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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  May 4, 2018 1:30pm-2:00pm CEST

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come to. susumu. destruction. monsoon starting may twenty third to double. nothing and then maybe there. today kick of life is the land of flowing flamenco raging bulls. and football gods by. where i'm covering a football kingdom spanning from the capital. token demonstrate to the
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city there's nothing like this thank you if there are any secrets and we're asking the tough questions about mother you want to loan out our opposing hobby and ask himself which side he rather playful in el classico is this your choice and is the king of spain portuguese or argentinean. is this dinner i look for missy speaking of portugal and spain are world cup preview continues with great bait and iberian effect. going to win this battle for now long or has adopted. how will it shake out christiane around my house like the second round question after question answer off the answer. all right period adventure kicks off with our group a preview brought to you by one of our star reporters. hurts
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me is a little bit special so i have to leave behind and travel to the heart of the action . and walk in different drip. there's nothing like an early clash of the titans to get the juices flowing and a major tournament point is this group has one of those could be is a nigerian affair with spain taking on forty goals there's also the matter of a tricky morocco side and the relatively unknown quantity there are. we might be a long way from russia but madrid is the real battleground for this world cup quite simple it's the home of europe's most successful ever club site and at the heart of that scene is the man who is unquestionably the biggest football of all time christiane i run out one side going to win this battle we're now going all his
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adopted on life and could anyone else trip up one of the giants of the global shanghai where we'll be laughing at spain again like in twenty fourteen all over now don't be left in floods of tears again like two thousand and four. sit back and let me tell you what's going to happen in group me. so here we are santiago bernabéu one of football's genuine coliseums where sorry many great have graced the game their current was not bad either what with all those champions league wins and some of those players will be heading to russia as part of the spain school. that includes elf cap and sound himself sergio ramos the bruising yet classy center half has been an absolute monster for the spanish national team he's racked up about one hundred fifty caps which is roughly the same as the number of red cards he's received in his career. madrid also have a couple of spain's trademark at. sucking midfielders in the form of disco and
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marco asensio who is everyone's favorite player for a couple of months last year. so there's no doubt who the big man is the real madrid for now is the one we really want to see i realize a list of his achievements but i don't think i'll have time before my flight on. the only thing that really matters is that we're now although we'll be lining up against those rail teammates i mentioned earlier. instead of the bright red shirts of spain will be pulling on the slightly darker red shirt of portugal. hands as you may recall the last time we did that a major tournament when it went pretty well portugal were actually all that good at euro twenty sixteen then the search through the group stage in third place having drawn all three of their games somehow finishing behind iceland and hungary. in
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fact the hungary game provided the best moment of the whole championship the neutrals from are now there through a childish fit. despite looking kind of bad for large parts of the tournament and even despite their main man getting injured in the final four to go managed to beat france and quite in their first ever international title. and that means they go into the world cup reigning european champions isolated from spain it won't be the first time out i played against round with her teammates at an international tournament we went up against spain and ramos chummy along the lower c.s. in the euro twenty twelve semi final there was a massacre in our story like that. when the much went to penalties were now there was held back to take the fifth and potentially final spot kick his moment of glory was all mind up you could almost see without a whipping off his shirt to expose lies. muscles. excepts plane had
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already won the shootout by that point so who's going to come out on top this time when all are all his pals here in madrid let's take a closer look at the teams starting with portugal. just a bit. on paper they have plenty of talent players who represent some of the biggest clubs in europe since they won the euros young players such as the silvers. have become a key parts of the team and there's still the experience of drama seno and nani joshua that even saw it named young player of the tournament be on the move to fire and then was supposed to push on to become a midfield dominator instead he's had a disastrous couple of years and barely got into the swans eating these i can't help but look at that squad and think we're now was going to have to do most of the work himself.
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he's around all those got another big job on his hands but now let's take a look at his right now seen nights in spain. despite underwhelming in the last couple of tony months basically they're still pretty good. still a sprinkling of the players that retain the european championship trophy in twenty twelve and won the country's first ever world cup two years earlier. titles they celebrated right here apostasy. it's still a joy to watch players like bush gets iniesta and david silva in control of midfield and there's so much more talent waiting in the wings course right now on the only team based in madrid i met big local rivals a pretty handy to. let you go will be providing a couple of hefty talents to the spain squad like he's become one of the best all round midfielders in the world. he's probably got the point he is still bugs in the world seriously though is there anyone better at being nasty on a football by. not getting sent off i don't think. there's another reason madrid is
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crucial to the story tonight bubble fans may have noticed a small time rivalry that barely gets any attention span. for those of you who don't know reality actually have a somewhat antagonistic relationship with barcelona which is great because spain's two sets of backs p.k. and roberts the pair have this weird relationship where they do their utmost to wind each other up during the regular season then put all that animosity to one side when they play by. but things have gone up a notch with catalonia pushing for independence and the madrid government cracking down p.k. is a supporter of catalan independence and created something of a stir when he cut off the sleeves of his spain shirt but some mistakenly believing they had featured the spanish black colors. anyway spain's attacking talent a lot may depend on p.k. on ramos keeping their part time bromance going for one more competition.
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so you may have gathered from all this that i think spain are better than ronaldo portugal and i think spain will finish above portugal in group b. . so does that mean there's a risk that the man the legend. christiane a renowned might not make it to the second round i don't think so. morocco won't be a pushover they have you they sense about many benassi a commanding the troops answered tricky attacking midfielders like sophia and shall k youngster i mean every but even with them and real madrid's us rafiki me i just don't see them travelling the iberian big boys. and us for a run just to keep the madrid lingo. they have
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a form of portugal and of course right now coach carlos queiroz in charge. but in my eyes they still don't have anywhere near enough to get out of the great. so here's my prediction for how great they will finish success for madrid spain as they finished and success just about the madrid favorite summer now though as portugal finished second disappointment from iraq i was third place sees them depart and predictable failure for iran as they complete the group in full. of the . one calling spain to finish top of the great doesn't mean portugal won't go further than their neighbors over old if you're a twenty six team taught us anything it's that you can never write off for now those boys. what a handsome chap we sticking around madrid and heading to boston low enough to prepare for el classico our poll to havea asks himself who he'd rather playful possible right now. to see these two passions so much real
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i'm already a little for them a couple of them other functions and barcelona we are with also the group that helps them to the event of the year following for the two clubs to have become global brands it is one of the biggest rather reasonable football. that people are supportive of the prisoner and who comes. when you're painting both of them. that mother didn't want to loan out his gun or i will only see these eloquence because you get ultimately went outside to think someone finds out that your partner has nothing to all of us many many times but in my case bianca it's all with the same but there's things you mean when you told. me. i was born and raised in valencia all my family are in easter bunny and guess folders for several years i also played as a keeper. in the n.p.r.
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car they mean i wasn't good enough to go broke but one would have done it both clubs wanted to sign me. to answer that question because some tired of hearing the damn real madrid or barcelona every trauma trouble somewhere i visited both cities and talk to football fans to decide which one should be my team. let's start with the citizens themselves which one is better. than three as an incredible cultural awful and a great nightlife here in the city it's very difficult to get bogged down in new york classical architecture much as the quality galvin's more than there some in barcelona plus in my dream you can find beautiful green spaces in the middle of the city like this part of the deal. but for someone like me who also comes from a need to run in city there's nothing like this like there anything around him see . the beauty of barcelona attracts people from all around the world
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must tourism has become a big problem for the city but still the solti smell of the sea cures everything and the famous song by the song writer one man once said about goes what can i do if i was born in the winter i'm going to kill him or you have to see your nothing and many. of them are just as you. know. that's one point for barcelona and the land ok that was to see now let's go for a harder one which team has the best friends. here in central madrid of course it's easy to run into moderate supporters at every corner. without any malice and you might wonder like or how about the one that was all called that got into m.p.'s a couple of total fool movie all you see then feel bad and one nicky paul de la with a fairly warm old pal. every. horse that
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was all alone into our home more often i got. the mcauliffe while or the moon though. jim bit or party those of you know there are five yours this afternoon i got all the ones you can see this is a deal. funny martello now what the supporters have to say about the club's fun based only meters away from they come know you can run into some locals playing football for them it's clear who are the best supporters. like you i'm going to spend the last second and i'm much happier if you're. any more hundreds are but they're not but even a bunch of them we were in are shuffled on dollars. and into your parody. among bars of funds there's a difference between the old and the new generation. so when i went off easy on the look of i think. i'm going ok no no and i
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was. i already in the you know. and i. think you know a lot of fans are you mediately get the image of thousands of people moving the hell out of luis figo when he went back to come know after his controversial move to real madrid are they really so resentful in order to find out more i want to talk with albert must know deputy editor of the popular now based sport newspaper. if you want to put a loner. a bit of a. symbol or a person. out of my lady.
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i mean really if you look at. some of barcelona fans are rather pessimistic and real madrid supporters are super demanding and i've been called sometimes it's a difficult choice but i think i remember madrid giving a standing ovation through nadine you're here at the burn of ale during the classical when he scored the three you know that song thing very remarkable and that's why i give the point to them to real madrid thank you alison. next topic to history of the clubs and incredible list of triumphs five champions league three hundred fifty. five european super caps twenty nine spanish leagues among many others but when we talk about the history of barcelona there's one more thing we need to take into account. below narcotic be the high speed
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a huge growth in the recent success of the club. they most in new york knows the value of the most ideal you don't want to. go entirely in years. is this telling to squaddies produce a few dollars and give us a present the ones. that have superstars and many trophies that's very impressive yes but still far from real madrid has achieved its worst champions league three of them in the last four years six all caps for european super caps thirty three years pundits leagues and nine hundred spanish caps among many all those not all the clubs in the wall has so many international titles like real much real. fishy shit militia. they come. out
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another. trouble down the. street really the best in the world. a sports news paper to get rid. of my penis is the newspaper stupid see if it's a. criminal for them according to police. on a while they so not really sure if you know. that i do think of it off if you know . in order for them. but what about lost need to look at what i hear. the new yorker this was. very stiff i know it. let's be honest these points clearly. i.
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get into the most important thing football. who has the best feel. to answer these questions i have met with someone who knows very well. known simply as danny is one of the few footballers. before most. played next to great names like. we. can finish and we. want to see. if you know.
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growing i keep hearing these names. how important but that's money. we're going to. get is. you. they're also secret names. or even. they were. because lots of quality on title so its name but that wasn't the only golden age of los blancos. with. his from the last and the last issue of the book.
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so he's very much welcome. but he's clear. must fight to the bitter end. not in the. moment on this issue. however. it is still considered by many the best ever really there hasn't been much. better or better and i mean anyone. and then you want to get. told this is a very difficult decision because both teams played brilliant football in different time i think. as
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a new more than colts the memories of what. we've done this and in the midfield creating unbelievable combinations tipped the balance i. finally we reached the million dollar question. see if. you're sort of you know. look at your low bid. to create this footballer's. why didn't anyone tell the captain for i moved harvey nameplate of the year five times. received an assault of a disability my approved but i mean i wanted to. clear even at every level even at how the legal problems over there is just
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a little troubling in my. wardrobe or if we're all just. w was there one of the gumball children might call bought me the player to spend he's both are the biggest symbols of the club's fans would never pique their rival players. who the experts think. the model. is the world. then it's the thing they want to see them use more time than i will consume is more than n.b.c. or so. i leave. it alone but then. they are ready to market but i still got a hunch it would have to who are on a hit on another target what i want to know i mean what if he had missed the handle on this. and this on the internet and doesn't look at the afaik escape the initial
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claim you walk away from people who meet the content there's a new form of the unit. level on the order to name the identity or this poor lad he said anyone the i voted much more now than marty they don't. stoop to this is the decisive point and if you don't know who should i choose one has great leaders your skills build up and never ending collection of crazy drivel him to the heart any witness at all because i know they would in fact he have to remember me by the way i want to believe i want to get into another form of government for the second. good. thing i mean to. try to make. people want to do that to just. go. for the one hundred percent on the floor. of the most having the one. with you know
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you're probably not there like about the office you've got half a system. by the last. c. check of. this a great player that's for sure no one can deny it. makes you kind of hate him and it's very difficult when you know how much would support or instead massive just enjoy watching messi play and no matter what team you support so. i'm going from here. so we were not messi. you've done it again. thanks to you but i don't know how strong these particular marks to win over my affection alone has worn these guys yes for barcelona instead of around much but the new role i remain loyal to my body and the football this is
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. despicable. the been. cut. cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut.
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a great lawyers. ice well known ways to bring my loyal followers of that to protect christendom and spread this line truth place to. place a leech of color to be part of the enemy. and stand by courageous decisions these little toes are masters we've never seen the problems of the room for none from this presumptuous servant in the realms of his holy. song playing we must call jesus play. the german starting may thirteenth song g.w. player. playing
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played. this is deja vu news lot from the nobel literature prize will not be awarded this year tarnished by sex abuse and finance scandals the swedish academy says the decision was made to regain the public trust it is the first time in decades the annual prize will not be handed out also coming up u.s. prosecutors charged both slackens former boss for his part in the company's falsified cation of emissions data they say he knew about the cheating. tomorrow marks the two hundredth anniversary of karl marx's birthday his one the most divisive thinkers and.


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