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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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saadawi the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on t w. this is d w newsline from berlin tonight on strong squaring off to china the us president proposes sixty billion dollars worth of trains here it's on china in retaliation for alleged theft of american control actual property the decision sending stock markets tumbling also coming up european leaders could
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celebrate a reprieve from trump's planned steel and aluminum tariffs they have their hands full at the brussels summit working on a final breakthrough deal and france's powerful trade unions take to the streets leading to clashes in some cities they are on strike over new labor reform. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump has unveiled up to sixty billion dollars in trade tariffs targeting showing up for alleged theft of intellectual property the move knocked seven hundred points off of the del jones and it drew promises of retaliation from beijing they already faced steep costs for from tariffs on steel and aluminum that
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go into effect tomorrow. the tariffs will hit more than a thousand categories of chinese goods the identities of which are to come later trump's actions follow a trade investigation into china's acquisition of technology and trade secrets through unfair measures the outcome was no surprise china has built its own domestic industrial base in part by buying co-opting and sometimes hacking secrets from other nations according to trump it was past time for the country and others he believes or like it to be called out. we're doing things for this country that should have been done for many many years we've had this abuse by many other countries and groups of countries that were put together in order to take advantage of the united states and we don't want that to happen we're not going to let that happen. yet while china's methods have angered many critics say trumps focus on the trade balance and on reciprocity is misplaced his approach has also been scattershot the steel and aluminum tariffs that to take effect tomorrow were aimed
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at china poised to hurt traditional allies like the e.u. even more chum seems ok with that calling the new exemptions leverage for future deals we are just starting a negotiation with the european union because they really shut out our country to a large extent they have barriers that they can trade with us but we can't trade with them they're very strong there is a very high tariffs we don't it's just not fair that means more trade tensions in the days to come. our washington correspondent claire richardson says the drums trade policies are likely to go down well with many americans at least until other countries start hitting back. the tariffs on aluminum and steel for example are very popular among labor unions and in the rust belt states where steel workers are hoping that they'll see this measure protect their jobs and in many ways and this
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is trump's effort to make good on his campaign promise that he's going to get tough on china that he's going to save american jobs but it could be devastating for u.s. consumers and some economists think that it's actually going to cost jobs for people who are employed in the steel and aluminum industries and as for the tariffs on china we've already seen threats of retaliatory measures that are meant to hit us industries like agriculture and punish states that trans going to need to win re-election so we'll see just how popular they are once china makes its next move that was our correspondent there richardson speaking to be earlier from washington where you leaders digested donald trump's latest trade moves at a summit in brussels while breaks it is the main topic on the agenda there was some relief that europe would be exempt from washington steel tariffs at least for now it's a coup for europe good news from the u.s. as the e.u. summit got underway few leaders had expected this but now they feel exonerated and
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see that european unity pays dividends. jim most of this will go to we have made it clear in the commission that we don't want to trade war which wouldn't help anyone and we made it clear that we are ready and able to undertake adequate countermeasures of the front if you can muster that i for them. to go first of all the e.u. presented a united front. that's good and also a commitment to free trade and against protectionism. imported soon as was since the beginning of the month u.s. president trump threatened to levy a ten percent tariff on aluminum and steel however after intensive negotiations with the european union washington will accept the e.u. as well as six other nations from the tariffs for the time being at least. that's why these countries and their leaders are wary and are asking the us to reconsider for the long term and not create any trade barriers. my wish at least is that we
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continue with the rules of international trade which are good for us all. to say what would also be good for all of them is to come to further agreements with british prime minister to resign. she seemed relaxed as talks turned to new relationships maintained that security even as a soon to be ex e.u. country has top priority. i will once again. the united kingdom's unconditional commitment to the future security of europe and i believe it we can to ensure that we overcome the challenges that we will face there's no need to explain to the e.u. the importance of togetherness they're delighted that they were able to solve together at least for the time being a major trade dispute with the us and not individually. ard for more this is called over now to our correspondent max hoffmann he is at that e.u. summit in brussels worst good evening to you max so i mean this is good news at least you know at face value if we don't have to worry about those tariffs here in
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europe for the time being and european leaders can they focus on other things. theoretically but of course a lot of the focus still isn't on those steel tariffs here and i'll tell you what the president of the e.u. commission didn't even want to comment on it just about an hour a goal because they wanted to verify this information to show who's you how much trust they have in what donald trump the u.s. president actually says so they want to be sure this is actually going to happen the way that we've heard it is going to happen but if it happens of course the leaders here are happy about it because many take this as a victory from the european union as a concerted effort over the week by lobbying in washington d.c. the people that are responsible for making the policy having a united front and in the end walking away with the exemption and will there be any consequences the you know assuming that there will be no trade tariffs.
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all the way the u.s. president put it this is just a phase a pause to negotiate more so apparently the americans are expecting that this will be not business as usual but that things need to change that the europeans of course see this exactly the other way and if things don't change then maybe it will be back at point zero where we are right now right at this point just a couple of weeks couple of months down the road hard to say when but there are also you politicians say that there needs to be things there need to be things that change within the european union europe needs to change its strategy when it comes to trade when it comes to investment i talked to one of them the head of the greens for that number that's and this is what he had to say we should really question or economic strategy and see whether we should not have some. rebalancing and boosting total demand in order to make us less dependent on exports to the u.s. to do you say to china or anyplace else which makes our economy foldable. hard so
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we've got them at issue max and then there's also the issue at the summit the poisoning of a former russian spy on british soil we know that the british prime minister she's looking to get backing from her colleagues there in brussels is she getting what she wants. we haven't seen the exact wording of the declaration at the end but what we do know is that there probably won't be any unconditional blaming of russia there will be a lot of it is likely that russia was involved there's a high likely there would because the only country really have that says it's definitely russia is the united kingdom closely followed by france but if you look at the wording that i'm going to macro for example the german chancellor used the past days she's a little more careful so they don't want to be one hundred percent on this but at the same time they want to show absolute solidarity with the u.k. and look for the balancing act in the final declaration but we do know for example
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that i get a makeover in winter and i call the french president and also the recent made prime minister of the u.k. already met and said yes full solidarity and we want to send a clear message to russia but what exactly that message will be will have to wait. all right our very own max hoffman at that eve summits and in brussels max as always thank you very much. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world german lawmakers have authorized more troops for afghanistan the maximum number of german forces on the ground will rise to thirteen hundred the expansion was approved because of the deteriorating security situation in the country the bundeswehr enough going to stand as part of the nato led mission resolute support which provides training and assistance to the afghan army. prosecutors in ukraine have detained a lawmaker or not is some change go on suspicion of planning a coup. became
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a national hero after she was found guilty of involvement in the killing of two russian journalists in the ukraine's war torn east the charges come after lawmakers removed her parliamentary immunity to prosecution. travelers in france are facing a new wave of strikes that is hitting the country only two of every five high speed trains were running on thursday half of regional trains across the country have been cancelled unions are responding to president. labor market reform and to make things worse at the same time the country's largest airline is facing walkouts of its own a pit a power struggle and a violent chaotic and to a long day of strikes in france in several cities around the country like here in paris demonstrators photo street battles with the police. before that thousands including rail workers have protested peacefully against president manuel mccall
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labor market reforms. it's a real battle and if the government wants to talk about the real issues in the rail sector they must first withdraw their plans they're aimed at starting to privatized the s.n.c.f. rail company. rail managers say that about a third of their workers walked out on strike during the course of the day causing waves of train cancellations the strikes were unregistered wildcat strikes which makes them illegal the c.g. to union is urging members to engage in impromptu strikes even outside of official strike days. and there's a constitutional right to strike but it's essential that public services can get four and a half million train passengers from a to b. every day i personally find these disruption threats by the union extremely serious have never seen anything like it. so the president wants to ramp up the
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retirement age for railway staff right now train drivers can retire at just fifty two other rail workers can follow them only a few years later. france's railways are deep in the red and groaning under forty five billion euros worth of debt but unions woman mccollum's reforms will open the floodgates for even harsher measures that's why even air traffic controllers joined the latest strikes a third of paris bound flights had to be cancelled the showdown looks likely to drag on. its part new strikes with this man the world's fastest man is pushing ahead his quest to become a professional soccer player who saying both will train with bruce you don't win on friday he warmed up for his big audition with a friendly match against diego maradona. i after dominating the athletics track for almost ten years you same bolt has turned his
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attention to football. at the age of thirty one he wants to try and go professional this way he got his big chance to impress manchester united coach joe same radio in a five a side primal event. you know. before. the. sun belt was looking to dazzle alongside fifty seven year old diego merritt donna. those football skills were not always on show. his big test however comes on friday he will join bundesliga side brucia dortmund's for an open training session. it will be. difficult for me to do to be the that's what i want it's applied trained to now but lettuce isn't and no small measure of confidence maine the most outrageous
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crossover in sports could really happen. are and here's a reminder of those top stories we're following for you u.s. president trump has unveiled fifty billion dollars in trade tariffs on china for alleged theft of american intellectual property elsewhere though his government is said to spare key allies including the european union from already announced charges on steel and aluminum. you're up to date also you will get to the top of the. fighting toxic waste from moscow and we not have an imprint test this out on a mission. six thousand tons of refugees a day i transplanted to come down from the russian capital with no sign of proper disposal. to be some concern for the health of their children and they willing to pay the price of fixing. fighting growing gothic cheeps in russia.
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ripple effect on the japanese.


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