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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2018 5:00pm-5:16pm CEST

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this is the dopey news live from berlin israel remembers the victims of its struggle for statehood. jerusalem comes to a standstill to commemorate slain soldiers and civilians killed by terrorism this seventy years after israel first declared independence will be joined for more on
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the anniversary by israel's ambassador to germany meanwhile the ugly specter of anti semitism rears its head its head here in berlin police investigate four men shouting abuse attacked two young men in she was killed jewish. thank you very much for your company everyone israelis today celebrating so many years of independence let's take a look now at some of the key events that led to its creation now this man that you see right here behind me is theodore heartfelt he is considered the father of modern day zionism he increased recognition for the need of a jewish state and promoted jewish immigration to palestine in one thousand seven hundred british foreign secretary arthur balfour made a declaration of support for the creation of a jewish home in the middle east the first. world war saw the defeat of the ottoman
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empire and its partition between the european powers in one thousand twenty two the league of nations granted the british mandate over palestine and trans-jordan from nine hundred thirty three when the nazis came to power in germany more and more jews from europe migrated to palestine and the aftermath of the holocaust many survivors followed them and on november twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred forty seven the united nations proposed the partition of palestine into separate jewish and palestinian states in one thousand forty eight david and gloria and declared israel's independence to the joy of many jews around the world to palestinians however the occasion is known as the knockabout the day of the catastrophe which symbolizes the displacement of hundreds of thousands of their people while israel commemorate the day by remembering those slain in the country's birth and struggle to survive. sirens sounded across israel on wednesday to mark. morial day at
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a level of the country came to a standstill for two minutes people stopped to remember fallen soldiers victims of terrorism other israelis killed in hostile acts more than twenty four thousand israelis have been killed since the establishment of the state seven decades ago. here to talk to us about this significant event is there israel's ambassador to germany a german jeremy issacharoff we're very honored to have you here with us mr ambassador a very warm welcome if you founding of israel a story of undeniable a success it's also a story of expulsion war and violence what are your feelings about the festivities today marking this historic event well to as you said you know peace before we commemorate thirty three people died in the walls of israel. people must. twenty
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four thousand people have been killed in terrorist soldiering the wars and it's a very sad day in which we remember the price that we've paid in order to establish the state of israel and tomorrow this evening will begin the celebration of the independence day and from our point of view the sadness of the loss of our people is the price we paid for our independence and we cannot appreciate the independence without appreciating the project as well well let's talk a little bit about the establishment of israel did any of your relatives share with you what it was like seven decades ago yes my mother was living in jerusalem my father was living in jerusalem at the time they lived with an arab family in a house in jerusalem they were. under siege at times the war broke out once the state had been declared it was a time of very great time of very tough struggles tragedy many people were killed
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in the war of independence but it was a time when the state was the clear the time of the lation a time of of like coming to a point in history that we've waited for for two thousand years to be able to return home to our homeland understand lucius states and sensually. house for the jewish people to live in do you now currently twenty eighteen do you feel there's still a possibility because the conflict between israel and the palestinians seems to be so for tracked it and there seems to be no solution in sight do you still believe that there might be a palestinian state in the near future i'm fairly convinced that there is a vast majority of israelis want a peaceful negotiated settlement with the palestinians i still believe that this can happen and i still believe that we can find a solution that could dress the national aspirations of both parties up to mystic though. i'm always optimistic and i believe one of the things that i think is also
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important to note it's not just about how we can one time have formal talks but i come from jerusalem and i live in jerusalem and there's a lot of coexistence between the various communities already and i would like to see that element of coexistence transported into the political arena so that we can have a more formalized political settlement on a day like this we should also remember the positive things and there are a lot of positive elements of coexistence between jews and jews in living in israel are now absolutely in israel and the whole range of different communities is that. our country all right well on that positive note let's pick up on that because earlier this month the saudi crown prince went on record saying israel has the right to exist it made international headlines do you first see a normalization of relations between your two nations in the immediate future and
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what that means i would like to say that would be a very welcome development we see any. attempt to bring the relations between israel and the moderate arab countries in the area closer together i think this would be a positive development and i also think it reflects the growing convergence of interests between israel and the arab countries that are concerned of threats to them and to us like. those of an aging from iran and also have an ace in from isis as we've seen in the past in the general instability that we also will have to deal with in the middle east so i so i think there is a greater convergence of interest which i think could be the beginnings of a new conciliation between arabs and israelis right now many let's bring our focus back to german israeli relations many germans politicians especially are celebrating with you the foundation of israel how would you today. describe
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bilateral relations between germany and israel well first of all i tomorrow will be having a very major celebration in berlin and i will be happy to host many senior germans from all walks of life from the government the bundestag federal and from the states all relations they span many areas of cooperation we have a very energetic strategic dialogue with germany we have a very deep security relationship an intelligence relationship we have many ties in the areas of cyber security cooperation cultural exchanges economic exchanges a new growing. set of synergise that are happening between many different sectors in israeli and german society so i would say that at this time our relationship and as i look back at let's say the troubled past in israeli german relations i'm
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always amazed of how we've been able to take the tough and converted into a very dynamic presence and a very strong partnership and that is that pretty amazing a lot of work i went into that to mr bassett will you please stay with us because i'd like to get your take on unfortunately very disturbing incident that took place here in berlin because unfortunately staying. stayed with the jewish life and here in berlin police are currently investigating a suspected anti semitic attack because a man assaulted two friends wearing jewish stylus skullcaps while hurling abuse at them incident took place on tuesday evening raising concerns for the safety of jews and the german capital. the victim recorded the incident but this smart phone call that didn't stop his attacker. though you know the attacker repeatedly shouted jehudi which means do and with his victims a twenty one year old israeli had just twenty four year old german friend but the
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belt in the end the attacker was led away by his companion there were no for the tax of the victims. as a senator alicia. force it's disappointing there were so many people around but only one woman reacted and said something about. the incident took place in billings trendy middle class plans lower back district not a high crime neighborhood it's an area where residents rarely encounter weiland all to cations. monday and you always think it takes place in the city's outskirts or the districts that are said to be violent anyway this is here i don't get it here has. come on the fifteenth. to do something about this from the very start in schools training centers. and i mean there are reports from people who experienced this kind of thing. jewish community has been growing in recent years
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many have been moving here from russia but also many young israelis see believe nesa foldable liveable and less as the place where the holocaust originated but it seems to have become risky again to wear a yarmulke in public. view. we've recently experienced increasing anti-semitic incidents and a scene here they include physical threats and injuries. so we have to say when that the security situation for people who are clearly identifiable as music has worsened came from. fish that. the victims stained minor injuries the attacker be no identifiable and police are investigating. that is. well with us still israeli ambassador to germany mr jermyn and joining us now is mr felix kline is germany's first anti-semitism commissioner
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mr ambassador i'd like to start off with you very disturbing incident what do you make of it all saw this. video in the morning and i immediately reacted to it i think it's incredibly. i think it's very disgraceful the way this person related to the person who we regarded as a jew. and i think that it would be very appropriate for this guy to be arrested and prosecuted with the full force of law having not only been abusive but also being physical and attacking this person so i am very disturbed by what has happened this is a hate crime that we're witnessing here mr crump we're able to talk to the victims to find out more what happened here i haven't personally not talked. because i also saw the video which i found talking as well. and i hope that now police and
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prosecution do their work and. put these people. to court and that the state is reacting so mystically put this into context for us for international viewers especially how common is are these acts in germany today. unfortunately we have. to see an increase of these this kind of cases crime statistics on the whole is is stable has so far which means that one thousand five hundred. semitic attacks are registered by by police every year but these cases that are. under. stress they are not not. real crimes yet are increasing very much but of course the video last night showed clearly a crime attack mr ambassador do you feel germany is doing enough should it be doing
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more well first of all i think it's done a very important step by pointing my good friend. to be the federal commissioner to combat anti semitism i know felix he's a very professional highly professional and very serious person in relations of this particular subject i think he's got a very important track record in this regard and i and i think there there is clearly a problem i think it's a problem that the moans a range of responses in different areas in terms of enforcement in terms of education in terms of zero tolerance in terms of these type of let's ask mr kline how do you plan to tackle this problem the prevention is of course the key and there i think we have to start with education we have to enable schools to deal with a problem. well enough we need to teacher training how do you do that i mean how do you concretely do that is that just teaching people that i mean i've got this is
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wrong to do. that how do you do it well first of all i think it's the directors of the schools they have to create a climate where an anti-semitic attack is possible is being seen as a problem for the whole school community and not only for the jewish. milk on everybody's problem everybody's fault well that's the first step mr klein thank you so very much for some vaster thank you very much thank you happy celebrations thank you thank you for spending part of your day with us we'll be back after the top of the hour see that. the people of the world over information. the paintings they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch and follow us.


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