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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is the news live from russia hits back in the diplomatic war over the poisoned extra by foreign minister sergei lavrov says his country is expanding sixteen u.s. diplomats i'm closing america's consulates in some petersburg so what is next in this return to cold war tactics we'll bring you reaction from washington and moscow also on the program. homecoming brings tears of joy as malala yousafzai returns to
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pakistan the nobel peace prize winner says it's a dream to come to come back for the first time since she was shot on a school bus by the taliban in twenty twelve. britain's prime minister theresa may cars on the bricks and boosting tour of the nation exactly a year from today the u.k. scheduled to leave the european union and bring you the latest from london. plus the multimedia project that's empowering young kenyans to shoot jobs and started life as a comic now it has gone online we'll find out about the driving force behind idea x. inspiring millions of cans. to get a preview of steven spielberg's son to smooth out walk joy the furch world it says but keep your feet firmly in the real world.
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i. i'm phil gallo welcome to the program in the last hour the foreign ministry in moscow has said that it will expel sixty u.s. diplomats and close the u.s. consulate in st petersburg the move is a tit for tat response to washington's decision to expel russian diplomats following the poisoning of the former russian spy service great pal and his daughter in britain authorities there say the script files were poisoned at their home using a nerve agent called navi chalk and that moscow was behind the attack the kremlin has strongly rejected that allegation that let's go to moscow first of all and bring in our correspondent mia drag us so richard welcome interac why has moscow chosen the consulate in st petersburg to close. well we can only guess at issues we just not get it didn't go over or he was stuck somewhere in the far east i think one of the reasons maybe if you live in st petersburg and unique if these
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are for the u.s. and you have to go to the general consulate there look it's possible to go to law starts about four hours by train so this is not too complicated if you live somewhere in the far east and you need ten hours by flight and for that reason maybe it's just there are easier for people who need a visa for us to come from petersburg to moscow i was a breach is that of a russian foreign minister sergei lavrov of course the united states wasn't the only country to expel russian diplomats so well what can those other countries that now expect. well you mentioned it at the very beginning it's going to be a text locked out so germany expels for diplomats what jimmy will accept it will have to do to talk to what was going to happen to germany i think tomorrow maybe not tomorrow not today that a lot is going to announce that for german diplomats have to leave the country as well same thing goes for great britain out in twenty three or twenty eight
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diplomats will have to go and as you know the. british council here in moscow has to close as well. meanwhile of course russia says that it has had nothing to do with the poisoning of us are going to compile and indeed a second law process must go once to establish the truth about the poisoning and what is the kremlin doing to shed light on the script out of. that show they're saying we have nothing to do with it whatsoever and would like to help you to find out what's really behind their so why did you look show us just as some sort of you know what you have that you would just and allow our experts to come to london and work together with your expert and then we maybe together find out what really happens and you no longer sad we don't want to do that so for the regime before that reason i don't think that this new cold war is going to anytime soon
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and not and with the next weeks or months. in moscow thank you. to washington now we join. correspondent claridge's and welcome clare the u.s. government presumably was expecting this latest set of explosions. yeah it's hard to imagine that the u.s. would not expect some kind of reaction especially since the russian foreign ministry said right away that they would respond with retaliatory measures now we're seeing that that means sixty people being expelled from russia to match the sixty russian diplomats who are being sent home from the united states also a similar timeframe they've been given a week for them and their families to leave the country much as the case was much as was the case in the united states and we need to remember that this expulsion from the u.s. of russian diplomats was the largest one that we've seen in the united states since the mid eighty's obama had sent people home previously about thirty five russian
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diplomats during his during his administration but this is by far the biggest number of people we've seen expelled in the modern era so the u.s. expels sixty diplomats russia expelled sixteen u.s. and western allies extra diplomats we can expect about to be reflected in russia is it likely to end this or do you think they'll be further reaction from washington it's hard to say with certainty right now by i think this points to the bigger question of whether we're seeing a turn in attitude from the trumpet ministration it toward russia has been criticized from both democrats and republicans for being too friendly with vladimir putin in some ways being too soft on russia when it comes to things like its alleged meddling in the two thousand and sixteen elections and so this action we saw taken was the toughest action that the trumpet ministrations has done to date so the question is was it just
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a show of support for america's nato allies or was it truly a moment that we're seeing that something has changed that donald trump is no longer going to be doing things like calling putin and congratulating him on election victory just fight the advice of his aides claridge said in washington thank you. a look at other stories making news around the world health officials in the u.k. say that cripples daughter is responding well to treatment you describe and to her father are in hospital in the english city of souls brain where they were found unconscious in this month after being poisoned with a nerve agent which has sparked the current route between britain the u.s. various western allies and russia. france's former president nicolas sarkozy's to stand trial on corruption charges he's accused of attempting to illegally influence an inquiry into alleged irregularities in his two thousand and seven election campaign the former president is already facing separate charges relating to
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millions of euros in funding he said to have accepted from the make the libyan dictator colonel gaddafi. france's prime minister eduardo feet deep and senior figures of the government have attended funerals for the four victims of last week's terror attack in southern france or the ceremonies took place interact in the quiet own region which was the size of the deadly supermarket hostage taking. the nobel peace prize winner blah yousafzai has returned home to pakistan my first visit since being shot there by the taliban in twenty twelve the failed assassination attempt on the then school girls shocked the world she was targeted for promoting education for girls despite the attack she went on to become an international icon for women's education and human rights tears of sadness and moments of joy upon a long awaited return. speaking
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in milan or use of side says she was dreamed of coming home to pakistan and walking the streets in peace. this was no ordinary visit heavy security accompanied mulattoes dawn arrival in islamabad. the police convoy proof of the threat malala still faces from the taliban much of a visit has been kept secret it included an audience with the prime minister the schoolgirl turned poster girl for human rights proud to be back home with her family or whenever i traveled in a plane or a car and saw the cities of london and new york i was told just imagine you're in pakistan you're travelling to islamabad you're in karate. but it was never true but now today i'm very happy that all who.
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malala is emotion easy to understand. six years ago her activism nearly killed her taliban gunman boarded a bus asking who's malala shot in the head because of a diary should been writing for the b.b.c. highlighting the misery for women under taliban rule but while others might have chosen to stop talking malala used the global attention to keep fighting for her causes. the un general assembly showing its appreciation on her sixteenth birthday. is the day of every woman every warrior and every god. who have received their wife for their rights. she went on to set up her own fund to malala fund to promote girls' education. and in two thousand and fourteen a seventeen year old malala became the youngest ever recipient of the nobel peace prize. the visit has attracted much attention in pakistan where malala divides
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opinion to some she's on a mission to shame the country a mouthpiece of the west to others though she remains a national hero for standing up to the taliban. britain's prime minister is on a whistle stop tour of the u.k. because today marks a year until britain leaves the european union is visiting england scotland wales and northern ireland's trying to drum up support for her government's bracks it strategy she says britain will benefit from leaving the e.u. at has pledged to maintain the country's integrity. it's a big promise let's see if we can get more from london correspondent a big mass welcome burgas let's talk so the prime minister has a bit on a tour of the u.k. trying to drum up support before the tour she was quoted as saying our future will be bright how is she going about convincing the country.
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that's not an easy task ahead because you have to bear in mind that the reason may herself was a remain and she doesn't come across as somebody who's really really convinced of brecht's it is a fantastic idea but she has to now bring the country together that's really her and asked yesterday go shit in brussels but here in the u.k. she has to bring the whole country together and that's why she was going around all across the u.k. she is stressing that britain is not going to fall apart it's leaving in one piece together with scotland with northern ireland and she is shopping to make the case for the opportunities that come with bricks and so for example she's going to a farm she went farm and other now and and that stresses the the criticism that i think many not only in the u.k. but maybe all across europe have with the name of the common agricultural policy which really is not seen as one of the successes of the e.u. so here she says we can be more flexible we can have our own policies we can stress for example ecological commitments rather than land ownership and this is one of
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the points that she's make making in order to convince those brits that are maybe still undecided whether the seclude idea to convince them to come around. has started the campaign today for a second referendum are they likely to get much of a hearing. well there has been some momentum around a second referendum a lot of new campaign groups have sprung up new parties lead we new have been founded and lots of young people are trying to make the case for a second referendum these are effectively people that want to stop bricks that they're saying well we voted for bricks and but we don't know what that is we do need to find out what actually is going to be the future relationship with the european union in order to then establish whether this is something that we want or whether we are better off as we are now within the e.u. effectively these are people who are trying to stop threats of because they assume
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that the new relationship can be better than anything that the u.k. has at the moment there are mostly young people are trying to gather support or trying to make this into a really big movement that carries others across at the moment it's not something that has swayed a lot of people the opinion polls are still fifty fifty more or less remain has a slight advantage but only a slight one there are a lot of people in the u.k. that are fearing that there might be disadvantages to come after breakthrough and we've spoken to france's a grady who is one of the main trade unionists here in the u.k. and she's very worried about workers' rights and i think we're just going to listen to what she had to say was a what was. called the worst case scenario means that man's up as a kind of single poor on the edge if you're competing on the basis of the very few
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nation. projects. i'm francis so grazy and the general secretary of the team you see which is the umbrella organization for trade unions in the u.k. . for me represents a real risk to workers. jobs their livelihoods and their rights at work let's be brave let's think big and let's talk about. the prime minister restrict he all the great lines she's got lots of she's rolled out staying in the customs union and in the single market which would protect my argument is that working people across europe have an interest in defending a level playing field on workers' rights what we don't want to see is firms using british workers to undercut german or french workers and then dumping of race to
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the bottom. i met masoud barzani a today and his message was very clear that if the prime minister of britain sticks to her red lines of coming out of the single market customs union then all we're left with is the option of a free trade deal and that poses real threats to workers' rights their livelihoods and their jobs some of the heart of bricks it is including in the conservative party see blacks as an opportunity to slash and burn rights and standards that trade unionists have fought for over for generations and our job is to stop them you know these rights that we can bind together as unions across europe to win like internecine rights equal pay for work of equal value these
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rights that really matter. i think we have to make common sense. but also because when i look at the alternatives his rules would i rather play by i would rather play by the rules of the single market in the customs union in perfect though it may be the be told by president trump. what should happen. even though this is going to it's a year from today that is due to happen there won't be just a cliff edge will there it won't just be a case of britain is in. today and tomorrow there aren't. well no i mean it's likely there's going to be some sort of transit transition period mostly things stay the same and then there's going to be. something like a new asian ship but this hasn't been us at it yet this is really the next step for
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brakes it needs to be needs to tell the british people and the rest of the e.u. of course what is the future relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. is it something like a fairly loose relationship that's defined by a trade deal where britain effectively becomes another country for example like canada or is it something that's a little bit closer where britain may be stays within the customs union and is not then free to determine its own trade deals so this is these are choices that have to be made within the next month really because it's about october time when this new relationship needs to be agreed in order to then pass its course go well go to all the e.u. countries and go to the u.k. they'll get mass in london thank you. this is across europe and of course in the u.k. we'll be watching those negotiations carefully dr winter that's right now transition deal was meant to come businesses down but with just twelve months left investors are confused by bricks that economists confounded by it business leaders frustrated
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they point to u.k. data which is less than perky last year the euro zone's economy expanded more than two percent but in the united kingdom g.d.p. rose just one and a half percent this year the british economic growth is expected to slow. to less that one point five percent because of the weaker forecast investors have switched their cash out of pound sterling its value dropping fifteen percent since the break said referendum that's making u.k. imports more expensive pushing up consumer prices at three percent that is the highest in five years brits have had to borrow to maintain their lifestyle expectations u.k. households debt amounts to one hundred fifty percent of their income now that's the second highest rate after canada of any advanced economy. but there's more to the british economy than andy bracks it's doomsayers predict c.m.c.
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markets a senior economist michael hewson told us earlier to look on the bright side of life. contrary to the predictions of doom and gloom the work came out the fall the brics referendum economic growth actually hasn't been that bad and let's not forget here that the u.k. economy has expanded from twenty consecutive quarters it's been expanding since two thousand and twelve the comic recovery here is much more mature than say for example the economic recovery in europe so i think we are slightly ahead of you in the economic cycle which would i think reinforce the reasons i think why the european economy is probably growing at a faster right but certainly i think there are there are obviously negatives inflation you mentioned it is slightly higher it has pressed down on consumer spending but overall the unemployment rate is twenty five year low
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wages do finally starts to be appear to be picking up so there are silver linings. michael hewson talked to us earlier nums a british businesses are increasingly unsure about what to expect the uncertainty affects companies of all shapes and sizes from big corporations to small startups because most of them have one thing in common they depend on sales into other european markets. alex poole has profited from the craft beer boom he and his partner founded the brewery by the horns six years ago we do explore with the cultures are we export to sweden norway italy more recently russia they're all and groups of the bracks a third has had a positive impact on their business the british pound has depreciated which is why their beer has become cheaper for european customers the down side british be a producers buy some of their put them into brought the weak pound makes these purchases more expensive this can line was bought in italy. were very poor to
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vitiate. case actually it pretty much cost probably twenty twenty percent or thirty percent more than than what it put it on for bricks are probably despite britain's plan to leave the e.u. spirits are high not only among craft beer producers confidence has gone up over the last few months among the u.k.'s small businesses they hope the bracks of negotiators will keep their interests in mind not only those of large global players. following two years of decline the art market grew rapidly last year and this year it looks even more appealing as investors seek shelter from recent volatility in capital markets now hong kong is embracing its newfound role as a global hub within the first hour of this week's art basel fair in hong kong a piece by willem de kooning sold for thirty five million dollars for just one
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painting and chinese artists are far behind few chinese buyers probably wouldn't have had much interest in this painting by up and coming artist dan in the past but this year to work titled connectedness is garnering a lot of attention. in their first few years i felt that they are very excited and they are so poor hungry in collecting so they would be coming up to us and wanting to collect right away certain pieces if they felt they were that they love it but over the years i've seen more and more of our educated behavior china has become the world's second biggest up market after the u.s. in the past year chinese buyers have spent thirteen point two billion dollars on paintings sculptures and other rot that's up fourteen percent on the previous year . that's creating a windfall for some like eccentric on-call nationalist fro king kwok who is selling
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his hand painted calligraphy he. so thought. when i first started a lot of people just came to take photos now they are thinking of art as an investment and that is a good development to. visit is also to have the opportunity to become an artwork themselves anyone can pose either as a consumer reduce to their purse. or is too interconnected forces keeping a book from falling. these pieces came to me in india proving that you don't have to be a wealthy are by to get your fifteen minutes of fame and i will. personally that counts as art dial i never knew i'd learn something i've always regarded myself as a as a work of art and a half this just to for absolutely are. getting a rare one now fact here yes we're talking about the rest of it this way in the
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leaves of north and south korea which is now said you will to take place on the twenty seventh of april that date was announced have to senior officials from both sides met at the border between the two countries apart was finalized just days after north korea's leader made his international debut with a surprise trip to china. it was a slightly awkward handshake at the start of the meeting but the leaders of the north and south korean delegations were determined to put on a united front. but there have been many historic events including the recent winter olympics made possible by our combined efforts strength and determination with this in mind i would like you to convey the north korean people's gratitude to south korean government officials and their people. all the progress we have achieved today's meeting and what will happen from now on they're all happening because of the decisions made by the leaders of north and south korea it's important that we have
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a sincere discussion in order to ensure the shuttle into korean summit is successful. now a date for that summit has been set on april twenty seventh north korea's leader kim jong un will come here to the so-called truce village of panmunjom on the border between the two koreas if the meeting goes ahead it will be only the third of its kind since the end of the korean war more than sixty years ago. the announcement came a day after it was confirmed km young un made a surprise visit to china where he met president xi jinping china's foreign ministry said kim pledged his commitment to denuclearization. tension over north korea's nuclear weapons escalated last year after pyongyang tested several ballistic missiles sparking a war of words between community and u.s. president donald trump. but since the winter olympics in south korea
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when athletes from the north and the south much together at the opening ceremony relations between the one time third have thought. where the north korea's leader really is willing to make any concessions and limit his nuclear ambitions will be revealed at the end of april. we're off to london zoo next where zookeepers have been marking the coming easter holidays with a rather special in a rather special way they have been giving believers easter treats in the form of pop filled eggs. filled with snacks and the zoo says those ace the famed yeah the easter themed event encourages the animals to use skills they would need in the wild like finding food amongst foliage so this egg spreadable it appears for being a success of the treats went down eggs stream the well. this is d.w. news life from burden still to come it began as
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a comic books helping to educate young kenyans about health and relationship based years now or should jazz has become so popular it's made to cross over to social media and radio states here to find out how. the gravity is our endangered species will go on safari with a project trying to find out exactly how many are left in the wild. so we'll have all over at oddball in just a. mark catholic architecture. one of the world's cultural treasures. a never ending construction site and a magnet for tourists that it cologne cathedral joined us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. cologne cathedral
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in forty five minutes on g.w. . earth. poem of species. a home worth saving and. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world. by deals that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. results of people you cannot predict the forest to create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection by. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas feed firemen series of global three thousand on t.w.
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and online you when i was young i dreamed about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. so i know else and our we read down. the written word to stand up for women's rights. now while inside our three boys of egypt story. on t.w. . visited of us live from berlin i feel ok allow top story at this hour russia has had back in the diplomatic war over the poisoned former spy foreign minister sergei lavrov is expelling sixteen u.s. diplomats and closing the u.s. consulate in st petersburg. egypt now and early results from the election
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show that president abdel fattah el-sisi cruising towards his expected landslide victory for the second term while reports suggest he's taken ninety two percent of the vote but that turned out to just over forty percent has been lower than when he was first elected four years ago i'll see she stands for tough action against islamist opposition groups. to unthaw and gyptian television an ounce to the landslide election victory that had been widely expected but voter turnout was poor at just forty percent despite extensive campaigning threats to find nonvoters and bribes at polling stations. the participation rate has to be judged in accordance with the broader political environment of the country and we don't see that environment having been particularly open. l.c.c. faces enormous problems in his second term the job market is lagging behind the population explosion the economy is not alone and inflation is devouring people's
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wages here still supporters are very optimistic about the future. stuck about lousy because you had your dinner will be brilliant the entire world financial institutions will attest so that our newly built capital city that other mega projects will be excellent and the must. see is expected to lift the presidential to term limit the x. gen will then have what will essentially be unlimited power. kenya's interior minister and chief of police have been found guilty of contempt of court i've been fined for disregarding a court order to release a prominent opposition member who was detained at nairobi airport going to go and it was denied entry into kenya on thursday and later deported to dubai government officials claim he fulfilled his citizenship by obtaining a canadian that at
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a time when kenya did not allow you will citizenship. to get more on this from like catherine one joins us from kenya's capital nairobi welcome can catherine tell us about the backgrounds of this. but we're going to as you said the good and the good that is rising star when it comes to politics in kenya and he seems to be stoking the hornet's nest and disturbing the peace in terms of politics so the government says or feels like he is a threat or that's what seems to be the case right now. and so while they so keen on getting him out of the country. or are we going to be going if you can remember in two thousand and seventeen he was he proclaimed himself the general of the national resistance movement which is an arm of the national socialist super alliance which is the up the main opposition party now this national resistance movement was seen as the government as
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a violent or or an outlawed movement so for them they see him as a threat currently we know that he has been deported to dubai and that he's refused to board the plane to canada saying that he has every right to be do you know to be in kenya because he's a kenyan citizen. trysting lead this is the same man who ran for governor of narrow b. which is the capital city of man of kenya last year in two thousand and seventeen for you to run for such an office you must be a kenyan citizen so it's quite suspect why the government is acting like this meanwhile kenya's judiciary same's to place itself firmly on the good of the governors aside i mean the government seems to be defying them whether it's this heading or there then seems to be a lot of anger among the kenyans among can you thing that the government seems to be having a total disregard for the rule of law if you can remember in two thousand and seventeen just off to the supreme court and now the president who came after the
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election the first time he did make a statement saying that the judiciary was full of crooks and that we shall revisit that almost as if the government is proving its point that it had no intention of keeping rule of law if the country like us and i want to end nairobi thank you. let's take care of it for our next story which is about shoot jobs that means heroes and the language shared by young kenyans sure just was a comic strip but now it's become a multi media company with a daily radio show millions of facebook fans the characters are entertaining but they also educate the audience but they also educate you it is good shooter as valuable helpers in the daily life of millions of youngsters. kibera is the largest slum in kenya's capital nairobi the several years locals have learnt important life lessons from an unlikely source
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a free comic book it addresses issues relevant to people's everyday lives like widespread joblessness and i'm trying pregnant scenes especially among younger women. six through production for business just expose to production of their own. issues that are. huge as means here is in chang slang and mixture of swahili in english spoken by millions of young kenyans the creators say they want to entertain and inform their goal is to educate by providing tips and positive role models. on a person who care nothing about her life when they want to believe that if they did
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they got to tell it i bet you are doing it why not to make. it placing a big emphasis on community involvement that issue just team asks their readers to suggest topics for their stories the characters in the comic books also have a strong presence on social media. i think it. thinking every young people in kenya it's pretty efficient for them to go for sure they get it want to be informed they want to understand what the trends are they want to feel like a part to work with and that's where she just comes in to create that. partnership with their clients and just make sure that whatever happening from that they made yeah it's a simple that's happening. readers can also contact the editorial team via text messages this is an especially popular form of communication in kenya for those who don't have internet access there's also the option of listening to a daily radio show that's broadcast as
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a more than twenty states. it's all of the man behind she jazz and the multimedia well told story platform is rabbanit a bridge has lived in kenya for more than twenty years the idea for the project came in response to the violence that erupted in two thousand and seven following the country's contested presidential election he saw a younger generation that felt manipulated by politicians and overlooked by the mainstream media burnette wanted to help young people improve their prospects and it was a very serious study on a big scale done by a leading academic institution in the us it was a very robust study and it said that young women aged nineteen or less who follow she chose. or so three times less likely to be married at the age of nineteen young women who do not feel. we could do was much more sort
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of mechanical problems so the outcome of us dealing with mechanical problems which in this case was how do you make some money how do you make a plan for the future how do you stay healthy the result was young people young women not getting married early. and it turns out that not being married at nineteen probably means you're in school or it means you've got. business it means you're making money it means your life is progressing if you don't have a child there's a bunch of good things that come with not being married. they now reach well over six million people this includes a growing audience in neighboring tanzania to the longer term goal is to increase their online presence across the african continent. what else can the internet do to create energy and possibilities for millions of followers so we have some ideas we're developing fast to say can we take the promise of the ship as
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a fact and deliver it bigger faster better quicker cheaper on the internet that's that's that's what we're working on more and more people are getting online in kibera to that for the moment the old fashioned comic book continues to inspire people to share their stories and embrace new ideas. for the fallout from facebook's privacy scandal continues to spread now authorities in india want to know whether it's a citizen states it was misused by the political consulting firm cambridge analytical new delhi has given facebook until april the seventh to respond to the blue social media is a call nothing has more welcome call what is the background then to these latest accusations of this kind of emerged earlier this week during the during a u.k. parliamentary hearing about facebook and cambridge analytical we saw the whistleblower christopher wiley who used to work for cambridge analytic he told u.k. lawmakers many different things one of them was that well this company has been active
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in india as well and that's not necessarily something people were aware of before reportedly its clients include india's two major political parties the ruling the b j p as well as the main opposition the indian national congress and well here's wiley in his own words at that hearing. you mentioned they've done quite a bit of work in india could you just describe what you were i believe there are there current with congress i don't remember a national national project i know regionally i mean india is different yeah i mean india is so big you know one state can be you know how big is britain i believe i have documentation on india which i can also provide to the committee if that's who is going to do it do it very well could it really and i. know yesterday wiley released some of that documentation related to his testimony he did so on twitter
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and here's what he tweeted and here's what he wrote is he wrote that yes the s.l.c. group works in india that's cambridge analytical parent company and it has offices there here's what he revealed a list of the company's activities which goes back more than a decade several projects including an analysis of caste and political beliefs in india as well as this map and this shows just how widespread cambridge and a lot of his operations are there are offices in ten different cities around the world around the country there in india weren't so will you have stated actions coming out and national elections next year so presumably varies a lot of scope for fallout from this there is some concern absolutely even this is why india is looking into it while he didn't specifically mention facebook in relationship relation to what cambridge analytical was doing there but clearly enough concern from indian lawmakers that they've decided to summon now both companies to answer questions right now there's no proof that there was any wrongdoing but you know india's government wants to know did cambridge analytic
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harvest data legally illegally from voters there in india using facebook for facebook on the other hand india is a very key market there are two hundred fifty million facebook users in india that's more than any other country around the world so at this now the long list of headaches for mark. as he goes ahead to try to fix this ongoing scandal involving cambridge and a look up doctors this will not be the end of it for now though call us with thank you. let's get some more business now forget the likes of facebook a big day turn artificial intelligence can help improve wellbeing in the real world just like conservation canyon. are endangered but now scientists want to scan the animals like ball codes to keep track of the movements the hope is to find the best way to keep the species alive. at the crack of
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dawn a group of schoolchildren unlike epia in northern kenya had out on a very special school trip. that possible big project involving many teams across the region. children and scientists drive as far as they come to find and photograph as many red as they count. the first sighting separatists yes but with normal thick stripes so the journey continues. and then they appear gravity separates with that distinctive stripes the teams get to work always photographing the animals right side. the photos the latest saved and analyzed using software with artificial intelligence. that compared with separate is already
8:45 pm
in the database also taken from the right each that brown has a pattern as unique as a fingerprint. the photos from this large scale search operation and up with this man daniel rubenstein as a wall of just from princeton university he's helped by tanya bag of both a computer scientist who's responsible for the image analysis they can clearly identify which on a model has been what and when. they're on wrong again i have them both beautiful in the same direction. what the research is really want to know is how many gravity separates the left the most recent estimate was two thousand three hundred fifty it's an important piece of information for the kenyan government if they really believe that the two thousand three hundred fifty is the real number then they may invest and change policy for protection they may engage the people and invest in them to change their behavior
8:46 pm
in a way that's profitable to them and profitable for the species put it all starts with accurate data. the search takes place over two consecutive days which means the analysis tools can give them a very accurate estimate daniel rubenstein of what pieces the puzzle together from tens of thousands of photos. of the transition soil are sometimes up there by having so many people engaged it's not the pendant on my ability to find the animals collectively will find a large number we're never going to find them all but that's the beauty of doing a census as opposed to work. it's kenyan safari with a difference a project about nature that relies on big data and artificial intelligence. now as far as heading to the middle east saudi arabia stock market has been given the green light to join the key footsie russell emerging market index the move could
8:47 pm
attract billions of dollars of investment to that country that would be highly welcome as the kingdom embarked on an attempt to reform its economy. for decades saudi arabia has relied on oil to power its economy but a slump in global prices have highlighted the urgent need to diversify. that prompted crime prince mohammed bin fo man to embark on a series of economic reforms top of his agenda attracting foreign investment a goal he's been pursuing during a host of meetings with international leaders like this one with the us president earlier in the month. the latest news that saudi arabia is to be admitted onto a key index for emerging markets has therefore been hailed as a landmark in the country's economic transition. footsie were sought is the loitered to confirm that saudi arabia now meets the criteria for inclusion in its global benchmarks and emerging market the kingdom's entry into the
8:48 pm
international equity benchmarks marks a major milestone in its quest to grow and diversity for its economy the criteria saudi arabia mass included tightening corporate governance and easing restrictions on foreign stock ownership. and it's expected to pay off analysts believe inclusion on the index could attract well over thirty billion dollars into the country over the next two years. now in cricket fans be knocked for a six by a cheating scandal so prepare to see a grown man cry daniel thank you australia's disgraced cricket stars have made public apologise former captain steve smith and i come in australia broke down in tears he's one of three players given the band's by cricket australia following an internal investigation into an illegal practice known as bold tampering and is going to stay smith headed home in disgrace the former straightly and captain's
8:49 pm
involvement in the ball tampering scandal resulted in a twelve month suspension from international cricket as straightly is most talented cricketer expressed his remorse is he fronted media back. i'll do everything i can to make up for my mistake. and the damage it does cause. if any good can come to this. if they can be a lesson to others. you know hope i can be a force to change i'm sorry and i'm absolutely devastated. saying that cameron bancroft copped a nine month ban for his role the young rookie strike the ball was sent paper to affect its movements in the air in an attempt to gain an advantage for his ball is i it's more actions of the terrible for here and.
8:50 pm
that i reflect on values was growing up today and. it's something that really shined the. foreman for us captain david warnock also been for a year is yet to speak publicly but he posted a short message on social media saying mistakes have been made which damage cricket i apologize for my part and take responsibility for it's and destroy your coach darren lehmann announced his resignation despite an investigation absolving him of blame whoever takes over has a big job to restore straightly is reputation. for universe. you can do anything. without boring anywhere at all.
8:51 pm
that's ready at a clip ready player wants to build a new film which is released in the united states today there around the world over the next few weeks for that matter from culture to ask welcome robin so after the historical dramas that the post and bridge of spies this is filbert back in science fiction it is he said premier the other day he's very sort of happy to be back back in the future as i like to call it this is a story set not too far in the future in twenty forty five in columbus ohio. the world's in a mess after a global energy crisis and the film basically blood the lines between reality and scientists see the idea being that the real world so terrible so i put on your virtual reality glasses and i have something better to do it's an interesting premise it isn't the first time it's speed used in
8:52 pm
a film of course it does have the added sort of. magic dust sprinkled over it steven spielberg let's see some role. now if you can the finish line. set in the not too distant future ready player one follows a group of teenagers who spend their time in a virtual wonderland called the oasis a place that promises unlimited possibilities. people come to the us is for all the things they can do. they stay because they think they can can feel them. but when the creator of the way says die it's the virtual universe becomes a real life better field if you're watching this and i'm dead. but hidden
8:53 pm
object and. first person to find. half a trillion dollars in total control of the way says it's waived the movie's hero takes on the egg hunt with cyber crush samantha so he can get together. sure. with its focus on v. our technology and digital world spielberg's movie couldn't be more topical i think the implication is you have a choice you know and if. races exist in real life you have a choice to. spend all your time there or make connections in the real world with real people making real life contact and so in a way our story is a cautionary tale as well as a great adventure ready play a one is a visual feast a roller coaster ride and a future scenario that doesn't seem farfetched at all. i
8:54 pm
just caught a glimpse of mock riot and sit down with. steven spielberg casting him again this is getting something of a hobbit. really although he wasn't in the post the last film which would be difficult to cost him and not to be honest but he obviously did love as an actor in fact he austen thirty years ago to appear in the sun run and said no then he offered him a bigger role in empire of the sun and still said no thirty years down the line in twenty fifteen he persuaded him to be a bridge of spies as the russians rudolf abel and ron is brilliant i think is so understated and rightly won the oscar for. best supporting role in a better then. in a slightly larger role is the big if she the big friendly johnson roald dahl's
8:55 pm
story he played the johns of course and for the first time i actually used motion capture and he said he enjoyed the experience now in this film he's the inventor of . the oasis and indeed he's he's shed jewel to be in the next could be the next film with spielberg you never know because he stopped making this film to make a post this is a film called the kidnapping of a good more tara and run a school play pope pius the ninth and that was ok so so he's got the all long two and it's also got a new indiana jones movie yeah. the average he never seems to stop he's seventy years old i think spielberg and yeah film fans are ready for indiana jones five going to be an interesting one he's an action hero and harrison ford's going to play and harrison ford is seventy five and i'm sure he's very well but i don't know whether it's red action film but it'll have spielberg behind it they'll find a way of motion action but more of the websites absolutely d.w.
8:56 pm
dot com slash culture thank you so much rob and meryl just tired to remind you of our top story here. russia back in the diplomatic war of the poisoned a former spy foreign minister sergei lavrov face to expel sixteen u.s. diplomats and close the u.s. consulate in some place for. that's it you're up to the ball at the top of the hour after the.
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landmark catholic architecture. and one of the world's cultural treasures. a never ending construction site told a magnet for tourists bit cologne cathedral joined us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. cologne cathedral.
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com to freedom. one hundred million tons of sand. devastating research in this country. with deadly consequences. dust storms. come. on and let it get to and frequency. once they start there's no stopping.
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the storm starting in april seventh on d w. this is d w news live from berlin tonight russia hits back in the diplomatic war over the poisoned ex spot and it is a chance for that response russia's foreign ministry says that the country is expelling sixteen u.s. diplomats and closing america's consulate in st petersburg for bringing a reaction from washington and moscow also coming up
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a homecoming that brings tears of joy as malala yousafzai returns to pakistan the nobel peace prize winner says.


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