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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2018 4:00am-4:03am CET

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connected to the. experience outstanding shopping on offer and try our services. be our guest. managed by. german chancellor angela merkel has a nights she will step down as chat woman of her christie and democratic party by the end of the year she will also not seek reelection as chancellor after her term ends in twenty twenty one this comes after the c.d.u. suffered heavy losses in two regional elections. officials in indonesia say the pilot of a lion f lights that crashed into the sea asks to return to jakarta just minutes after takeoff traffic control lost contact with the plane shortly afterwards it's
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believed all one hundred eighty nine people on board lost their lives. the united states says it will send over five thousand two hundred troops including our soldiers to secure the country's border with mexico unites meant comes as several caravans of mainly central american migrants make their way towards the u.s. president donald trump called the migrants an invasion and said the military will be waiting for the. president trump will visit pittsburgh on tuesday following the synagogue shooting that left eleven people dead a memorial has been set up for the victims outside the tree of life synagogue where the attack took place prime suspect robert bowers has appeared in court he faces twenty nine charges for the deadliest ever attack on america's jewish community.
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and era in german politics drawing to a close friends like america announces he's stepping down as party leader and will not seek reelection german stocks rally on the news but leading economist rick more subdued we'll tell you why also brazil and next fall right politicians idea of also not oh as president who promises an overhaul of the economy with methods feels long going to polls and most emerging economies have very little in the way of public health services really take a look at how pakistan's streetside dentists are filling the gap. i'm chris of coburn berlin good to have you with us it is time for change and on monday i'm going to ushered in this change germany's chancellor who steered the country through its harshest economic crisis after world war two will not seek another term in office ms merkel will also step down as party leader following week state alike.


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