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tv   Doc Film - Urmila - My Memory is My Power  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2018 10:15am-11:00am CET

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kind of and dry some rice you need all the support they can get. you're watching news from but i'll be back at the top of the hour with more of the latest news from around the world in the meantime you can get all the latest news and information on our web site at steve. thanks so much for watching. informal. language courses. video audio. anytime anywhere. w. . illiam.
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the. yoda i know what do you get a good laugh want you. to get. that is a good enough good idea that he can play oh my god it. was. a lot more. fun. in the world of it when i was. able to get out of it like it was a little bit of. this. like that got. me a. little. girl. thanks
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thanks. thanks. thanks thanks thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks.
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it's the so it's good glad i'm on with us you guys can have on my team a god that is going to be a gaga comes with a but had to laugh and i've been mauled like i played booth is going to have a school bus in london that location level bad to put up a low key for my company lag again i'm going to have a man look i seen a few bad and i messed up here because he doesn't mind i have time to do cool he gonna go hundreds in the course and i got hit with the god a nigga gotta go home i have a. dream i don't mind the amount grapevine i missed him it's him on a good look up how did he do to mine it's gonna go on like who is he going to. manning is having
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a good moment to broaden the druid's i'm going to make come had to do. was to make you gonna go home including garden of god in america and hunted by little guy says so little. moves do that to me would so i mean beat my dick with its eyes just because he asked. for it you. know. not one you don't put in a bill. now you're left that i had my. cock but it. was that he. did it but he did i'm not going to back away.
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thank. god. that god bon-bon they. were good for both you're not going back i'm banging in thirty days to make them have come out. clear up and. land. where coming in by flat and dirty cut sending me apt to get your cuts. and said you didn't get money. but i get. that don't resent depend. pandering or die. that pym point. in that so just months but it got my.
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game. so this month. somebody i'm like. now been. sent by my so he assumed. that it was out. because like dad sat mum guardian you got saddam by to give a guy in mumbai. coming out. if. this. if. i knew you. we have a meadow we have commenced name and i come to you but homeland winnie i mean my
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lady that i had no know who when nonmedical who gave me and let the last one i did that must have been less than look good and this was for me they had to move and be happy by need and. i was on a something that i knew that. i knew that the to give it me i need and that she. truly. and. i need i is for sure that human life study would have got him one way and they got out alive you had no clue and you know. anybody but and a few that just a. divider going but a product you must walk by. the. money and you some of the sun got sick you much and when it's you who seem less.
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want. to help me. remember i didn't think magical writing. out a bad you did not really. grasp. that. great number of you know me i'm back. somebody might. have married a who would. remember the little man's name on the. farm. and. find out how. our.
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lives it wasn't even it is damn good. if i. wouldn't. lift it. i. get. to.
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live it to the to battle between mental health. was utterly utterly futile. it. must not let you listen. oh. you must know how you. feel. you feel. good at least. like. to be like me just as you feel i
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feel you can't hear me if you. feel. like i've never. done one thing out. of the mouth of one criterion like that well you know that i'm. going to. feel. elated when you haven't bothered to do it in that one thousand but i know there's
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a bit even if you like them overtaking him if. you have evidence and there's something better than it already underling as you know you can only hear somebody or something if i were willing to do anything of that for years but if i wanted it would be as it was for i think people doubt i'm going to be forgiven by my live here who didn't know much more than it was going to be doing it even if it was just didn't work so well when they were supposed to be. doing the diplo. but it wasn't a. question. for the fans but i think honestly in the last two months the numbers from when i left from you know forty zero zero point to that of the on the likes of ice and. what it is but even though you know you know that they can be just a little bit over the gun with a list of i'm going to believe possible so much focus that it's i was
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a bit of this but i go you know there's a week for you there you go i think most people like a bucket of oil you know you get up and you clean davis and they look it was the book which i later used which said you would look you don't like the way that. you would feel. for. that mistake and i must believe in the believe that easy to. believe well. damn well i was. going to have you who was looking tough. but i mean.
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you got to be. happy out there that have moved. you feel. secure. you feel you. you you. you. feel you to be. in the back. to school are going to. continue to take you and. but you know full length is the only thing i would like to tell you a. highly secret because i just and.
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i disagree. but i'm. not. sure. that. i'm. not sure i gotta give you that great great to be great you had a pretty. good lead the breaking. of the lead. oh my god how not that somatic out. there my hot guess on my laptop but i would do well yes up they said i could document dump. had what i need time to lay on martin how my dad's ideal of the
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we are. almost nobody lives a home. there are a lot sometimes i don't dare live up to young. i didn't get it. only i was a get used to the could do much. that as a little interest it. is movies that i'm going to do this it's. just that. they're born muslim women. who want. well. i would love. to. when they want proof. he'll go oh my goodness. oh my.
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you got all my. fact. is. i have it. so very much of. it is. because he asked me if.
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he did write. simply as a particular thing and this was a new touch me to do because i'm talking about us. as. i need to be a part of the past i'm going to meet somebody by the paddock with us and what we can make. what i need to get out of the basis of my business and as if you got it but i'm going to google demanding you do somebody on it including you some go back to the advice that went on to keep. using the media kind of a second. something
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to do. something to keep. and. i like to make them. good. as you but i wanted it is that compared to that in the bank you could. do something very good years. thanks for. the some of you got some of it so with at least i just haven't been a player but he. he comes out of body of work we need saturday i have to look this guy like you so greatly this be ready to pay me a bag that's a hundred years but i have some men. who would do this you get one man i mean
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you've got a man with them maybe it was like actually and went on living and. some might be. quite good at that if you so much but at the remember when that much any sort of god gave you some. kind of mean great you could be q. apple god with nothing to see. but it's my last that is none of that. they had at the army. has eleven families and you and i want to. say i mean one name. but i like she got a nice you to be back about when you were might. become one but i lean one way that you get on but there was a mistake i did it. by now when the i me we seemed to be back with both and sam go
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. look out of it was a little bit. like the way. and heard my colleagues there's a. very nice of the best here this was a nice fight it's not going to be the other two it is not so high if you're still inside and you can see the can see the big problems in my international also my. mountain of course it's all about. flow. and he says what i call the garden for
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a few minutes to clean up. we do independently and i know i do and i'm very busy because you. do your homework. for me like you are learning and yes. dismay. that i'm talking about in this way i'm not i mean and i am but this is this is a lot of things to learn so it's not easy. you are it's what for three years it's not a very long time because normally small children in the age of eight or nine years or three years at school. i think you are missing a lot of the basics. which gives you the strength to understand the following
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because this is for you are missing and so maybe therefore i think it is necessary . to repeat these things. understanding. or maybe the question is are you doing. what you reduced your charge to get out. to get a royal. into the rear of the oil. market not not right one but the question of. your understanding. now being used to make your chances so for next as a seat of the nation. to preserve it. meant that it is first and letting go is the best and then i will decide everything not
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nerd out of. but also doing. work at your organization that tell you have all of us and i see my fust thing i would like to study then use my imported nice main and remediation of. because i'm one of the fact my amazing and i don't like fighting it. means it will not stop you're learning. has. lived will. only end. if it was
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a fight that explicitly says. if you do it you know if it was in my face. i did say that it wasn't as if you actually wished that i was he would listen that it was only when i would listen that the sound of the king on. the street. in the business that's the key if that person not getting this was it. that way to do good news that even if he said this is in the midst anyhow i mean you'd have book with a man's head to get it past him. if
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you translate into management but if i can them and i think he said the reason that announcer. i'm saying is not balance on a lot of us on saturday night and it's not surprising. that it in the past month that someone that classical and i'm saying it it was no one even and the continued you know one of the. people man of the past and so. a lot of i have an example that i. never would have to want to be in tanzania more music. it was made of steve plamann you know money. and you know. and not. that you don't have let's tell you he's someone
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they have. that you are educated sessional and loyal in politics science that you are able to set up south africa nelson montana or gandhi all have thought it all year and they could change if they had a chance to change the system from the inside and this is the question because to become a lawyer thess needs really more than one hundred percent of your time and so one time in within the next one or two years. decide if you're a few wrestle see you have to decide i want to go this way or you go definitely the political and the education way and also pirlo with journalists and what they took on is ations and so on but i predict you this is not possible in the end sure you will lose both.
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it's. just that even in the haleigh i'm here alone we have to because. it is spending our you day one day of school i heard it said you were gay is going to do and to be fine it can be sad and i'm not going to hate you think you can read these things can't harm him he's not
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a pain. in the. same egypt. that. you come in but that. one of the players. played. such a little love in the world oh we'll get loads of it so i'm. going to come up with any other want it leave. to the listener it will mean to
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tell a little who you. are you. all of us. i wish i was not i'm saying i was once you were the accident i'm going i'm going to you're going to i'm going to walk out through the knox was the one who just got on because i was going back like you. might want to you have you back up on you tube back to. you. i'm saying you are you know i think i might have. never come back my mom but i'm not the masterminds. behind.
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you. and yes. very likely. to miss of. the it's. all those people doing very well there's always some of these out there will. suck you was you know. why. i'm going by you. know nobody will know coming. to live on a moment exactly what i. want and. that was what i could write i would i did if i got with a backpack why do you like i want my kids maybe it's under my do you think i have
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a one pure luck but i doubt. i mean somebody. must point out wait when you bought a bus a magical god might be by most thoughts about him out as i might you know my quad daddy opana yes i do you want to do what i do you might have most lame i'd be bad but i could not mess up somebody thank you and happy to have my view oh i did hope they. might be. the be the.
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the little. speech magic to. become active in the mustang and good morning everybody over here if this is me would mean so that he did it because in doing the good stuff. they set up slave networks and with impunity. debase human beings and in fact some of the speakers here today and some of the ones that will be at the also freedom form are three former slaves there are now abolitionists would you like show that
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he was five years old. when she was taken from her family and the paul and sold into slavery for eleven years she was exploited abused and forced to work without any compensation now freed she travels across nepal to free other girls. now must be in our nearby good morning is no must be and likely now must be everybody. my english is not good i hold my interest us good translated it's my voice and i will lead to big name five million ways he says ok ok ready. and he could say freedom basically and look at the camera. ok let's see what we thought i. saw on that.
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thanks. when my brother sent me away to ork in kathmandu to feel i was fat from bus drivers from my peers i had to fight for every house call it d.v.d.'s to make my house tonight happy. if i didn't then i was. beaten with bad to worse i couldn't bear it is this rulers. you know it will so for afraid of we have had some speakers like yourself that they do all i received the nobel peace price here in norway would you like to continue or to qualify for the latter as i was nineteen. i hope you are
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a good success i hope you succeed good your work because this report for us is important for everybody you said to me this called friends. you are the type of horses we are very happy to have you here thank you for coming. projects name me so we have a dream and we haven't seen you since george graham sent your thoughts on your connection syrian's can i have a day or so of course. you haven't had to ask you. i haven't didn't know and don't want to miss you don't you think you can walk. off. so what's your dream. on the subway watching the. breaking news i was so out of my head.
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and sneeze nobody has made this kind of a minute again. it's made to. act . like.
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it's so. easy is the secret is i live in usa can you talk to me and that is the teams that are least.
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but coming. from dads and you. mean. me. in. here.
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and have come to miss anything. lou get it i've only. just. come back when you actually put up going to the exam gave me. a certain number and get it never signed any disobedience and now i've had subject matter than hold a new party. and needed in disability as a gimmick in the school and they've gotten really good soon as. he stood beside i have to go some better tomorrow. by youth minutely i gave up on. the cheap bunny who could destroy. somebody the most humble me i'm led newsom's with his
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house who can. think is that think it is connect me and there is the good side is that i asked and that he asked. thank you you. thank
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. this week's highlights. u.s. spectacle of the festival of lights in law and. pure comforts modern living in malta. show up in trenton for a ride at benedict my out. of the moment and thirteen years in donations. form. for.
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natural riches the one precious resources. and a room warning investment and farmland has been called the ethiopia's gringo. the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international reform giants. the government is after high export revenues and corporations high profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. tax creation environmental destruction starvation and. the sowing out of a country dead donkey whose oddness starts december twenty ninth on t.w. . after. the
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new law. please. this is d. w. news live problem but in a late night breakthrough in the fight against global warming. there was jubilation and maurice i'm told scinto to wrap up for the rule book and forcing cuts to greenhouse gas emissions and helping foreign nations deal with the changing climate and the critics say the deal just doesn't go far.


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