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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  June 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:16pm CEST

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streets because we're tired of mr trying to show you are. taking the stand global news that matters. made for martin's capital the. busy w. news live from berlin disaster for germany has the world cup in russia mexico stunned the reigning champions defeating them one nil germany were among the favorites to take the title do they still have a chance to bounce back. also on the show. the end of a weeklong rescue geodesy the aquarists rats in the spanish port of balenciaga
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carrying more than six hundred migrants spain offering those aboard a safe harbor after italy and malta turned them away but the case that triggered a pan-european spat shows no sign of easing. and polls close in the second and final round of a landmark presidential election in colombia conservatives even to get is running against former rebel leftists can stop old heads roll at stake the future of the historic peace deal with former park rebels we'll have the latest. i'm irish waiter thanks for joining us at the world cup in russia defending champions germany have a lost their opening match underdogs mexico one and nothing i'm joined here in the studio by chris harrington from force across those definitely plenty to dive into and about the shock defeat but first let's take
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a look at how exactly germany lost their first world cup opener in thirty six years . a mexican stunner in the thirty fifth minute chatty tone that's not some oceans around but tang in his tracks and fed having lozano with the ballance of the. mississippi blazing counterattack from the mexicans maisano made a nifty move i measured is in the box and fired the ball passed to help the smile neuer excell tension for mexico dejection for germany. germany got their best chances in the waning minutes first mario gomez heading over the bar from close range and two minutes later yulia brown to moscow to ice to come as but he couldn't flick it past yammer would show up the ball then found its way back to bronze but his st ching long range shot clipped the post mexico now top group out while germany needs to go back to the drawing board. press there was really an onion mitigated disaster for germany what did you make of the performance you know
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take a page out of euro he their head coach addressed the media he called it negligent in haphazard i would have to agree because as the finny champions you expect more from them they're known as a turning ment team you know but considering their form in the friendlies leading up to this tournament they only had one win so it was a kind of a shocking enough say that no one saw this coming. included you know if it but if it was a shock i mean there's only one way to go they have to rebound if they want to repeat what happened in one thousand nine hundred two the last time this happened they rebounded and finished second in the tournament which isn't too shabby let's see if they can progress moving forward and reclaim that now for a german audience watching this are there any positive takeaways that off from this game well the positives would be there was no lack of trying i am specifically in terms of shots on goal i mean they had twenty six we can see here mario gomez an older up in age striker missed
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a header and then you know we saw some efforts that were late in the straights and last stretch of the game there the ball fell. the tony crow splits real madrid midfielder could not find paydirt they could do the side of a barn out there but there is one positive you know and factored in them being known as a tournament team they've never finished first and fourth in a major tournament under your head low so that's one positive they can say what now germany's goalkeeper man on neuer is back on the pitch after nine month layoff an injury is nine months too soon for i would say so i'm i'm of the opinion yes because you know he hasn't had real active minutes he's only practice we saw the footage you know but i would considering that his left foot was in question he had surgery on his left foot he had to push off his left to make this stop from the design now because i know you know he he threaded the defense right there gets open he jumps over. and fires in the left hand corner my left foot is all i was thinking if i saw this because my bone though is known as superman between the posts clearly
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mexico had some kryptonite in their boots because they walked away with the upset so i think it was too early for manuel neuer your he love has some talent on the bench test again even kevin trapp you know so we have to wait and see what happens with ford but turned quickly to the other day's actions of brazil and switzerland just wrapped up what happened there you know was a pretty shocking finish i mean even even you know in a started off in a defensive blunder you know the swiss headed a brazil cross right to the feet of philippe coccinea zero five part in right out the reach of the on somewhere in the twentieth minute he had no chance to stop that . watching ricochet off the post i mean it's pretty much impossible he had to have swings for that but certainly bounce back after the restart you curious in the corner crawling into the box steven. made it what all actually suba he has played a part in six goals for the switzerland team in all of his six starts so that's an
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accomplishment shucking have set a felt. maybe brazil didn't get some calls we saw neymar jr complaining a lot on the pitch out there but it was a shocking draw. and new year calling this is a shock so when you mention this a little bit what went wrong for brazil out there you know this lack of execution i mean you know they were kind of similar in the sense of germany you know there were times in the ball there was no there were no passing lanes open for neymar you just saw a lot of basically it looked like a grapefruit if you come up with a grapefruit you see the orange of the red in the middle that's what it looked like on the pitch out there this switch will impact the middle killing all the passing lanes may be very difficult for brazil to get things going but you know brazil high expectations we have to see if they live up to those and let's check out the results from all of sunday's games now there's that confirmation of germany's shock defeat to mexico right there and that's a prize draw between brazil and switzerland elsewhere serbia defeated costa rica
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one nil that's a wrap up of the latest world cup soccer action cross-hairs in front of you sports thank you so much thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world afghan officials say at least eighteen people have been killed in a suicide bombing in the city of jalalabad the last struck a crowd of people as they were leaving the governor's compound the second attack this weekend that's targeted security forces and civilians during a unilateral government ceasefire. french prosecutors say a woman armed with a box cutter has wounded two people in a supermarket in the south of france the attacker reportedly shouted akbar before attacking a customer at a checkout worker in the town of la. police believe she had known psychological problems and probably acted alone. un and e.u. officials have witnessed the signing of a historic agreement between greece and macedonia the deal resolves
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a decades old dispute by renaming macedonia the republic of north macedonia distinguishing it from the greek northern province of the same name protesters opposed to the deal clashed with police at the border between the two countries after a week stranded at sea after first italy and then malta turned their ship away more than six hundred rescued migrants have finally set foot on dry land the aquarius has become the center of a political migrant crisis in europe it sailed into the spanish port of violence you today. no ruction of relief after a week long odyssey it's a. very . happy to. the three vessel convoy was carrying six hundred thirty migrants including some one hundred twenty three unaccompanied minors some of the new arrivals had to be taken directly to hospital. volunteers turned out in their
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hundreds to assist the migrants and called for cooperation among you states. and boy i think the aquarius has become a symbol that something isn't working that we are here confirms that it doesn't and wouldn't be like this if politically things worked in europe. or we could go the markets were rescued from overcrowded by the aquarius in the mediterranean. the ship soon became the focus of a pan-european dispute about migration when it was turned away by malta and italy with rome saying e.u. member states were not doing enough to shoulder the migrant burden. spain's new socialist government is offering the migrants free health care and says they will examine their refugee status on a case by case basis. german chancellor angela merkel is seeking emergency talks
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with several you nations on migration policy the very same issue that is bringing germany to the brink of its own political crisis merkel is locked in a rout with her interior minister jose hoffa he has threatened to defy her and go ahead with plans to unilaterally tighten germany's borders merkel is adamant a european solution must be found. colombians have been voting in the second and final round of a decisive presidential election conservative newcomer yvonne do ok who won. first round of voting is facing off against former rebel and leftists to stop it from the two leaders have opposing views on most issues key among them the future of a peace deal with former farm rebels in twenty sixteen historic treaty ended the longest civil war in latin america a conflict that spanned over five decades. joining me now is utopia correspondent of their homes a routine who's following the election day for us so they're all colombians need to
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decide between two extremes today tell us more about the candidates even duke and gustavo peytral well this is definitely the starkest choice column in voters have to make who are usually confronted with pretty similar establishment politicians now on the one hand goes back throw who is a former guerrilla member himself from a group called the m nineteen is more understanding with the peace agreement reached with the fark rebels on the economical side he wants to further tax the rich he wants to prohibit fracking and. while he is more supportive of the peace agreement we're on the other hand we have you run zuko who wants to make major changes to the peace agreement on the economical side he is more market and investor friendly but he is against same sex marriage and he has also said that he would unify all the higher courts into one entity which has made
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many suspicious as they think this is a protective measure for his mentor or former president even who is being widely investigated focusing for a moment on the peace deal this of course the the peace till some between the outgoing president and the fark in two thousand and sixteen it was ending or five decades of conflict what could happen in colombia if the peace deal were to be changed. well peace in its current form has been armored for three periods constitutionally but what many fear is that a government of uganda ok who's leading the polls and who has a majority in congress would further slow down this process that has already been problematic because it has not been implemented as the government wanted to we see especially the basis of the former fighters not receiving the economical support in the regions and in the poorer areas where they have been leaving territories that are now being occupied by other criminal groups the state hasn't been able to enter
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this areas in time and this could even worse and if the process was to be slowed down we see that the cocoa plantations have been increasing in thirty thousand hectares after the peace agreement was signed so it could be problematic that and glee in quickly if you can how are columbians dealing with these very divided views on the peace process at the ballot box many colombians agree with a vandal cars do that former members should not be given seats in congress without being voted by the people they also don't agree with the fact that they are now serving more severe jail sentences but at the same time we see that is the most voted leftist candidate in colombia history and this shows that the fear for the left that the korea was representing is not as strong as it was in the past to be
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a correspondent affair their homes are rooted in bogota thank you very much. so it's nice to hear about a happy ending firefighters in italy have come to the rescue of three distressed kittens the tiny creatures had become trapped in a plastic pipe just centimeters wide in the town of l'engle in northern italy children playing nearby heard their mewling and alerted their parents the firefighters used a string to hoist the kittens to safety and reunite them with their mother. and just a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you at the world cup in russia for the first time in thirty six years germany lost their opening match the defending champions fell to underdogs mexico one nil the shock result of the shock result now puts their title defense in trouble. the aquarius rescue ship sailed into the port of valencia today in spain the vessel had been stranded at sea after first italy and then malta refused it permission to dock now more than six
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hundred rescue migrants have finally been allowed to set foot on dry land. that's a news wrap join us again at the top of the hour or you can check out our website or follow us on twitter thanks so much for watching to. come. on. nico because in germany to learn german looks pretty cool. why don't you come with him t w z e learning course because great. climate change.


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