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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  November 23, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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coming under fire from lawmakers over her break the deal just days before the e.u. is set to vote on it i'm sorry kelly in berlin this is the day. this is the blindfold bricks where you also you had a leak in the dark owners the coaches the british people protest to much of the failure of the tories to. free movement once and for all they're more interested with job wisting on immigration it's the jurisdiction of the european court of justice in the u.k. it's peppered with phrases such as the parties will look at the parties will make sure the reason to send in false sums of money to the e.u. there will be no control of our money our laws and our borders are is no passport to northern ireland and no customs border in the r.f.c.
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this is waffle it will protect the rights of e.u. citizens living in the u.k. and u.k. citizens living in the e.u. a couple books are good so good negotiating for britain. and also coming up tonight an album considered one of the greatest of all time turns fifty. and the slogan yah i think it's brilliant because so many different influences went into it the psychic delic stuff from india played a major poems and they had just returned from rishikesh and got straight to work on this album. but we begin in the u.k. where the battle over brags that has reached a critical stage to receive a plug with her parliament on thursday to support the deal that the e.u. will vote on on the weekend she says that it would ensure a smooth and orderly british departure from the block across the aisle though
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opposition leader jeremy corbyn called the deal a failure adding that it would be a blindfold bragg's it and a leap in the dark without his party support is britain barreling toward a no deal breaks it here's what was said in parliament on thursday. we have a new greek text which we in the u.k. and the european commission the text is being at today being shared with the leaders of the other twenty seven member states and to the specially you council on sunday the negotiations analogy a critical moment and all our efforts must be focused on working with our european partners to bring this process to a final conclusion in the interests of all our people the prime minister said nothing is agreed until everything is agreed it's clear from this document that indeed nothing is agreed to it's full short of labour's six. there is no common rule book and no mention of frictionless trade our participation is down graded in the number of european agencies all went out of them in their
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entirety. of get more now we are joined by un zimmermann s.p.d. member of the bundestag and the deputy chairman of the german british parliamentary friendship group welcome to the program. how likely is theresa may to get support that she needs for the brags that you know because i mean if we look for example at your social democratic friends the labor party and they say they'll vote against it . i mean from a german perspective i completely understand because if you're in the government you need to have your old majority and i understand that the labor colleagues they're not really happy about the situation they are now in. so it's going to be very interesting nevertheless i have a certain feeling that there might be some also some labor m.p.'s who vote at the end with theresa may what do you say to those m.p.'s though who need while are
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really taking a hard line here they basically think that the that brussels will agree to renegotiate this deal. that's a very good question i mean. to some a failed state have a majority. in the house of commons nobody really knows what's what's happening next and i completely understand to all fellow members of parliament in the u.k. that this is probably the most important decision of their political life so it's not only along party lines but it's really about what they think is the best for the country but i have i have the impression that if there isn't the majority in parliament the process will continue and europe is not interested in having a messy breck said and i mean we have to be a continuing and saying it over and over again we there is no interest in punishing the u.k. so i mean it would be it would have
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a certain irony if breaks it would fail in parliament but let's talk about the a level because i mean there have been some last minute issues that have emerged about her for example spain being bringing that issue up is there enough support would you say in the e.u. and in germany to pass this deal on sunday as it stands yes i in the bundestag there is a strong support fall for that deal mainly because i mean we've seen the the outline for the next two years for the real negotiations for the future relations this is the tricky part now it's all about the divorce and i think in germany and across twenty seven we can live with that of course and we make that clear all the time we stand along with our friends in the islands and there needs to be a solution which protects the good friday good friday agreement and this is going
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to be very tough. over the next two years to find solutions because i'm not seeing a solution yet there but fall sunday i see a strong. supports in germany and along e.u. twenty seven so let's go down that path and say it does pass on sunday you know there is that contingent as we mentioned there is this opposition to the deal in her own domestic parliament it sounds and correct me if i'm wrong as if you think though that it will pass. i would bet on the outcome of that vote i mean i think it's really it's a fifty fifty situation i mean if we if we look at the hearts called brick city years in the tory party on the d u p. so three some may really needs to convince quite a lot of labor m.p.'s and i'm not sure if she's able to do so think she does not say we get a worst case scenario here that the break the tears they win out they take britain
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down a route of the deregulated economy perhaps looking at their you know low business taxes harsh immigration policy how can the e.u. respond how should the respond first of all i don't think that we will see that if . they won't find a majority because if she if she loses that vote that definitely means snap elections and then every everything probably starts from scratch again probably with a charity called an led government which would change probably some things but it might not stop from from happening but doesn't that you need to prepare for the fact that this might be a hard brags that i mean and what would you do in that case i mean i am unconvinced that all twenty seven countries are preparing for a heart breaks it i know from what sort of response. i'm not sure first of all this is really about damage control so i know i mean we have prepared about text
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controls on the baldor we have the german government has prepared constant contingency plans and i think all of the countries would. done that so if that happens we will see really a lot of issues but again this is them first of all it's damage control and i don't know and i predict what is going to happen if we leave will depend on a future government because a labor government would probably do very different things than a j. cobra government which which would also be possible just briefly before we go angle americal i'm here in germany she says that britain should remain a partner remain a friend is there really any danger that that wouldn't happen i don't think but the call brics it's yours they started from day one after the referendum to think about
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who to blame on the negative comps because brics it will have negative outcomes for many people in the u.k. and they started from day one to think about who to blame on and that's the french and the germans fall for many hearts called breck's it's years so there is a certain danger that these relations between germany e.u. twenty seven and u.k. might suffer. i know from my fellow parliamentarians and from the governments we don't want that and we will invest heavily in maintaining good relations so there's got to be a fall guy if things go wrong but ultimately you think that things will go right yes so thank you so much for joining us to share that optimistic assessment yes zimmerman s.p.d. member of the bundestag and deputy chairman of the german british parliamentary friendship group we appreciate thank you. so a critical couple of days ahead for politicians on both sides of the brags that negotiations and equally a critical day for british citizens who wish to remain in the e.u.
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one of their more prominent representatives is known as the stop brags that man welshman feed bray has been demonstrating outside the houses of parliament every day since september of last year and he has got a number of tools in his anti brags that arsenal they include posters flags a special outfit and a knack for crashing live television interviews have a look. i think. he wants to be heard. and he wants to be seen. brady has become the face of the anti breck's and protest in london sneaking into the background of live broadcasts like this one has become his daily exercise. here steve's home in south london has become a storage space for signs shards and european flags the forty nine year old welshman has made it his mission to stop britain's departure from the european
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union every single morning for over a year he's packed issaquah command and driven to parliament to protest. if you go for such a well apparently. a counter protest at downing street so we're going to get there now which is a little bit earlier than normal sacha we're going to see what's happening in the street for whatever happens at st we've always got to have people upset parliament . while protesters rally outside. inside parliament opposition to bracks it is growing as well. thanks prominent conservative m.p.'s n.-s. subregional and labor politicians. have joined forces to battle the government's bracks and plans this is still very good to see and you feel like saying this isn't this isn't live in surprise what on earth did you and the think it was going to be
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not everything both n.p.c.s. are no law being for a second referendum it must go back to the british people and now we see the reality of bracks it and the fact that actually we still don't know where all final landing place will be simpler it if it goes back to the british people and we have place people's vote which is a choice between remain and mrs may still lying to my of the polls both steve and the handful of other protesters are echoing the call on the street a zero zero but it's the most important thing that this nation faces the most important thing that my generation my in my life is nothing more important than making making the change it's an absolute disaster. for his dedication to the cause has earned steel supports from across britain i mean people are fighting all over the country i'd like to think that all these people have made it big
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difference not just me i'm carrying the message when i go take all this off nobody knows who i am outside parliament though steve has become a hero to many and he's determined to campaign to look better and to make sure that the european. will always fly in front of the british colony. to kenya now where the ministry of health signed a two year contract to bring in one hundred doctors from cuba earlier this year the move is supposed to help improve access to health care and where all areas but it has attracted harsh criticism from some local doctors didn't use catherine on one photo caught up with two of the cuban doctors who are working in some world one of kenya's least developed areas to see what their first four months on the job have been like. since. dr eliana sees her first patient at maryland hospital in northern kenya operation to see the specialist physician has been here
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for four months now. in some group most people speak in swahili for the local language somebody making it difficult to communicate with the patients. something that people coming from community and speak no english is no also haiti by then there's a portal directly to for us. ileana and her husband are among one hundred cuban doctors hired by kenya's ministry of health. because we don't. miss the work every day for among the dual citizen the people know that you are in the evening now in the community that people coming to do prefer to. but we will if we respect the system from the hospital. the government says the controversial decision was part of the plan to improve access to primary health care especially in rural areas. within about sixty s.
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of the government the congressman has put there was seventy five health facilities this is this is the health center to a number of the spencers which are able to reach the basic level two addresses of the family level. i also created so this is but of this truck that used to measure the. working distance it is a good thing about the hundred number thing about industry when. we visited one of the health centers in an area called on that and then you keep. this maternal and it was built by the simple county government in two thousand and sixteen it remains closed for now. the dispensary right beside it is run by a local volunteer. and gotten a new key is about a two hours drive from our town where you can find the main hospital now this hospital is meant to serve a population within the seventy kilometer radius but the maternity ward you see
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behind me has barely been used and the dispensary has barely enough to supply to the people around and the doctor well he doesn't come here regularly. some local doctors have criticised the move to hire foreign professionals saying that it will not kill kenya's public health care system they say the government has its priorities wrong. the physicians have only been hired on contract for two years dr eliana and say they are here to learn and hopefully make a difference in kenya some blue county. some chess news now in the world championship is in thrall and fans around the world defending champion magnus carlsen and his challenger fabiano caruana remain in a deadlock after ten naches with just two games remaining have a look. this final is guaranteed to go down in the history books magnus carlsen
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and. i have drawn all ten of their matches so far a world record call so in the undisputed king of the chess world has been world champion since twenty thirteen boss this year he's facing his toughest challenge in quite some time won or is known for his aggressive openings and experts have noted his meticulous preparation if when it doesn't emerge after twelve matches that's how i break we'll just saw at the top all that would hand the advantage to carlsen who hasn't lost a tie break in thirteen years i call not the world champion will be decided within the next week with the window receiving one million dollars in prize money.
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it was fifteen years ago today on nov twenty second one nine hundred sixty eight that the fab four released from liverpool released their ninth studio album very simply titled the beatles and thanks to its plain white sleeve it came to be known as the white album a record that went down in history as a turning point and provoked very mixed reactions let's bring in karen helm stat from culture to talk all about it and i see that you've actually brought your own i have no i don't i don't feel it is an original unfortunately it's not my old and it was lent to me very kindly by a colleague from our culture department but this is the real mccoy it is not so white anymore as you can see fifty years of i think our our background is the is a little bit whiter but the important part is the embossed title and the little serial number down here that you can barely see but that's that's the telling sign what makes it so special you know it's it's really a combination. of things first of all this was
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a double album which of course for the beatles was very new and at the time even for rock and roll was really quite new thirty tracks on this so an awful lot of music over ninety minutes this completely white cover the whole idea was to sort of take things really down reduce them to the bare essentials after the crazy psychedelia of their previous album sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band. they were just coming off of a meditation retreat in india and they really wanted to get it to the essentials and you mentioned the mixed reactions you know that's very true because some people branded this some critics brand at this as a colossal mess and yet for the real diehard fans of the beatles there's a real charm on this album because of the incredible diversity of the songwriting you know they proved with this record that they weren't just the rock n rollers that musically they could be very sophisticated and the white album of course was reflecting the year one thousand nine hundred sixty eight and the fragmentation that was taking place and of course the band itself was also fragmented.
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we all want to change the world john lennon wrote with a hint of sarcasm in his song revolutionary war and student unrest in paris provided the backdrop to the beatles' first and only double album. this version took shape two months before the white album came out the release version is slower and more reflective. bridgehead it has been a piece of fan since nine hundred sixty four he loves the white album. i think it's brilliant because so many different influences went into it a psychic delic stuff from india played a major parts just returned from rishikesh and got straight to work on this album.
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the beatles were in india to get away from it all to meditate and look for new ideas. left after ten days to escape food and insects paul mccartney followed a couple of weeks later to take care of business george harrison and john lennon stayed on and wrote music. by the time they recorded the white album the fab four were already falling apart the beatles worked on the white album or separately then together. even threw in the drumsticks and disappeared for two weeks george harrison took advantage of the tensions between then and mccartney to spread his musical wings. to one of his wife very best songs. while my guitar gently weeps became one of harrison's signature tune.
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no the white. trio. did use it. and the mic to mix that makes it one of the band's most popular. and it really has this like legendary status really just in the i mean it was so wildly experimental sarah you know they were they were really more or less at the at the creative apex of their careers as a band they wrote a lot of songs during that period that then appeared on the two later albums and there's there's an awful lot of there's a lot of pastiche on this album there's a lot of political statements and there's a lot of poetry but it's also an album where there's a tragedy associated with it that of course had nothing to do with the beatles but you'll remember the american cult leader charles charles manson he became obsessed
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with this song helter skelter and perhaps he didn't know that british fairgrounds lives are actually called helter skelter as he thought the beatles were the four horsemen of the apocalypse and heard that song as a coded command to him in his dance and family to commit murder which of course very tragically they did killing nine people in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine but helter skelter you know. remains an incredibly innovative track that many people credit actually with paving the way for heavy metal and possibly even punk depending on how you look at so given the status that it has what's been done to mark the half century occasion because this is a big birthday of course an incredible extravaganza of an anniversary edition which has of course shot the thing right back into the charts in the u.k. and in the u.s. there were thirty tracks of the remastered expanding greatly on the technical abilities of back in one nine hundred sixty eight so there's a deluxe box set of six c.d.'s plus a blu ray disc and they've also included incredibly twenty. the seven early
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acoustic demos and about fifty session takes notes of most of which were never previously released and all that's going for a one hundred thirty year olds speaking of money how much is that how much is that album worth their virginal white album i actually can't tell you how much this one is but you know the further down you go the lower the serial number obviously you're going to be getting into the many thousands i think in two thousand and fifteen ringo starr's personal copy went for seven hundred ninety thousand that was the zero zero zero zero one. one needs a while ok i had to take take good care of that wonderful care to highlight that as always thank you so much less for. and with that you are up to date now on the day as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter at zenit news excuse me my handle is at sarah kelly t.v. and don't forget you can use the hash tag the day finally we would like to play you out with what is arguably the weirdest track on the white album revolution die and
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the beatles had come under the influence of modern classical composers like germany's called the stockhausen and combined that with the heavy days of one nine hundred sixty eight the results was this eight minute long surreal soundscape. number not number non number. not number not number not number not number not. not even the number nine number not.
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the. quadriga international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week it's a fateful week for britain as especially you summit looms prime minister theresa may is fighting to win domestic by and for her breasts a deal could be u.k. crash out of the e.u. with out an agreement that's our topic on five riga join us. quadriga next on d w. a we would dive into the
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deep blue water. we would hunt the old fashioned way with spears. the boats we lived on never stayed in one place. to see the promise to sleep. on the disappearing world of the seen nomads in forty five minutes on d w. i think of everything challenging first on how to make a muslim. school much different culture between here and there somewhat challenging for everything. traditionalists i think it was worth it for me to come to germany.
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my got my license to work as a swimming instructor sure now our two children one who don't subscribe to the station. what's your story take part sheriff on info migrants dot net. gain. hello and welcome to quadriga it is a fateful week for britain with just twenty weeks to go until the brics that deadline and especially e.u. summit looming this weekend the u.k. and the e.u. finally announced last week that they've reached a draft agreement but prime minister theresa may is facing a storm of protest at home most especially within her own party in the hours after the deal was announced several of her own ministers resigned.


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