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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 2:15pm-2:29pm CET

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we speak different languages we fight with different things that's fine but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. giving freedom for global news that matters. made for mines. in his typically unpredictable manner u.s. president donald trump surprised the world again on thursday as u.s. import tariffs on steel and all your money and more about to take effect against a range of countries he announced they wouldn't be levied against several including the european union instead he wants to come to an agreement with the e.u. by may five percent for a card. just starting a negotiation with the european union. because they really shut out our country to
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a large extent they have barriers that they can trade with us but we can't trade with them they're very strong barriers they're very high tariffs we don't it's just not fair then with the stroke of a pen he sent shock waves through global markets levying penalty import tariffs on as many as thirteen hundred chinese products set to total sixty billion dollars so exactly which products will be affected and by how much is not yet decided. china says it will respond with its own tariffs on u.s. products for years are now stalking markets but a global trade war is getting underway indices in the u.s. asia and europe tumble sharply the uncertainty surrounding america's policies and their effects are undermining confidence there's a sense of a fine eastern europe and asia. their exports might well end up on a human gets. when we believe that that could mean around
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thirteen million tons being diverted to us that's an important crease of forty percent which would completely swamp european steel markets and place considerable pressure on companies to adapt. and impossible because it donald trump still dispute has already done a lot of damage though at least as far as trust is concerned. facebook was gripped by a major scandal this week after it emerged the company had pilfered masses of user data c.e.o. mark zuckerberg enjoys the limelight as much as the next guy but at the beginning of the week he was keeping a low profile more than two years ago his company discovered the data research company cambridge analytic spot on fifty million of facebook's users much of the information gleaned was said to have been used to try and influence the u.s. presidential election facebook failed to inform those affected and merely told cambridge analytic to delete the data which reportedly never happened instead
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facebook opted to delete the accounts of those who brought the scandal to light people like chris wiley former research director at cambridge analytics. i'm magin i go and ask you i say hey if i give you a dollar two dollars could you fill out the survey for me just do it on this app you say fine right i don't just capture what your responses are i capture all of the information about you from facebook but also this app can crawl through your social network and captures all of that data also. users facebook friends were also spied on without their consent their likes their gender their sexual orientation and political leanings everything was trolled up users are appalled and calling on others to abandon their facebook accounts some analysts have even been forecasting facebook's demise. this scandal has plunged facebook into its deepest crisis since its founding and the effects have been dramatic over the course of the week the
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company's shares lost almost eleven percent were the total of around sixty billion dollars the massive public pressure eventually forced facebook's founder and chief executive mark zuckerberg into a public response. succored apologized for the scandal admitted mistakes and promised to improve data security but is that enough. one of the things that we have to remember is that this isn't really a person all. of you know a personal apology it's really about public policy consumer harm consumer protection and we don't none of us have a personal relationship necessarily with these two individuals what we're looking for are policy recommendations and protections rather than have to feel emotionally about there are contrition and in san francisco shareholders have filed lawsuits against the company the days when it seemed like facebook could do what it
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wanted with the data that users provided without taking any responsibility seem to be numbered u.s. and u.k. authorities have now launched investigations into what was stolen how and how it was used. jim income glimmered buyers takeover of us competitor monsanto got the go ahead on wednesday it follows a brussels investigation into the fifty six billion euro deal which would create the world's largest integrated her besides and seed company. our in-depth investigation it raised concerns that the transaction as it was mitchie fight would have significantly reduced come to titian in a number of markets in europe and globally. it would also significantly have the juice innovation which is very important to develop seats with a high yield or pests that let's talk sick and less damaging to the environment as
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such. at the time the european commission which serves as the antitrust regulator for the twenty eight nation e.u. cited concerns the merger could reduce competition in key products for farmers. brussels imposed several conditions on buyer think looted selling parts of its business to german rival b a s f that deal announced in october would see bias sell the bulk of its crop seeds units and its glyphosate herbicide business to be a s.f. gave the go ahead to the deal despite opposition by environmentalists who fear it gives too much power to the world's leading a great chemicals and seed manufacturers they're now pinning their hopes on a no from us or therapies who also have yet to give a green light to the bio monsanto deal. the european commission has put forward proposals to close tax loopholes for global tech giants like apple google and amazon tech companies like google headquartered their businesses in places where they get a tax advantage facebook for example has its international headquarters in ireland
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the e.u. commission wants them to pay taxes where they sell their products not in the low tax regimes where they're registered. prosecutors rated b.m.w.'s company headquarters on tuesday as they search for evidence in the ongoing diesel scandal b.m.w. c.e.o. harold kluger has said the company's diesel vehicles were not manipulated the just released twenty seventeen financial results contrasts starkly with the company's legal woes b.m.w. posted record profits of over ten billion euros last year despite spending big money car research it expects twenty eighteen to be its ninth record year in a row. has suspended itself driving car program after one of its vehicle struck and killed a woman pushing a bike in arizona the vehicle was in autonomous mode at the time of the accident with an operator in the driver's seat the accident occurred in tempe one of four
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north american cities where the right hilling giant was testing the cars it's invested heavily in autonomous technology which it considers key to its future business model the accident marks the first time a pedestrian has been killed by a vehicle in autonomous mode. the us federal reserve has once again raised short term interest rates the quarter point uptick is the fourth such rise in the span of a year an indication of the recent economic growth in the us is expected to continue. the latest meeting of fed governors is the first in the new chairman jeroen powell who was nominated by trump last year fed members projected they would raise rates twice more this year in an effort to control inflation. africa offers a potentially gigantic market of up to one point two billion people many of them desperately poor it's hoped a new free trade agreement signed this week will tackle poverty there. their
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promise of free trade and free movement is prosperity for africa because we are proud of the production of goods and services that. enough. by boosting enter african trade the forty four participating countries hope to reduce their dependence on raw materials exports right now africa's countries only do about sixteen percent of their total trade with each other the new agreement is expected to come into effect in one hundred eighty days time though it first has to be ratified by each country's parliament. we need. to some. very quiet political week. for. free. to finally become. but to really
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boost trade african countries will first have to invest in their infrastructure things like roads which connect the countries with each other so their products can actually move around freely. japanese company care sara has built a new solar plant floating in the middle of a reservoir it's an answer to the country's perpetual problem of land scarcity the solar array comprising more than fifty thousand panels covers eighteen hectares of a dam in chiba prefecture kyocera spokesman hinted the plant could be the first of many like it. there are so many reservoirs here. we hope that this project will let us expand our business throughout japan by making use of them . the operator claims it's the biggest solar power plant on water in japan and he will output is projected at more than sixteen million kilowatt hours that's enough to power around five thousand households for
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a year. the plant began operating earlier this month two years behind schedule. french multinational seal a tab which developed the technology says the cooling effect of water on the solar panels increases their energy production and makes them more efficient than land based systems of similar size as the panels also shield the water from the sun and reduce evaporation. has to. be. done so yeah he enjoys a bit of that. that's what takes part in the techno classical it'll be the fiftieth anniversary this year the call phonetic reminisces about how he's meeting the kanakas slowly back up into
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a premium hands up your robot. why do elephants need this. how does a plastic model turn into a paving stone why do algae make it clear. good idea can work in the winter and there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire each other to the environment magazine to go at africa in sixty minutes d.w. . was. one hundred million tons of sand to become a global movement. growing in magnitude and frequency.
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once they start. there's no stopping. does storm. starting april seventh one t.w. . greetings from the german capital and welcome to the program and as usual heading into the weekend we've got a mix of topics to beguile and inspire. the good old days that.


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