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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2018 10:00pm-10:15pm CET

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this is. taking action against russia u.s. president. expected along with the very xpect. fresh sanctions against moscow for meddling in the sixteen presidential election. as long as russia of a chemical weapon attack and. also thousands of syrians fleeing besieged eastern guta as government forces close in the battle for the rebel held on one of
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the deadly in the country's seven year civil. with us tonight u.s. president donald trump says he will impose new sanctions on russia sanctions approved months ago in response to moscow's meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election the united states as also signed a joint declaration with france and germany in support of britain's standoff with russia the u.k. says that russia is responsible for the attempted murder of a former spy and his daughter on british soil. british prime minister to reason may is one of the few visitors to salzburg these days traders in the cathedral town say tourists and shoppers are staying away in the wake of the poisoning of former
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russian double agent sergei script and his daughter yulia mae visited the restaurant where the chemical attack took place and put the blame squarely on moscow. it is right that the u.k. government reacts in a robust way to what has happened here in seoul break that is exactly what we've done by the knowledge that we will expose it be expecting twenty three russian diplomats who declare that intelligence offices will have an impact on their intelligence network the way all the measures will be taking britain's allies are showing their support france germany and the united states have signed a statement repudiating russia and president all trump says he thinks moscow probably carried out the attack. nature's top military commander sees this as part of a wider passon of russian misbehavior at sea on land and in the year russia's increasingly modernized military is operating at levels not seen since the cold war at the same
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time russia is using indirect activities to advance its strategic objectives throughout europe along its periphery in the middle east and beyond russia has demonstrated a willingness and capability to use political provocation spread different decision from asian and undermine democratic institutions but russia is firing back accusing britain of dishonesty foreign minister sergei lavrov says it would be absurd to launch an attack against another state ahead of a presidential election and the fee for world cup. i can't tell you the motives of our british colleagues but i don't think there are honest. if they were written would answer the questions we've been asking and would follow the procedures of the chemical weapons convention. britain says it is ready to share the evidence it has collected foreign minister boris johnson says they will make the results of the tests in souls very available to a team of international observers to dispel any doubts. there's
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a lot to one back in this story and to do that i'm joined here in the studio by our political correspondent oliver salat and from washington tonight our correspondent carson phenomena carson let me start with you u.s. president. today seems firmer in his support for britain's position against russia today than he did let's say a day or two ago why are we seeing this turn around. well it looks like british prime minister the reason may has managed to impress on president trump the importance this affair has for the u.k. and she also apparently has been able to convince him that the evidence that russia was behind this attack is credible because as you've indicated in the past has been very cautious or even reluctance to blame russia or president putin
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for anything may it be russian meddling in the u.s. elections or other misdeeds but that seems to have changed now and as we've heard president from now says he believes the russians are behind this and he takes it very seriously and what more do we know about this joint statement today i mean they put it you know in black and white for the world to see that's right and it's a very rare and a very strong statement just the simple fact that written by the heads of states and government of france germany the u.k. and the united states condemning the first offensive use of a nerve agent in europe since the second world war as they write they also condemn it as an attack on the sovereignty of the united kingdom and they're also pretty much certain that russia is behind this attack they say there's no other logical explanation that can be taken into consideration and the fact that russia refuses to cooperate makes the country even more suspicious also what this would mean is
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a breach of international law it would also mean a breach of the chemical weapons treaty and a threat for the security of the countries and the fear is certainly that this might not be the last attack of its kind if there is not a proper response is there anything to read here into the fact that we've got a joint statement a multilateral statement coming out we don't have a statement that's going through the european union and we're not hearing from nato well first of all it's it would be quite a logistical issue to have. response that quickly issued by the twenty seven e.u. member state and everyone who's followed european politics know knows that this is quite a long and complicated process there are many debates to be held many summits to be held that does not have to be the case here right now simply the four countries mentioned work quicker of course but there will be a summit of the foreign ministers of the european union to be held in brussels on monday and this will certainly biggest be discussed there on the sidelines and we
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might even have a declaration there as well the big question of course is will there be new sanctions imposed on russia by the european union and this is the tricky part the tricky issue we all remember the enix ation of crimea and we know that certain you are eastern european countries are not very keen on imposing further sanctions so that we will certainly have to see but what we have right now on the table is this very strong statement issued by the u.s. and by its major european partners here and what we also see is that they're able to speak with one voice when it comes to foreign policy it is interesting although you know the fact that this looks like a chemical weapons attack on british soil would make you think that maybe nato would want to even invoke article five but you can you can tell that they're trying to distance themselves from any talk about that let's take this story a little further the u.s. is now imposing sanctions against russia because of russia's meddling in the twenty
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sixteen presidential election well some people maybe that's what but yeah the presidents of some other attacks that being here so the us has now slapped new sanctions on five russian entities and nineteen individuals most of them connected to the russian intelligence agency and this is for a number of attacks treasury secretary steve minucci in mentions meddling in the russian elections but also this struck. if cyber attacks on u.s. computer systems and intrusions targeting critical infrastructure which means computer systems for instance that control america's electric grid and of course that is a big issue if the russians are trying to attack the american infrastructure here electricity of course we all dependent on that these days that is a major concern so the treasury secretary the american finance minister saying we
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will try to target these people we will make sure that they don't have access to the american financial system that might hurt some of them those who have international interests but if that is enough to deter the russians from future attacks is the question. all right our correspondent in washington carson phenomenon and our correspondents all over salad here in berlin to both of you gentlemen thank you very much. but tonight people are fleeing the syrian enclave of eastern guta as government forces tighten their grip as many as ten thousand have left today one estimate says twenty thousand and there's been no let up in the bombardment by government and russian forces that began more than three weeks ago. they're carrying their children their old their frail and the remaining worldly possessions but they've also left much behind houses farms and in some cases loved ones still trapped in the rubble. evidence of the five year siege is in plain sight
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according to observers over ten thousand eastern ghouta residents fled the rebel held on klav thursday many say they've wanted to go for months but couldn't. it was difficult we tried to leave eastern ghouta but we weren't allowed because it was controlled by terrorists not because. it was the rebels didn't allow us to get out and come to you we've been negotiating with them for three days. as we wanted to leave three months ago but they didn't allow us they starved us. the exodus from eastern good has come as a syrian war enters its eighth year. of the. fighting here is intensified over the last month as a russian military in syrian regime troops pounded the town. according to russia's foreign minister there's no indication this will change anytime soon but yesterday
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those jets will continue to fight against the terrorists we will destroy them we will help to destroy them in eastern guta where the syrian army is operating with our support but yes we will indeed make humanitarian exceptions as our defense minister stated yesterday those who want to exit and receive humanitarian help will be able to do so much more of what it is going to go to the boys that will sit in syria those who have managed to flee eastern ghouta may now at least enjoy a respite from the siege but they face a new set of problems being displaced in their own country. if and when they can return home they'll be returning to ruins. for some of the other stories that are making headlines. police in miami say several people have been killed after a newly installed pedestrian walkway collapsed over a highway at least five vehicles were crushed beneath it the bridge connected the main campus of florida international university with
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a student housing area it had been in use for less than a week. there were protests in rio de janeiro after the murder of a popular councilor who was gunned down in the city on wednesday maryellen franco of brazil's socialism and liberty party had frequently criticized police killings of poor residents in shanty towns or killers have not been identified so prime minister robert fit so has resigned over his handling of the inquiry into the murder of journalist yon seok coalition partners had threatened to force a snap election if he didn't step down the murdered journalist had been investigating alleged links between slovakian politicians and the italian mafia finland is the world's happy as a country that's according to a new u.n. report that ranged countries according to income health social support and corruption finland's nordic neighbors also top the list germany came in at number
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fifteen and burundi in central africa was deadlifts. to sports now and r.v. like to have reached the europa league quarter finals after completing a three two aggregate victory over russian sign painters book like to word to want to head after the first leg and they took the lead in russia through augustine zenit hit back but the german side held on to reach the next round. our next story is not for the fainthearted. is a french climber famous for scaling the eiffel tower and the world's tallest building the boys khalifa in dubai his gravity defying obsession began at the age of eleven but it's a passion that gets him often in trouble with the wall. and then move is probably the closest humans will ever get to spider-man he makes scaling
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skyscrapers look pretty easy and this office building in paris is no exception it took just over an hour to climb the one hundred eighty seven needed building. he's a household name in extreme sports and is not slowing down anytime soon. paul was for doing it for me to stop climbing one day that's out of the question unless i had a very serious illness that prevented me from climbing if not i'll just keep going . just hopes the authorities don't notice this was earlier when he was caught trying to stay in a different building. often his climbs are in nice oath so reaching the top isn't even the most difficult caught. it's incredible how he hoists himself each time how he goes from one story to the next you have the impression he's leveled but no he is vertical. or if you're watching the news live from berlin
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we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news upsy of the. earth the home for saving googling to yes tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that could take the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas on. food fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of war here's what's coming up. on my own.


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