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tv   Reporter - The fight against Russias growing garbage  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 5:15pm-5:31pm CET

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the state is dr terry both of us crushed out and starts blowback everyone's new paygo drive a protection system not needed here. that's the news this hour will be back in exactly forty five minutes thank you for joining us. personally i joined with all the wonderful people that make the game so special. for all true. colors more than football a long line. of play music was going to be on some.
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changes not going to his concert side by. play. he played put big dreams on the big screen play. led to the magazine on the w. . this trash came from the russian capital moscow. it's too much for the city to handle on its own so it's transported to smaller neighboring cities. including cologne the which is a two hour drive from moscow. the reason there's american doesn't want to dump in his city. she and other residents are fighting for their local environment but the garbage trucks just keep coming.
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they come from sunrise to sunset even during the night. since last fall around three hundred trucks a day have brought toxic garbage to colombia a city around a hundred kilometers from moscow. they are chunks of tar batteries canisters and just lying around. up to six thousand tons of unsorted trash each day the residents are alarmed and they're afraid the trash will swamp their city. together with her friends in reno
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founded a citizen run initiative to oppose the trash dumps. thank you many of the trucks strikethrough have often with trailers you think they're not always covered so the trash goes flying around the area. most of the trucks are actually operated to clean the tires as soon as they leave the trash dumps. but there isn't even equipment for that here the laws are often broken we're trying to figure out how to deal with it. just a kilometer away is semyonov scheme. oh oh oh. the village is three hundred years old. many families came here from the neighboring city of la because of the nature peace and quiet and i would have. eeriness friends. moved here last year with her husband and three year old child so
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that they borrowed money and got into debt renovating their house shortly after they moved in came the decision to expand the nearby landfill there began to smell and that was in winter what would it be like in summer. and doesn't do what you want i'm putting off the decision about what to do it feels like the winter is never gone by so quickly usually i complain but now i'm glad it's cold the longer it lasts the more time i have to make a decision. the. news has spread that it we know is visiting. she's one of the few environmental activists who openly protest the landfill expansion. she listens to the residents and explains their rights. we heard it yesterday evening there were two trucks there with trash and more would be brought at night as well that was. you know
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residents fear toxic substances like chrome arsenic on lead could drain into the groundwater that they end up drinking with each other's feelings sort of what we already went to the local prosecution. you need to feel free to come out what will become of us in a year the groundwater will get more contaminated and those of you should return to . demanding new places to live where the water is clean why don't they move it's double standards when you buy you could very never signs everywhere saying no smoking but apparently the stench of landfill is good for us that book at some. point are good themselves. no come on the record i can only do something about this if all the residents stand together. in a pub order. the citizens feel abandoned by the political system they want to do something about it so they collect signatures and organize demonstrations the
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government promises there will be a waste processing plant by twenty nineteen but residents don't think the situation will improve if. they meet in secret some don't want to be recognized for fear of losing their jobs working for government organizations in the city. dimitri salumi of each and every now with both at the meeting they are also afraid of retaliation. but they aren't willing to accept moscow simply dumping their trash problem on them. quickly. but. people are free to speak out. of going to see their opinions at home in the kitchen when only their wives are listening. but we have to be engaged otherwise they won't listen to us how will they know we don't speak openly. it's a tricky situation though they know there might be repercussions they want to fight
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the poisoning of the environment and the threat it poses to their family. when you . were not heroes when parents. were fighting so that our children can have a clean place to live. but i'm so tired we're fighting for the rights of our families for the residents of colombia that is the room which is really if we just want to live in our beautiful city and not worry any more about how we'll live in spring. i don't bark we're all afraid to be snoring i sims thrush. dimitri drives in reno home through the historic city center bypass orthodox churches and ministries museums and cafes. today with its one hundred forty thousand residents columbia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in central russia. moscow residents in particular enjoy taking day trips here unaware that a huge portion of moscow's trash also ends up here. review
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which remains family lives in a two room apartment in a prefab apartment building. that she's had less time for her family in recent weeks because of her work fighting the landfill expansion her mother helps out by taking care of the kids. took a look at the scene you know everything i'm doing is for my family. especially my daughter. we bought this apartment for the view of the field and the clean out. the world now they're trying to take that away from us. all over to get there we really have is that the landfill will expand quickly because it's cheaper for moscow to dispose of its trash here rather than separating it well. what about the political situation the city administration is a ten minute drive away but the residents don't vote for their mayor themselves. in
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twenty sixteen the government mosco appointed the administrator of the city. the issue of trash disposal is being highly politicized by a certain group human would love the one that invited you here today i presume. their goal is to negatively influence people's attitudes towards power we can't allow that and we won't allow them to renewables. days later thousands of presidents gathered to protest the landfill expansion in colombia to meet she was one of the speakers. whatever several years ago over your political decisions are decided for us in moscow. cause of our problems in colombia is that they won't listen to us. imagine that you're sitting at home the neighbor brings you his trash and you can't say no when you were there was that yeah it obvious that the minute you have to complain and write that we don't agree with our plans or the email addresses that the city council administer at city of throwing that besides us
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a good artists and. i said i'm neither proud of my this piece of paper has the most important information that you can write to only important email addresses. collecting signatures so you can sign it at the supermarket on the corner. now you know where i mean we don't. know the terms of it i could use it but human rights moscow's trash brought to us in soviet times we used to recycle waste paper you had to leave us we don't know what's going to send us the trash. is your mom now it's winter here what will happen in summer. select what they bring trash day possible for us until. we want our children raised in a healthy area. we look for the mistake was made by president putin but he can't oversee everything the mistake is the result of local politicians they should not have voted for so much trash to be brought here to dangerous not only
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because of the constant agenda but also because of the explosive gas and. go up. artists are also getting involved. just the patriotism of the demonstrators. in the city supplied to mongolian invasions so it surely won't allow itself to be conquered by trash. with scum or she does not really surprise the authorities. that i know western journalist was interested in this topic made the police nervous i was stopped when i changed my camera's battery. i locked my supervisor what to do called them and what precautions were you invited or did you just come. sorry. have
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a nice day. you're going to. the police let me go on my way. luckily no trouble from moscow. after three hours the demonstration slowly disperse through people listen to the speakers for alice many brought their friends partners and even their children with them. to the organizers mishap afterwards and they're relieved there were no arrests the government stood back. as proving a. lot of people came to the rally we collected a lot of signatures. on wednesday or thursday will turn them over to the russian president everything went very well. out of.
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the expansion of the landfill site has caused heated debates on social media now the mayor is willing to speak with arena and her friends in their eyes the rally was a success. but. if you look at you. you must remember you were in the moment of. journey through time. and. regarded has returned from a voyage with musical discoveries on the red. meat. on his new album. garvey back.
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for tourists. to visit cologne cathedral join us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. you can see troll starting march twenty ninth on t w. welcome to pop explorer i'm benedict and today we'll look at how its sense of home and shape your music especially for musicians like. exports hits ellis merchant. german record we visit in hamburg just.


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