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business day dubliners y. from above and a meeting of code of right new history donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea so mixed. offers to team nuclear pyongyang i beg your pardon office to denuclearize if the right conditions are met also on the program. as the syrian army tightens its grip on east includes a rebel forces and their families begin to flee we'll bring you the latest on the fall of one of the serious last opposition strongholds. president trump moves ahead
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with tariffs on steel and allen minium imports despite international condemnation he says he's stopping an assault on the u.s. exports would move could trigger a trade. i'm phil gal welcome to the program very traded threats and insults in the past but now u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un could meet face to face if it happens it would be the first ever meeting of leaders of the two countries with the issue of denuclearization high on the agenda the white house says it would need to see concrete signs of cooperation from pyongyang before the talks penciled in for may. rocket man on a suicide mission mentally deranged or tard just two examples of the namecalling and very public displays of frustration between donald trump and kim jong un nobody
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expects affection but with a meeting on the cards north korea's closest neighbors live in hope. denuclearization and peace on the korean peninsula are beginning to be realized. from time to believe the pyong china lympics and paralympics as well as our endeavors for peace will help create a new global peace. some. china's president xi jinping has praised trump's positive aspiration to achieve a political settlement on the korean peninsula he urged the two men to begin talks as soon as possible leaders further afield to waiting for them to come to the table this is my offer simone i'll call it a glimmer of hope it needs work but of course releasing a deescalation would be wonderful because for all of us the nuclear eyes ation of north korea has been a grave concern. in the world will be. the talks have been
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brokered by south korea and are already being seen as a success for those within trump's administration. i think as we've seen in the last twenty four hours a policy that was put in place and has been executed by the state department over the past year has exceeded this summit meeting between the u.s. and north korean leaders is expected by me with the world waiting to see if two months is enough time to dampen down fire and fury into meaningful dialogue. let's get more on this from one of the most who's professor of korean studies a balance of free university you know welcome to the doubly let's start about port about whether each can trust the other and whether this will actually happen do you think it will happen this meeting well that's a point of time very difficult to say because there could be a lot of different obstacles to actually then have having the meeting but as of now both leaders quite straightforwardly said they want to beat even from said yes
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uneaten so as of now we have to expect that it will be yet except vats in the last few minutes it's been said from the u.s. that the president will not meet him unless there he sees some concrete action but i buy yeah. right of course he has to say something like that because something for getting into a dialogue has to be given from the north korean side but. this could be something like the north koreans already have promised such as freezing another the nuclear missile test or refraining from from any other provocation this could be one thing i could think of what does each side will from the other. well what the north korean side wants is very clear they want to be recognized officially by the international community as a legitimate and sovereign state they want have the garden t. of their regimes survival and they want to have
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a peace treaty with the us which is complete verifiable and irreversible in the exchange for what. well they are. they are they want to have the safety the security and maybe the u.s. of course once wants to have the success this foreign policy success is in midterms elections at the end of the year so both of their motivation to go into these talks quite motivated when the news broke is quite interesting to see reactions china north korea's biggest and most important ally said it hopes that these things actually happen but clearly china was out of the loop u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson clearly out of the loop this all happened very quickly or certainly appeared to happen very quickly quickly what do
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you know about i'm quite confident that south korea is talking to all the surrounding states to all its allies particular of course to china which is a very important country to the matter and i don't think china is out of the loop but south korea and the involved parties are now concentrating on the most important factors which are north korea south korea in the draw and the driving seat and the u.s. but china was has always been there it is still there even sometimes diplomacy has to be quite diplomacy what part of international sanctions had to play in bringing this meeting about we could we can still get that the sanctions particular recently strengthening the sanctions had an impact on on north korea because within north korea domestically north korea now tries to get on to the next step in of comic development and if it was only for survival they could have also survived with the
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sanctions but they want to develop economically that's very important to the north koreans that might have pushed them to re enter the dialogue but let's be optimistic and say this meeting at happens all the risks to it they are always. risks of course but i think these risks can be reduced by before hand exchange of special envoys of the of the different parties and here in this process of course also south korea will continue to play a very important role as a broker between these two countries mostly from burdens for university thank you for. some of the other stories making news around the world a course in turkey has released on bail two more journalists on trial for subversion suborn jew akhmed shaikh work for the independent newspaper just put some thirteen seventeen members of the paper staff charged with supporting terror organizations all have not been afraid apart from papers chairman kean attended by
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. large protests in decades have taken place across slovakia as the country reels from last month's murder of investigative reporter yon khushi back at his fields tens of thousands of people packed buses laugh a central square demanding a full investigation and the change of government could be looking into political corruption when he was killed. almost two hundred specialist troops have been dispatched to the british city where a russian double agent at his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent the troops are in seoul spray helping to remove potentially contaminated objects sergei script his daughter remain critically ill and a local hospital. syrian state television is reporting that fighters and their families have begun to leave the besieged rebel eastern due to rebel sources said the fighters are from a group made of made up mostly of al qaeda is x. affiliate out front now the news came on the day that much needed aid arrived in
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eastern tuesday after being delayed for days by fighting a thirteen truck convoy unloading food supplies for twelve thousand people in duma the largest town in the rebel held area. i did because pond and child are for her has been following the developments from beirut in neighboring lebanon while camp and what you heard of these jihadist fighters in the thumbs set of been there leaving the east and go to who are they and where the been taken where they're being taken to if there has been the other rebel groups that have been evacuated does fall in the city or are they have they have in their prison. in amidships visible haps by a group that controls what dart of which is called gesture it's not just in islam has been supported by saudi arabia it's gesture islam has been say look we do not lossless. say here because they've been affiliated with al qaeda even though this
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now saying that they're not. just last we believe that in a site as a stilling to al qaeda they're trying to down the regime that they don't want these men the chief of ferguson islam has said that there are only a few hundred of these innocent people these are being taken to it as as happened in aleppo and this we have heard that independent sources on the ground and one of a other rebel groups and civilians indeed. well that isn't fact a very vital question that is dominantly under the control of jesse the slum and play let alone him on which is another who controls half of it this group has been thus far backed by a cuppa there is no word on what station legacy issues have these aspirants these groups are concerned in the past negotiations were negotiated by russia to get these groups out as well that the woman that is not certainty of what would happen aspirants east to darwin are concerned what they saved that they don't want to get
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out this is their land they want to join it if you had some sort of administration running the eps as well when the control of the territory there was a container of the atmosphere to set up aspires to civilians are concerned was the civilians are we speaking to work hard and do basements or not leaving our before the war who does that population is two million now according to the un it is two hundred ninety thousand lost and according to what we've learned only about thirteen people have managed to come up over the last weeks and briefly if you would mind what does this mean for president assad's assault on the last rebel held on plain fact near damascus where he certainly got out now because he is saying he is attacking east to the because of the basis of these jihad sixteenths not struck by this so now they have to answer if he continues to say and why the shelling he says done are the regime the law says the jesuits not relevant in a manner also to how the sixteen is entities that they're new or different than
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erdos or isis and that is all or they say that they want to get all of the dead tree back but this does but russia and the peculiar situation of russia are there to answer to the international community why is syria the regime i mean by that going to continue to bomb. and shell for her in beirut thank you. donald trump has made good on his threats and signed off on imports tariffs twenty five percent on steel ten percent on alimony and he blames other countries for america's massive trade deficits still only accounts for two percent of world trade and yet the tit for tat and penalties dangerous the ripple effects could escalate into a full scale trade war with just one signature u.s. president donald trump has authorized plans to place import tariffs on steel and on a mini i'm witnessing the moment was still walk is the order will keep that job
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safer in the future today i'm defending america's national security. by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum. the motion has been met with criticism well why it's german chancellor angela merkel voiced tech concerns of the german economy summit in munich is in on the dog and. so we're also concerned about the imposition of tariffs on certain products as a government we have a clear commitment to multilateralism we support the european commission as it seeks talks with them while trade organization and the u.s. start feeling. the european steel industry is also advocating counter measures by the e.u. and warns that the consequences of a trade war could also hurt the u.s. are estimates that he will actually create job losses net in the supply chain in the u.s. so it's not going to benefit the u.s.
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and it's going to knock off twenty thousand direct jobs in the u.s. and perhaps as much as one hundred fifty thousand jobs in the e.u. as well trumps this issue and has also triggered outrage in asia south korea is considering filing a complaint with the well trade organization while china is threatening countermeasures if the terrorists go ahead. now just a week after being born baby rhino nobody has been entertaining businesses to a dutch zoo frolicking with her in their enclosure she's a square lip to ride on it might be her oversized ears and feet attracting attention at the moment officials of the zoom in on them said she is one of three cops in the house now their wild cousins found in south africa are considered threatened because of poaching for their homes. went to paralympics have begun after placing sequestering seven million people in china south korea fireworks lit up the night sky outside giving thanks david in a six hundred athletes i gather to compete in the biggest with our lympics in
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history the game trying to be eighteenth of march. i just time to recap our top story this hour u.s. president donald trump and north korea's leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korean summit doesn't trump has confirmed the partner says great progress is being made of the. top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to . news. we make up oh but we watch as of the under budget we are the civil servants are.


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