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oring russia that they have bombed the country. now somebody has to pay the building it's. called the rush from. the west two weeks i think. trade relations between the two countries but i'm sorry we have to leave it there. from the european council on foreign relations thank you so much because analysis you're watching the news coming to you live from london and have more news for you know how to not pull what you think you then have by. hiring one welcome to another edition of your own max i'm your host to meghan li from springtime in spain to bright ideas for your home we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. first of color we visit the flower festival in the
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spanish city of shiraz not. cashing in on can should we shop around for weird and wonderful souvenirs ahead of the royal wedding. and. twenty one year old german alina pets are is the new star on the wii going to log in and see. where we start off today show not to with prince harry and meghan's wedding that is coming up later on in the show but we want to enjoy the dogs now in the fruits of spring flowers are finally in bloom across europe and one place where the floor is truly celebrated is. in northern spain now in may of every year this town turns into a paradise of flowers centuries old courtyards private houses and churches serve as the exhibition space it is for for works of all kinds.
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attempt to floor the annual flower festival in the spanish city of a sure is in spring time it features two hundred floral artworks that graced the gardens monuments and courtyards of coronas hold down. the displays are designed by catalonian florists and artists such as jordan. he's decorated the steps of the cathedral and to him that's a special honor. not the that i was born here my roots are here so this means a lot to me i'm thrilled on the one hand but i also feel a strong sense of responsibility. i wanted to create something beautiful. suited to this landmark building a cathedral. creating a lavish display it was a labor of love for randy's team. it was money. we used
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seven thousand kilos of paint. i tried to make it look from a distance as though the colors were blending together into gold. but i think i wanted to make the visitors feel like royalty. that was the feeling i wanted to win spine. the flower displays need daily care and most importantly lots of water. just nearby florist my head is pepin is making sure her arrangement in the cathedral cluster is still perfect. it's made up of over four thousand flowers and took her and her crew three days to put in place. i feel that the young lady think that it is thirty degrees hot it's very hard to keep the flowers looking fresh and signatories pointed out why we
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need to keep them more just with wet sponges he reports that and if they will sound the one we have to replace them. most. with a population of one hundred thousand euro night is the smallest of catalonia is for provincial capitals in the past it had a reputation for being a little dull and dreary in fact it has some stunning historical architecture ninety four year old rosa la by yet lives in a house that dates back to the fifteenth century during the festival it's open to the public she remembers the festivals beginnings more than sixty years ago will you be seeing out us and this one will know there were nine ladies who organized a little flower show on the steps of the municipal theater when he bought the i thought it was all very improvised they were going to fall flat. he gave me
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step. these days it's all much more professional. with sponsorship to the tune of four hundred fifty thousand euros it's a big business for jarana. every year the track some two hundred fifty thousand visitors from around the world. and of course it's a fabulous photo opportunity. sometimes though visitors can get a little too hands on i kinda get requests he said there's always someone who wants to see if he arranged. mints are actually real of course we don't use a single artificial flower they're all real but some people can't believe it and insist on squeezing the petals to find out that they're just interested but of course it's pretty annoying for all of the people who did the work and became much the treatment that. jordy designed the arrangement of the arab bad. he went to the
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granada in search of inspiration. to get some ideas for our project. we like told the water features that. and the use of very fragrant blossoms but that's not all by the goes. display is a tribute to spain's famous landmark it's attractive to all people whether they see themselves as catalan or spanish the flower first of all unites them even in these politically difficult times and many people will return again next year to take in the beautiful flower displays of their own. art experts claim that dutch painter rembrandt produced well over six hundred paintings now while most of them are in museums some works are still popping up in unexpected places that plus friday where kerry comes back to life on the silver screen more on those stories
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and today's express. that train wraps of the anticipated film about freddie mercury and queen was released this week. the biopic charts the band the pollution from the days to the trunk the front man freddie mercury in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. the will hit the cinema as. a newly discovered painting by rembrandt went on display at the home of museum in amsterdam on wednesday. a portrait of a young gentleman from christie's in london in twenty sixteen for just one hundred
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fifty six thousand euros its authenticity has been confirmed by an expert with the rembrandt research project it's the first previously unknown painting by rembrandt to turn off in nearly half a century on surprisingly the current owner plans to put it on sale now. there's another few days to go before prince harry marries meghan markle at st george's chapel at windsor castle but well wishers are already securing their front row seats. for the toilets. thousands are expected to line the streets on the big day. saturday the nineteenth of may when wedding bells will finally rings for the dream couple harry and meghan. and staying on the subject of the most anticipated a whirl of end of the year prince harry and meghan marco's wedding or merchandise
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with their images that has been on sale since the two announced their engagement last november you can buy anything from mugs to royal wedding beer and as it's been proven in the past when the british royals marry it is a very good for business of all kinds. in the run up to prince harry and american marco's wedding there is a run on royal marriage themed memorabilia in windsor souvenir shops it's a lucrative business and experts estimate that total merchandising sells could be worth some fifty million euros. by kerry in lady lake that the special of it kelly up rather to work in that is of course going out well as if this note to him tomorrow mugs of the most favorite item this company in england's midlands has been making royal memorabilia since one thousand nine hundred eighty five the mugs are handmade they plan to sell thousands of them.
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and this official commemorative scent of china with the initials of harry and meghan is highly sought after. we've been working almost around the clock on this new royal wedding commemorative range since the wedding was announced late last year the design team in london this work been very busily working away developing the design that we wanted really to be fitting and appropriate for your model for over two hundred fifty years the company has been making china by hand. embellish moments like the royal monogram get hand painted in twenty two carat gold in addition to come some pill boxes plates are available they're sent to collectors all over the world. i would imagine that anyone is a beautiful piece of commemorative china particularly from the official match dyes should hang on to them for a very long time because they do and they do become quite valuable in the years in
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windsor where meghan and harry will tie the knot on saturday a brewery even produced a wedding beer it's a special limited edition of the windsor not which was first brewed for the marriage of harry's brother william. the brewery make sure to use only the best ingredients. for wedding is such a popular vote not just here in the u.k. but all around the world so. agree or so safely without particularly authenticity of being brewed here windsor in the shadow of windsor castle using local ingredients like that is for a fantastic meal. the barley used to make the beer is actually grown in windsor which is combined with a special blend of british and us west coast hops so the be a perfectly symbolizes prince harry's and meghan marco's transatlantic lab story
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just so the upcoming wedding is putting the royals back in the global limelight. which means good business for many companies like lego land windsor where visitors can now marvel at a miniature windsor castle the mini royal wedding. ste prince harry has obviously always been part of me and this is the very first time that we've made for many and so we've worked hard to try to recreate her as best as we can in how to act the tiny couple and their miniature wedding guests will remain on display of lego land windsor even after the real harry and megan walk down the aisle. and madame tussaud's already boasts harry and meghan as wax figures everyone wants a selfie with a future couple it seems that megan is giving the windsor brand quite a boost. the royal family is
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a brand. it's as much a business as anything else you know it's prince philip who refers to it as the so how is michael muckle going to make a mock she is going to carve her role as a philanthropist there's been lots of tools that she seeks to emulate princess diana and possibly we will see her carry on as harry does diana's humanitarian work . americans public appearances are certainly bringing business to the fashion industry as well just like her future sister in law catherine duchess of cambridge megan is revered as a fashion icon and the outfit she wears to public occasions completely sells out overnight and that's probably not going to change anytime soon is. another person who wields a quite a bit of influence as the twenty one year old food blogger lame out facts are she's got some seventy thousand followers on instagram thanks to her colorful dishes now
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she's only been blogging and posting pictures for about four years now and already she has published her first cookbook with over one hundred recipes and our next report she makes us one of her special pizzas with carrots. with banana triangle. mushroom bullets in the lentil and do you or spanish crisps with a white chocolate and not just source and bearings. these days begin cookbooks are a dime a dozen people have started to become obsessed with super foods and clean eating. but with tech lection a vegan recipe nina fed isn't just jumping on the bandwagon. not only is have food delicious it's also beautifully presented.
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even though lainer is only twenty one she has devised over one hundred recipes she does all the photography has self. published feels pretty good. unbelievable the first time i picked it up i was almost in tears. started out posting her recipes on instagram. well. she's got up quite a career as an employee. she has over seventy thousand. and is the most successful german newcomer in the world. but in fact if anything by how much time to she invest too far too much at least two hours a day anything less isn't an option you have to be commenting and liking all the time i don't actually need to be permanently online on line so i'm.
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obviously she tries out new recipes off line. she also enjoys tracking down the. close to where she lives let's help ourselves but he's otherwise throughout. because i prefer these gnarly carrots i like how they look and they actually taste better you wouldn't find them in a shop because they're wonky you can only find them on a farm they're perfect fish. like the car juice she uses plain as recipes are unconventional when you follow a strict t.v. can diet you need to be creative. and the silly inventive. today she's revamping the good old pizza. instead of the old school calorie fest. cheese she's making a carrot crust. they know has been vegetarian for years when she found out that
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she's lactose intolerant she first began experimenting with regan food options. she makes a mean cream she calls sushi waffles. super healthy blissful. tasting. trisha's and easy to make. plans to get the drawing dragon fruit day coconut flights and oats. main effects turns food preparation into one. i think every dish is a work of art you can really be creative with ingredients colors and shapes and you can really speak to people with food. putting together. the pictures are taken in a makeshift studio she set up between her bed in shelf.
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sometimes i only had two hours of sleep a night i really invested a lot in this project so i hope people like it. if i did it is taste as good as they look. up next something for all of you do it yourself result there and now if your home is in need of some bright ideas then our resident d.i.y. expert. has just the right formula and today she shows us how to spruce up our living space with a special whitening fixture. i know my name is going to and today i have to show you how to make you really original run loggerhead you need this thought of wooden model of hand used for
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drawings that which you can buy from an ass applies shall call on the internet. and light sockets with a plaque and a switch which you can get from a d.i.y. store on line. as quick as in tips as possible you can find them an interior design shop. a flat picture frame work and the necessary screws. and causes screwdriver. attach the hoop to the flat back of the hand. shakes the hoop with the two screws. a while yeah shred it through the hand makes the females and so take care not to drill through it. and this is how the hand notes look at the. now screw the bob into the socket. hang the hand on i think nail screw on the wall. wrap the call two or three times around the
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hand if you like you can fix it with a piece of wire in the same color as the electricity cable and now all you need is power. to turn the light on and you've got the start of the original lamp that's hardly anyone else has a tone. if you want you can also have the hand and only faith in a. clue. sorry francis we love you but that was kind of creepy but if you would like to see that video again or some of france's other ideas and just go to our special you tube channel d.w. interior design all right finally this year's con film festival will wrap up this weekend with the coveted palme d'or award ceremony of the twenty one films in competition only three were directed by women fighting for more women's rights and
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fair treatment in the film industry has become a major topic of discussion since the need to movement began so here's a look back now at how the week has been at one of the world's most glamorous film festivals. the cannes film festival is as much about the red carpet as the films with star turns from jury president cate blanchett and the star of the opening movie penelope cruz it's an event that puts women center stage. this year against the backdrop of the need to movement eighty two women took advantage of the limelight to take a symbolic walk along the red carpet in a protest for equal rights and against gender discrimination in the film industry. i hope that this will be the beginning of the change these are the beginning of the end a follower of things that were not fair for for women everywhere around the world and in. almost every industry. this is the first cannes film festival since the allegations of sexual abuse were made against hollywood producer harvey weinstein
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he was conspicuous in his absence which made for a very different mood according to scott roxboro european editor for the hollywood reporter used to rule this out i mean harvey weinstein was the king of cam and now he's gone and it doesn't look like another thing is going to take its place it looks like maybe it will be a number of queens that will take their place supermodel naomi campbell hosted a star studded fundraising gala the thing was race to equality with proceeds going to initiatives devoted to improving education health and culture but it might take a while to make this traditional festival truly socially aware. even though this year is supposed to be a celebration of female directors and so forth they've brought in a lot of very old school male directors. the vendors is also here but in some ways these men represent a type of cinema that i think sam would like to go back to that maybe like to go back to the night and seventy's where it was all about the pure o'toole in the end
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to go down the eighty seven year old pioneer of the french new wave movement only made a press conference appearance via cell phone but his latest film the image. which premiered in the competition shows he still is experimental as ever. then vendors showed his latest work out of competition a documentary about pope francis disappointingly perhaps the pontiff didn't accompany the director on the red carpet. this spent a year following pope francis closely and made some unexpected discoveries. and children bring headaches. pretty rock'n'roll and what he does and brave is also very easygoing. as a very youthful joy that shines through. and he's even a bit mischievous or know how to push mixes. amid much fanfare the
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latest installment in the star wars franchise solo a star wars story celebrated its premiere. and the. great. it was the only major hollywood studio production and can this year it's screen out of competition. but it was another u.s. movie that got people talking in black klansmen spike lee tells the story of a black cop who infiltrates the ku klux klan. a chance of winning the door here spike lee has been canned in many many years and way way back he was here with do the right thing which in my opinion should have won the palme d'or it didn't invent this was prez of the jury did not give the spike lee it's likely still hates him for it he said if he ever sees the inventor's will come out with
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a baseball bat spike lee appeared on the red carpet sporting knuckle dusters reading the words love and hate. can might have got a bit political this year but good intentions. also need to translate into action it's time there were more women directors competing for the awards this year just three of the twenty one films in competition are female directed that needs to change time is definitely. and certainly with that we wrap up another show so don't forget to check out our website for more on the program or of course follow us on social media for me and the rest of us aromatics as always thanks for joining. us. on the next edition of your all next we catch up with the one and only. thirty five
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years after she shot to international cream with your country ninety nine red balloons she's embarking on a major jubilee tour through marker forty you'd stay jennifer's are celebrating name out next time on your own facts.
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the to. the city government has come to learn from bonnie let's go right to our correspondent news in central istanbul i'm joined by the show a couple of you know others political correspondents on those stories in just a minute but first this news just gets all about the perspective closer d.w. news for. you absence of the shed some country music and. the
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trophy. time in the field. how can you get out. with your code zero and serious. shit this week on d w freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended in new. all over the world arch of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or the freedom. of.
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the for for. the. my . i all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must start so millions can live. i've.
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i've. i. i. this is good news coming to you live from bali and hope for a step forward in eastern ukraine russia's president about to be put to an end germany's chancellor i'm michael milton the black sea resort of sochi inside both sides i would look again at options for a multinational peacekeeping contingent in eastern ukraine we need to live in such a good meal.


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