leaders of the catalan separatist movement they are charged for their role in the twenty seventeen independence referendum which the spanish government in the red said was illegal hundreds of police have been deployed around the supreme court building in the spanish capital the trial is expected to last three months with verdicts coming several months later. u.s. lawmakers have reached an agreement on border security republican and democratic negotiators agreed to build fifty five miles of fence along the border with mexico at the cost of around one point four billion dollars the funding falls well short of president donald trump's demands but lawmakers hope the deal will be enough to avoid another government shutdown. refugee football or hockey malo raby has arrived back in australia after being detained in thailand for more than three months away he was facing deportation to his native country bahrain on
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charges of then to lies in a police station which he denies he was freed after bahrain withdrew its extradition request al-arabiya received a hero's welcome at the airport. a rabies nightmare is finally over. on tuesday he made his emotional return to australia i. just i would think they were always there oh yeah amazing to see all these people here there are to be avoided media is the world to me and i just know what they think that they're all of. the bahraini football is back in his adopted home after three long months spent in a toy jail he was arrested in november while on his honeymoon in bangkok on an interpol warrants for his arrest. in his native bahrain he'd been convicted of vandalizing a police station even though he was playing at
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a televised football match when the alleged offenses took place. al-arabiya is released as much to form a footballer craig foster who led a campaign to pressure the bahraini government i think what's occurred over the last almost three months to fight incredibly hard for not just the young player who . virtually no one knew but a refugee who was under our protection and who we felt that all of us needed to step forward and protect to see him back here on home soil today speaks volumes about the character the values and the pride that we have as australians al-arabiya fled bahrain on political grounds in twenty fourteen and was granted refugee status by australia his family feared extradition would result in his torture and possibly death at the hands of far range justice system. now back in australia he's safe from persecution. japanese carmaker nissan has
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slashed its profit forecast for two thousand and nineteen this was a nuisance first earnings result since x. chairman carlos gone was arrested over allegedly falsifying financial reports at the company reported a forty five percent drop and bottom line profit for the first nine months of its fiscal year which ends in march. tuesday's figures take account of nine point two billion yen of additional expenses and salaries related to the under-reporting of going salary. this week the third german african business summit is taking place in ghana capital aka its main focus to is to improve conditions for domestic and foreign investors among those attending is a german development minister gave miller earlier he toured a textile factory that started exporting to germany did isaac reports. clothing manufactured in ghana and destined for exports this factory in the capital employs some fifteen hundred people it already sells its way i mean i should state
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this year for the first time it's set to export to germany. the business exemplifies what's become a growing international interest in the possibilities of textile money factoring in africa. has great potential especially in the area of textile production. the first few very important steps have been taken. the investment conditions are right. the stable government and a growing economy have prompted great interest from european and german companies to forge new cooperations here. so to have the low wages employees here are paid a base salary of one hundred euros per month additional pay is based on their i push as labor costs and more stoppage locations rise countries like ghana are attracting the attention of international investors for the country's youthful population it's
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a chance to get their foot in the door. this is very. very very important because we have. a very high unemployment in this country this part she. worries it's good but setting up shop in the country isn't always plain sailing business leaders list high interest rates and difficulty accessing capital are some of the main stumbling blocks. nigerians head to the polls this weekend in a crucial general election we'll be bringing you reports from the countries throughout the week we kick off our coverage with a report on the people working to ensure that voters have access to accurate information they say fake news is increasing and i journey as the election approaches. then one's in her team in the guardian's digital newsroom check the top social media topics every morning on twitter and advisor to the
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nigerian president alleges that an opposition party is offering food and money in exchange for votes the news spreads quickly so the guardian team decides to investigate. the best actually found out it was a lie. photographed dated as far back as twenty seventeen it was a photograph. outreach done by charlie to foundation in lagos so it wasn't what she said it was. shortly after the guardian publishes its findings the politicians tweets are deleted the team here say they see fake stories like this every day. so if it's text it's a lot easier in the sense that you just need a few people. who are making this kind seen this happen in the press and if. it's also somewhat easy i mean it technology is quite simple to hire you can
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replace that with a whole lot of them but when it's videos that we continue to be complicated because once we do get some social media. you have the metadata stripped off and sometimes that's what you need actually to track a b.t.o. so i would really get it in big complicated and then the audio files. to check these kind of stories the guardian has teamed up with some twenty other media outlets they formed a collective called cross check nigeria to support each other in the research process a story only goes online when four of the different media organizations have looked at it. is one of the coordinators around fifty journalists involved in the project. everywhere in the world even in the us in the most advanced technology. politicians would always use any means to gain advantage if you. information do we do that but you see the important thing
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is that. once the do we try to make use of technology that can also. reduce the incidence of you know weaponize information for advantage or to do time and. the number of fake stories has increased in the run up to the elections nigeria is the most populous country in africa and it's divided along ethnic lines which often leads to conflict according to nigerian police they have already been cases of false reports causing violence so it's not only newspapers who are reacting to increasing levels of also facebook. the issue. but for ten steps this is how the tech giant is advertising in the traditional newspaper. new lot in ones observes the change in the news business rather than publishers competing
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against each other to be the first to break the story they are now working together to separate fact from fiction in times of falling newspaper circulation she says this could be an opportunity for nigerian media companies. you're watching the news still to come in this half hour controversy how farmers in northern india are battling to prevent stray cows from destroying their crops. but first a look at some other stories making news around the world anti-government protests in haiti are growing increasingly violent demonstrators took to the streets of the capital port au prince for a fifth day on monday clashing with police invent allies in shops the protests are fueled by anger over corruption and the government's handling of the economy. at least seventeen people have died in a fire at a hotel in india's capital most were sleeping on the blaze broke out early on tuesday morning rescue teams saved thirty five people from the building the
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disaster has raised questions about poor safety standards and a lack of government regulation. and rescue workers in the south african city of durban have pulled a newborn baby from a storm drain alive after passers by heard her cries and alerted emergency services it's believed she was in the drain for at least five hours doctors were amazed that the baby survived. now farmers in northern india are struggling because stray cattle are running amok and destroying their crops it's estimated there are around five million stray cows in india and that is blamed on tough new laws to protect cows which are considered sacred by some hindus but are the laws doing more harm than good are india correspondent sonia phonic i went to a state of with a privilege to find out. just join her is no stranger to the hardships of farming in india.
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but he's now confronting a new menace which has been causing havoc across the brutal economy. street cause. they're coming together. tom says the animals have gobbled up his crops twice causing huge financial losses. so seeds and lay down fertilizer so when the crops grow the cattle destroy all our hard work time and money goes down the drain there's a big garden. many farmers have been forced to patrol the fields and trees the way the animals with little success. chased the cattle off my field but the neighboring farmer will do the same and they'll come back here all run after them again it just goes on all day every ten minutes. others are trying to keep a constant vigil over their crops should they because god says wheat fields from straight from six thirty in the morning until dusk at night his younger brother
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takes over. their cattle come at night sometimes entire herds of them someone has to be here all night with a stick and a torch. frustration is boiling over among farmers here recently they took matters into their own hands they rounded up around eighty stray cows and locked them up here in this public school to protect their fields only to have the police come and free them a few hours later. alone is estimated to have more than one million street cattle two years ago the state's hindu nationalist government imposed strict laws banning slaughter and killing to protect the cows many hindus consider holy but it's had the opposite effect. this is a big problem across the countryside here. tough restrictions on the cattle trade mean that villagers can no longer sell the old unproductive cows for me to offer
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heights villagers here say many farmers are forced to abandon their leading to a spike in the population. the government has pledged funds for districts to deal with the problem and set up temporary shelters to take in strays. but the facilities like this one in the nearby town of god quipped there's little hope of things changing. the government has built this shelter but you can see for yourself there's no one to maintain it every two weeks or so at least one count is here the government's doing nothing. that doesn't surprise political scientists g twenty he says protection is largely a symbolic issue for the hindu nationalists who call protection movement historically has meaning protection of the call as a symbolic figure and need an embodiment or an incarnation of you know both the
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mother and the nation here it's never a. sound. economics policy so it's not so much about protecting the cow but it's a book not killing it. as he's taking no more chances he's now secured in this field with. the prices of sword because of high demand. the hope is that this will keep squeak calls out at least until the harvest next month. now after the berlin international film festival currently underway here in the german capital our correspondent charlotte shell some hell has just been to see vice a biting bio pic of her former u.s. vice president dick cheney starring british actor christian bale as she explains it's a film that makes you laugh but also cry. if they. have to really wants to be you have fears that vice is more than just a biopic it's a full frontal attack back to christian bale says his inspiration for playing u.s.
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vice president dick cheney with satan and it shows on the show. our american friends. i want you to be my v.p. vice itself to prove that from the shadows of the george w. bush administration cheney was one of the most missing figures in recent history willing power without conscience on everything from the iraq war to global warming bush approved. for standing organism with amy adams as his ambitious wife lynne. you know we're going to bomb commodious and steve carell is political ally donald rumsfeld satirical and at times of saddest vice will have a very between often and hora we were to. and it was that absurdist humor that christian bale brought with him to palin and the film's german prem yeah so we'll just have sex with the belly but i have to cast us there in that you guys can see
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it it's a very intriguing belly so that's the biggest challenge i've seen in the actual. box humor aside bale was also asked a question about his enormous weight gain for this role and the impact on his body it streams out loud you're going to keep you're going to die and if you keep doing that. vice was written and directed by the man behind the oscar winning docu drama the big short about the two thousand and seven financial crisis now adam mckay is back shining a light on one of the most significant periods of all time the funniest guy the man around these are the smartest men around he does it through comedy and then through that you actually get incredible emotion from it you know it's a very moving field at first glance an international audience could be forgiven for dismissing this film as being too entrenched in u.s. politics but they'd be wrong by surprise cheney to some of the darkest moments in recent history and passionately that his actions to work ishay around the world today you know it's the old cliche you know it lets you know history will repeat
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itself so hopefully it will have a factor in the way vice is already making waves while it may not be in competition at the ballot nala has been nominated for eight oscars including best film director and actor. writer minder in our top story here and venezuelan opposition leader one why though calls on the supporters to return to the streets and try to force an end to the standoff over president nicolas maduro is that refusing to allow humanitarian supplies into the country to see. it would be a pretext for a foreign invasion. don't forget you can always get you give you news on the go down water out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well just push notifications for any breaking news and you can also use the data of you out to send us your photos and your videos. you're watching news coming up we take a look at what's behind the mass demonstrations that have been taking place in
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france of the last few months france is it in yellow that's rebellion a movement against moscow that's coming right up in just a few minutes. france's
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yellow rebellion. against moscow. it was announced as well over a tell me once this is really dangerous. the yellow vest movement has france's leadership on the defensive. what happens when so many citizens feel politically alienated. next d.w. . because. the title race
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is heating up. norman dropped points against hoffenheim after surrendering three goals. are no points at all after losing at home to heaven. while fiery game second spot after defeating shall go with these. sixteen. w.'s. crimes against humanity civilians become witnesses to. their recorded images travel around the globe yes social media. but what is profit can come fiction and what is factual digital investigators comb through the flood
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of images they combine sources to try to reconstruct what happened and substantiate claims of problems and. forensics between bits and bytes the. truth detectives starts feb fifteenth on t.w. . following violent protests on the streets of paris the french government declares a state of economic and social emergency. elements of it was down to boil over at some planes this is really dangerous.


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