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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CET

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and high tech professionals talk about their visions successes in day to day business in different fields. it's in the history in everyone. this is the have to be patient the. digital africa starts december twelfth w. o n a very warm welcome to focus on europe with me peter craven and we begin with the tensions that are once again running worryingly high between ukraine and russia only a few days ago just off the crimean coast a russian coast guard ship rammed a ukrainian navy tugboat close to the bridge over the cash straight as free ships
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were attempting to enter the sea over solve the ukrainian vessels were subsequently seized by the russian forces and so the world looks on and asks itself what the two sides are hoping to achieve the latest flare up took place in the camps strait that divides crimea from russia it's a sensitive location for all the people of the region and our correspondents met with dimitri in the ukrainian port city of mariupol and ludmilla in the small russian town of time man to hear about their hopes and their fears. as a young man dmitri your own inca began work as a porter here on the keys in marable but the port he's given three decades of his life to now faces an uncertain future since russia built a bridge over the straits of coach to crimea the largest ships and no longer able to reach marable in addition russia now stops and searches all. vessels heading for
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ukrainian ports kiev says it amounts to a blockade an attempt to paralyze the region's economy but dmitri you know in korea fuses to be discouraged from a given we don't just hope that things will improve we're convinced they will we're preparing to get things back to normal. dimitri wants to show us his plans for the future as the ports chief engineer he's proud of these solar panels all part of an effort to go green and save energy but what uses solar panels if the port has no ships then you do i don't believe that will end up with governorships rebuilt find a way every work comes there when i was. a. huge meal as workday is in full swing she's been a taxi driver for two years now in the russian town of time and right on the us off see. the fifty four year old used to be a psychologist now she mainly talks to her passengers many of them have relatives in nearby ukraine like me less says but she explains hardly anyone in her taxi
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wants to talk about politics even now. even say you know i would do it that would of course it's all worryingly close but i'm sure nothing will happen when you least want if you cranium president wants to declare war on russia you know all russians know that war will only last for a day what and maybe only until lunchtime. should be the. camilla moved from you can work in the urals to tom and two years ago after all the town is at the foot of the new bridge to the annexed crimea peninsula the controversial bridge is a prestigious project for the russian government and you'd be less things it shows this area is on the up but what really drew her here was the sea after several deaths at home would mean i wanted to start over even in the winter she often comes to the shore to take a break from driving me like can't imagine a war on the us off see i love me. either way if you know that the sea calms me
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sometimes when i want an answer to a question or a want to make a wish i asked to see the boat and if the next wave is big that means the answer is yes. we go on board the donbass the almost fifty year old flagship of ukraine's forces in the sea of as of its mission to protect kiev's right to free navigation in the region. but it's an even standoff. aside from the donbass ukraine's fleet consists of a handful of small patrol boats lover and it shows both right now russia's coast guard and black sea fleet is a much bigger presence in the region than we do. for them you just can't compare it to here she just missed what you caught up with here the school mosque itself. is ukraine in a position to defend itself. yeah i can't answer that question but.
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many people here in mary paul seem to resigned too weary to really take in this new escalation for the past four years they've had a war on their doorstep but whatever happened the port always stayed open that could now change. he's nine years just a national party to start i'm hopeful that our government will sort everything out then everything will be ok and we'll all even if he says they want to listen to the media. but at the market in ten months not everyone is as optimistic about the growing tensions on their doorstep that. means this the mind be at work here in time and will be the first affected it's also close by of course it's scary yet you still not scared i don't think anything will happen. thank you brad to the ukrainians were our brothers and we used to live together so well i used to go to ukraine to kiev a lot we were like relatives. and so and so was my started going
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to do just like go with. me i wanted to relax. before the war painting barely fit into me to you know me because life now is more free time than he'd like the port has been reduced to a four day week and here behind closed doors at home his usual optimism leaves him . more but almost of course i think we'll see a big conflict at some point down the line. or very grey and of course it's all part of a bigger confrontation our neighbor russia wants its old empire back. to me true shows us an emergency suitcase he keeps ready at all times if tensions escalate he wants to be able to leave in a hurry. i keep all the most important things in this bag we can just take it and leave. some documents papers they're the most important books and some of them into
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the community they're difficult to replace. all the other stuff that you can get hold of wherever you end up with but of course we certainly do not want to give all the soldiers who operate it. it's not just in time and that russians are watching the conflict on the outs of sea closely as children in the canadian border are more worried about the situation than she is. my hero. but a young i met relatives keep calling me the whole time and writing to me on whatsapp on skype everywhere for years i write back you things quickly come back years so we don't have to worry about you even my little grandson asked me. are they shooting their. theme i said tell him no my darling the sea is calm here is it's ever been. that. good meal has managed to reassure her children so far she wants to stay for now her trust in the russian government and her faith in the future are unfailing and for both sides we can only hope that
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a peaceful solution will soon be found through this european conflict now on a very different note how to win the battle against global warming that's the challenge of the united nations climate change conference that's been taking place in the polish city of cancer. among the biggest culprits behind greenhouse gas emissions is coal which is why germany is now finally ending the mining of hard coal in the legendary rock valley that used to be the powerhouse of the country's economy in towns like bottrell the miners are struggling to come to terms with the end of an era. these miners are the last of a vanishing breed most of them will soon be hanging up their hardhats. many have been working in the mines for decades like siddiqi him an old better known as city . more troops prosper hand you'll call your a was a highly productive coal mine the miners worked in four shifts one hundred meters
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deep extracting thousands of tons of bituminous coal siddiqi i mean no look and remember the first time he went down in a pit cage three decades ago. asked him of which i guess the first time i went down i was still in training and you had to have your instructor with you on the if you checked out all the escape routes in case something happened even so it was overwhelming. if you can. call was still being expected here until recently you know all the machines cables and equipment are being drawn or removed from the shafts and galleries. it isn't be there some melancholy because one of the last with first hand experience of our job at this job will cease to exist issue and it is sad i have to admit this is their wants i've been extracting call for years and now from one day to the next nothing that's hard. the machinery is hold up wagon my wagon most of it is to be sold on to turkey or
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china. it hurts many of the workers here to see it go to the competition which will then be supplying germany with cheaper imported coal. mine yes you know him. at the mining area you can see how fast things are going from one day to the next thing taken out hundreds of meters of construction materials and commission are just waiting to be picked off we. go to it and it's happening faster than i thought it would be in the show and it's just sad. all wish . by the end of next year this mine will be sealed with concrete the shafts will run full of drainage water. pumps will have to work indefinitely to keep it from seeping into the local drinking water. it's the end of an era many former miners are trying to preserve artifacts of a way of life whether a helmet or a snuff box without coal mining the ravelli would never have become germany's most
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populated area that it had frames coking plants and steel works shaped three gion. as do the beer kiosks and miners developments all around the pits. there's hardly a city or town here without its captain or stagger stross or foreman or pittman street. one last photo even decades after they retired many of the miners stayed true to their traditional pit clubs in autumn twenty eighteen the people of there were said there are official farewell to mining. it was a sad moment for one and all. right i'll get one. of course emotionally it's very difficult for me i've got three important things happening this year said i'm closing down my last minute germany is ending coal production which is and at the end of this year i'm retiring and that it doesn't get much more emotional than that
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all i want to. call them about their lives. the occupation was a dangerous one thousands died in german is mines and miners had to be able to depend on each other unconditionally that gave rise to a feeling of close solidarity. that we ought to day we say thank you might be i'm take our leave from something great. they came to the rural valley from all over the city came in only when his family came from turkey it was a matter of course to move to where the jobs were national origin was not important here. in battle is yet out down and smiles everybody is black there are no nationalities there are no religions all that you're simply a minor everybody looks black there are no differences saul's gets kind of dicey. they all join in singing this died earlier this song of the miners. it's
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ringing out all across the river valley these days the last miners from prosper one you'll have already had their personal farewell party just among themselves. from germany to italy where the small medieval turns of riyadh and comedian the southern region of calabria were being abandoned as people drifted away to seek work elsewhere riyadh she responded by inviting refugees to stay in the town to do up the houses and to reopen the bakeries it was truly a fresh start for everybody involved until that is the populist interior minister matteo saudi report riyadh shares mayor under house arrest and ordered hundreds of refugees to get out of town now the mayor of kemeny fears that he's going to face the same treatment. just zip i found no is worried about his village he's worried that he'll soon be greeting only widows and retired people again but
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like many communities in southern italy kemeny is zero risk of dying out because of unemployment immigration and an aging population until now his solution was refugees and migrants there been aquarian. like a few other mayors he invited families from west africa bangladesh syria iraq and many other countries to set up a provisional home in the village. but i want to work you can see the transformation before our school only had nine or ten children now they're almost fifty. some of the men have learned how to use the old oven and are now baking for the whole village the women have exchanged recipes and learn how to cook traditional italian food the village also offers italian lessons . but after the incident in riyadh the mayor feels this integration project is
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under threat you know they were. the interior minister and brownlee wants to house these people in big detention centers without schools without training. and all the state wants to say oh my god this way ticket and thirteen quit when he wants to make life less pleasant for refugees and migrants put all of it wonderfully put a plan if it's to villages like ours in italy in order to be lost to money that the interior minister in rome is mattio suddenly he's also the head of the right wing populist leader party his new security decree clamps down on immigration and asylum rights the plan is to deport more migrants from italy that includes those in the villages. they're looking at that at the jail i think that it's a strategy to put a stop to what is good. or bad something that is a chance to build a better one. open and
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a better life for people but on obviate the million and not only for those who flee war or poverty but also for us for our own country. but most days there but in not at that it. the project for integrating refugees and migrants income enie has had a visible impact many houses have been renovated. and there is work again. some of the migrants have trained to be carpenters bricklayers. community is becoming so beautiful again. good visitors tourists even private individuals who want to buy a holiday home here. but there are also critics of the integration project and they include come in is
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former mayor. salvini own not any interior minister would have had to step in. the situation with migrants and refugees has to be dealt with more strictly. to the benefit of italians have been waiting in vain for help from the state. the current mayor and his supporters are fully aware that the new decree will mean a lack of funds for the project and there will be major change. when fortunately your integration project will slowly be phased out. there will only be able to accept people who have asylum status just because they were just annoying but so far only ten percent of those who found shelter in communities like ours have a status. and what about the other ninety percent. of the mayor hopes they won't be deported but he's not sure how things will progress
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he does know that comey is in the spotlight just as the reaction was and the government could decide to target his village to. so hungary where victor obama's rightwing government is now targeting the homeless a new law is in force banning people from sleeping rough and anybody caught doing so risks and being up in prison and as a result many desperate men and women are moving out into the suburbs or even into woodland areas where they get no assistance you. know is just what that means for the homeless especially as winter temperatures begin to set in. she has been living on the streets for nearly thirty years now you'd care look at is dismayed about hungary's new law banning braff sleeping as part of the activist group the city is for all she's now advising others affected by the ban. mechanisms that have the
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police been here you know well there are a few types of rock because residents complained dad we are numb to the police didn't take down your information an issue you don't forget that is when he says it more they want to see my id took it all down. you need to get out that. these people have no prospects for the future they're being persecuted. that's why the city is for all it's trying to help them. you know they've been branded criminals they live under conditions even more inhumane than before. she shows or some of the places in budapest where homeless people have gone into hiding like utica many have histories of trauma and abuse your curve was thrown out by her parents and grew up in an orphanage at fourteen during a visit to her family her father raped for the first time later her husband abused her twenty eight years ago she divorced him since then she's been living on the
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streets. until a few weeks ago homeless people would come every evening to the underground passageway and block louisa square for warmth and safety now it's deserted. quarter. on the interstate when i saw the other homeless lying here at least i knew they were still alive if you left there but now they vanished without a trace. even i can find it seems. that. police raids like this one recorded on a cell phone by a hunger a news platform or forced them to leave the first cases have already come before the courts several homeless people were convicted in budapest of criminal offenses . you'd care law says many homeless people are now avoiding busy city centers instead they've moved to the city outskirts into forested areas government
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representatives defend the new law the most and also this is a courageous attempt to help people follow we have the long term goal of protecting almost people and the public order. many legal experts say the new law is unconstitutional zander essig has launched a petition that's already been signed by more than sixteen hundred lawyers they're calling to revoke the ban homelessness they say is not a crime. but it will turn cause of these people are freezing and within these population we have a lot of cog o'lakes and other problems which is which are no more or less handled by like single organizations n.g.o.s it is the cold that you'd catch and other homeless people here fear the most people freeze to death on the streets of budapest every year part of homeless people are forced into the forest she says even more will die i think if the police charge you with
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a misdemeanor you know you can come to us for legal assistance. yeah but i don't want to see a lawyer that's too complicated to want to have the right to live the way i want to i don't have the patience for legal proceedings. where. your case says most homeless people here have given up and that the statistics the government are citing are incorrect. the government says their own up shelter is to house people when it gets cold we have thirty thousand homeless and they're still living thousand beds large shelters are full of bed bugs and cockroaches and there's no privacy there. it will probably take a year or two before hundreds constitutional court issues a ruling. suspects that the government might be hoping that the problem might have simply vanished from the radar by them.
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here's a question for you which country is going to be hosting the twenty twenty two winter olympics you might be surprised at the un so is china and just as in two thousand and eight when china first hosted the summer games beijing which doesn't so far have much of a winter sports tradition is saving to be among the medal winners and that's why china has turned to norway a world power in sports like cross-country skiing for inspiration but experts say. you have to get up early if you want to win an olympic medal thirteen chinese cross-country skiers meet with their no we can coach at eight thirty am they ski on artificial snow in shushan near little. most of the chinese skiers here are actually track and field athletes such as twenty one year old hannity now he plans to be a top skier rather and i had never never seen the boss cross-country skiing wearing norway now staying long coming there to learn how to learn from the best of
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series norway and they meet in their work. they head up the slope with iron determination cross-country skiers come from all over europe to train here their ultimate destination is beijing in twenty twenty two after years of cool relations china and norway have agreed to cooperate in various athletic fields and what better place to start than winter sports of the last about two hundred chinese cross-country skiing is a county in norway jumpers and by answering this is a major undertaking by a chinese led to determined to be good and once china has decided to do something it's amazing how fast they get on it the way. seventeen year old e. chan has decided she's going to be a world champion within three years she starts with some initial exercises in her hotel basement where she was also originally a track and field athlete now she has to master difficult moves in
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a short time. and i really like it here the people are very nice to us we have a good team and we all get along fine and i can call my parents regularly to. norway is a kind of winter sports superpower providing no hard to china critics are saying norway's training its own future competition but the norwegian coach doesn't agree he says the benefits are new to the eye and say this look if our philosophy is that we get better when we share our knowledge and that's what we're doing. and if we can help get ski jumping except it is a winter sport in china they happy to oblige they get all. the training program was negotiated at the highest political level china aspires to be a good winter olympic host in every sense. and that's all from focus on europe this time around thanks so much for joining us and if you'd like to see any
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leaves the bright lights of civilization behind. to capture stunning images of nature. torches landscapes lit up by the moon and stars above. who is this photographer affairs in the turn world.
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your romantics thirty minutes w. o. two fan to have a conflict zone with tim sebastian faulks of the challenge of those in power asking tough questions demanding enough so. as conflicts intensify i'll be meeting with kids play. is on the ground in the sense is a. touching story the rhetoric holding the fossil to account facts the conflicts. conflict zone with jim sebastian on t.w.x. . see her first day of school in the jungle. first clueless of this. event doris crane the moment arrives.
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join during a taping on her journey back to freedom to in our interactive documentary. tour of the ring to tame returns home on t w dot com it's hangs. anxiously waiting. waiting for lifeline to syria. good morning where i can apply and you answer to. every call brings them closer together. the right. other terms because they feel powerless to help. me as a country like i'm letting people down for what. they worry about they've left behind. but. i'm trying to be strong but deep down i'm broken. the war continues to
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haunt those who fled from syria suck up. i'm trying to reach them but nobody answers the war on my phone or to her documentary starts december eighth on t w. i've. been in fear on the trial because i'm balor has been elected the new leader of germany's conservative christian democratic union she fended off a close challenge by letter from diplomats for the spot. was the party's former general secretary and is a close ally of chancellor. her victory but sir.


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