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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is literally news live from berlin unprecedented a potentially historic turning point in the korean nuclear standoff president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il and agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit john yang offers to put its nuclear program on the negotiating table if don't wait conditions are met also on the show not backing down president trump moves ahead with tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum going it alone he says he's stopping an assault on the u.s. in a move that experts warn could trigger
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a trade war and germany social democrats announce who's getting tapos in chance on america's new coalition government came on them a foreign minister a largely untested on the international stage. thanks very much for your company everyone world leaders have been responding to that surprise move the prospect of a summit between u.s. president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un now they could lead to a potential breakthrough in the nuclear standoff with north korea german chancellor angela merkel reacted a short while ago cautiously welcoming this a potentially historic development here is what she said. this is my smile colas a glimmer of hope it needs work because of course really seeing a deescalation would be wonderful because for all of us the nuclearization of north
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korea has been a grave concern in the chance on america they're reacting well other key players in the north korean nuclear crisis have also weighed in china urged the two countries to find a political resolution and russia called the first ever planned talks between the leaders of the us and north korea a step in the right direction and it was south korea that appears to have convinced trump and kim to soften their war of words and embrace diplomacy. this is the man doing the running between pyongyang and washington d.c. and he's failing reached a major milestone. poor president president from you know meeting north korean leader kim jong un he is committed to do do provide. him pledged to both korea are really good friends from any for the nuclear war this sort of tests that he stressed is that you're going to see the new president from
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that so on as possible it is a sentiment shared by the u.s. president who confirmed that a meeting is being planned. at the historic breakthrough comes after south korean negotiators held talks simpy only on on monday it was here they learned that denuclearization was on the menu is. far from giving up their bombs in recent years north korea has been ratcheting up its missile program and the threats. from fired back with warnings of annihilation and insults for kim jong il. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. on the front lines of this conflict the capitals of the korean peninsula relief and distrust. it is good news now everything is heading the right way that judging from kim jong un's
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character i don't think he will get a lap in his easily. but i can't believe either of them i don't know what's in trump's head and i'm doubtful he is serious about this meeting. details are still being worked on when and where exactly trump will come face to face with his a vote enemy. whether the. well for more analysis on this historic we want to turn now to one of some us there he is professor of korean studies at the university of berlin thank you so much professor for being with us what i'd like to understand is how did we go from fire and fury and mr trump deriving the north korean leader as a rocket man and then kim of course returning that favor saying he's a dotard to then meeting in a summit i think that's only rhetoric but maybe to a certain extent that helped the two leaders to tune in to some extent but.
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honestly the most important part here is the right timing. for we have a liberal president in south korea with president then we have the olympic games the winter games also we have a very self-confident north korean leader now with the atomic weapons program and we have a very pragmatic donald trump all right well let's talk a little bit about the role that south korea place because they've been pushing really hard to broker this meeting between president trump and the north korean leader talked about that yes south korea definitely was here the crucial the most decisive facilitator in the whole process as we know president. at his brilliant speech here last year he invited north korea to participate in the winter olympic games and this gave the north koreans a very good opportunity without losing face coming back into dialogue which was very much much needed for them also within south korea the un to you reproach them
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and forces the right as conservatives are now in a crisis they're very weak because two of the former presidents are embroiled in big scandals involving corruption so this was very important for a lot of it has to do with just south korea having a very progressive leader who wants to dial down the heated rhetoric that we saw over the past couple of months ok why has it become easier. for the north korean leader and the president of the us to sit at the same table what change this time around i think between those two leaders it's a similarity in style but of course we have to see for north korea it's very much more difficult to come to the negotiation table because they are bargaining about their survival not less nothing less than their survival the biggest handicap is that it's like a exchange of keppra captured spies at the same time they have to give away the safety of the survival of their regime and get some some guarantee not to be attacked by the u.s.
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visit very big hundred but maybe trump as a goal for knows how to deal with this kind of undercut what do you make of president trump accepting this invitation does it give the north korean leader legitimacy on the world stage and is that a big gamble to take at this stage i don't think so i even though if even if we would accept him as alleged leader if that in change for that would be a loss or a trump or the community to have changes on the canal and because of course a president clinton also tried to broker a deal with the father of kim jong un or now what happened there well at that time of course the father oh yes of that time into two thousand after the summit of two thousand it was mainly to bush and his talking about an actual axis of evil which made the most probable problematic aspect here and after two thousand and seven the two thousand and seven summit it was maybe there are very many factors but the most the size of one was the governmental change in south korea of changing back to
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a conservative government and maybe the situation now is this so different that while there is agreed to meet we have with each other right professor how does mosler press professor of korean studies at the free university of maryland thank you so much for breaking it down for us. present foreign policy that is top trade official has said brussels is aiming for an exemption from the u.s. president's a new trade tears all this after trump signed a new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports ranging from ten to twenty five percent while trump says the penalties are needed to address and fair trade and to boost the u.s. economy but u.s. business leaders and prominent members of his own republican party have warned his record he is courting economic disaster with a move that sparking fears of an all out global trade war. all right well
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let's get you now the e.u. perspective with our very own teri schultz she is in brussels good to see you terry i mean these are very testing days for the transatlantic relationship well now the e.u. is hoping to get exemption from these newer tariffs is that wishful thinking well we don't know yet leila to be honest there will be a meeting tomorrow between cecilia mom strome and the u.s. trade representative robert light hisor and she says she hopes to get more details there but it's hard to see really where the e.u. is getting its optimism if you listen to donald trump's announcement he said canada and mexico would be exempt he didn't say anything about your of being exempt so i think that just because they haven't been told that it's definitely not going to happen they're keeping their high hopes alive that they can work this out and that the terrorists will not be imposed on european producers but just in case they are imposed to earlier this week the european union said that trumps plan would be met with retaliatory tariffs. are we heading towards
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a trade war. it remains to be seen no european union official is using the term trade war and this idea of retaliatory retaliatory tariffs was repeated today by both cecilia moms from the trade commissioner and by the european commission vice president yet it got done and they both say that they are trying to avert the tariffs but if that doesn't happen europe has no choice but to protect its own industries they say that europe will go through the w t o accusing the united states of not following w t o regulations in in launching these unilateral actions which europe doesn't feel are justified because the us is saying that it's being imposed for the tariffs are being imposed for national security reasons and europe says how can your nato allies be posing a security threat to you right now the us president singled out germany for justifying the higher tariffs a can you explain why. i really can't
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explain why he feels the need to point out germany's defense spending on so many issues but yes it came up again with the trade issue and that is that he feels that germany does not contribute enough of its g.d.p. toward defense of course that's a nato issue not an e.u. issue and vice president got on and said as much today in his press conference he said nato issue should stay at nato this is a trade issue and by the way he said it's not a trade negotiation we won't be making any concessions to the united states we will simply be protecting our own industry if it comes to that teri schultz reporting from brussels thank you so very much. germany social democrats have announced the names of the six ministers from their party who will join chancellor angela merkel's new coalition government all three women and three men will head up the foreign ministry labor justice family environment and the coveted finance portfolio
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but only after some serious bickering with within the party. the end of a drawn out process and after prolonged squabbling over the foreign ministry the s.p. day finally presents its picks for the new german cabinet recent years have been marred by ministerial bickering so this time the party wants team players. we sought to put together a good team that can work together extremely well a good team mate of highly competent people with the expertise to take on significant portfolios. cumbered scholtz is set to become vice chancellor and take on the coveted post of finance minister former justice minister must takes a career leap to become foreign minister. to face he will need both his diplomatic skills and his ability to stand firm cards because in today's uncertain world germany is also been called on as a mediator. he's also trying out his lease which will give him one of the qualities
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he'll need as foreign minister and durrance convert a new employment minister is hubertus heigho who has twenty years of parliamentary experience the three male s.p.d. ministers will be joined in the cabinet by three women. had long been tipped for renewed membership in the cabinet she moved to the justice ministry making room at the ministry of family affairs for francisca gift by a relatively unknown politician outside berlin where she is currently mayor of a district of mikoyan. who met once inartistic there are three hundred thirty thousand people from one hundred fifty countries including many girls who are growing up in a world where as it's not a given that they can lead to self determined life. spend your shorts are also lex experience at federal level she is set to become environment minister another fresh face in the new german government that will be sworn in on wednesday. a new study
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may offer clues to the fate of legendary aviator amelia earhart two vanished while attempting around the world flight more than eight decades ago researchers say that tests involving bones found on a pacific islands in one nine hundred forty suggest they are likely earhart's well she was the first woman to cross the atlantic on a solo flight but in one nine hundred thirty seven a plane disappeared while over the pacific ocean. and before i let you go on remind you of our main headlines right now. president trump and north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit trump has confirmed the planet says great progress is being made . and president trump has moved ahead with controversial trade tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum spurned fears of a global trade war he says he's facing down and.


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