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tv   Treasures of the World - Haeinsa - The Temple of the Black Art South Korea  Deutsche Welle  May 5, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CEST

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high in song a temple as beautiful as a tranquil late now declared a world heritage site by you know sco. the path to enlightenment knows many steps and stages. the gates of high and song symbolize this path at the end everything is resolved there is no dualism no opposition of spirit and body life and death good and evil the enlightened one leaves all that behind. come. all creatures all go. to attend.
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the drama some in seattle. the great bell malls on the mall who are capable of enlightenment. the wooden fish summons all aquatic life. and the gong the creatures of the am.
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just as the great sound calls upon old creatures so the colors and ornaments cry out moto vivace in a rhythm of yellow red blue and green the name of this art is thompson young colors its language symmetry its grammar symbols give it meaning and harmony is its purpose. ah ah. ah .
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all here is symbolic the heavens are sky not paradise nor is the buddha of god redemption is the aim. of the pagodas to our monuments with the simple message anyone can ascend rather
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than reliquaries shrines of the buddha or any other saints. on a hillside so the way up to the main temple leads ever upwards. it's like the stages and steps on the path to enlightenment first you pass through the three gates then cross the two plateaus with their squares and then mount even higher and finally reached the main temple. beyond lie the two long buildings that housed the korean trippy talker buddhist scriptures that are the real treasure of this world heritage site.
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those don't put goda under stone lantern are the monasteries to most ancient works of art.
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the main temple the whole of great stillness and brilliance. just. to. feel. safe. just.
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why real qana is the name of the great buddha justice and truth. the buddhist teaching has almost unlimited wisdom is preserved in these too long and too small buildings under the shelter of these roofs lies what is certainly one
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of humanity's greatest treasures the korean trape tucker. for asia this is a treasure as important as the library of alexandria long burnt to the ground or the pyramids of egypt or the few other genuine wonders of the world. more than eighty one thousand printing plates were stored here they were made almost seven hundred years ago and record the knowledge and the thinking of the time along with the buddhist teachings. and some sort of drugs not found in other
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collections. eighty one thousand printing plates made in the thirteenth century almost two hundred years before your highness good and bad developed a modern method of printing in europe. the plates are made of birchwood the mirror image characters are worked in high relief the would remain sound even today there is no decay no wood one.
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for three years the wood was left to soak in seawater then it was cut boiled in salt water dried and finally polished. off. one of the buddhas greatest teachings is the awareness of the unity of all that is the lotus flower for example may have its roots in a swamp the flower opens pure and fair towards the light the legends share the simplicity and benevolence anyone who walks across this tree trunk it said can be reborn in the land of purity.
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perhaps there is another legend which holds out the promise of such rebirth for us if only we have the will to walk across the bridge or if only our spirit succeeds in completing the difficult path to unlikely.
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