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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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we can no longer have this completely white male dominated culture in hollywood and industry in hollywood and this is the first time i've been reporting on the hollywood for quite some time this is the first time i really believe that change will happen and this might be the last oscars where we even be talking about this as an issue maybe by next year or at least in five years time things will really have changed and this will be considered something of the past all right our film critic us got rocks for us thank you very much scott talk of a trade war between europe and the u.s. escalates there heard elsewhere it was more on that coming right up. but dortmund shelf life say good to get your favorite team sleep got all the best goals we've got all the action the w. is the home of german football shared the experience every match in the band is legal every weekend here on d w. w true
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diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on a couple of programming go on do it with me show you can you can show that that our innovations magazine for in. the classroom in the coming week and always looking to the future fund t w dot com science and research for. did someone declare a trade war the u.s. secretary of commerce defends the plan to introduce protective tariffs but dismisses threats from europe to respond in kind. also coming up the prospect of a hung parliament in italy spells market uncertainty we take a look at what it means for the country's economy. and buckle up for turbulence
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ahead reports that the european aerospace consortium are thousands of jobs across europe. this is the business live from berlin i'm going to office asian markets fell at the start of the week as u.s. president almost trumps threats to impose tariffs and still an element in products continues to feed concerns of a global trade war drums commerce secretary will the ross defended the president's decision on u.s. television saying trump does not plan any exemptions to the terrace where there was also said threats of retaliatory traffic tariffs on american products from europe where in significant from an accounting point of view would only amount to a quote rounding error so pretty defiant stance coming there from across the atlantic there's been talk of a trade war since donald trump took office and many have said it's just tore but is it getting serious now let's bring in michael hewson chief market analyst from
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c.m.c. markets in london and our financial correspondent ali bards who's joining us from frankfurt michael is a real trade war now inevitable and what consequences could it have. no i don't think it's inevitable i think one of the things about mr trump is markets are of the moment taking the view that is probably worse using troll of the trade will to try and extract extra. concessions i think with respect to nafta and the trade talks with canada and mexico but i think the concern here is the miscalculation on either the us is paul or the european union's paul could actually see this far out of control no european markets a slightly higher to die or be it the german call mike has it taken a hit because of the escalation i was awakened in response to president because
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response to potentially raise tariffs on. levis and other us so was an impulse but ultimately i think i don't think it's inevitable i think what it really is is a precursor to significant discussion of what i think is widely perceived as a little bit of unfair treatment on the part of the u.s. with respect to say for example a you tariffs on us cause which are around ten percent whereas the u.s. only charges two and a half percent on u.s. cause and twenty five percent on events mike let me interrupt you there let's quickly go to the bottom very quickly michael just mentioned german carmakers how vulnerable is the german car and history in a possible trade bomb porton is the u.s. market for v.w. in my state is that. the market is important but it's not the most important market that's china and europe if you will only about five hundred thousand cars are being imported directly from german factories that are made in germany right here in
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various factories throughout the country to the united states and the germans are selling in total about one point three million cars in the united states eight hundred thousand being produced in factories in south carolina or and other other states and v.w. has a factory to die miller and b.m.w. have a factory but of course marks like audi and porsche do not and that would affect those but an analyst i heard today said that. you know the kind of people who are in the market for a b.m.w. or a porsche or and i would be in are not all that price sensitive if the price increase because of tariffs and probably buy it anyways that's speculation but that's. some of the comments i'm hearing here at the market. michael coming back to you all that any beneficially. in a trade war and who will end up paying the bill. well i think so i don't think there are any beneficial reason to try it well because
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ultimately i think it was proven to be inflationary essentially they drive prices up and the end result is the consumer will end up paying the bill either that particularly if consumers a particularly price sensitive it will be the company that ends up absorbing our costs either why i think you're going to have a fresh look at company valuations profit margins and higher inflation and i think that's the big concern so ultimately when the global economy is starting to show signs of what i would call a little bit of a plateau we have seen some slightly weaker than expected p.m.i. numbers out of europe this morning that i tried wall could actually perceive it's like a significant slowdown in the global economy. michael hughes there from c.m.c. markets in london and very own only barthes our financial correspondent in frankfurt thank you very much bill. thank you china's government has pledged six and
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a half percent growth for this year as it continues its conversion from low cost mass production to advanced technology china's leaders also had a clear message for the u.s. at the start of their people's congress the country plans to open itself even further to world trade johnnie's by mr leakey young said that import tariffs on cars and other consumer goods will be reduced it's by the prospect of high u.s. imports of tires. a board member of essen based energy company energy has been seriously injured in an acid attack this weekend is home on side of distal golf in western germany. is in charge of energy's finances and he is reportedly seriously injured but not in critical condition police say the motive for the attack is unclear thanks for the inconclusive elections in is leon sunday forming a coalition could take weeks of negotiating the prospect of italy entering a period of deep political uncertainty will be unnerving to the e.u. as it tries to launch financial folds any new government in rome will have to make
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sure it really remains an attractive place to do business italian company leaders are getting impatient he's a man with a mission now and the store matteo esposito makes software that allows supermarkets to go online in three d. his technology is a world market leader it's just that not many know about it and that's partly to do with where he is. when you're talking about food facia and design is ok when you're talking about technology. is different he also says the internet is still far too slow in many italians regions just like the country's bureaucracy but no one's taking the initiative to change things here. is how and it's difficult to for them to raise funding since so maybe counties that are more profitable are more of them or. in the world bank's doing business index
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italy ranks lower than romania but some hope to change that especially in milan the country's commercial center. it's the home of one of europe's biggest digital asset management companies money farm. founder paolo gold fanny hails the labor market reforms of recent years he says his city is leading the way when it comes to showing italy how to leave its economic malaise behind. is becoming more kind of an examples that the rest of the italy's trying to just like copy and move in that direction saw i perceive me. as a more as a leader rather than backed by the overall situation that overall situation is still very difficult italy's economy is growing slightly again but the people aren't feeling it more than ten percent of italian still have no job millions live
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in poverty there's deep rooted anger at the italian establishment but gelfand he says he hasn't given up on italy even if it has a lot of catching up to do the united states they can't have meeting in twenty four hours when i can have a yes or nor in two days and here maybe i take weeks or months or so i see this gap . but i don't feel stuck in the here i'm proud to be here it may be a bumpy road ahead but more and more italians now say they want things to change could there be job cuts in the areas european playmaker abacus french magazine reports that the group wants to shed some three thousand six hundred workers this despite announcing better than expected profits just last month's us admits that two of its highest profile projects the huge a three eighty and
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a four hundred military transport are unlikely ever to make any money but it says job cuts would be only a worst case scenario is more. airbus calls rumors of job cuts excessive reporting but it says senior management will meet with its european works council on weapons state and what they will be talking about is the company's two biggest money losers. one of them is the eighty three eighty hopes were high when it first took to the skies twelve years ago the double decker plane had room for six hundred people and was designed to be stretched to fit even more but now the super jumbo is a white elephant too big for most airports and too gas guzzling for most airlines only a small order from its biggest customer emirates kept the sun from setting on the big bird this year airbus will build just twelve and in two thousand and nineteen only eight. and then there's the a four hundred m. atlas the military transporter has suffered years of delays cost overruns and
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technical problems and like the a three eighty airbus is planning to slow down production last month one point three billion euros connected to the plane airbus says its other successes like the updated a three twenty series aren't enough to compensate for these problems so the company's workforce will have a tense wait until they hear its plans some time after weapons day. well that's it for me and the business team here and. in the next hour in the meantime a. facebook feed and web page. for you. check. this out thank you very much for watching.
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