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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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i am. playing. the i am. me. i am me. this is you don't use live from berlin the praises of defeat in italy's general election former prime minister matteo renzi steps down as democratic party leader after record numbers of voters deserve the political center instead they flock to empty immigrants and euro skeptic populists who will house the ballot out to form a new government also. at long last the agonizing wait is over in germany on the american gets the backing she needs for a new government and she urges lawmakers to get to work quickly so the country can
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help europe confront a host of tricky issues also israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu looking for a less fight from corruption scandals back home on his trip to washington is meeting u.s. president all trump and will address the influential jewish lobby plus eight watershed nights for the oscars. the to the back to the gentlemen because hanslick you do it everybody better than chris winters frances mcdormand demands that hollywood give them the filmmakers their due the highlights of an awards ceremony a little less white to not so male will discuss the show's stealing moments and all the big winners. and in the bundesliga free scoring by munich proved they're in a league of their own that says they open up a twenty point lead at the top of the table. in the room i am.
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thanks so much for your company everyone. the ramifications of italy's key national election are starting to unfold this once promising leader former prime minister might they wouldn't see as resigned as head of the democratic party after a bruising defeat in the polls or as he made the announcement moments ago his party won less than one thousand percent of the vote a historic low but then split that result down to frustration with a lagging economy and rising anti immigrant sentiment more than fifty percent of voters cast their ballots for far right or populist parties or right wing alliance made up of the anti immigrant league party former prime minister silvio berlusconi's foresight idea got the lion's share of. our twelve years there garrick a modest joins us now from the italian at capital rome where he has been covering
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these unfolding events for us a good to see you renzi a step down what next for italy now they are. well at least the democratic leader that he has said that he will not withdraw immediately so we can expect him to remain in the position as the leader of the centrist left party until the congress would vote somebody new and and so it's interesting when he says that he now rules out any coalition with a populist party in italy and basically thereby rules out a coalition which experts told me is the most likely or would have been the most likely scenario with the five star movement for instance so it just adds to the complicated situation of a hung parliament and though we'll we'll have to wait and see what kind of horse trading the next couple of days will bring care when everyone see came to power i mean he was hailed as the man they were versus italy's economic malays he came
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armed with sweeping reforms where did it all go wrong. well in his speech he just gave one of the reasons which which he regards as the key reason he doesn't blame himself but he basically said there's a title change in all of europe where particularly social democrats are hard hit where people move away from centrist parties and now one of the key reasons at least in italy appears to be the migration crisis in italy that some say hijacked the electoral campaign here practically and it gave populists like salvini who made major gains for the liga far right wing come out for big i'm t. immigrant euro skeptic party that make massive gains if gave them the opportunity to provide simple solutions for a complex problem for instance promising to simply throw out six hundred thousand
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illegal migrants from italy how he would do that he never explained all right and of course we have to remind our viewers at least on the front lines of the immigration crisis it's an obvious successor to and mr matteo renzi someone who could help revive the feet. are not as yet a new will have to wait for that congress where they would vote anew leader but there is no doubt that the party is in a deep crisis and renzi. it's not a surprise that he makes the step now he tied his political career already two years ago to a referendum about the italian constitution that was rejected he now had this is tory deep electoral outcome so he has rejected twice and now takes the consequences garrick not to stank you for your continued coverage.
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and in germany though the political limbo is over after months of waiting a new government is finally in place with uncle americal embarking on a fourth term as chancellor or conservatives are teaming up with the social democrats out their party members gave the green light to a new so-called grand coalition all sunday on the americans made it clear she wants to hit the ground running. germany's conservative bloc says enough waiting around let's get to work and the chancellor got the ball rolling this morning. as this fifth visit is good and important for things to get started in a few days since with our coalition agreement we basically have a full book of orders and tasks to execute namely with a view to the people in germany who are rightfully waiting for a government that's able to act like. the c.d.u. already introduced its team of ministers more than a week ago now bavarian sister party the c s u has followed suit. gets to stay on
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its development minister he's known for being a team player c.s.u. chief will be the next interior minister and transport minister both sent to enjoy the political rough and tumble. but the social democrats have yet to announce their cabinet ministers their biggest problem what to do about popular foreign minister. who is highly controversial among his own party members. so far the s.p.d. has revealed very little. pissant six there are six ministers as there will be three women and three men and there will be a few who are already ministers and a few newcomers. patients will likely be tested once again and probably not for the last time. aren't to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. another step towards improving relations between north and south
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korea officials from the south of travel to pyongyang where they've met with north korea's leader kim jong un and other senior officials a two day visit is expected to focus on how to ease a standoff over north korea's nuclear ambitions. what tomorrow's president jimmy moralez has confirmed that his country will relocate its embassy in israel to jerusalem in may just a couple of days after washington moves its diplomatic mission told a pro israeli group the move underscores guatemala's support for israel the us president donald trump announced last year that washington would be in its embassy to jerusalem. for the first time since the vietnam war a u.s. navy aircraft carrier is paying a visit to a vietnamese port the u s s carl vinson is being as courted by a destroyer and a cruiser on top u.s. officers have met with vietnamese officials over their country's conflicting interests with china. to syria now and
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a relief convoy has crossed into eastern huta outside of damascus it's the first aid brought to the region since government forces stepped up their bombardment two weeks ago but officials from the world health organization say syrian authorities stripped their convoy of crucial medical supplies before allowing it to pass through thousands of syrians many of them injured remain trapped in a hotel. after weeks of waiting a glimmer of hope for the sick and wounded of eastern juta dozens of aid trucks have been cleared to cross but the united nations say syrian authorities have seized crucial life saving medical supplies according to officials much of the aid was not allowed through. we're hoping to enter without shelling because the ceasefire must be respected as this is a humanitarian convoy heading to
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a large number of civilians. but the convoy is not sufficient craft supplies for seventy thousand people were reduced to under twenty eight thousand. some are still almost. the crippling siege has left civilian stranded as syrian forces expand their assault undeterred by the international outcry the un backed ceasefire has been largely ignored as president bashar al assad's forces advance into the last major well held territory near damascus. and as you know. i see no conflict between the troops and our military operations our recent advancements occurred during the cease fire as i said it is possible to achieve our humanitarian objectives while striking the terrorists we therefore have to continue our operations while allowing civilians to leave government controlled areas.
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mark haemorrhage of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the on claim for me please for an end to the brutal bombardment despite an agreement for peaceful aid delivery there have been reports of shelling near the crossing into teuta. and we can speak now tomorrow and she is the communications officer for the world food program and was part of that convoy. eastern huta and this is also incidentally where she joins us now from mara thank you so much for spending time with us the world health organization says that its medical supplies have not been allowed on the trucks into eastern hota was your convoy allowed access at all your supplies make it in yes the forty six truckloads of health nutrition supplies and food including w p food and also food from the i.c.r.c. was allowed in all forty six trucks did go in there have been some.
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with the holding of certain medical supplies however those we hope to be able to bring in on our very next convoy and we have assurances to be able to go back into east on a little top to continue delivering food to up to seventy thousand people this thursday on march eighth ok so that's an encouraging development describe to us what the situation is like in eastern huta for civilians at this moment extremely dire and desperate because a lot of people have been under siege we know that there is almost four hundred thousand people trapped on the inside and so with besiegement comes sharp shortages in food access to food in medical supplies and health and of course high levels of malnutrition is sort of the has the highest level of money tristian amongst
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children now we're at eleven point one percent which is the highest in the country and so we welcome today's entry of the convoy and we hope that it will be followed by other convoys as well this is the first convoy since the security council's resolution for agreement on the station of hostilities. the supplies that you managed to get in there today it will help how many people. it will help twenty seven thousand five hundred people and we have an agreement to provide food assistance and other assistance to seventy thousand people so this is the first in a series of convoys and we're very hopeful that in the future in the coming days we'll be able to continue the delivery right because the population of course is four hundred thousand nearly there in that region thank you so very much mark morrow communication officer for the world food program thank you.
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all right you're watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about including was representation the biggest winner of this year's academy awards after a purge of hollywood abusers tinseltown gets set for a new era of exclusiveness or inclusiveness i should say. but first danielle and threats by donald trump have got europe's big industries worried that's what everyone's talking about to the u.s. president steel tariffs could be a double blow for european call makers not only will the american factories have to pay more for the steel to make vehicles but now trumpets threaten big levies on car imports from europe it's the topic on everyone's lips as the biggest brands gather in geneva. as carmakers prepared to showcase their newest shiny ist models at the geneva motor show donald trump's threat to impose tariffs on vehicles made in the
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european union cast a shadow over proceedings some experts maintained the move would backfire. from threat doesn't appear to be very well thought through if he really wants to impose import tariffs across the board that would affect over six million cars over all that would amount to a minor revolution in america because it would anger both car makers and consumers leading to a recession in the u.s. car market that's the opposite of what he wants. is trump makes good on his threats the german car industry in particular could be badly hurt us for a new b.m.w. and mercedes have their own plans in the united states however v.w. subsidiaries and porsche don't and would be hit hard by terrorists the united states is the second biggest export destination for german cars after china last
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year alone german automakers exported almost half a million vehicles to the u.s. now they're feeling uneasy about what could be to come. here the sidelines of the geneva motor show carmakers are wondering what kind of tariffs will mean for them especially car makers have production operations in the u.s. and american manufacturers manufacture vigorously abroad as well so perhaps import tariffs will only apply to direct imports from europe but that would be a blow to the industry as well the u.s. is the world's second largest automotive market and the most important buyer for bigger and more expensive german cars tariffs or not in geneva the show goes on with the pun european panel crowning sweetens volvo x c four c. car of the year. but no awards can distract from the widely held belief that the trade war threatened by trump is unlikely to produce any winners in the european car industry. those tariffs going to expensive for almost everyone now could
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job cuts in the european plane maker a french magazine reports the group wants to shed some three thousand six hundred workers this despite announcing better than expected profits just last month myths that two of its highest profile projects are unlikely ever to make money and the money but it says jump cuts would be a worst case scenario airboats calls rumors of job cuts excessive reporting but it says senior management will meet with its european works council on women stay and what they will be talking about is the company's two biggest money losers . one of them is the a three eighty hopes were high when it first took to the skies twelve years ago the double decker plane had room for six hundred people and was designed to be stretched to fit even more but now the super jumbo is a white elephant too big for most airports and too gas guzzling for most airlines
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only a small order from its biggest customer emirates kept the sun from setting on the big bird this year airbus will build just twelve and in two thousand and nineteen only eight. and then there's the a four hundred m. atlas the military transporter has suffered years of delays cost overruns and technical problems and like the a three eighty airbus is planning to slow down production last month it wrote off one point three billion euros connected to the plane. airbus says its other successes like the updated a three twenty series aren't enough to compensate for these problems so the company's workforce will have a tense wait until they hear its plans some time after weapons day police in the west german city of dissolute off of open an attempted murder investigation after an attack on an energy company executive investigators are looking for two men whose true energy chief financial officer bound to the ground and pulled
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a corrosive liquid over his face there's currently no information on why he was attacked how the jews of the possibility of a political motive domestic intelligence services are now also involved in the case . ben had been told was walking to the bakery on sunday morning when two men held him down and pulled on him what is thought to have been so few and acids the energy c f o was seriously injured and flown to hospital by helicopter police say he's now in stable condition and they're keeping an open mind on potential motives ready to come so far we can only say very little about the perpetrators there allegedly two men who were in the area and attacked and uncle from home c.e.o. said everybody in energy is deeply shops german utility providers including e n b w n eleven said that they are tightening security measures after police consultations . from corporate business to show business the biggest stars in hollywood were out
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last night in los angeles for the oscars leyla has more. it was the ninetieth annual academy awards the night's big winner was filmmaker dmards authorise that the shape of water scoring for oscars with its fantastical cold war a love story and six months after the launch of the me to move meant women look to seize the spotlight and more opportunity. the highlight of the oscars faded away and warren beatty handed out the coveted best picture award. the shape of i it was guillermo del toro second trip to the stage having earlier picked up the oscar for best director. del toro's fantasy romance a corky love story between a mystery merman like creature and a mute cleaning lady was a favorite throughout the awards season it took home a golden globe and
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a director's guild award before grabbing for oscars. best actor accolades went to gary oldman for his portrayal of winston churchill in the gritty world war two drama the darkest hour. old man had to endure up to five hours and make up every day during filming to complete his transformation to britain's storied wartime leader. the best actress oscar went to frances mcdormand for her role as a grieving mother in the comedic drama three billboards outside of being missouri mcdormand use the podium to make a stand for more diversity. if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight the actors merrily you do it everybody else will come on third filmmaker who is going to thank you right through the city because
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a third thank you thank you thank you thank god you're. ok look around everybody look around ladies and gentlemen because we all have stories to tell and projects we need finance judging by the overwhelming support in the room many here hope the call is too loud for the hollywood studios to ignore. all right let's talk some more about that memorable evening a red film buff scott rock star scott good to see you the ninetieth oscars how will they ever be real be they will they be remembered this year yeah i think i mean spring off from frances mcdormand speech to i mean i think that was the most memorable moment that sort of the historic moment from from this year's oscars and i think it's interesting because if you look back last couple of years. the cademy typically has tried to keep politics away from the oscars they've tried their best to make sure they're some sort of neutral thing and if they try to keep people
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who've won oscars for making big political statements when they go on stage traditionally they would play them off even the new you had times when people be booed if they made strong political statements on stage this year completely different is really a complete about face on that respect the need. movements times up other other sort of political activist movements were front and center that was all that were people really were talking about on stage and i think that's interesting it's you could almost say this is the first woke oscars you know woke in the sense of being socially aware socially activist it was really an activist oscars and we haven't really seen it in that form before and i think that's what's going to be remembered from from this year all right now what was the mood like at the oscars of course we've seen the golden globes the mood was quite dark the actresses wore black what was it like at the oscars yeah it's interesting to say you mentioned the top the fact of the me too movement six months ago obviously the me too movement started in hollywood with accusations against hollywood production supreme oh harvey weinstein
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used to be the king of the oscars famously with frank more times in the oscar stage than god he has been kicked out of the academy he's been humiliated and disgraced and out of that those accusations has come this huge now global movement to me to movement without that we would have had this sort of activist moment at the oscars but what's interesting is the golden globes which came earlier there it was almost a sense of i don't know a sense of shame hollywood was really shocked by what the of these accusations and it was almost like a funeral procession at the golden globes at the oscars it's a bit different scene it was more celebrate tory it's almost that instead of being ashamed of what's happened there hollywood of the academy is trying to say ok we get it we we have to change things and we're going to change things and almost getting ahead of the the movement trying to say we know we know things have to be done and we're going to make these changes and you could really see that because.
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before we people maybe would avoid the subject now it was front and center and was even made a joke of i mean jimmy kimmel who presented the oscars he started right away didn't avoid the subject you can avoid the elephant the room he came right out with it made me to joke right off the bat telling hollywood men to maybe look to oscar literally the auster statue as an example of how to how to properly behave i think i think we have that clip while we take a look. oster is the most beloved and respected man in hollywood and there's a very good reason why there's a look at. his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word and most importantly no penis at all. here's how clueless hollywood is about women we made a movie called what women want and it started mel gibson. that so you can only see there. at least what the academy is trying to do is say we get it we understand let's let's move forward and i think even with france mcdormand with with her call
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to all the women nominees to rise up it was a celebrate or a moment and then interestingly after that she mediately said give these women jobs and called for real constructive change in the industry so opposed to just playing lip service. to the movement say no to conk constructive steps and change how the business is run all right and she referred to something called inclusion writer what is that yeah that's the thing it was and everyone searching on google what is this inclusion writer inclusion writer is actually a new legal concept that has come out of the me too movement a rider is a clause attached to a contract so a famous actor says ok this writer i have to have these conditions met otherwise i won't participate in this film project and occlusion writer says for any talent only participate in a project if it is inclusive that is if it has a balance of diverse faces and in terms of gender and race in from the camera and
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behind the camera you can make that i mean only a listers over well more powerful people in hollywood so either a listers or production people studio heads and so forth this idea is now gaining ground in hollywood and becomes obviously putting it front and center saying this is what we have to do to make to not just pay lip service but really make it the law to make diversity and. the law and hollywood business to change this and exactly to change this is to exactly change the foundations of how this business is run social media how did this all play out on the internet yeah mixed as you probably expect the academy itself praised praise themselves for being so diverse and inclusive the academy invited a lot of social activists to the ceremony they were sitting in the audience they then tweeted a list of the activists in the audience with the groups they're associated with saying you know we thank those who stand up for something there's also a lot of people kucing the oscars of being hypocritical particularly with regards
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to giving an award to gary oldman who himself has been accused of domestic abuse which he denies but still. you know you are convinced that there's going to real change as common although our acted out in this film. thank you. for the right back. to the truth. of village becomes a bordello in the spanish community of luxury on camera prostitution is a flourishing trade. the reason sex tourism from neighboring france. the locals are demanding stringent laws against this scorned profession. borderline business sex for sale in russia cannot. close up in the forty five minutes on d w. hijacking the news.
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is where i go from the news being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china church people are told that it sets up and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being free or from balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. fundings for golf and i want you know. just i suppose you made a point of still to come you could represent to. me the trick architect of east
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germany's police. in the movie if i had my way. east germany would still be. me. but. here's what you know. starting march thirteenth g.w. . good to see everyone you're watching the w. news i'm labeled rock n roll and these are made headlines right now italy's former prime minister mr you wouldn't see has stepped down as democratic party leader the softer italian the voters turn to populist parties this five star movement and the lead it's unclear which of those will form a government in the country's hung parliament and german just on the american who has welcomed the coalition deal and once to get the new government in place quickly gained approval for a new government over the weekend after more than twenty five months of struggle.
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and battled israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has arrived at the white house for a meeting with president donald trump the visit comes amid corruption investigations that could threaten yahoo's political survival all talks are expected to focus on curbing the regional influence of israel's arch rival iran as well as the stalled israeli palestinian peace process tensions have been high in the region since trump recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel back in december and announced that the u.s. embassy would move to that city. joining us now is our correspondent carson from naaman he is in washington good evening karsten has prime minister netanyahu extended an invitation to president donald trump to attend the opening of the embassy in jerusalem. well least we know that the two leaders have
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been talking about that possibility one of us by the white house press pool in the oval office about president trump so i may you know i may go to jerusalem for this and if i can i wouldn't go so we know obviously that the u.s. has moved the official date for the opening of the relocation of the u.s. embassy forwards two minutes maybe to coincide with the seventieth anniversary of the declaration of the state of israel on may fourteenth help is lead by that time do you have not have built a new embassy so they will simply make some security upgrades to the existing u.s. consulate invest your roots of them change the dollar signs and move the best of them and yes donald trump might be there as one person now of both leaders are in hot water domestically the israeli leader is facing corruption allegations back home the white house isn't turmoil the proud the president possibly igniting
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a trade war how is this face to face meeting helping both embattled men work as indeed how fluid for both of them it's good for netanyahu because he is seen next to the most powerful man in the world and can demonstrate that he is still an important player on the international stage and it's also going to front on trump because he can once again showed that he is on the side of israel which is a very important thing to parts of his paintings in particular the pro israel lobby and the evangelical christians who support israel so definitely this is a feel good event for both leaders of the first night a feel good event analysts describe this moment as the dawn of a new era for u.s. israel a relations where does this leave the peace negotiations especially considering that transmitted east envoy his son in law jared kirshner has had his security clearance downgraded. well the fact that the security clearance of
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jarrett cushion has been downgraded from top secrets to only secrets is of course a blow to his international standing as a serious power broker for the u.s. but on the other hand of course he still has the president's ear and on a trump can give him any sensitive information that he wishes the bigger problem really is the decision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem because that has destroyed the notion that the united states anything like a neutral power broker or an honest broker in this conflict clearly the palestinians now say the u.s. has sided with. the many palestinians don't even want to be seen talking to the americans and also general question hasn't even presented anything resembling a peace plan or even a road map to revive the peace process so there is no peace process right now he
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doesn't use carson phenomena reporting from washington thank you. and i don't use the china's parliament the national people's congress kicked off its annual meeting over the weekend in beijing well it's expected to approve changes to the constitution that would allow present cheating thing to stay in power for an unknown limited number of terms well that would reverse the system and acted in one thousand nine hundred two meant to prevent a lifelong dictatorship in china. the look of a man who has every reason to feel satisfied after five years as the head of state and party jinping is at the peak of his powers on me ru paul we will always maintain our strength and youthfulness we will always be at the service of the people be the vanguard of our times and the backbone of the people.
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and that always is taking on a new meaning she wants to remove the two term limits on the presidency from the constitution last fall he even managed to have his name written in the party statutes only one other chinese statesman has achieved this during his lifetime chairman mao tse tung. ji has used his power to crackdown on dissent he denied fatally ill nobel peace prize laureate lucia bo released on bail until his death president xi was the son of a high ranking party official but his father fell out of favor during mouse cultural revolution g m self was banished to the countryside where he lived in a cave and work in the fields the cave is now a shrine to the cult of personality around she one of the few people who still dare to criticize him publicly is political scientist would sooner or later he thinks she will get into trouble. she so far
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dissatisfied chinese have blamed local authorities in particular for their problems . but the more power she gathers around himself the more people will blame him for their dissatisfaction. but for the time being no one appears ready to challenge his authority yet and no one doubts that he will succeed with his plans to abolish term limits and extend his rule over china possibly for life. isn't bob way that a country's new government is grappling with former president robert mugabe's legacy back in the year two thousand when god they approved a radical land reform policy that led to the violent seizure of white owned farms the move proved catastrophic first zimbabwe's economy and while new leader amisom goggle won't reverse it as government wants to compensate some of those who lost
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property in one case a recently confiscated farm has been returned to its previous owner. will look has resumed on the small families from after months of standstill much of their equipment has disappeared in the memory of being chased off their land last june is still fresh the three went out to get into the hills. behind us and were hunting up the. in the bushes they know through the. under former president robert mugabe felzenberg of white farmers were evicted from their farms but since he was forced to step down last november the turn has changed. that was. the new government is keen to mend ties it's not returning confiscated land but it is keen to recover the know how of the country's white foam is. so. good to. know
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and those who did but. the smuts are an exception their property was the last to be confiscated and is so far the only one to be returned to help rebuild they've recalled thirty of their former staff they're thrilled to have the job spec . that right now as you speak if we had been kicked off these bonds are we going back to this is our busy time we're reaping tobacco wheat trading we doing all sorts and before selling season so as you can hear there's nothing it's quite you know and to be up to five hundred people now working that we checked is coming at the smarts and the staff of now planted the first potato crop and they haven't lost their optimism to keeping this course at the potatoes you know germinate well we can give. i'm going to stay in southern africa because there is a very scary food scare in south africa and that's why it's absolutely shocking later the world health organization is calling of the world's biggest ever outbreak
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of listeria one hundred eighty people confirmed dead in south africa and the government there is pointing to meat producers the firm tiger brands is fighting back south africa's biggest consumer foods make a saying there is no direct link between the company and the deaths tyga has halted production mats to enterprise foods factories as a precaution see some of the goal telling a press conference he's recalling exported products but doesn't know when production will begin again our correspondent joins us from cape town ellis if there's no link as the c.e.o. suggests why is tiger brands being singled out well they're saying there's no proof of a link and they have actually said that two weeks ago when they did their own checks that they did find no levels of this bacteria listeria but they say that they've been checking regularly and that they can be responsible because the amount of that's you know you mentioned is because the book terry has been going around
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already for year the ministry minister of health has now said that they found the source because a group of three school kids got sick in the township of soweto near johannesburg after eating polo only it's this kind of sausage that can be made of pork or chicken and because they got sick a lot of these preschoolers got tests that they found this this bacteria that eventful poisoning and they could pinpoint it down in a set to this point only from enterprise from tiger brands that that they ate so that one minister says we are clear now this is where it comes from ok so how is the region reacting to all of this after all it's not just south africa effect. no definitely not snow because this company also exports a lot to two neighboring countries so as so far we've seen them they countries around us in panic mode as well. as botswana mozambique malawi they've all said that they're going to stop imports now and it also removed all the products
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that they did have from their shelves and it looks like patients experience high temperature flu symptoms vomiting diarrhea some even die as we've heard our consumers panic yes no definitely and of course its main deformable right it's all people it's kids that have been mainly affected by this people definitely opened up freaks today this to check what is in my fridge what kind of process meat do i have because they've also set now that you shouldn't just look at is put on it is one sausage but basically a lot of cold cuts and other process meats that said that the specter has made that we've also seen people actually showing up with chocolate backs up his meat going to to factories in the minding our refunds as well so people are scared supermarkets have been responding quick publishing lists of meat products that you should check for if you have it in your fridge or not and pulling it off the shelves so all the kind of big supermarket change here shall cried pick and pay
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woolworths they've now said ok we definitely don't want this in our stores anymore so yeah this is a is it's very it's a bear very big crisis and people are in panic and of course very bad for this company that this has happened now a nightmare scenario for consumers that in south africa and us thank you very much man. after inconclusive elections in italy on sunday forming a coalition could take weeks of negotiating the prospect of italy entering a period of deep political uncertainty will be unnerving to the e.u. as it tries to launch financial reforms and the new government in rome will have to make sure italy remains an attractive place to do business italian company leaders are getting impatient he's a man with a mission now and the store matteo esposito makes software that allows supermarkets to go online in three d. his technology is
7:44 pm
a world market leader it's just that not many know about it and that's partly to do with where he is. when you're talking about food. and design ok when you're talking about technology. is different he also says the internet is still far too slow in many italian regions just like the country spirit prosy but no one's taking the initiative to change things. and difficult to raise funding since or maybe counties that are more profitable or more of them or. in the world bank's doing business index italy ranks lower than romania but some hope to change that especially in milan the country's commercial center. it's the home of one of europe's biggest digital asset management companies money farm founder paolo galvani hails the
7:45 pm
labor market reforms of recent years he says his city is leading the way when it comes to showing italy how to leave its economic malaise behind. it's becoming more kind of an examples that the rest of the trying to just like call pm move in that direction so. i perceive me. as a more as a leader rather than called back by the overall situation that overall situation is still very difficult italy's economy is growing slightly again but the people aren't feeling it more than ten percent of italians still have no job millions live in poverty there's deep rooted anger at the italian establishment. but gelfand he says he hasn't given up on italy even if it has a lot of catching up to do the united states they can't meet in twenty four hours when i can have
7:46 pm
a yes or nor in two days and here maybe i take weeks or months or so i see this gap . but i don't feel the stock of the here i'm proud to be here it may be a bumpy road ahead but more and more italians now say they want things to change so it's an uncertain economic future italy now back to layla and one courageous woman's way of overcoming grief you could say that again danielle death by drowning it's a sad reality for many children in bangladesh where it's one of the leading causes behind children's lives being tragically cut short many live close to water but never learned how to swim well now aid agencies are working to change that then in our next report we need a girl who decided she wanted to make a difference after tragedy struck her family. my jetta begum treasures her daughter's clothes. one month ago six year old drowned
7:47 pm
near their village. she was such a good daughter she was always helping me. everyone loved her. i sure would have loved to have had an education. i asked his older sister first ana is a great comfort to her mother she misses her sister every day. show me hello good come to school they did everything together we walked to school played together afterwards and ate together. one fifth of bangladesh is just a metre above sea level but many here cannot swim the statistics are shocking fifty children drown every day in the south asian country these children have learned to swim and have a lot of fun splashing about just
7:48 pm
a stone's throw from their homes most villages are situated on pools like this one they used as laundry bathing area and playground. yes i learned to swim last month it's great in the water so nice and cool. planet before i could swim i was afraid of the water. now it's fun. and again we have a sixty. children who can't swim can only watch from the bank they need to be careful it's very easy to slip in the mud and fall in. a. four year old ruby all says that he cannot swim but definitely wants to learn. he only baits where shallow. fasano has set off for the next village with her mother today there are swimming lessons taking place there first on a knows how to swim
7:49 pm
and now she wants to become a swimming teacher. so she's helping the instructor. learning how to swim it's really important for us kids many die as my sister did because they can't swim. don't need. to not touch has been schumi is giving lessons in this mostly muslim country female teachers aren't a common sight her training is financed by a british organization which has helped to set out more than one hundred courses in bangladesh. about somebody. i'm in the twelfth grade them i'm a year ago my two children in my village drowned. afterwords i wanted to become a swimming instructor. and i'm very happy about it. he thought.
7:50 pm
finally after practicing on dry land it's time to hit the water here in bangladesh women swim fully clothed a special bamboo practice area has been constructed for beginners does a floor so that no one can slip and go under. his mother's still understandably nervous thousand are in the teacher trying to help the children overcome their fear of the water. actually she's still young and quite shy but she'll soon get better at it if she's determined she'll be a good instructor but perhaps even better than me well if. they practice swimming two hours every day then they head home to help out with the chills almost all of the children can swim after five days according to the aid organization the organizers the courses. you've shown in bangladesh all too often of diarrhea cholera malaria meningitis another diseases but eighteen thousand
7:51 pm
children also died by drowning we have to do something about that. darkness is falling fast on her and her family are eating dinner they missed desperately. yes. both children should learn how to swim then they wouldn't drown like my youngest daughter did it's so important. for us on a feel for the saying the tragic loss of her sister means that paul volcker that she wants to help others stay safe. and out of the news a swiss voters have overwhelmingly rejected a plan to abolish broadcast license fees while the final count shows more than seventy one percent voting no in sunday's referendum that means voters want to keep a mandatory fee for programing the price tags were out four hundred euros per
7:52 pm
household and relates and that's in order to support public broadcasting. a sigh of relief that this was a public service broadcaster. the station produces content for switzerland's minority romance language because a vote against the license fee would have spelt the end. of being the we unite the roman speaking world including those people who don't live in roman speaking areas in switzerland and abroad where an important market mark club's supporters of public service broadcasting see sunday's vote as a clear signal in favor of independent journalism and the opponents these activists sparked a debate they say swiss public service broadcasting is no longer relevant and it's too expensive despite the result they don't see themselves as loses. has made an issue about must there was a huge media occur that we succeeded in making arguments in the public debate it's
7:53 pm
up to us to keep this debate running and to argue opposition the pressure remains on swiss public service broadcast as the first round of reforms and cuts has already been announced. and italian soccer all city our matches were respond on sunday after talian international davida story was found dead in the hotel in the caption a few into another died of a sudden illness believed to be a cardiac arrest stories death shocked the nation. poignant messages for a local hero this one simply reads good bye captain gates to fear and tina stadium and now a makeshift shrine of stories death at the age of thirty one has united italian football in grief thanks summer of her always greeted the fear and seen a team bus as it arrived back from the club's chairman paid tribute to a player regarded as a model professional. the deficient it's not
7:54 pm
a quote it's hard to be here it's a huge tragedy. so i don't even know what to say so i get on this pretty much because i'm thinking about his wife his daughter and his irons. the story was in just a hero in florence he played fourteen times for the italian national team and also had spells of calorie and roma. he was found dead at this hotel and you deny on sunday morning the club's goalkeeper marco sporty i was the last person to see him alive the night before a post-mortem is due to be carried out to determine the exact cause of a story's death. on out to german soccer on sunday going to see the leaders by munich are looking to bounce back in freiburg after being held to a draw at home last week against harry not that the bavarians were desperate for when they went into the game sitting on a massive pillow at the top of the table. the best striker going into this match
7:55 pm
wasn't playing for the side you'd expect newspaper cena scored ten goals in his last ten outings for private school more than eleven dusty who is rested for pick a top school head freiburg scored first but at the wrong end. thomas miller's first shot but he wasn't going to be denied again alexandre swallow deflecting into his own net in the twenty fifth minute. by and waited just three minutes for the second forty million man come on down it's only so finally justifying his price tag. by an extended their lead again in the fifty fifth minute the video assistant referee judge eleven dusty's replacements on the marginally on side the goal counted. but the result beyond doubt scoring points for an final goal. neither pietersen nor levin dusty made them mark on this game it was by
7:56 pm
a second string strikeforce who had their day in the limelight. all right you've been watching it. for a little i hope to see them tomar same time same place this continues at the top of the hour with friends off.
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this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight a united front from two men mired in scandal israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu meets the u.s. president there are reports that trump could open the controversial u.s. embassy in jerusalem we'll get more from our washington correspondent also coming up italy's former prime minister much tailoring xeni steps down as democratic party leader that's after a record numbers of voters deserted the political center in sunday's alike should instead they flock to him so.


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