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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 6:02am-6:15am CET

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trump announces massive tariffs on imports of steel and tariffs reportedly to take effect in if a fifteen day time. do what you love the money will follow natalia just now she had a shipyard the plants multi-million euro contracts. for the food style a chinese company reap just a small peyton's in europe than any other company. this is your business update come to the program it's official the united states is to slap massive tariffs on imports of steel and donald trump's announcement follows weeks of speculation and stiff ice warnings from top economic advisers that to move could spark a global trade war trump invited steel bukas to the white house for the announcements to tariffs are reportedly take
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a fact in fifteen days time mexico and canada is currently negotiating a trade agreement will be excepts from for now trumps as individual countries are free to negotiate their own exceptions. all right let's good more about this that's what yes school tell financial correspondent in new york yes this move was really highly anticipated by a donald trump just what exactly has he signed off on. well and there were really some harsh words from u.s. president donald trump calling the reason to trade practices in assaults on the united states and even if he is inviting all countries to negotiate i'm not quite certain how that's going to work out if you take the european union for example it's not necessarily the fastest moving body and well those tariffs will
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kick in in fifteen days and even when it comes to canada and mexico yes they're exempt for now but also do a lot depends on the nuff the talks and donald trump made clear that there is still a certain chance that he might even get out of. a lot going on at this moment and then comes to the markets what's happening there how did the markets react or was this already sort of calculated in the markets yes some of the news we expected for example that we will have terrorism twenty five percent on steel and ten percent of also that there will be some exemptions also was to be expected but still the market reaction is a big surprise to me because pretty much all week long the market actually traded to the upside than the same was true here on thursday we will see how calm this market stays because now the ball is on the side of countries like china or also of
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the european union so we will see how they react to them on friday and we will see then if the. trauma toweled says unilateral import tariffs his neighbors canada mexico and nine other pacific rim nations are lowering trai barriers they are opening their markets for multilateral free trade agreement which trump rejected after taking office representatives of the eleven countries in the chilean capital sunshine go to sign the comprehensive and progressive transpacific partnership c p t p p. these eleven countries believe they can regulate their markets without the united states on thursday their representatives gathered in the chilean capital santiago to sign a landmark multilateral free trade agreement the comprehensive and progressive transpacific partnership or c p t p p eleven signatories which do not include the
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u.s. and china represent a market of half a billion people and account for nearly fourteen percent of global economic output . we believe that by making trade real for people making sure that our trade agreements provide real tangible benefits to all citizens in our respective country see p.t.p. our region will benefit certainly the whole region but also will make trade more appealing more appealing because the deal says tariffs lowered or eliminated on a wide range of goods it's also designed to regulate a number of labor rights issues and environmental matters. their right to vote equal opportunities the same pay for the same women around the world have been fighting for these rights for well over a century as some milestones have been achieved but many have not here's a look at germany. women in germany and less than men sometimes it's for the same
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job but more often than not it's because the jobs they get paid less there are still not enough women in managerial positions often because women unwillingly have to work in part time job so they can take care of the family for example the situation for women it's only was in the stand here in the czech republic in germany women almost twenty two percent less than men the average pay gap in the e.u. is around sixteen percent and statistically it's only have the smallest pay gap of five point two percent. less pay and part time work has a devastating effect in many ways the less money a woman is in their careers the lower have pension is the number of women in germany who are in danger of reaching old age and poverty has risen within the last ten years. and staying on the topic french companies will have three is to raise their gender pay gap sir face possible fines so says prime minister and there
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was a special women's day message lock will now we take action lighting up the eiffel tower the government does it's time to implement the french law requiring equal pay for the same work it's been around for forty five he is but the government men are still paid on average nine percent more. a woman has the oldest shipyards here in germany and it's a tough job she took the helm. following the venerable german ship builders bankruptcy and purchased. shipyard she still at c s us through the crisis for so the sink. now it's building its own boats again. despite severe winter weather work at the palace shipyard is going according to plan direction that's dean is happy that her two hundred thirty employees have plenty to do. this ferry needs to be fairly repaired and service
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from the flooring to the new engine. dean is a fan of passenger ships large and small. and it's not just for her job it's a personal enthusiasm. faraway places romance adventure things you connect with the ship and now i know what they're made of and yet. dean took over the helm in hamburg four years ago it hasn't been an easy job pella shipyard in st petersburg had purchased the insolvent shipyard and brought the below roof born manager on board. the factory holes were empty but well equipped. it was all quite cutting edge and very big it was immediately clear to us that we could build up a second site here. and. by and of.
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zito builds entire ship parts and supplies them to other ship builders that means the machines have stayed active even when the company didn't have orders for its own ships but the long term contracts have proved a hindrance. in what you see here is a lot of steel work which pays correspondingly less. what we want is to offer products with added value which customers are willing to pay for that's. just a thought. the added value is mainly provided by the engineers who designed the complex vessels. has just delivered its first new build two more are under construction now tell you. deen is especially proud of an order for a suction dredger worth ninety five million euros. and cosplay it concerns with mending a big project like this means that the shipyard is fully operational that we have
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the necessary know how that we have the engineers and that we've got our production up and running small scale projects anyone can do those eat up. the test now employs more than seventy engineers and their know how it's needed. the shipyard has just received another big order for a ferry powered by liquid natural gas. for the first time a chinese company has applied for more paid in europe than any other company tech company while wife almost four thousand applications to german rivals are also all the top ten. chloe's new notebook hides its camera in the keyboard the feature is intended to protect users from model wear that activates webcams without users knowledge the chinese company is hoping innovations like these will help raise its profile its upcoming smartphone due for release later this month is
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expected to feature artificial intelligence. no surprise then that the company tops the list of top locations received by the european patent office last year. german technology company siemens came in second rising from six places the year before. and south korea's l.g. samsung came in third and fourth respectively. the only other german company on the list was automotive supplier bosch though it only made it into night plays so asian companies have got the pressure on their european counterparts when it comes to picking doppler cations as well as an every day business. that set you up today for the latest from the world of business for more finals on facebook follow us on twitter at the school business or on a full charge right now here's a look at the world markets thanks for watching. we
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all know the saddam international front tires came from jurors or dealing with any and then i killed many civilians i mean the irish coming committing my father
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