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tv   Drive it - The Motor Magazine  Deutsche Welle  August 8, 2018 1:30am-2:01am CEST

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first of. battle with some marketing potential by placing a warning label in music products. rock and religion a clash that brings many parallels. for the two really so irreconcilable. cut to the devil and rock n roll stars august nineteenth d w. hello and welcome to drive with a d.-w. motor magazine today an electric s.u.v. from south korea hyundai kona electric. so you have still a big new mobility concepts at its metropolis lab in barcelona and sunshine and the
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open road in a mercedes c three hundred convertible. met several proceedings has given the c. class a facelift our car test that you know as peter he says that the c. class model comes in four different versions today she's going to test the convertible mercedes has made a number of nice little improve most of his car. there are only the headlights and optionally the high beams can reach up to six hundred fifty meters the familiar diamond grill with chrome pins and facia have been redesigned. it looks modern and at the same time familiar sporty and elegant c. class cars have been around since one thousand nine hundred eighty two but the convertible model made its first appearance in two thousand and sixteen. if i don't know one. gayness says these design changes don't really stand out at
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first glance but they do come with a number of options for example three different versions of the headlights for different colors for the canopy and twenty seven different designs for the wheel rims in the divided city. this car is really nice to look at no doubt about it. it's also a lot of fun to drive the powerful engine delivers three hundred seventy newton meters a maximum torque and one thousand eight hundred refs. and when the weather's nice you can just flip a switch and open the top. you can even open and close it on the road but only if you're doing less than sixty kilometers an hour the c. class convertible zips from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in just six point two seconds. a lap. top
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speed is two hundred fifty kilometers per hour the c three hundred was for fifty two thousand six hundred fifteen euros in germany but with so many tempting extras you could end up paying a lot more. that's how the man in phoenix points out that the nine speed automatic transmission combines with a one hundred ninety kilowatt engine to provide a memorable driving experience and when you shift into dynamic mode either sport or sport plus the c three hundred really takes off. be adaptive suspension with an automatic shock absorber system for each wheel makes for an exceptionally smooth ride. in a says you can also adjust the suspension yourself using this switch on the steering wheel. the new c. class gasoline engines are more fuel efficient thanks to its an electric belt
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driven starter generator. and lightweight materials in art to leverage and help make the car lighter overall. the interior offers options for upholstery and trim made of leather or genuine wood plus all the latest technology. this is the a.t.m. she line of luxury extras. there are two small touch sensitive controls on the steering wheel you can easily navigate through the menu for the fully digital instrument displays. feature from as class cars. for example under the heading design you can display and configure the format layouts and adjust the various driver assistance systems then that this dana says
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of all this is a bit too modern for you choose the standard version which has analog displays. to see classic cars feature various settings for the lighting in music systems ventilated seats that come with a massage option at an air conditioning system that offers various fragrances there are several suspension settings from sporty to comfortable. but now that you miss says she really likes the way the middle console is set up the buttons are in a horizontal line and everything's bordered in chrome and not only looks modern but really cool as well. the volume control features a modern design that also appears on the twenty five centimeter multimedia display screen. the other thinks that the us is the c. class offers a lot more than you might expect from a compact executive car the c three hundred with this one hundred ninety kilowatt engine and four driving modes makes it
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a sports car for this week life. and day may actually become a trendsetter with the kona electric so far e.v.a.'s haven't succeeded in getting much of germany on board for the electric future maybe this first all electric sub compact s.u.v. will do the trick. because it turns to i'm glad cinnamon points out the driving modes have won over buyers in recent years and he's found ways to modify the conus driving characteristics as well these driving modes don't just save energy the sport mode for instance is geared toward driving fun especially when accelerating. the kona electric is based on the conventional kona except that it doesn't have all
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wheel drive from the side the electric version looks just like it's gasoline powered siblings. but at the front there has been thoroughly made over for electric power there's no large grill full l.e.d. headlights only come standard after the midterm level. the flared fenders and plastic cladding when the cone of the robust off roader look that most s.u.v. buyers are looking for. him in the home bits to comment. he sees that the kona electrics interior has everything drivers and passengers have come to appreciate like a digital instrument cluster it has a smart design and the information the driver needs to u.s.b.
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ports in front provide all the connectivity required nowadays and allow for a cordless recharging of smart phones. electric is available with two power trains we tested the strongest one with one hundred fifty kilowatts performance with a top trim level it was for about forty five thousand six hundred euros in germany top speed exceeds one hundred sixty kilometers per hour. that's respected ice under the nose range is a crucial factor with e.v.a.'s as long as the owner can recharge the kona at home or at work this shouldn't be a problem but for journeys of four hundred kilometers at a stretch for example it's advisable for drivers to stop and recharge the car's batteries as well as their own light so it's really just that for a boy to come. along or trip shouldn't really be any problem for the electric based on the new w l t p ten cycle the version we tested achieved
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a range of four hundred eighty two kilometers the batteries can be recharged to eighty percent capacity at a fast charging station in just one hour exact state of the charge d. that can be called up on the infotainment system. and says it exonerate thinks it's a good idea that in eco mode the instruments will show how much the range can be extended through recuperation at least that helps to relieve some of the worries about running out of range. of bissinger i survived. the recuperating can be set to three intensity this affects how much energy is regenerated while it's in motion and from the braking behavior when the driver. let's up on the pedal the maximum intensity brings the cone almost to a stop as soon as the driver's foot leaves the pedal so forward looking drivers can go easy on both their brakes and their wallets.
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finds the idea of the kona electric rather clever instead of coming out with a futuristic e.-v. or sticking an electric drive into some random model underway has taken the electric drive to where the demand is then what good is an electric drive in that segment because it isn't selling in a way that kona electric is the first subcompact s.u.v. with electric drive so hyundai's chances of starting a trend here aren't bad so i know it's unfair and so that's. the kona electric is a fresh idea for the eevee segment not many car makers with electric cars and their range offer them and different performance versions for ranges a car buyer who satisfied with one hundred kilowatts of output and a three hundred twelve kilometer range can drive home a kona electric with a trimline appropriately named trend for thirty four thousand six hundred euros.
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b.m.w.'s rolled out a special model m. two competition with an all new engine the twin turbo charged six cylinders put out three hundred two kilowatts with five hundred fifty newton meters maximum torque and as sound like no other it goes from zero to one hundred kilometers an hour in four point two seconds prices started nearly sixty two thousand euros in germany. germany's best selling an electric vehicle is starting its second run the upgraded renault's oh it is getting a new engine with an extra twelve kilowatt some power but no extra weight or no is also. promising a three hundred kilometer range for it measured on the new and more realistic a w l t p ten cycle.
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worse alona is spain's second largest city it's a teeming metropolis with a population over five million in the greater metro area that means lots of cars and lots of traffic. quite often the supply of parking spots falls short of the demand and stop and go traffic during rush hour fills the air with exhaust. my goal with the basic on. these issues me tell you well. it's a part of big city life but doesn't have to be a fact of it barcelona is open to new mobility concepts like. the piers era one building houses a lot of startups among them is the say at metropolis lab barcelona part of c. it's a bid to become a mobility service provider of fifteen employees develop software and apps to make
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life a little easier for residents and commuters alike transportation has to be fast comfortable and fuel efficient so at the moment we have we are working on two projects one is a right charity project which. they've always to make life easier for commuters they've always to be able to match people drivers and passengers so that rather than everybody taking their cars. to their workplace they can share it. this one project is a project that we called the boss on the project which is similar but now you are talking about the small bodies that is like when you are the boss but where you can book that boss to pick you up at the bus stop and drop you at home at your thought i'm so as not. waiting for a bus. it was actually you weren't working on a bus stop and calling the boss to come pick you up and drop you at your home. or smaller buses run more flexible routes stopping where they're actually needed and
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damping to the existing demand in real time barcelona already records masses of data on traffic movements and makes them available to the developers. the size of a cell phone that is one that is very quick to try things like the power sharing your boss you have your rights every because there's not a message that's open is as big as one of yours but at the same time it's not a very small so it's a mid-sized surrounded by small columns so things like the commuting problem that i was describing before it resonates here because a lot of people live on the so you can have to commute from the city every day and if we can make that better if it is a very attractive. another to see how it's pilot projects is underway in the pirs zero one building's underground garage the metropolis lab has made five c. at iim meet car sharing vehicles available they can be booked by apps for business appointments and other business trips that cars are unlocked by immobile app
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especially set up for them. is that we receive feedback from the zero zero zero s. . using the car showing they buy the. whole is better to improve this type of service. with batteries fully charged the. emu has a range of about one hundred sixty kilometers the choice of this particular vehicle for the car sharing project no accident. with our electrical car because a car sharing. all the shouting both forms of the work and the fruits of it is something that. it's also before for real. because inside the city. itself in this very. order of where we select this type of car. this
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spanish car maker has branched out into mobility services the ride sharing app developed by cia lab is set for a market launch in september the bus on demand will be starting its test phase in october and will spur in germany. toyota is famous for building reliable and environmentally friendly cars but they also know how to build race cars b.r.s. w.r.c. regularly competes in international rally events and now you can have that driving experience for yourself with the jarosz g r m in. the car testimony live stick describes this car is a combination of a yacht and a lotus elise that she r m n stands for
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a good racing master of nerve regrowing this car looks nothing like a lotus elise but it runs like one with a one point eight leader one hundred fifty six kilowatt compressor engine. a taurus and limited slip differential evens out the traction when you step on the gas there's no spinning or wobbling in the front wheels the other is g.r. and then goes from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in just six point four seconds and as a top speed of two hundred thirty kilometers per hour sacs performance shock absorbers make for a smooth ride and provide for a much better spring rate than you'll find in a normal you are as. you say out of the ground he says this guy. car wasn't built for driving around the city you can feel the engines power even in the lower reverie but for a real driving experience you have to take it out on the road and open it up the fun really starts at five thousand raf's it is
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a lot. of us anybody around he says the i.r.s. has done well in this test so far but he says the steering is way too smooth and a car like this you want more direct feedback from the road but it's not just their jobs like this but there's a lot i detect a big what i. thought about he made a face that if. you can tell just by looking at this special edition jarosz that it's a powerful vehicle the front page come down low. and the side near roof and rear spoiler are all painted black you won't find that
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on the production version. the interior design is simple and functional with lots of rounded contours otherwise it looks pretty much like a normal jarod's. the highlights include sporty bucket seats that really lock you in. everything that catapult money says that any high performance car with a powerful engine should also have an effective braking system and this one does up front for part fixed caliper brakes and floating calipers in the rear. and if you really have to slam on the brakes they'll do the job i was talking about. ronnie can't find much to complain about with his car except maybe that it comes
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only and a three door version or rather came past tense. because of rising housing and he says that because you re seen created a great car with a jarosz g r m n it's got a powerful engine but they made only four hundred for the european market in two hundred for japan still was some luck you might be able to find a used one for sale at this time and often involves a lot of mocked. the don't know classic rally took place in june for the thirteenth time there's lots of excitement here and average two hundred entries makes it one of germany's biggest vintage car rallies included in the starting lineup are classics like this prime rose yellow jaguar each type or x. t a shills points out that this is his home region and it's the eleventh or twelfth time he's taken part to him the weather's
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like a dream said the album and. it's the right weather for convertibles of all makes once again the range of models competing in this year's doing now classic rally is pretty amazing. the starting point is in gauche dot site of audi's headquarters the entries will be touring in style around six hundred fifty kilometers have been various picturesque countryside and car maker country. hard time finnish cars also look great the horns and audi classics feel right at home here among them this rare audi one hundred coupe a s. . on the phone in the hall just found in thomas crown to explains that for a vintage car his audi is very enjoyable to dry. if it even has an automatic transmission it's like a dr said software specially when compared to pre-war machines those drivers had to work hard but thomas can look forward to our real action day. in the early one nine
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hundred seventy s. those smart coupe a boasted about its eighty two horsepower and the even bigger one hundred twelve horsepower version. but engine performance is not a major factor in the upcoming special stage. this is one of the first or early quantrill from one thousand maybe one originally it belonged to me show motos chief mechanic a freshman with the surname. he drove the car until six or seven years ago if on. his four sixty. maybe even rally sports legend michelle moton or so took the wheel we may never know even harder to drive is another legendary pre-war model the horse eight fifty three a. mother beginning to be a driver get up and king explains that the special stage is about even pacing and
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orientation he has to regularly check the road book and let the driver know which way to turn and there are special pacing laps where they have to drive at a constant speed and cover a certain stretch right down to the sac and that's not easy in such a big heavy car because it's so big but the moment the shadow hold all the suspected abuse. they pass through towns and villages in the countryside around in gauche that the route is different every year even for the special stages and locations of the checkpoints. some drivers kick back and have fun just taking part is enough for them other drivers take a more serious competitive approach. the drivers can't let the crowd. i would suspect taters distract them they keep their eyes on the road and their ears tuned to their co-driver just like in a real rally he keeps track of the route and the road book and monitors the car.
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the horse swears through the narrow streets the rules are just the same for all the entries you know banking and his driver managed the morning stage very well the first special stage went fine on the last one they missed an exit and probably picked up some penalty points but they're not here to win they just want to have fun if you're fired you know and he knew. the whole that's the number of on if i. doubt it's eight fifty three sport convertible a nineteen thirty five it's still regarded as one of the most beautiful automobiles of the one nine hundred thirty s. i was torched founded his company and eight hundred ninety nine in cologne and later moved it eastwood swick out in one thousand nine the supervisory board forced torsion out of the company and he founded a new car company he couldn't reduce his own name for legal reasons.
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and started common thomas funk of audi explains that hornish was discussing names with his engineer funds vic insurance because your son was studying latin nearby the boy suggested translating horseshit or park into the latin imperative audi and that's how the company got its name. at the first day's end their route leads back to him go start where the teams can do some minor maintenance nobody's been knocked out not even the audi or quatro whether it's impressive history to. this driver founded quite a challenge for some interesting test of endurance along the way the special stages could be fairly complicated and a bit tricky but otherwise things went quite well for him. fredrick. going to get a convertible drivers were happy that they can drive the whole day with the top down now they can all start getting ready for the next don't know clash
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a ground. law. the first. and next time on driving an s.u.v. with the hybrid drive drive the mercedes g.o.c. . and outings t.t.'s turn twenty we took this sporty s. version for a spin. room
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in. the unfamiliar. expected to. leap out of the ranges. all that's on the program at the fringe festival in edinburgh. for three weeks performers from the world over to turn scotland's counted all into one big colorful stage of. europe.
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and thirty minutes on d w's. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the term to convert those to green energy solutions and reforestation. they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection and we're determined to build something here for the next generation the ideas the multimedia environment series on d.w. . his creations around fifty his brand
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understandable color office icons of the fashion world. look what do we really know about the man behind the dark shades what motivates him how does he think and feel private moments in the life of a great fashion designer. someone smash and stuff it starts september not w. this is a fifteen year old girl. being gang raped. his teacher is beating a boy for talking back and class. for the rest of the class watches. appear a toddler has been killed by his mother breaking at last. this child sleeps in the streets because your family through. your
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own life. pushes a teenager over their heads. just because you can see violence against children doesn't mean it isn't there make them visible visible. mike violence against children disappear. or. e.u. foreign policy chief federica marini has called on european companies to keep trading with iran in defiance of u.s. sanctions president donald trump warned on tuesday that doing business with iran would remove any chance of trade with the united states after the country really imposed sanctions that were in force ahead of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal.
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firefighters in northern california battling the largest wildfire ever recorded in the u.s. state the twenty.


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