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tv   Doc Film - China - The Digital Dragon  Deutsche Welle  January 24, 2019 6:15am-7:01am CET

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and they're challenging. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa charging. with him had to be done because suckers were lions if i had known the boat would be that small i never would have gone on the trip but you know i would not have put myself and my parents on time dangerous but it's the theme of the going to get a sleeper with. that one nobody to give them i have serious problems on a personal level and i was unable to live there but let's i'm going to. want to know their story in full migrant stir find it remarkable information for margaret's.
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cats that have come and i was a warm welcome from shen sands of the southern chinese metropolis that forty years ago served as the launch pad for china's era of reform and opening ever since the city and the country have experienced a breathtaking change jobs in this program will be highlighting just some of those developments so i. look i've seen china was once viewed as the workshop of the world today and is home to countless high tech companies that have earned it the nickname of china's silicon valley this silicon valley we've visited some of the most successful one of these to understand the dynamics. of
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a fast paced transformation clinton. forty years ago the landscape below was dotted with fishing villages today it's a bustling city of twelve million people many of whom are crafting the world's technological future this development is no coincidence in shenzhen everything seems possible. coston sense has just ordered a coffee and scans the sky as he waits for it to arrive the forty four year old german has worked for telecom giant huawei for eight years at the company's headquarters the coffee is delivered by a self flying drunk it's part of the tests for the next generation five gene mobile technology self driving cars or cell flying delivery trucks the super high speed network makes it possible. as in the us we see that the drone managed to land without spilling the coffee to that end it's extremely important that the drone remains totally hold his own feet in the air that requires more data being
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transmitted at an increasingly faster rate. who are way is the world's second biggest smartphone maker it's also a global leader in the development of five g. network technology its sprawling headquarters feel like a city district complete with swimming and sports facilities for employees many of whom owned company shares a long way is a respected employer and a major supplier for german network operators it has one hundred eighty thousand employees worldwide the company says almost half is involved in research and development so it's not like i'm finding. that constant says it's not surprising that companies based in shenzhen are spearheading the development of future technologies you have hung in so as us he has a different approach than germany you based your entire business and product development strategy on a long term plan to go. i mean china and above all in shenzhen it's about fostering
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a nice asian this is where things really get done. since then is also way ahead in realizing the vision of a networked city at the hallway company showroom garbage bins indicate when they're full and the control room compiles data from the fire department for example or on the number of ambulances available artificial intelligence directs traffic more efficiently. workers at this company are pursuing a different mission james joe is one of those in shenzhen making things happen he started a robotics company with a thousand employees his successful models are still rather playful they dance have communications programs or come with d.i.y. assembly instructions. but his robots are in increasing demand in the corporate world major. net this one is already on the floors of several department
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stores helping customers find their destination. james joe says the prevailing mentality in shenzhen is its recipe for success. or truth he said if we develop a model in a silicon valley or somewhere else like beijing you can take quite a long time we will need maybe three to four months ago but here in jens in us we can get the same results in six to eight weeks. robots still have to find their feet but while they may still be wobbly give them three to five years its manufacturer say and they'll be moving into our apartments serving our coffee supporting the elderly and playing with the kids. the employees are driven by a passion for innovation many work from nine in the morning till midnight companies are eligible for subsidies. the city and state provide generous funds for
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technologies that helped spur china's rise to a high tech global power. when china launched its policy of reform and opening four decades ago and was designated a special economic zone it's a magnet for workers with ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit drawing young talents determined to realize their dreams in a unique environment. one chung day is a district known for its sprawling electronics market offering everything that businesses or tinkerers might need to develop prototypes for new products numerous workshops like this one have been established to speed up promising developments. so like when you have this idea and then you come here and turn into a working prototype and then we can talk to you about what you plan for the next like if you want chill manufacturing a lot of it we can connect you to the supply chain that can help you sell us the different parts and help you to turn that one problem product into maybe one
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thousand one million of them. those whose ideas make the cut and are allowed to work here pay less than one hundred euros a month for access to sophisticated equipment developers receive counseling and introductions to investors or marketing experts. the operators of such centers are then guaranteed a percentage of the revenue of the newly created startups. universities are also keen to foster engineering talent teams and more than one hundred schools are currently preparing for a tournament robots fight each other with small pellets that have to hit sensors they were built by students who steer them like in a computer game. though they know. some robots can already shoot without a remote control they're quipped with artificial intelligence. one. most successful
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firms the seeking to use the competition to fuel students' enthusiasm for robotics . the company d.j. is already the leading global producer of drones for private use but increasingly it's been taking orders from the corporate and agricultural sector the latest can be steered through arm movements the firm has twelve thousand employees whose average age is twenty seven they feel they're on par with silicon valley they both have innovations coming out working here and i personally you know felt that you know the pace and speed at which things happen are really quick and i think there's this mentality of let's give this a try you know that's what if this happens or how else could we use is. while technologies like facial recognition artificial intelligence and robots are viewed with skepticism in many other countries here and then they're seen as the ticket to the future to the next big invention and can't be developed fast enough.
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and then take the chinese are very open to technological change. that is an awareness of the issues concerning data protection is less pronounced as he called when the china's communist party supports future technologies like artificial intelligence with generous subsidies i just wonder is it fear the internet because it was seen as an uncontrollable entity of the ceiling but it's a long sense mastered internet regulation time now it's using the opportunities of the digital world to its own advantage to open up business opportunities and keep tabs on society and previously unimaginable ways will be it is it doesn't fit. my encounter with the future the camera recognizes that i'm a man it's not sure of my age but comes near enough i'm still a stranger to the system which is analyzing my movements but it's a fast learner. on the street it recognizes traits by itself a car driver of
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a two wheeled vehicle green teeshirt short hair every day the system learns more from the countless data it's fed with. shia he non works for a company that's already altering daily life with developments in artificial intelligence facial recognition is key each face unique cold put up so if you would just stand in tonight reduce or i'm going to enter the camera if you want read just so we can know you in real time when she approaches the company entrance the camera recognizes him immediately even without his glasses and grants access employees no longer need company id facial recognition is enough. a small start up some three years ago it now has five hundred employees china is on track to dominate digital technology development artificial intelligence online commerce and cash transactions are booming despite strict internet controls. david
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bond or ski follows china's media landscape he. says beijing has managed to pull off a previously unthinkable feat. we had this perception in the past that you can't nail jello to the wall clinton's famous statement about the internet is this uncontrollable medium i think china is out to prove to the world that that it can have the best of both worlds who can control the internet and it can also have sort of a vibrant business space. the chinese president and party leader xi jinping understood early on the threat posed by the internet to the communist party. he turned the tables passing tight laws and an army of censors to block unwelcome content. at the same time the powers that be use digital technology to keep tabs on citizens the government is spurring the development of facial recognition tens of millions of cameras have already been installed across the country and as their numbers grow
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they're also getting smarter. this camera cannot tell anything to the parties they're not they to tyler just that they can receive or so the government needs to submit its camera do more sometimes likes. reader is a criminal. every face is linked to reams of data internet users leave traces of what they buy whom they communicate with a mobile phone app registers where people go on their rental bikes most chinese use we chat and after chatting paying bills or booking flights chinese internet giants like we chat operator ten percent have an official permit which allows that free access to users data. pay with your face in a restaurant from airlines to train stations and universities facial recognition is being tested in all areas of daily life. the state is also using the technology to
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discipline citizens in some cities. jaywalkers are named and shamed on giant roadside screens the practice is part of a social credit system that authorities aim to introduce across the country. it would rank citizens according to how well they comply with the rules. their scores may one day determine whether they get a place in a university a job in a state company or a bank loan. what you've posted online could also affect your score so china's vision at least is of this kind of system where they're able to harness big data to spot potential problems in terms of social unrest before they arise and of course fighting crime and all that is is a part of that but it's really much much bigger. companies are more optimistic cameras equipped with artificial intelligence for example can count heads and
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independently help control crowds or road traffic big data enables companies to better understand the needs of their customers it's a fine line between the blessing of useful technology and the curse of a surveillance state if used for its recognition we can go to the subway station which is not any fear yes because if any criminal person walking through a subway station there is some morning but i am the good one i have no fear yes maybe that's the benefit but there are still some some process that i have to meet this because this was something to solve and to be solved by the government regulation i think. there are still technical hurdles what if hackers gained access to the system that would almost certainly fuel demand for more data protection. the extent to which china's leadership will make use of its digital opportunities remains to be seen. but the road to a total surveillance state in china has been paved.
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the uber. more than seven hundred million people in china own a smartphone and they use it for all types of things to pay order watch videos or to take to the airwaves live streaming is a popular pursuit and a big business to protect innocents have to abide by many rules after all an army of censors ensures china's internet is among the most strictly controlled in the world so that doesn't stop young chinese from pursuing their dream career as a live stream or. across the country they perform in front of their phone cameras they sing dance instruct their stuff in a talent show. others document daily life in the countryside what they eat or find amusing.
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they all hope to attract lots of viewers live streaming in china is a popular pastime for some it's just fun for others a ticket to payment for action. lynn lynn is working on her career as a live stream or in beijing she's a beginner the twenty two year old studied management in singapore back in china she worked at a state owned company but didn't see many opportunities for herself there. was down there so. i don't want to be confined by my work and i enjoy my freedom oh ok well now you know if you don't live streaming is a new industry or i want that i don't try it and test my potential for song. this is her dream factory the beijing agency is one of many offering small studios to live streamers it has nine thousand performers under contract all busy building large fan communities from here or their own home.
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lynn lane's audition was promising now she's on air every day from eleven to five while more than two hundred million chinese tune into live streaming platforms so far hers has only achieved around a thousand visitors she answers text messages chats about everyday topics things she even stays on the air while she's eating as a beginner she doesn't earn much unlike this man. hsin hsin is an industry star with more than a million fans here after his studies he thought about pursuing a career in fashion he did a stint as a bar singer and then tried life streaming to earn some extra cash it was you who when i started i came across as unnatural and many people didn't like me my fans then my friends told me to just be myself and since then it's been great. the twenty five year old is always in a good mood. he has his own daily program and like today makes guest appearances on
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other live streaming shows the topics include overcoming divisions movies and teenage memories. and agency. employee tracks the digital gifts pouring in from fans it's how he earns his money. there can be digital race cars or rings the basic models cost less than a euro but there are some for several hundred year olds. qianqian show is also powered by e-commerce kitchen appliances food and other products he talks about can be placed in the viewer shopping cart and delivered to their home via an app and industry worth billions has been created in the space of just a few years successful life streamers earn six thousand euros and more per month some top stars are self-made millionaires but most only just managed to make ends meet lynn lynn's performance is monitored by her agent who gives her tips while she's on air the agencies are in a cut from every digital gift and have
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a vested interest in helping their life's dream or sell themselves. you know fodder for a career in live streaming women need to look good and any communication skills on the home. water for men should also look good but above all their shows need to be fun that you're in had a sense of humor. you know your own wonder. the agent tells us there are tools to help people meet beauty ideals a digital filter can narrow the lower jaw smooth skin and enlarge in the eyes again a. little and looks a little different on screen. the life streams encourage social interaction but china's gigantic censorship apparatus ensures that nothing is said written or performed that might be frowned upon by the communist party or consider too obscene. and
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where widespread self-censorship is not enough employees and software programs block critical keywords and chats. several platforms have already been closed down the government nevertheless supports life streaming the manager says the industry creates jobs but no one may cross the red line including fans so from. the people on the platforms are usually only interested in games entertainment or the performers may never see them as political that's what matters in other words we don't touch on things like politics religion or pornography. china's state media is demanding even stricter controls after increasingly daring performances the twenty six year old extreme climber died after falling from the sixty second floor of a skyscraper he was filming one of his many selfie videos. lynn lynn is not
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interested in dangerous stunts she wants to make people laugh her agent reviews her strategy she also has to learn how to deal with insults so. if someone says i'm ugly i say something must be wrong with their eyes and they need to go to the off from ologist until they can see i'm beautiful. because then their eyes will be back to normal again i react to such comments with a touch of irony and the agent shows her another lifestream or to model herself on her she urges lynn lynn to be more dynamic and positive to elicit more reactions from viewers never the less the agency is relatively satisfied with her first week of live streaming. then limb and returns to air it's taken many stars at least a year to build a substantial fan community lynn lynn finds that encouraging most live streamers however give up at some point in vanished from screens as quickly as they appeared little wonder given the competition.
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on. a future in china began opening up then had a lot to gain from its proximity to affluent hong kong it's now been part of china again for more than twenty years under the one country two systems modeled after shen's in hong kong and other cities in the pearl river delta already form one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world a new mega branch ams to bolster development but in hong kong people fear that beijing will exert greater control on the more liberal region. it will sort of. bridge and tunnel construction that set new records spending fifty five kilometers it's designed to improve integration among cities in an economic zone that's already a global economic powerhouse the pearl river delta the ferries are facing competition . the bridges advantages for all. income cuts travel time and we're no longer
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dependent on the ferries alone. the new bridge over the pearl river slashes the journey time around the greater bay area from more than three hours to just thirty minutes it's improved hong kong's connection to the industrial region on the chinese mainland. the bridges proponents see a host of economic benefits. in terms of. transportation costs at the time this would make our airport and content to become much more competitive in the region. megacities like long shadow are as much a part of the pearl river delta as hong kong's neighboring metropolis chan's in it's here in the pro river delta that china's transitions from the world's workshop with technologically advanced global player is progressing fastest. sixty six million people live in the boom region where the billions of euros funneled into infrastructure have put every city within an hour's commute of each other.
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macau and its casinos are hoping to profit the former portuguese colony is another special administrative region granted greater autonomy from beijing under the one country two systems principle it share the cost of the bridge which it hopes will also boost tourism. so we're looking at you know probably and the tourism side a lot more multi destination itineraries meaning to say that people coming late cannot visit not only home call not only macau but also other cities within the region. but environmentalists worry about white dolphins in the delta others complain about the projects exorbitant costs a waste of money say many in hong kong a city racked by unaffordable housing crisis critics also worry that beijing will use the bridge to force assimilation. project. more.
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like a symbol that hong kong has full control of beijing. the bridge isn't open to everyone drivers need an expensive permit to drive on the left in hong kong and on the right on the mainland on the bridge itself traffic alternates from right to left hand traffic. undone downtown lies on the opposite bank the affluent former british crown colony can't get a grip on one big problem there are no affordable apartments we experienced how dramatic the situation is for many people there when we visited some of the so-called cage people. their home is a cage seven men live in abject poverty sharing one subdivided room most days they don't have enough money for three meals mr long shows us where he's lived for years
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he receives the equivalent of five hundred euros in welfare he spends half on his cage bed and electricity. only mercer per floor smart garbage anything casto no one cares about us. to go there only way of hope is life xan she pays regular visits to inquire how they're doing what they need and brings extra money for food she works for an aid organization that cares for many people in hong kong living in such appalling conditions. have been nice way to say and l.c.s. way shameful because people call we have huge resources and people they have so weak. and that the governments have huge you know houses so i think that happens to have the capacity it recesses to have these people but we will just
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allow this to happen. hong kong. tops the table of cities with the world's most on affordable housing more than seven million inhabitants little space and a strong demand for luxury apartments that fuels price increases it's a lucrative market for realtors for the middle class the dream of owning a condominium is increasingly out of reach it's long been the norm to spend half one's income on rent or mortgage many people don't stand a chance of finding a decent apartment behind the facades lies shocking squalor. residents call her the poor people's angel life seana companies thirteen year old chuckling to his home many apartments have been subdivided by their owners in the cubicles known as shoe boxes with her income from part time work and welfare payments shocks mother can only afford two and a half square metres of living space a bunk bed and a small table his mother is often in despair. so you have
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a month. to month and i wish we had a big enough apartment to move about freely. you knowing. little it's only his own it's so small here we can't even enter at the same time he. had. chalk is too ashamed to tell his classmates where he lives most of the roommates here work but their salaries don't suffice for a normal apartment they have no choice but to share a kitchen and a bathroom with others. on their only hope is the public housing program but the wait list is long and it can take years to get a subsidized apartment life shawn helps applicants with the paperwork and piles of pressure on the authorities such cramped conditions are hard to bear meaning these honest days and easy to keep money really feel main street and you hope to see him because. he ain't going easy on you sometimes many hons. and some people think you
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know police need and besides now these two men eat well and kind enough to look. around thirty percent of hong kong's residents live in public housing the misery of others is evident from afar the search for affordable housing drives some people into corrugated iron dwellings on the rooftops of industrial buildings with meager safety precautions. it's illegal and dangerous. but these people have nowhere else to go. after. the. children are hit particularly hard life xan grew up in poverty and knows how they feel. they don't have enough space at home to sit down at a table to do homework volunteers with her and organization help disadvantaged children and teach them that they don't have to be ashamed of their living situation. up. there so it may just go because they feel that you period you know
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this and was now such a they at the beginning they're not getting that back but that was the other people they've done it for sample we have with us some children they have cost minority a living in this kind of a thing is small space and they can. lie sean says the city has to do more to provide public housing and criticises that developers are allowed to sit on large land reserves she's helped hundreds move in to subsidize apartments even if like in mrs tice case the wait lasted years the flats are larger and the rents cheaper than subdivided apartments it's a life changing improvement residents have more money to spend on other needs life shawn devotes all her time to the poor i feel happy because when i help people get used to the close attention i should i feel very sorry for them and so i wore high
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and they finally put their situation days they'd be very happy. i don't know because i think through helping people it is such a kind of happiness. back to the cage homes the tenants also pay more rent here than they would for subsidized housing if my xan didn't take care of mr long and the other men some wouldn't even have warm clothing for cool winter nights. to master rush hour when hong kong's workers have returned home mr long sometimes goes to the soccer field when he worked in a slaughterhouse he lived in company accommodation now he's seventy and sick he's given up hope of ever getting an. subsidized apartment. he's just one of almost three hundred thousand people in hong kong on the waiting list. often he already is also still
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a problem on the chinese mainland you and millions of chinese live on less than two year olds a day the communist party is seeking to eradicate such extreme poverty by two thousand and twenty five the fight against poverty above all targets under developed rural regions. e.-commerce has already helped transform many villages in ways their residents could never have imagined possible just a few years ago. this is the small countryside village of dean lou it has one thousand two hundred sixty inhabitants for as long as they can remember villagers made a paltry living from agriculture and were desperately poor today most families only work the fields as a side job and this is when king shags warehouse. the former farmer still has trouble using a computer but he and his wife talk themselves the essentials to operate a shop on the consumer to consumer site. they sell all kinds of costumes for dance
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groups or photography studios. he's just commissioned the first advertising videos for his home page and can hardly believe how fast his life has changed. for the farmer you work in the fields generation after generation we never thought about working on a computer. we thought that was something for people in the city tuned in for a comment on. the sign at the village entrance reads e.-commerce paves the way to happiness there are still signs of poverty but it's disappearing. only five years ago the village was a quiet backwater it has since emerged as a booming center for online trade that development has brought traffic jams because now many villagers own cars shops have opened even banks because suddenly the people here are making money. the new industrial center built from government subsidies the village once had
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a few tailors who made customs e-commerce open the door to the world's biggest online market and farmers like grand king shang discovered their entrepreneurial spirit. these women taught themselves to so now they earn a good three hundred euros a month. more than tripling what they made us farm workers when king shen already has fifty employees for him low cost labor makes the countryside an attractive place to do business. but that only i think e-commerce makes effective use of all local resources you can sell products made locally on the on line platform and make the most of all the regional advantages. at the modern soup bar customers say they're not just happy they have enough to eat they can even open savings accounts life in the countryside suddenly offers opportunities for the future. that you stand in used to be that as a young person you either worked in the fields or became
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a migrant worker was told no you can earn money and take care of your parents and children at home. so this. is the villages party leader every day he hosts the delegations who come to learn the secret to his success his village is a model for fighting poverty in china in the afternoon the merchandise is sorted for distribution at the new logistics center the former farmer ren king xing makes more than one million euros in sales a year and has already received his first orders from south korea and the u.s. he now has his sights set on exporting costumes made in his village to the whole world. and if you explain a funny and found it's an hour long flight from shenzhen to the picturesque rice terraces of the province a popular tourist destination it's home to the euro one of more than fifty recognized ethnic groups in china ya'll have a special tradition after a ritual haircut on their eighteenth birthday you know the women never cut their hair again. the ritual only takes place once
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a year. now take this opportunity to say goodbye from thanks so much for watching. over. centuries farmers in southeastern china have cultivated the land into majestic stept rice terraces the traditions that prevail in ethnic villages here offer a glimpse into the rural past. this village probably maintains one ancient custom the hairstyle of youall women. young men is turning eighteen this year tomorrow she will get the last haircut of her lifetime. what kind of course will be said i let my hair grow for so many years it's a part of me it won't be easy for me to have it cut off that commission with us. tomorrow will be an important day for the whole pond family the father offers his
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daughter some comforting words. on the water on the one hundred sand that she has to kind of her hair how you will. not after that she'll be considered a grown up. and her hair will grow back. after all this is the village of long haired women. the gal tribes ancient tradition is observed across the province the not in front of the head indicates that a woman is married the women's hair has become a tourist attraction after their eighteenth birthday women never again let a pair of scissors near their head. some have hair that's grown to a length of more than two metres. i think. the pond family runs a guest house with a restaurant their daughter jon may attends
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a boarding school and is only home one weekend a month. the coming of age ritual is important to her she could have said no. to her mother lou thanks sets out the traditional clothing and jewelry for tomorrow's celebration then she attends her own hairstyle for the long hair is a symbol of wealth and a long life the longer the hair the better. the women don't even trim the ends. of the hair style isn't easy to arrange it incorporates two extra hair pieces one stems from her own coming of age ceremony when she turned eighteen the other is made from combed out strands. the needle like every single hair that falls to the ground we tie them up and use them in her hair. as young may isn't sure whether she wants to follow in her
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mother's traditional footsteps so much when i grow up i want to look around first after all the world is big i can spend my entire life in one place i like. the big day has come for centuries the traditional life of people here garnered little to no attention today it's fueling a boom in tourism that's an important source of revenue for locals farmers tending their fields are photo op there's even a viewing platform for visitors. in. the streets of this once sleepy village are now often congested john mace father doesn't mind the transformation. it wasn't so long ago that people here didn't have enough to eat. ten years ago we didn't get any tourists. life was our. we had to leave and. earn money as
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migrant workers. but now the tourism is developed. people in our village are doing a lot better. it's the villages eighty families receive a share of the revenue from the foreman says for tourists the demonstration includes a shampoo it's the women have developed their own recipe based on rice water it's praised as a miracle cure for beautiful hair and sold as a souvenir. tourists marvel over the women's hair which remains a deep black even in old age for the cameras they were in their heads in the mountain river like in ancient times. is ready. prongs the village square. the ritual is held once
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a year according to the moon calendar this time john may is the only girl in the village getting her hair cut. the local yell priest begins the ceremony which signifies that she is an adult and can marry. as her mother uncovers her head the women of the village sing in the dialect. then a simple pair of kitchen scissors cuts through her strong hair. her mother will keep the strand in mary's. it's painful for her to part with her hair. surrounded by tourists she's granted a moment alone under the umbrella to mourn her loss.
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yes. after the ceremony when quiet has returned to the village shawn may is back at home and all smiles. she's returning to her boarding school and has already got used to her new hairstyle. was right i was sad it did make me sad but now i'm fine again it was a bit surreal one minute my hair was still there then suddenly it was gone. some ten hours and home are when i wanted to tie my hair back in a ponytail i thought wait a minute where's my hair at with obama's reminder. now she aims to pass the entrance exam to a good university and make her parents proud maybe she'll become a teacher. after a few years in the big city she might come back to her family tell village the home of women with beautiful hair.
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and. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. strike six elites fasi day it's come to mean avoid disunited kingdom and the more damage we can governments i guess this week here in london is vanna jenkins a meeting breaks it campaign for the conservatives and teens i'm just going to get into this crisis and how's it going to get out of it conflicts. in thirty minutes d.w. . sometimes
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this is deja vu news live from berlin a power struggle in venezuela as the opposition leader declares himself president under the thousands taking to the streets to demand president nicolas maduro leave office opposition leader won why go positions himself to take power back by the u.s. also coming up. germany's foreign minister goes on a charm offensive in washington he says berlin has big plans for its new two year tenure on the u.n. security council.


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