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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is to give you news live from berlin the european union and japan defying protectionism and signed a huge trade deal the ambitious pact to create a world worse free trade area embracing a third of the global economy and more than six hundred million people will be live in brussels and frankfurt. also coming out. and this is indeed the pictures there of this a massive a trade deal between european union and japan signing this a landmark agreement a third of the global economy as we said more than six hundred million people will be getting all the details on that. plus the migrants who make it and those who
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don't we have a special report from tunisia with where one woman and her baby still have their lives all the remains of others are image's. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us president trump s. triggered a wave of condemnation in the u.s. after appearing to favor the russian president over his own intelligence agencies now after their first ever summit in helsinki yesterday vladimir putin denied that the russia had meddled in the two thousand and sixteen election trump accepted that assurance contradicting the findings of his own intelligence. touching down to a storm of criticism this was not the welcome home president trump would want put off to siding with the russian president over america's own intelligence services it
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was hardly a surprise and it even case from his own party. today's press conference in helsinki was one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory blasted republican senator and former presidential candidate john mccain the president must appreciate that russia is not our ally rebuked republican house speaker poor ryan and democrats were also swift to condemn. me in hot tired history of our country americans have never seen a president of the united states support an adversary the way president has supported president putin. for the president of the united states to side with president putin against american law enforcement american defense officials american intelligence agents is thoughtless it's dangerous it's weak.
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the summit in helsinki between the two presidents was always going to raise eyebrows but it was donald trump's refusal to blame his russian counterpart vladimir putin for meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections that sparked outrage for only last friday u.s. prosecutors indicted twelve russian spies for hacking cheering that election. will menace president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today there was no collusion at all everybody knows it but that contradicts mounting evidence against russia the intelligence community that has confirmed russian intervention you've got the social media companies facebook twitter you tube confirming russian interference you have all of our partner countries for around europe confirming russian intervention. in an interview off to his meeting with trump putin said u.s.
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politics was to blame it's absolutely an interest i'm not interested in this issue that it will end this single bid it's the internal political games of the united states you know you didn't mention you were talking of games and it was to football that the russian president turned telling trump the full was in his court but his growing number of critics believe that it is the u.s. president who has dropped the ball. more on this story now with our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena who's standing by for us good to see you know we have seen donald trump brush off other controversies but the backlash around this helsinki summit will it give the russian best again and allegations of collusion new momentum. well i think it's will we see more and more lawmakers on both sides of the aisle asking themselves what was the reason for the u.s. president to side with the russian president against american law in force meant
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against american intelligence agency agencies what was what was the reason for trying to say that both sides are to blame for their poor relationships. chuck schumer said yesterday in his press conference that the only explanation he can think of is that the russians really have some compromising material on donald trump and he called for the whole us national security team to testify before congress they are there are calling for a five person legislation that would ultimately clearly impose sanctions on every nation trying to meddle in u.s. elections however we have to say that despite of all this huge criticism i don't see anything on the republican side of the aisle and the republicans willing to
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really take action to punish the president i want to look at one criticism in particular dan coats trump's director of national intelligence he came out almost immediately saying that the assessments of russian meddling are clear and some want to go further former cia official larry pfeiffer tweeted here we can see with trump's repudiation of u.s. intelligence dan coats should resign in protest and disgust out standard you see that as a real possibility. well didn't code's himself publicly ignored the calls for him to resign he issued a statement yesterday as you sat just a doubling down on his fine latest finding saying also saying that not only that russia is behind meddling in twenty sixteen election but he that he is ready to provide objects of intelligence in order to serve the security interests so that's doesn't sound like you know getting where the floor to
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resign and there are also our voices such. for example the former cia director saying that it's no more than ever important to have a few say voices around the president now we saw in a report that both flooding in and donald trump sat down with the fox news after the talks in helsinki let's listen to part of what donald trump had to say to sean hannity i think it's a shame we're talking about nuclear proliferation we're talking about humanitarian aid we're talking about all these different things and we get questions on the witchhunt. that witchhunt alexander we're talking about is donald trump done from cold the russia investigation just briefly is he getting any recognition at all for having sat down and opened a dialogue with russia. there are few republicans in the house like rand paul for example i'm sorry he is a senator from kentucky kentucky saying that it was the right thing to improve
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relations between the two countries however we have to say that it seems like most republicans are really criticizing the president for what he said and how his performance was in helsinki. aleksandr phenomena with the latest reactions from washington for us thank you very much. as president moves to erect barriers to trade the e.u. and japan have just signed a massive free trade deal that will create the world's biggest open economic area speaking after a signing ceremony in tokyo you council president donald said the deal sends a strong message against protectionism the agreement removes tariffs on nearly all japanese imports to the e.u. japan will also lift duties on ninety four percent of e.u. imports the deal sealed in tokyo was the largest ever negotiated by the european union and i will have complete coverage of that story in business coming up in a little bit now let's move on to some other stories making headlines around the
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world hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets of the nicaraguan capital managua as funerals were held for the victims of a violent crackdown on protesters at least ten people were killed over the weekend when police and gunmen loyal to the country's president attacked students holding anti-government protests japanese media say to extreme heat wave has killed more than a dozen people there in the last three days thousands more have been taken to hospitals for heat related illnesses the soaring temperatures are hampering recovery efforts in parts of the country hit by deadly floods last week. in hawaii at least twenty three people have been injured after a chunk of lava smashed through the roof of a tour boat of this video shows passengers watching the lava flow from killer way of all kaino when an explosion such a so-called lava bomb crashing into the vessel the volcano began erupting on hawaii's big island two months ago. and pilgrims in the russian city of it have marked one hundred years since the killing of tsar nicholas the second and his
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family thousands marched in a procession from the execution site to the location where the bodies were discarded bolshevik troops killed nicholas during the russian civil war eighteen months after he abdicated power as russia's last emperor. the united nations migration agency says almost fifty one thousand migrants have crossed the mediterranean to europe so far this year now that is less than half the number that made the treacherous journey during the same period in two thousand and seventy but while the numbers are down plenty still dream of a new life in europe as you get these funny for char reports from tunisia many people who have failed to make the crossing once vow to try again but for others there is no second chance hardly anyone visits this place on the tunisian coast others said here are do remain so women children and young men they drowned in the mediterranean chasing an uncertain dream a dream wolf life in europe. their stories lie buried with them in these makeshift
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graves no names no identities no headlines across from the sea over there in europe the focus has shifted from whole to help migrants too hard to keep my friends here . he wants to give them dignity. is a fisherman here near to tourist hot spot of sadducees he has buried the remains of three hundred people to stop the crossings europe has proposed the creation of so-called disembarkation platforms in north africa they are migrants would be able to apply for asylum. isn't impressed. with the machines europe doesn't care about these people whether they're alive or dead building reception centers isn't a solution instead europe should give people the wealth that was stolen from them. a beach near to cemetery this is where fisherman discovered the washed up bodies.
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to find them before the local children i'm on my way to a nearby migrant center where some of those rescued find temporary refuse their i meet the desha from the democratic republic of congo for months she was a sex slave in libya she tells me. when they discovered i was pregnant they let me go. i don't want to stay here engine is here i want to go to europe. tunisia has no functioning asylum system and it has to not only deal with migrants passing through but also with the increasing numbers of its own youth who dream of a brighter future these young men died trying to reach italy wooden seven thousand tunisians try to cross the mediterranean last year while i was one of them he invites me to his home to share his story. and hurt them of. hope here.
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nor alive it's all the same we don't have any jobs or future nothing in this country kills our dreams that's why i want to escape. the well survive several boat accidents in the mediterranean but he's undeterred he wants to try again. if i stay here in tunisia i have zero hope. in europe at least have a chance to hit but europe doesn't want to take migrants like well so who exactly is responsible for those rescue at sea. we have to stop treating migrants like hostages and using them as political leverage we have to stop treating them as a tool with which to get money from europe and we have to be humane with them and guarantee them no rights or freedom of movement because. tunisia's
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government has repeatedly said it does not want to be the gate keeper for migrants trying to reach europe caught in limbo thousand see trying to lock on the mediterranean as the only option despite the dangers. t. davies funny for char reporting there now one item from russia the four protesters who invaded the pitch at the world cup final in moscow have been sentenced to fifteen days in jail the pitch invaders members of the russian protest group pussy riot ran onto the field dressed as police officers in a protest against human rights abuses in a later statement they called for the release of russian political prisoners in a more open political process as well as the prison sentence the four pussy riot members have been banned from attending sporting events for three years. you're watching d.w. still to come as washington moves towards greater protectionism the european union and japan signed a landmark free trade deal they're slashing ninety nine percent of all tariffs.
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her doctors will have that story coming right up for you in business. under. was a symbol. somebody was my heroes it was also everybody around the world is named stooge.


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