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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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player. this is you know we news line from berlin france's looted african art could be heading back home french commission recommends legal changes that will allow colonial era artifacts to be returned to their countries of origin will this force museums and other european countries to follow suit also on the program caught just between a rock and a hard break that spain pushes for a written guarantee that it will have
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a say over the future of gibraltar otherwise it is threatening to reject the u.k. savors deal with the e.u. at a summit on sunday. and it's shop til you drop in the united states since the holiday gift buying season begins with the frenzy. also coming up a violent attack in the pakistani city of karachi gunmen stormed the chinese consulate and an intense hour long shoot out leaves all three attackers two policemen and two civilians dead. and we'll look at why india's nationalist government is renaming at least twenty five towns and villages stoking tensions between hindus and muslims have a general election. on little rock it's great to have. long everyone well we begin our broadcast in france
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where a commission is recommending legal changes to allow african works of art to be returned to their countries of origin it follows up on a promise made by president in money one might call a year ago to return african artifacts stolen during the colonial era and if the plan does indeed go ahead it could increase pressure on museums in other european countries to follow suit in a paris museum on the banks of the sin a palace of african art but the seventy thousand works here have a troubled past many of them were torn from their cultural home during the colonial era. a new report commissioned by french president emmanuel mccall says that france must return the art it stole. the authors found that as much as ninety five percent of sub-saharan african art is held outside the continent. in but
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mean a country with a renowned art legacy france's move is being hailed as a step toward justice. by returning property is not a matter of victory for someone or failure for others because in the end it's not a battle. he needs these assets to strengthen its national economy to provide employment and also for all the cultural heritage manages and curators in this country. back in paris some resistance french our dealers are skeptical that museums can or even should return the vast collections. it's one of these things that looks like morally on its face give it back to who it belongs well what is a belong to and hasn't been in that country for over a hundred years and you know look france built the whole music a body to respect these objects to preserve them to show them so it's a tricky thing i mean i'm actually kind of in favor of it but i'd like to see how
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it gets. completed france's wholesale return of looted african art would be historic and could trigger a response from other european countries with colonial era holdings it was not call himself who launched the initiative but it's unclear if he's prepared to see it through. like to welcome now nigerian art collector femi i can sign yahoo's private collection compromises several hundred artworks from various regions of nigeria and he's joining us from lagos in nigeria so happy to have you here with us so what does this over port mean for african countries. thank you i think it's a great development this. mox you want to share in the argument that has gone on so many yes as to the propriety of free time in this outworks which national treasure most often times archives of national history which were forcibly taken
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away from africa so i think in terms of principle it is the right thing to do and i am sure and i'm very happy the president mccrone us that you know in motion borne thing that would lead eventually to do and i hope that all of the western countries will follow suit as they see i think i will be need for a lot of negotiation to be sure that this is time to properly all right assert what i wonder though is there is nigeria have the facilities the infrastructure to receive and display these artifacts because the argument many use here in europe where we are is that the art has been kept in the right kind of conditions cared for by experts displayed in a state of the art museums anybody in the world or most people in the world can visit these exhibits and admire african art they say it should stay where it is safe what would you say to that. i would see
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that it is the argument is somewhat disingenuous and i would explain what i mean when these people have access to them most of the people of african origin so tightly cut off from access to these. these worlds can be used. a very strong cohesive force to forge national identities many new generations suffer africans are totally disconnected from death last precisely because this act works which could have helped to forge this sense of national coalition was not there i agree that we do not have may not have state of the art more than museums in terms of technology and the science of museums keeping them in the right temperature i know that but yes we have museums in africa they have not been properly funded the argument therefore should not be the lack of facilities but what kind of steps have
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to be taken to ensure that proper. institutions are put in place and that proper training session i was put in place that has provided relationship. with a collaboration with international museums to make sure that they strands follow the necessary technology and knowledge to african missions so that you can't continue to look it up for these works and sir i wonder is there is there a way of tracking what already has been stolen fern stones from nigeria that you dame can reclaim. when astraddle a you know i am not sure that they say it formalized system similar so for instance the registry that you have in the west however my argument is that it gained some of the things that we need to put in please the absence of that at this time it is not selfish and bases you know to argue about their rightness of returning the act
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works but i am sure that that was still needs to be a lot of discussion about the east or not ship and the need to return them i believe it is if that should be beyond contention if something is forcibly. tikkun then dot com not to be any argument as to. how of us ice and ice plenty of room and a lot of discussions that need to be had to be sure you know that i mean we live in a different society and we cannot joya to a time when the process i'm sure that can be cooperate to reach these people in the west. africa will enjoy these but i'd like to make a point you know that there is also a lot of economics about this at once which african nations can enjoy in times of tories and all of that so. that people in the west who once
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a view this outlooks will simply need to travel so well that i suspect that these out walks in the after misuse of origin might actually have more significance you know so i think operation but i think today for me in the right context today for me it must be important what i should and i kind of thing a president not prone enough for taking his boat and i think cory just correct all right a step in the right direction according to you nigerian art collector femi. joining us from lagos nigeria sir thank you. you are right and let's take you now to the french capital paris where we use the least always a standing by lisa of france taking a leader ship role on this issue what's been the reaction where you are. well there are two kinds of reactions really some curators museum directors voicing
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their concern about this saying this could open a box of pened dora the estimate is that there are at least ninety thousand objects here in france that then could much might go back to these countries and on the other hand they also voices from the suburbs that have we have heard over the past few months even since eminem coffers announced this and they were saying you know what your guest just said that also is valid for them that giving these works back to these countries that would actually forge national identity because they feel that many people who came to france from these colonial former colonies and now live young france the second or third generation who have born in france but they're not really integrated that kind of feel as second class citizens and they feel that france went into their countries of origin and took away all these acts and by taking away these various it was kind of a you know just adding on top of all already the colonization because france was
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taking away part of their culture and part of the history and part of their identity and they feel by giving back these outlooks they could maybe gain back some caught up some part of that identity and be more of more on an equal footing actually without the french people in france listen one of us are to actually be returned how soon. the report is nonbinding so who's to fool the legislators need to do sign to him to decide to implemented and they would have to change french and all because the current heritage code here says that state. owned by the government is nontransferable account be given a transfer to anybody else so they would need to change that and the report recommends that would go back to their countries of origin with a given five years then all rightly so he's reporting from paris france thank you so very much. and
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a little bit later in the show will be to also talking with our culture desk about how germany is dealing with stolen art from africa so that's coming up in a little while but first we are going to talk bragg's it because after days of threatening to reject the brags that deal spain now says it has a commitment from the united kingdom to support a clarification on the status of gibraltar as part of that plan while madrid has a long standing claim on the british territory which it used to rule after the u.k. leaves the e.u. next march london and brussels are due to negotiate a plan to govern trade there but spain has threatened to hold up the brig's of divorce deal unless it has a future say on gibraltar. all right let's get you a round up now of where things stand. is standing by in brussels for you and we're also joined by analyst ignacio thought of blanka in madrid he is the had of the madrid office for the european council on foreign relations
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a very good evening to you both want to give you the first word mr thought blanka it's a bit surprising that this issue has come up so late in the game why was surprised or not part of the document outlining future u.k. e.u. relations. well this is exactly what the spanish government complains about because on the negotiation guidelines on that mandate with their mission back again to receive and which have to be unanimously approved by the european council meeting on a three twenty nine there was a clear close and paragraph twenty four saying except that after the united kingdom leaves that union no agreement between the unit they do european union and the united kingdom may have lied to the territorial geographic there we found the agreement between the kingdom of the spain and united kingdom this was crystal clear in the negotiation mandate so we spain was totally relaxed the negotiating the protocol and i would have to fix the particular issues that are pending in
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dubai like that out relationship with the two brothers that which are related with taxation who is my billing. welters and me on environmental issues but then we find that all of the sudden we thout the consulting this plan is government on article article one four eight four was introduce and challenging these these month about gnana should have gone back to the to the to the spanish government to concern on where these are they going to fit with that mandate he added but he did not do that initially the agreement right he did not do that method of law got ok want to go to brussels now to a bar but what exactly is it that spain has now asked for. spain has now asked for a written commitment from the british side that in future negotiations about the future relationship between both sides because the european union and britain. will
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always of course also touch on a can only done was the explicit agreement of spain so that spain will not again we must say as they complain about in the divorce agreement when again be overruled or sidelined that's when the state sidelined with regard to go abroad because of course everything that will be traded to environmental protection whatever comes up in the future and lots of detail could probable somehow be touched and that is the point and of course then the european union figured out that they had made a mistake in sort of taking out this particular clause out of the divorce agreement missa thought about why is this tiny territory disapprove liver of land so important for spain what are madrid's concerns. from the beginning being a problem relates to not which so arranged because spain gus and claimed that he
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wants to open. shoe off a negotiation and show that older practical issues that relate to it which day to day living economy has changed in the area and the shock is that it. has benefited from being part of the britain but also the united kingdom defendant because united can know what sort of sitting at. spain can veto the brigs a divorce on a sunday how much irritation is there in brussels where you are that madrid is raising this issue at the eleventh hour. there was of course certain amount of irritation box however somebody over there in the negotiating team of me said varney knew early on what was going on and that the good goodbye to clause was somehow is secretly or quietly dropped from the from the greenland and somehow they knew what they look they were doing they tried to sort of make it more palatable to
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the reason maybe because they know she has difficulties that home and of course they in the same of at the same moment they stepped on the toes of madrid you can't have it both ways that now they have to remedy this and that means this is the cause fold this whole rigmarole in this op evil at the latest moment which is supposedly can now be fixed after several days of great grand excitement right and of course spain is a very important member state mr thought in my final seconds with you spain is basically asking the impossible from prime minister may if she does what madrid is asking her to do it will sink her a deal is there still a way out of this. when i think the this should be a way out of this because you brought that it's a very tiny issue now sandusky by a lot that a relationship which she which economic interests of both ends and spain and britain are the two countries in the european union that most intense exchanges voting time so few people but almost all business exchanges so we should try that
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agreement on these should not be you know turned into an obstacle for a negotiation and it's very obvious that you brought that he's not part i'm going to be part of the segment i'm an aspirant. of the united kingdom so we need to separate the agreement and i think this is this is doable unless it becomes a point in britain a fragmentation of the agreement of these be indication also we start on this front but all these points to the fact that there actually from the beginning is some nonsensical idea on trying to make russia rationality out of these is quite difficult well thank you so very much. in madrid and our. in brussels for explaining some of the complexities of this issue. all right and now it's over to stephen and the shopping frenzy also known as black friday did you get any deals done i haven't even done anything it's not my holiday it's but it is
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a big one in the u.s. if you want to call it a holiday that's right black friday is back with shoppers they're looking for huge bargains an estimated one hundred sixty four million customers are expected to hit the stores over the weekend the shopping frenzy signals the start of the holiday gift buying season and that's a critical period for retailers it's midnight. and it's off to the races. for many on thanksgiving off to the tacky dinner comes the shopping frenzy in stools all across the u.s. thousands of customers are bogen hunting the holiday shopping season has begun. this is such an exciting day for us this is where we pick up our holiday feast that you know made these really shine fearing the holiday and we celebrated tens of thousands of our customers and this year is no exception we pulled out all the top soccer great gifts at a great value. everything is on sale discounts
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a huge clothes electronics first come first serve. ok so it's worth waiting it's freezing cold my hair is a literary ice but i don't care this is a great opportunity you could save money. it's a great place to be. but it's just to enjoy the crowds and enjoy the season it's how fun is to be out of all the people. but not everyone gets his kicks out of the stampede many prefer to shop online but whether it's brick and most of all sales on the website or retail is black friday remains a big deal between now and christmas many of them at bringing hof the year's revenues. all right let's get a market perspective on black friday our financial correspondent yens korda standing by in new york ians black friday may grab headlines but how closely are investors really watching it. well i mean overall it is very important
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especially if you consider that the united states depends on consumption and not so much on exports so it is a crucial time and we could see americans spend around seven hundred twenty billion dollars this holiday season that would be a record but even if the situation right now looks pretty bright there are some clouds on the horizon looking into twenty nine and that is true for the retail industry but also for the industry overall we don't know what's going to happen with the trade disputes we could see higher tariffs we could see costs going up for wages for transport and then there's also a lot of talk that the global economy might be cooling and that's actually what just driving retail stocks lower but also the overall market for the week by the way blue chips traded down this past week by more than one thousand points so
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a loss of more than four percent. and some of those broader economic indicators you're talking about are some those economic concerns among them that was in the news today hitting lows not seen in over a year what does this mean. well we certainly see heavy losses on the oil market just on friday the oil price was down another six percent it is the seventh consecutive week that the oil market has lost steam in this timeframe oil prices are down by about thirty per cent so this is some heavy selling pressure and some of it has to do with the weaker economic global outlook for next year but also we see a heavy supply specially here in the united states we might see a cooling of demand and then there's also a lot of talk what will happen at the next opec meeting on december sixth it might not be that easy for saudi arabia to convince the other countries to come to production so all of that is resulting in heavy losses for the oil market at this
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point so really some broader concerns there on the horizon past black friday there for us in new york thank you now workers at an amazon logistics center at amazon logistics centers in germany and spain went on strike on black friday they're demanding higher wages and better working conditions a spanish labor union said ninety percent of its staff walked off the job at a center near madrid unions across europe are pushing for collective bargaining agreements with the online retailer amazon says it provides competitive salaries and benefits in both countries. and let's stay with this year's with black friday a look at this year's holiday wish list they're bound to be more high tech oriented smarter than ever and with us to talk about some of the dangers internet privacy and security issues that are involved in this we have. social media editor.
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how are shoppers supposed to judge what a smart product means in terms of security and privacy meme is not easy right now when there's a tech expert but it's really more important than ever because one of the biggest trends we're seeing huge in this year is these in home internet connected devices we're talking about amazon eco smart speaker maybe a fitness tracker even a voice activated teddy bear so you know luckily there are some good resources out there for consumers if they want more information one of them comes from the nonprofit internet foundation mozilla the maker of firefox it's released the second annual holiday shopping guide which reviews the privacy and security issues when it comes to smart electronics the problem is though that the results are not so encouraging take a look at this report mozilla reviewed seventy items it looked at how much data is collected who it shared with and basic security features like encryption and it ranked them from not creepy to super creepy the crazy thing is that less than half
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of these items met mozilla's minimum security standards one of the top ranked products for example that would be the nintendo switch it's a video game console of needs all the basic security standards as automatic security updates good privacy protection but they're not all like that this is the lowest rating of them all it's the freddy baby monitor it's an in home camera it syncs with your smartphone that all sounds very nice but here's why it was ranked as the creepiest product it has a history of being easily hacked which means potentially someone could access your video feed and spy on you and your family it has no in christian its default password is literally no joke one two three. and the device does not seem to have any privacy policy whatsoever so that item was ranked by mozilla as super creepy really the key is here look there's lots of good deals out there on black friday and cyber monday we have to do a little bit of research is the price really worth it in terms of privacy and i'm guessing that
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a whole lot of parents really want to scrimp on privacy when it comes to their children but what other products are you keeping an eye on if there's one product that mozilla didn't look at that i think is worth buying it's from facebook it's called facebook portal and this is one of the newest items created by facebook at the smart display it's meant to compete with amazon and google there's a built in camera here you can make video calls with your friends and the camera automatically tracks your movements and follows you around the room so if that isn't creepy enough the privacy policy here according to facebook the portal collects information about your chats of how long you call and how often and it uses that information then to target you with ads on facebook and instagram so again maybe something most consumers would know but i look at the product and some of the others they do seem to me to be very convenient for hands free talking with family things like that do customers really care in other words are they willing to put convenience over some the security issue and that's the question i think there is like there's a growing amount of awareness about data privacy especially after all the
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relevation is with facebook this year but i think you nailed it it's really a decision ok do i value convenience more or privacy more most consumers are opting for convenience thirty two million of those smart speakers were sold last year amazon is now the top speaker manufacturer in the world so you can see how much people like these things and our privacy only becoming more important right as more of our daily appliances your refrigerators your cars these are starting to be connected to the internet so data privacy people really need to look at this going forward with the the technology and the internet of the things of the internet basically it is easy to imagine as the internet of things sort of emerges this is even more important as time goes by. social media editor thanks for joining us. and you're watching the debris news or so have a lot more to tell you about including the man who can grow a forest in the desert an african farmer is being honored with the alternative nobel prize this evening find out how he's changing people's lives in fourteen
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afonso why india's government is renaming dozens of towns and villages stooping tensions between hindus and muslims. that an all out war coming up right after this. they're been stars deliver roles in a performance or soon after. their prayers wires are always free. and if it is a girl one of today's best jazz voices. in fact we do want to know. that the box from norway and all was hammered out in concert part forty five minutes
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t.w. . six. school. the first kanye listen in the doors granted moment arrives. to join your regular jane on her journey back to freedom. you know our interactive documentary tomorrow in the regulating returns home on the d w dot com tanks. they are digital more years. for women for internet activists one mission. the past. for freedom and dignity. breeches and determined they campaigned for women's rights and for peace. they made laws against the song. or compulsory.
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messages or spreading like wildfire. social media is quite critical to getting those. things are going. down the street and. women are changing pretty. soon starts november twenty fifth on the job. great to have you back with us you're watching the every news outlet laraque this is our top story this hour a french commission is recommending legal changes that will allow france to return alluded african art words to their home countries most of the works were taken during french colonial rule in africa during the nineteenth and twentieth century. art want to talk more about this very important story and the implications for
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stolen art work here in germany this time around and for that i'm joined now by karen housetop from our culture desk good to see what's the situation in germany well it certainly will have ramifications for a number of collections here in germany and also in an in a number of countries and this report does definitely put a lot of pressure on the german government to react especially seeing as in its coalition agreement it pledged to work on determining the provenance of artworks that were looted during colonial times so there has in fact already been a huge debate surrounding the humbled forum which is due to open in september twenty one thousand here in berlin and that's funded eighty percent by the federal government and it's supposed to be the visiting card of the nation according to german culture minute culture minister. so it's set to house berlin's know on european ethnological collections and asian art collections and in the context of this debate it has been harshly criticized for not putting enough focus on the provenance of colonial era artifacts now one of the most vocal critics has been the
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art historian minaj sub wash is actually one of the one of the authors of a report and she actually resigned from the humbled forms advisory board over her frustration at what she called the colonial amnesia of the humble planners. the museum directors here for the most part have reacted rather cautiously and they're certainly not going to accept all of the criticism they say and they say first of all that provenance is being taken into account very often in dialogue with the countries in question and they say of course that not all the artworks were acquired illegally are now what works of art are we talking about specifically less now just so in this case we're talking about what are called the binion bronzes now that's a group of sculptures and metal plaques that decorated once upon a time the royal palace of the kingdom of benin in what is now modern day nigeria and back in eighty ninety seven british soldiers brought most of them as looted art
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to europe and many ended up in the british museum and the rest were purchased by other museums. there are notable collections in vienna and berlin today the call by european artists and politicians to return these objects has been growing louder and of course similar sentiment is building in nigeria so you know there are several facets to this argument as we heard earlier in the program many museum professionals are basically arguing that our concept of of the big museums that we have here in europe that they're very international that there's a universal principle operating there that they are making these works accessible to everyone but as you know. there are a number of people in africa like the art collector we heard from earlier who have a problem with that as a very. kind of you. for instance is the owner of nigeria's largest private gallery and she had this very important point to
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make. and out of the country did not even give you the visa to go see i want to enjoy a trace of my country that you see in the british museum is sad but we want to fight to make sure we get it back so. a very important point which the art collector that we spoke to at the beginning of the show he said the same thing so i guess at this point we have to rethink the whole concept of university that's right and if these works are inaccessible for the very people that they you know that should be able to enjoy them at the moment that is a huge problem and needs to be addressed at any rate what i think i mean president backhauls report this will be interesting because it's going to definitely usher in a new era for how we actually look at some of these displaced heritage and he is definitely setting an example but just returning it overnight won't be possible. it's going to be quite a long process and it would require absolutely
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a tectonic shift in the official policy museum policy of france as we heard from lisa earlier a change in the law. all but many african historians and culture experts are saying that this move is long overdue so they definitely need to be involved in the conversation as to how this take takes place and you know if this has happened at all if the case that where this actually were art from africa has been returned yes there have been a number of cases and even from france and twenty twelve scaping now exactly which collection that was but things have been returned there is not a city there are precedent cases yes definitely and they'll be followed up upon continuing to look over talking and i think you so much as i was spending a week pretty good pleasure thank you i'm like i was all right next up for a ceremony is being held in stockholm this evening for the winners of this year's right livelihood awards often referred to as the alternative nobel the awards recognize people whose work offers solutions to global problems one of the lords is your quba some i don't go
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a farmer from burkina faso where used traditional methods to grow a forest in the desert. you can group of. these patched some supports trees when you go fast say do that in the late one nine hundred seventy s. fulling a long drought everyone said he was crazy since then his woodlands have grown to over forty hit his bringing global flame to his home village of in north and booking a fossil zinah is a traditional method of cultivation which is a rich many used for millet so a double has affected the method. to get the woman who will. with the same method you dig a hole right where the rain water would simple where you use after to prevent the water from draining out of the hole and put dried leaves in it the leaves rot to become composed and nourish the tree and exists water can escape at the site. very
7:37 pm
. clue worked on your crew but so a dog has been experimenting for years now he wants to pass his knowledge on not only to he's twenty seven children and neighbors and friends but on a much larger scale pondered who we are about summers and look at this forest this is where we'll build our training center to benefits nature the animals sleep and the people. and trainee one be limited to the ira forest tradition techniques if once more. there are roughly ninety different tree types sixty of them growing in this forest i've brought all kinds of sids back from my travels which of planted here and using traditional medicine without plants there's no medication and if you don't know what to do with the plant maybe someone will come along and show you one day so i
7:38 pm
don't go swears by natural medicine he knows me chilling oils leech medication can be extracted from the fruits backs and roots his reputation draws and well people to him every day whom he and his children treat in these hearts. i built these houses talk more deaths the sick here they can recover and one of the huts is my store for dried leaves and three blocks that i need to treat people. with your career going to put a partner. killing with me while nature heals. pham has spread he's now probably known as the man who stopped the desert on top of that the water table has risen the whole five meters then ten region has become more fire tale. has been awarded the alternative nobel prize for his life's work and he's already
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making sure his ideas live on long after he's gone. are and stephen is back now and he has a look at a pair of inventions that could change lives the lives and livelihoods well that's right let's start in uganda where the battle against infant mortality often involves expensive western made medical devices now local scientists has created his own device to help save newborns with medical complications and at a much more reasonable cost for local hospitals his inhibitors still in his trial phase but it's already showing positive results. so i don't want to see is a happy mother. one of hundred newborn twins is out of danger after having complications during delivery. and then double to. one of my babies were just stressed at birth. the incubator has indeed saved them because they're not as bad right now and. christine somebody is the brain
7:40 pm
behind this lifesaving incubate that he may have and genius. but ugandan scientist is helping this public health facility in central uganda to manage emergencies among newborns. as of today we have managed to save over ninety two babies who are locked into the eyes of the arch and some of them passed out at some point so. there is and we have seen that was there is. equipped with more than three hundred seventy is since the incubator has over two hundred failed features. from the atmosphere regulates temperature monitors the baby's brain. and somebody took six months to build it and two more years to stink it. and he's already working on another one with improved technology and that new into better it's going
7:41 pm
to be able to carry four babies in different chambers. and each baby. is going to be monitored by an artificial intelligence solver meaning the machine is a doctor it's a pediatric doctor. database so if the doctors are going to be seen in. the building able. to take necessary action on. hospitals in uganda imported mainly from the united states and europe but we have limited budgets and cannot meet that demand procuring medical supplies from abroad has been a center of controversy with some public or fishers often accused of fraud the government hopes that they. could be. and that buying from home
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could help to bring the cost of maybe core equipment down. and we're going to south america now for a look at another invention this one focused on coffee a global staple that's still largely harvested by hand growers find it increasingly difficult to find enough helpers helpers that is to pick the berries but in colombia a clever new device is speeding up the process. it takes just a slight touch and the berries drop and another touch and another the d a c eighteen which looks and sounds like a weed whacker speeds up the coffee harvest no more hand picking. this is very new for us it will help us to work to reduce costs when it comes to picking sometimes we don't have enough personnel for picking so it's a great opportunity to take advantage of this machine and reduce production costs. there's
7:43 pm
a reason the farmers often don't have enough help during the harvest is not just about money but much more about major changes in the country the coffee has grown in the colombian mountains but fewer and fewer people live there. colombia is a country that's being industrialised it is a country where people are moving from the country to the city there are less and less people who want to accompany us in collecting coffee. there is a need to find a solution and this machine is a solution. to colombia's urban migration somewhere between sixty thousand and ninety thousand coffee pickers are lucking each harvest season about half of that labor could be done with the help of the d.s.c. eighteen the machines vibrating tongues are strong enough to knock right berries off the branch while the green ones are left undisturbed the growers are excited about its possibilities. all change is difficult
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but we need to take a risk and adopt new technologies so we can understand that it is something beneficial for us i think this will be widely accepted. but then we will accept this in the new tool made by britain an agricultural machine builder from brazil will soon go to central american and african countries to. let's go back to leila del violence has been flaring in pakistan that is correct stephen a group of armed separatists has stormed the chinese consulate in the pakistani city of karachi killing two police officers and two civilians police say that all three attackers were also killed during an intense hour long shoot out china is now asking pakistan to tighten security for its citizens in the country. the moment of the attack the blast and inserting gunshots can be heard throughout
7:45 pm
crashes clifton neighborhood the attackers were wearing suicide vests and carrying hand grenades they came in a car loaded with explosives and tried to storm the building but pakistani police gunned him down before they could enter it eyewitnesses describe the horror that unfolded. they had huge question which they were carrying in their arms they detonated the grenades it created a very smoky atmosphere and then you cannot imagine it was. two police officers and two civilians were killed in the assault as well as the attackers but the toll could have been much higher. if your staff. member of the chinese embassy has been harmed in any way our security forces arrived on the scene very quickly and neutralize the attackers if they have managed to get in that could have been a very big tragedy today we're also praising our security forces. a separatist group the liberation army was squeaking claiming responsibility the
7:46 pm
group openly oppose this chinese projects in the neighboring baluchistan province beijing a close economic ally to pakistan has invested billions of dollars into developing the country's infrastructure china condemned the attack but stressed it would stick to its commitment. china will continue to work with pakistan and bring more benefit to the people of pakistan china and the rest of the countries of the region. this is the highest profile attack in pakistan against chinese presence pakistani prime minister iran can has ordered an inquiry. and as we just reported the liberation army claimed responsibility for that attack and earlier we spoke with a journalist. in karachi and we asked him to tell us more about their group and why it would target the chinese embassy. liberation army is overreacting and don as you know there goes on is that the richest in terms of man earlier sources. pakistan
7:47 pm
and mordred of going to stop on any down is when. to me is this militant and simply decided tonight is a shot of this terrorist organization is. it to end for ten days or terrorist organization. and that against any chinese in walmart and loose on then murdered it's not on you live in any mode i didn't say guarding today in chinese to call nice williston and we stay on the continent where india's hindu nationalist government just took in controversy where it's decision to rename as many as twenty five towns and villages names of cities with islamic names are being changed to more hindu friendly islands while our indian correspondents in the shot just travel to one city in northern india to find out how the change is being perceived. that may have the most. neighborhoods and monuments by
7:48 pm
heart. he's a historian who grew up in the city. he says was built by the a muslim dynasty that set up an empire in the indian subcontinent in the sixteenth century signs of. everywhere. but. once they started building the city the name it. found its way from iran and then it is about after. to preserve those memories of. this historic name however it. has now been renamed. into nationalist government. this change is an attempt to israelis the city's islamic past. may be also runs a bilingual weekly in hindi and or due to the city's.
7:49 pm
religious tensions on the surface in two thousand and twelve riots broke out between the city's hindus and muslims the newspaper's office was sacked and stopped publishing for a month. the mosque next door was attacked as well for the recent dreaming of the city the fragile peace between hindus and muslims. this is a hatred for one community to raise the identity of everything built by the community why are they only changing these names. the move also comes with political overtones just a few kilometers away from a city called the you already exists. it's a site for hindus it's believed to be the epic. one of the main texts and. that is the main reason. and garden team led by prime minister in their
7:50 pm
dreams are more the b.g.p. supports the name change. the habit of a once in a dom scenario there is so much wrong as was born here removed this place is of great coup true under religious importance to the hindu community. of jesus and is that we've been hearing and reading about for thousands of years. but this isn't all you will because no one poured twenty six years ago it was the demolition of a mosque in this city that spock's some of the once hindu muslim riots that independent india has seen two thousand people were killed across the country and the issue continues to be a religious and political flashpoint. back in pads about residents don't care about the political controversy. the name change means he has practical implication. that was made that there's no advantage to this but a tourist once come to phase about and finds i audience that will confuse it for the old city if i order. to be we're going to going out we're going to go. seven
7:51 pm
government has made for good decision to rename the city i want to as i was no hesitation among our hindu or our muslim brothers when i was in amman i am not liking it that the name is seized to iowa dad because this is my book plays and all my documents i've even i have to change. now more than a million residents of the district i left with one question. the new identity as well. now one of world football sphere says rivalries is set to be decided in front of tens of thousands of fans in argentina when a side is clubs a river plates and broker juniors face off in the second leg of the copa a bit of thought is final on saturday it's a match which fans take very very seriously. fifty
7:52 pm
thousand for an addict football fans is this a must win match no it's just a training session the famous la bamba near a stadium was packed with boca junior fans cheering on their heroes in preparation for the copa libertadores final clearly this isn't a run of the mill clash bokeh are facing off against a bitter rivals river plate it's the first time they've come up against each other in a copa liberated dora's final boca supporters saw their team draw two two in the first leg but won't be allowed to watch the return game at river plate stadium away fans are banned from derby matches in argentina. for their part river fans are nervous about the match. and that he has to be honest i'm a bit tense yesterday i went to sleep and dreamt about the match as you know i wanted to be here soon but at the same time i'm nervous because i don't know if this game will ever happen again. rivers supporters spaced lengthy queues to secure
7:53 pm
tickets both sets of fans will be hoping for a historic win over their cross-town rivals. are now in the oneness league or dortmund have secured the permanent signing of. sarah from barcelona the striker arrived in germany at the start of the season initially on a loan deal but after scoring nine goals in eight games including this match winner against the mystical rivals by an unique take a lot. of dirt roads have decided to splash the cash they paid twenty three million euros to secure a service says the twenty five year old has signed a contract until twenty twenty three. are now in motor sports cepheid nandrolone so is set to bring the curtain down on his glittering formula one career this week at a spaniard who will bow out at the season ending i'm going to be called pay after seventeen years in the sport all during that time he won two world championships but many say that number could and should have been more. fernando alonso is widely
7:54 pm
considered one of the most gifted drivers in the history of formula one two world titles before the age of twenty four support that claim the first arrived in two thousand and five alonzo becoming the youngest ever world champion at the time after signing for flavio briatore as revamps road team he left rhino after winning his second title in two thousand and six but was never able to recapture his former success at mclaren or ferrari with other teams and drivers hogging the limelight. the respect between us like to think is higher than it's ever been. in a change along so fail to win another formula one world championship but his ability behind the wheel has never been in question. here is one of just a handful of drivers to have won two of the three races that make up the triple crown of motor sport with the monaco grand prix already in the bag alone so i won
7:55 pm
the twenty four hour of the morning twenty eighteen his focus is now on the indy five hundred despite this new path along hasn't ruled out a return to formula one in future. you know i've been doing this for my whole life so maybe next year by a period or may you know i'm this period in this office so you know maybe i find their way somehow to come back. whatever the thirty seven year old chooses he leaves formula one as a legend of the modern era. it's just a pity that he isn't departing with a final shot at glory. all right now before we go we've got some stomach churning pictures of a new tourist attraction in thailand it's certainly not for the faint of heart but brave visitors to bangkok can now admire the city's skyline through a glass walkway suspended more than three hundred meters above the ground the glass platform just out from get this the seventy eighth floor of one of thailand's
7:56 pm
tallest skyscrapers one for all of you thrill seekers out there. yeah now for me all right you're very watching the news only allow rock and roll and on behalf of all of us thank you so much for spending time with us phil gale is up next and if this happens to be you we can't have a fantastic weekend. there
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interior design channel on you tube. this is day w news live from berlin france's looted african art could be heading home for a french commission recommends legal changes to a lot of colonial era asa fax to be returned to the countries of origin so will museums elsewhere in europe follow suit also on the program. between a rock and a hob breck sets for spain pushes for britain guarantees that it will have a say over gibraltar its future otherwise it says it will use sunday's in you
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summit to vote against the u.k.'s withdrawal deal. on.


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