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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  May 14, 2018 12:15am-12:30am CEST

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likely to be played over and over again the following net is convincing win over a strong field of zero vision contestants cold status guaranteed. you're watching the news stick around for the ball in this league a show with my colleague chris harrington and i'll be quite often thanks for tuning it. with different languages we fight with different things that's fine but we also make up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for mines. climate change. waste. pollution.
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isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire charter. to an environment magazine. on d w. with all of the action behind this display as they give season welcome to the show that bears the same name time chris harrison joining me in the studio for the season's final powwow are traveling ex-pro looks funny still great to have you back let's. go thank you for your good and i know you have reason to smile which we'll get to admit it and we have our very own one from down under ya mixed faith how are you gonna see good thank you glad to hear it. here's what's coming up on the.
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take you want a trip down memory lane looking at this season's mishaps and happy endings with our one is they go recap. the second divisions best plex their muscles and unlike the top flight the titles were settled in the last minute of the very last match day. now before we get to the meat and potatoes let's i have to ask you you know did something amazing they clinch a champions league berth for the first time in their history you were at the match you actually even sent us photos what was that experience like well without a doubt the most the biggest achievement so far in the club's short history finishing last year fourth play your league you know it was something special i think really really took to know after losing three places soon and wanted to buy music nobody philby can be up to and even close now suddenly he plays the big boys in the champions league and i think it really was so emotional grown up men with
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using their eyes and it's a wonderful night as well. you're still smiling that's good to say it will get to you in a minute sit tight but what is think a season is over but not before it brought some incredible highs and lows byron munich were nearly blown off course but right at the ship to claim another crowd hamburg on the other end couldn't find a cure for their ills they were relegated after being in the but as they say its inception in one nine hundred sixty three let's take a look back at the two thousand and seventeen eighteen but is that a cease fire. it was a season of high emotions. still full goals. and very special moments nicholai miller scored hamburg's goal of the season and then tore a ligament was celebrating the start of a nightmare campaign hamburg were relegated out to fifty five years in the foot in this league carlo ancelotti got off to
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a bad start by munich his replacement returning here your pikey has turned things around by and won their six straight league title as though they had never been a crisis. bibiana style house became the first woman to referee up in this league game and that was the much debated introduction of the video referee. pietistic it was fired after a disastrous start to cologne only to be hired one week later but do it inside also in crisis pm rick obama wants to leave tillman's and was finally let go though fans will miss his penalty struggles with him gone by and robert levin dusky sail to finish the season as the league's top scorer with twenty dying goals and on a for the third time in his career. no big shock there live and also he was what is they get the best striker looks
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let's keep the conversation going now why did other teams fail to really compete with this past campaign. i don't think that he's fit i think i mean he's at the moment just to dominant that he played since you punk is to go an absolutely amazing season look if the biggest budgets they can choose the players they want to buy they don't really just want to boost the young they want to be in the champions league that's what the aim for and that's in the next the is very difficult for the teams below the chance to get close on the other hand there is no group of five sixty below. which kind of like fighting and really scratching and biting each other for that second and third sport but the bunch it's a much you know the top players always go to but i mean you can look and even those can get to home or from dormant right so it's just one giant at the moment i guess the teams need to fight yeah and people are getting all the players from other teams they have players from shock to coming over and even a player from you know your backyard hoffenheim you know an obvious gadget to come
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over to so it looks like their dominance my continue now let's talk about the other opposite aid who have pressed yogic who are pressured this season who punched above their weight from a i guess outside hoffenheim who did really well i think to qualify for the chance they'd show who was the standout from a. period the disastrous season last year where they finished in tenth i think was their lowest position in seven years they brought into many cuts tesco inexperienced i think was a bit of a gamble he's only thirty two years old but that gamble really paid off he he really gets the club and i think he he has the passion and he really instilled that fighting spirit in his players though very tough debate and they ended up finishing second and now they've got champions league with that a lot more money they can invest and i think they'll be better next year but saying that they were in that position because two teams don't win unless they who are quite disappointing i think shock finished on sixty three points the lowest points
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total for second place team since two thousand and five and that was because dortmund a lot sick really dropped the ball don't have problems ducting to a new manager they had problems adapting to european football shako one thing you know i have to credit shaka with was the amazing turnaround that first leg in the rival you know the road darby birdies and taught me that was incredible you know yeah i mean that was an incredible you know really you know talk about quite accomplishments in that mastermind of the coach you know he deserves a lot of credit now let's talk about disappointments looks hamburg are down and out what went wrong. that club in your opinion well first of all i have to say yesterday that he did exceptionally well the team and him go i think in the last weeks since teams to go over you showed they showed something special i think they made the biggest mistake by signing a fan tol'able he's a manager because it was just very difficult to adopt the style it was too late that last change but we states you can see a playing field or syfy a playing style you can see his handwriting on the field and to be honest now it's
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important to build the rights called a squad not full of stars but they need to have the right players for the second division but to be honest i'm not worried at all about i'm pretty sure we will see them very very soon again independently you imagine they will bounce back well it's really quickly now really quick now if you had to give an award for one outstanding player this season who would you give it to my pick would have to be the jamaican sensationally arch if he bailey i think that he you know you know really show be could do a labor couzin that would be my pick of the outstanding winger who you say that i would agree with you i think brady's the most interesting creative bullishly get it up and downs but the hippies short period after the first few weeks a bit slower then you're really going up like a rocket for me a player with over one hundred million into the presidency i can see that coming pretty soon are now are you on the bailey bandwagon as well yannick it's tough to argue a bit of nils petter status and just ok really he scored fifteen goals and i think
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singlehandedly kept the leg when he was sensational this is good let's see if he can continue that success now stick around second division sides norberg and dusseldorf a book their tickets to the top flight prior to their season finale where the promoted clubs competed against each other for the title on sunday this one came down to the wire let's see who ended up second but as they go big wake. it was a sell out in nuremberg with fifty thousand fans watching the title decider but prospects for two teams you've already secured promotion had your back started with a top prosecution see my double rebound and six minutes to put the brakes. on the second charge group the second goal to make three zero in. the first off to another first last finish when takashi was sammy headed into pole one but before you know when i will mark me cookies for man equalized with the beauty of it and.
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i walk on extra time with him but not. on the let's go in before you know what i need to come back but even so the second division starts i know coach has won promotion more times than just drives the time from no team has been promoted more often but during back we'll see both of them in the top flight nixies. what it in to the second division season the mess a conversation continues yannick let's start with you now two big clubs with a lot of history are joining the top flight how do you fancy their chances yeah i think it's exciting to see them there to start with there's a two big clubs that was standard bearers throughout the season the second division well deserved that they went up and i think miles ahead of the other second vision tains and i have history as you said as well as the support base as i both have stadiums that fill fifty thousand and i think that's great for the lake especially
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with clubs like humbug and cone going down they have two other big clubs coming and i think i think they can compete i think with teams like mine and freiburg struggling this season teams like fortune and they have a chance to stay up to show you agree with that yeah it's two two giants in the past so i think actually that's the best you could pick to come up i mean they will bring fans there will be lots of emotions you know i think the two teams are buzzing and they really do serve to go up the season our next day with the alerts kill or face in the playoff in a relegation game. can they pull off an upset host and kill what a story i mean they coming up from the third leak not many big names in this quote either and they play d.c. extremely attacking minded attractive football they are on fire but on the other hand look here most book it's a team full of stars they have these really geisha better leagues period from last year older with the playoffs so normally both bush would walk it but you know i really in this for offense to the underdog and they need some off it's
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a production was bergen of the. score a goal you know he's been silent terms of production lately what do you see do you see an upset happening or do you think he'll and you know the motivation of the second division to keep the yeah i'd love to say the fairy tale have him but i just think it's so hard for the second division teams in this relegation promotion playoff to pull it off postponed have the experience and yeah kill have nothing to lose but i don't know it's not often that we see the second division tame go in for such a brilliant performance nobody had them then oh they're playing two more finals they can't ask for anything else anything can happen i guess there's an expression for me what's shame on you fool me twice shame on me they're in the situation again back to back seasons maybe you know fate turns out differently this time well that's full time for the bundesliga i'd like to thank our guests this week let's fight it still and yanick speight hey get your popcorn ready for our german cup
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special the final on may nineteenth you don't want to miss it for me and the rest of the team here in berlin and see you next season dunk. i'll be busy. traces of the past alongside a lively culture art and food scene. next time around jewish. keeping the memory of yesterday alive. and enjoying the presence of what made you come to berlin a small clinic. really and truly jammed. d.w. . into the conflict zone with tim sebastian faulks my guest this week clearing your avant is imo a shutdown vice president of the republican party which rules on media for the last
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ten years when he and his colleagues now accept defeat over make trouble for the new leaders. complex so far in sixty minutes d.w. folks. called the german scheme to gather in one nation from shall the money to chancellor o'toole from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. nice well formed ways to bring my royal college of that to protect christendom spread to find the truth. are we to fall back at the foot of the enemy and tom last. night. and steered by courageous decisions we must follow each piece of the. book. play.
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