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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  July 17, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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their. bases do w.'s live from berlin the health sinking summit provokes controversy across the political spectrum in the united states donald trump returning home to a storm of criticism after refusing to blame the russian president for meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election siding with flooding a putin against the findings of u.s. intelligence has drawn strong criticism even from members of his own republican party. he took the word of the k.g.b. . over the men and women of the cia. you can go look at
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yourself from the level of a snake and that's where i consider whatever hooty i hold both countries or the white house is now struggling to explain why trump has aligned himself so closely with the russian leader we'll have analysis for you in just a couple of minutes. also coming up on this program a hero's welcome in paris for the world cup champions hundreds of thousands of fans turning out to see the blue in their victory parade down in shoals easy each member of the team is to receive france's highest civilian. honor. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring date thanks for joining us president trump has triggered a wave of condemnation in the united states after appearing to favor the russian president over his own intelligence agency. yes after their first ever summit in
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helsinki yesterday vladimir putin denied that russia had meddled in the twenty sixteen u.s. election trump accepted that assurance contradicting the findings of his own intelligence agencies. the finnish capital sweltered in an uncharacteristic thirty degrees as people gathered to watch the biggest show in town the meeting between vladimir putin and donald trump putin though arrived half an hour late trump in turn kept putin waiting before he himself left his hotel yet despite the slights both leaders expressed a desire to improve relations. this agreement between our two countries are well known and president putin and i. discussed them had lank today. but if we're going to solve many of the problems facing our world then we're going to have to find ways to cooperated pursuit of shared. put in and trump spent more
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than two hours in one on one discussions behind closed doors with only translators present true to trump's word of a summit covered everything from trade to terrorism from nato to nuclear weapons to china but there was another question at the top of most minds. do you. think again president trump mentioned the issue of the so-called interference in the american elections and i had to resign right things i said several times including now in a personal context knowledge that russia has never interfered but he's not going to go if there are new interim internal american affairs including the electoral process. we begin the process. put in denied any knowledge of the twelve russian military intelligence agents who were indicted on friday but said he was prepared to help the u.s. president investigate the matter on the. confidence in my intelligence people but.
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president putin was extremely strong and powerful. credible offer he offered to have the people working on the case come to work with their investigators with respect to the twelve people i think it's an incredible thank you. and as helsinki breaks relations also appear to be warming between the usa and russia on some issues but the areas on which the european union had hoped for solutions remained unresolved including the war in syria and iran's nuclear program there's also continuing distrust of a nuclear does. and military deployment in countries bordering russia. ok let's talk about here with me in the studio to do so tyson baka an international affairs analyst with the aspen institute here in berlin tyson let's start with the russian president vladimir putin a man trying to escape pariah status on the international stage what's he taking
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away from the health sinking summit well it's mitigated success for vladimir putin and russia and his regime what his goal was was to put russia on parity with the united states to say that it is a world power that it plays on that level that no only these two countries are kind of at that status and he was brought in from the cold essentially i mean he got a very warm reception from donald trump you could see the personal report donald trump took a lot of the talking points that of lattimer putin would have used so for him it was a rhetorical and optical political success ok and what about donald trump himself you know we'll talk about what he took away from the summit in a second what i want to ask you thoughts though is what was he hoping to get out of this summit well this is where you see the preparation sometimes pays off his his intention here was just basically to wing it and that's to some extent what he did he didn't go in with any concrete asks and he didn't come away with much i think
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that that's been the general consensus i mean when you look at this it's all very shocking but not very surprising this is a pattern that has kind of defied his interactions on the world stage and at home for the past seventeen months so i think it's not surprising to say that there's not much except for criticism of this is when the united states ok well we'll talk about what he really did take away from the summit and in a minute first though let's look at reaction to the house thinking somehow back home in the u.s. where donald trump has been facing a wave of criticism from both political camps. disgraceful bizarre a push over and that's condemnation just from the republicans u.s. president donald trump drew stinging bipartisan criticism of the siding with russian counterpart vladimir putin and against his own country's intelligence services of a moscow's denial of interfering in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections u.s. republican senator john mccain called the joint press conference in the house think
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one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory. democrats was similarly thunderstruck mean heart tired history of our country americans have never seen a president of united states support an adversary the way president trump ordered president putin. the president of the united states to side with president putin against american morning force merican defense officials american intelligence agency is thoughtless it's dangerous it's what we've seen in this last week. president trump treat our allies as adversaries and try to treat an adversary as if they were a friend. following criticism the white house announced trump will meet go make his own she's day but with even staunch trump allies shocked the u.s. president may have his what cut out for him just with the ten billion political
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waters back home. so with me tyson buchan from the aspen institute tyson some really very bitter criticism that donald trump will be meeting members of congress later today is that anything more than a cosmetic measure you know is this is this criticism affecting him in any way well i mean with congress in particular you have to know that it's a very hawkish republican hawkish institution because of the russia just before he went on the summit the senate passed almost unanimously something backing a resolution backing nato they i think their criticism is real the question is will it filter down into his base where he has that direct that instinctual relationship and they are really the key holders in this in this political situation and coming to trump's perspective on all this watch what he may or may not have taken away from this summit that there are those who say for him it's all about his core supporters is satisfying them is his guiding principle would you agree with that i
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think that's right i mean the thing is is that his core supporters before the twenty sixth election didn't really have an opinion visit to russia this seems to be a personal project of his to realign the united states more on an axis with russia and china in contrast to our traditional allies the u.s. is traditional allies in nato japan other democracies and it's an open question as to whether or not he'll succeed in pulling his base to that position ok many thanks for the views that times and baka from butlins aspen institute. and there has also been a wave of criticism from former u.s. intelligence officials many condemning trump's dismissal of the assessment of his own intelligence agencies concerning alleged russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election we have the former head of the cia john brennan tweeting this for instance donald trump's press conference performance in helsinki rises to the exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanors it was nothing short of
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treasonous not only would trump's comments imbecility he is wholly in the pocket of putin republican patriots where are you meanwhile the director of national intelligence dan coats is facing called to resign over the president's remarks they include comments from former cia official larry pfeiffer this is what he's saying with trump's repudiation of u.s. intelligence dan coats should resign in protest and discussed. by the way issued a statement after yesterday's summit reiterating u.s. intelligence assessment that russia did meddle in the twenty sixteen election and that it continues to try to undermine u.s. democracy. moving on the european union and japan are due to sign a free trade deal of a summit currently underway in tokyo the landmark agreement will cover a third of the global economy and deepen economic ties between the two blocs but said it is a fairly balanced relationship already last year the e.u.
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exporter of goods and service is worth just over seventy eight billion euros to japan looking in the other direction japan's exports to the e.u. are worth a little over seventy seven billion euros these volumes could increase sharply under the new trade pact. a deal removed by the way in one thousand nine percent of tariffs on all japanese imports to the e.u. and ninety four percent of the tariffs on european imports to japan. ok we're going to focus now on some of the other stories making news around the world the former u.s. president barack obama has wrapped up a brief trip to kenya he paid a visit there to his father's home village where he showed off his basketball skills as he opened a sports training center run by his half sister. has now traveled on to south africa to attend a tribute there to nelson mandela's one hundred. hundreds of demonstrators have taken to the streets of the nicaraguan kampelman as funerals
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were held for the victims of a violent crackdown on protestors at least ten people were killed over the weekend when police in gunmen loyal to the country's president attacked students holding antigovernment protests. turning to football now world cup winners france arriving in paris to a hero's welcome following sunday's four two victory in the final over croatia hundreds of thousands of fans lining the chantilly easy to greet them and to top of the celebrations it was revealed that they are all to receive france's highest civilian award the legion of honor. i think tory is france team touching down on home soil the world cup trophy in the secure hands of captain and goalkeeper hugo lloris on the famous song celie's a fan's waited patiently for the heroes of them was revealed through december i'm so happy to be part of this celebration and i was
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lucky enough to experience it already in one nine hundred ninety eight in two thousand and six when we reached the final now in trying to eighteen it's grange review and finally the moment they've all been waiting for. the twenty eight c. world cup champions their champions lapping up the g.l.a. sion. were revealed so we've been waiting for like the whole day and we stayed with good words here he said of us wasn't happy i don't think we did it because they wanted me yet at. that point i was already you were a fan celebrating under a tricolor sky united by the beautiful game the a fantastic atmosphere there in central powlett paris for all that and in the thick of things so was our very own only one hundred covering that homecoming party for
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us and witnessing the moment when the french team bus on its victorious passengers drive past was five through writing was. what you was just trying to get atlantis i was kind of. it's it's really it's you know it's access i was. satisfied excitedly i was kind of like i was trying to decide who was who that johnny was that i wouldn't believe it and that's why. i did it. today obviously not talking there reporting from central paris a quick reminder on top story for you u.s. president all tromped has returned home to
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a storm of criticism also refusing to blame russian president vladimir putin for meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election instead trump appeared to go against the findings of his own intelligence agencies even members of his own party expressing outrage at that. you're watching the news in then sumi so much kind of taking over at the top of the hour thanks for watching. nico he's in germany to learn german. polish people why not learn with him online on your mobile and free stuff from the w z learning course speak.


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