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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  December 8, 2018 3:02am-3:30am CET

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manes chancellor of germany but her role as the leader of germany's governing christian democratic party now belongs to an account on con bauer after almost two decades at the top american hands the baton to her protege who is now in pole position to become germany's next chancellor only rock n roll and this is the day. i love and now it's time to open a new chapter today at this hour in this moment i am filled with one overriding feeling of gratitude to. the family and it was a good it's been a great pleasure it's been an honor to be before and to friends with also overcame the huge challenge in twenty fifteen of taking many people and your initial monetary and crisis. time in
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a form that we must prove that in times like these we resolutely defend our way of life our liberal values and our interests both the time and abroad not in the enough common sense of all truth and worst rioting but we must all work together to continue this momentum we all have the responsibility to shape and sustain this great people's policy of the new zone i would be very happy it is supposed to be enshrined into free jewish nerves would work with me to achieve this is our. it was close but in the end shows the americans favored while on a cat's calm qanbar is the new party chair of the german christian democrats she now takes over as leader of the c.d.u. after securing the leadership vote and that puts her in pole position to become germany's next chancellor after america's fourth term ends. and it could come kind
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of emerge victorious and perhaps slightly in shock winning fifty one point seven percent of the vote she beat her more conservative rival mats and she's now the woman at the helm of the christian democrats. here he is talking as president to a committee. to matt's. dia delegates and dia guests. exit this position and the results of the vote and thank you for your trust. it was only in february of this year that come combo i shared a laugh with angle america when the german chancellor first proposed a c.d.u. party secretary-general meco had forgotten that she herself was the first woman in the job the to see eye to eye on many issues sounding remarkably similar over the hot button subject of migration we can do this. yes we can do this we can do this
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if we use the christian c. in our policy names a compass and take the diva democratic seriously let's talk about policies again instead of looking for the lowest common denominator. the to go back a long way in recent months and it could come cousin bella has been keen to shake off the title as many macca stressing their differences like her skepticism over same sex marriage and her interest and reintroducing a conscription like service for young people she also used the latest tension between russia and ukraine to call for a tougher line against russian president vladimir putin in addition to use sanctions bus routes and asked the question how else we can make absolutely clear to him that the insults see must be kept open for international shipping. come and her leadership credentials and state premier of germany smallest state of the islands there she proved that she can win elections in difficult times for the
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c.d.u. . while my colleague nic of her has been covering developments at the c.d.u. party congress and hamburg and she filed this report after the news came through that an exact count can borrow or was the next party leader. by electing an idiot to come cabin boy as new leader of the conservative c.d.u. party angle america got the successor at the home of the conservative c.d.u. that she herself had been hoping for after all merkel launched her career as party secretary general only last february at the same time a.k.k. as she is known can't afford to simply continue on the medical course in fact it doesn't appear that she intends to do that she's been much tougher action on migration them apple ever was she's also ready let knowing that she would be tougher on moscow too particularly on the issue of ukraine this now is
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a voice. the chancellor angela merkel will have to listen to in the future. but for now it's safe to say that i'm going to mackerels brasil exit from politics first only stepping down as party leader could be something like a text book exit deciding herself when she leaves the political stage to show off and now she's vowed to stay until her time ends in twenty twenty one but there is a lot of uncertainty ahead here in germany and in your. mechanic of not reporting their exit stage after uncle america what shape well jeremy take peter craven is here our chief political editor all right well the curtains have now closed for a chancellor angela merkel that was a very stage managed handover very well choreographed ever the taxation angle america's you could just right just down to it see and now she's created this new
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and rather fascinating i think tumbling because it's pretty unprecedented they're going to have to work parallel to each other for anything up to three years. in duration that's a long time and i think can happen in three years and it certainly will. foreign policy is going to be an interesting area because i'm glad we did it we don't know how they're going to find this but it will we we do assume that i'm going to focus on form almost see where she has a global reputation where she's a revered figure power from outside europe whether there are problems around austerity and refugee crisis because i'm interested to see how they interact the two ladies so i understand from your explanation here that a k k a she's known for short term miracles the successor as the leader of the c.d.u. she's not going to make life difficult for the chance she's definitely not i mean are they we saw the body language you saw the chemistry between the two they are friends they are buddies and she's going to be studiously loyal and she's got every reason to do so after she draws she's being offered on a plate the job as the as the the leader of the most powerful country in europe
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effectively. the future leader old europe and she's going to be shooting in the old the diplomacy in the politicking that goes without by one of the the great masters of the current struggle americal now as we've been reporting a lot of people have been saying that there are some striking similarities between these the women's us style of leadership what i wonder is will be harmed by that similarity well certainly there's really. it's difficult to say but there has been for my money there has been a deliberate campaign in some quarters to try and diminish. the you know itself you mentioned she's been called mini america which i think is shocking really she's been talks about it as a diminutive character and she herself in her speech in her address to the conference today she you could tell that i was hurt and cried she said i am who i am i'm a winner i have a very powerful track record and in so many words she said i will not take this nonsense any longer she's the biggest employer signals for the media are i tell
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let's take a listen now to where chancellor angela merkel what she said in her farewell address. you know part of. it is not that i am particularly c.d.u. i don't have to be fighting chair to have strong ties to this party and it's also about wanting to be a german chancellor the cd is going to be focusing on the time after many it is a matter close to my heart and the last term of my political affluence that i contribution to ensuring the new success of the studio whilst at the same time maintaining responsibility nation to do to continue government this is how we can set the course for the future peter basically her successor america successor has no choice but to embrace america's legacy same question different different answer i'd have to say every american has been criticized down the years for sometimes being spinks like being vague we don't know how to read her she lacks conditioned
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conviction she lacks vision but you know she is a person of great humility and great modesty and i think she is going to being capable of the historic act of actually slowly but surely stepping aside and letting a k.k.k. take over in the limelight is she someone that will bring about the change that many in the party in the city you party are calling for i don't know so much not change a little or there's going to be brought a cold change revolution or a change in the balance i think far from it i think she's going to adopt a much more pragmatic step by step very murky must approach that she's going to get she's going to go out there and do what she's been doing for months already she's going to listen to people in her policy and in the country she's going to listen to their fears about it's about the refugee situation she's going to listen to their fears about law and order but she's also going to listen to their fears about you know everyday problems that people are really afflicted by here in germany the moment you care for the elderly or her musing these kind of things the digitalisation of the workplace the fears that people have she's going to listen
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she's going to care and she's going to try and put things right for people that is probably the best approach to to talk. the ultimate it's the job of the far right and it's the german let's take a wider view now in terms of the e.u. interest of foreign policy at large when we see a continuation of the policies that we've seen up to now or will surely have a moment now where it's more inward looking not on today's evidence so there i was quite surprised to hear in her address to the conference they make a case saying that that she believes that we should have a more consolidates europe that we need a europe. that is going to have its own army for example she mentioned and that was that was really her answering the questions that the emanuel mccraw has been asking for a whole year and that anglo-american hasn't really been answered so that was quite an interesting stuff for what i thought not not that surprising if you consider that the zoolander that she comes from is right up on the french border she's got to be thinking about relations with friends how much has chance america shaped
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germany she's made it more liberal she's made it more urban she's made it more diverse she's made it more of a women's world we would have come to the foreign bank of america either it's happened or she's engineer did you know i often sit with a minister in berlin and they say this is not this is being deliberate this has been a stills program with feminism written all over it but never after the mention of. another woman takes over the verizon are a continuing that theme peter craven chief political editor here at d w news thank you. france is on a war footing authorities are trying to stave off another wave of violent protests that have been plaguing the country for weeks public anger erupted over the government's plan to fuel tax hikes part of president's mccombs efforts to fight a climate change tomorrow the eiffel tower and the move museum are among the some
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of the landmarks that will be close in paris this weekend as the country braces for a repeat of last weekend's rioting but the heavy handedness would wish police are trying to control public unrest also prompted widespread criticism this video that you see here shows high school students being arrested in a town near paris hundreds of students were rounded up around the country after demonstrations disrupted or closed many schools now across the french cities and towns students walked out of their classrooms in anger at government reforms to university fees and entrance requirements. looks like a city at war rioting vandalism car set on fire and tear gas. at month fifty kilometers northwest of paris cars were burning here too and one hundred forty six people were taken into custody and fires in bordeaux in the south
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of the country and marches this banner reach a high school is angry wherever you look in france the scene a similar high school and university students who've joined the yellow vests demonstrations to protest against the rising cost of living and against the government many are also demanding the country's president to resign. also presuppose the yellow vests we have a common colds it's about our future so it's obvious that will take to the streets we're here to support this movement and for people to pay more attention to us. and what do the teachers say if there's no more security than your taking the risk in the past few days there's been rioting i saw a bus stop shelters being manned lyston a car windshield smashed with a mother and three children inside the car these are things we've never seen before and are difficult to control and. there's no sign that high school and university students or the yellow vests are planning to stop their protests however not all
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the french think that should include violence when he's got a solution that is not a solution no solution to it you can demonstrate without being violent just like the law states he pleaded boller will. the government wants to show it's ready to negotiate however the concessions it's willing to make don't satisfy the yellow vests in the upper house of the french parliament the prime minister appealed to the demonstrators in the middle of one of the news with the minister of the interior asked those who are planning to come to paris on saturday to demonstrate not to do that they should distance themselves from the violence this is not about prohibiting freedom of expression it's simply good advice so that you don't get swept up in the violence thousands of security personnel will be deployed this weekend across the country the prime minister said that those who take part in writing will be arrested and brought to trial the government wants to show it won't put up with any more violence but that's not likely to stop the protests. well the
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t.v. news reporter i mean on this if a cop with one of the yellow vests protestors are on facebook which are is the man who came up with the idea of actually using the yellow warning vest as the symbol of the movement well here's an excerpt now from that interview in french we forced over the questions and answers for you in english where did you get the idea to use a yellow vest ok to promote two but it was really simple i was making my video and i saw the vest that i use all the time for work. i thought to myself it's highly visible we all have one in our cars because it's required by law. so why not use it as a sort of color code. just to see if people want to go out in protest. and then go. over to someone. who or why he's along the lines you protest not cross comes with the tax code needed
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a tux. it's not enough we should have woken up years ago we took too long to wake up and now we have to make up for the years we missed there in really way too many abuses for years and he isn't listening to us he had a program that was actually not too bad but he didn't do anything he promised. come and go. and what are your politics. on the evidence you have offered me i'm not political at all. i'd like to have the right to vote on the important laws they get passed. because we don't get to give our consent. if some of them. own what we don't have a right to decide on these things. we just have a right to choose a president every five years. for the whole world of all of.
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you against micron's attempt to improve the environment. well no actually we would all love to drive with clean energy but the government's plan doesn't stand up that's not how we're going to achieve anything we can't even pay for our cars now so it's impossible to buy electric cars or hybrids. normal. then what's the plan what's going to run in the next few weeks. here although. i think it's going to get rough it's inevitable. in my opinion the anger is too intense he responded too late and what's more he doesn't respond directly he sends ministers in his place most people i meet on the street want him to step down on the dr drew or quarter over to me to call the boss and what has to
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happen for the yellow vest to be satisfied. that because this was honestly. when i heard this was a pulse and i think the president test to come out of his hole in face the french people not with the press release but in reality on the ground but that will never happen i don't think he's too removed he's so proud of not taking any steps backward that we're not going to let go either the problem is that he's stubborn and we're stubborn too at some point someone is going to have to cave and we're counting on him to do the caving. people who aren't taken out to paris the french capital which is bracing for another wave of violence let's check in with jake a second air who is on the ground jay good to see you from here where we are it seems like everybody in france is on a war footing how much tension is there on the eve of this fourth act of this protest movement well lou tensions are running rather high after last week's group
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says on saturday many people who canceled their evening plans for tomorrow just be on the safe side there are certainly plenty extra precautions as you said major reasons and sites are closed and cafes are said they will get other side what we're not sure shops and banks are boarding up and construction sites are also. equipment and anything that could be used as projectiles by rioters oh right now i just wonder how much public support is there for the john as there are no. well it was on sunday a clip was released that showed about seventy five percent of french people support a vision on the yellow best movement and that they sympathize with them but then they also said that eighty five percent of people of french were against the violence that we saw but you know still that fifty percent margin is quite worrisome but that number has also slipped a little bit to seventy five percent support she has done since we have seen that there could be violent protests tomorrow morning meanwhile president
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a man who i might call has been silent and his silence has been deafening as rightly the label of the last time we heard from natural was in buenos aires when he was at the g twenty summit in argentina and he spoke out against the violence and the riots that took place on saturday and that's a lot of what people are angry about that he hasn't publicly addressed this even though he has sent his his government spokesperson the prime minister to address the french people there waiting to hear from the president and he has said that he was speaking next week early next week likely monday and he do want to speak for tomorrow's protest just in case he would add fuel to the fire that the government is facing a nightmarish problem this isn't a more fist movement without any discernible leadership that is morphing into something much much bigger and is very difficult to piece because the tensions have an ease after they basically cancel that controversial attacks fuel tax.
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that's right i mean that was only the first thing that's an issue what started these protests a month ago and then you had a larger movement they grew and grew into a larger movement that encompass the middle and working classes for them to express their frustration with what they perceive as slipping standards of living and in this week we saw high school students join the protests about seven hundred students were actually arrested yesterday and there were burning they were burning cars in some communes and we also saw ambulance drivers doing the protests on monday next week we plan to see agricultural our farmers i should say during the protests to protest agricultural policies right so that's like a plethora of demands dare from a diverse public i mean there's a sense of deja vu here i mean this has played out before where you have a reformist government coming into power introducing measures and then having to backtrack in the face of popular revolt is this time different this time you're
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right absolutely all had his own ego the fact that he actually had to go back on and chirac whenever he was president he tried to reform retirement policies and his prime minister at the time alan gervais actually had to resign in the face of protests this time natural has actually he's pushed forward a lot of his reforms he was the major labor reforms last year in the face of public backlash this time and this is the first policy that he's actually cancelled and he's gone back on right now i mean there's a lot of people saying you know he's done for i wonder is it too early to write him off well this is certainly the biggest political crisis that he stay since he took the president last this eighteen months ago they said he's faced public pushback with almost every one of his major policies that he's pushed through this political crisis will certainly determine the rest of his presidency and finally in
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conclusion in terms of the administration i mean they're pretty shaken. that's right i mean they are putting more security forces on the streets more and more police thousands more they're also really armored vehicles into paris which has not been seen in paris since two thousand but whenever there were run ins here in the streets so everyone is on high alert everyone. is looking to tomorrow to see what's going to happen very very tense a evening at the head of that demonstration tomorrow jake a second narrow reporting from the french capital thank you. and finally astronaut alexander garrett says becoming the european who has spent the most time in space there german commander of the i as as will have been in orbit for three hundred fifty one days on saturday setting a new record though many americans and russians have spent far longer in space
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astro alex says he's known on twitter posted this video earlier this week it shows this so you supply spacecraft as it pierces the earth's atmosphere bound for the i s garrus capture the images from the cupola observatory of the space station and fuse them together as a time lapse video all right awesome meanwhile the i.r.s. says we'll soon have some space neighbors china says it has launched a lunar provera and for the dark side of the moon news agency said a long march three rocket carrying the lunar a probe launched from southwest china some experts estimate the probe will take fourteen days while other sources have said it could take as long as twenty seven days the biggest challenge will be establishing communication with the far side of the moon which is unreachable by direct signal and in visible from earth.
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the day is nearly done the conversation of course continues online you'll find us on twitter either at the news or at my handle absolutely laraque and don't forget to use our hash tag a day or leave you now with some images of astro alex on board the i s. and send some of the amazing sights yet seen from up there over the three hundred fifty day suspension or.
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