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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 5, 2018 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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darkness city's after. starting march tenth. this is d.w. news live from berlin at long last the wait is over germany's new governing coalition is approved markel urges lawmakers to get to work right away she says europe needs germany strong voice as the bloc confronts trade and security threats also coming up a rude awakening for italy's political establishment more than fifty percent of voters shun the center throwing their support behind the far right and populist
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parties in sunday's elections. historic changes underfoot in china as legislators start opening the pounce for leader xi jinping to stay in power indefinitely. post a coming up changes in the air at the first post weinstein oscars best actress winner frances mcdormand steals the show as she calls on hollywood to give women filmmakers their due pull talking tonight the two moments that all the big winners . i'm sumi so much got there good to have you with us german chancellor angela merkel is ready to get back to work after a more than five month wait she earned the backing for a new coalition of social democrats voted yes to another alliance with her conservatives merkel will soon be sworn in for a fourth term asked chancellor speaking in berlin earlier today she urged lawmakers
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to be quick about getting the government up and running. and i believe this lane's a good ground work for governing the country together and in the minds of it it's important that we get down to business in a few days' time it was good because with the coalition agreement we have set for ourselves a challenging programme of things we want to implement. anything on improving the life of people in germany who are right to expect a government able to act nearly six months after the elections they are quite right to want to see us implement what we've planned to and for. political editor michelle a kisner is covering this story for us and she joins us for more hi michelle we heard chancellor merkel there saying getting down to business within a few days how quickly will we see a new government in place. well we're expecting to see ungrammatical elected by the
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parliament which is a process here and in the ass german chancellor for fourth term on the fourteenth of march that's a week on wednesday and that very same day as she could see her ministers also sworn in so the short answer is in just over a week's time germany will now have a government after more than five months of one failed attempt to form a coalition and the second one basically which leaves the current government constellation in place is now going to be renewed so we know america will stay the chancellor what about the rest of her cabinet do we know yet who's going to be the foreign minister for example well that's the big question mark after that key vote by the social democrats party base saying they want to go into government again there's a big question whether they are who actually a lot of respect from all sides for his role as foreign minister it will be put up again it's pretty much being ruled out by the social democrats simply because he made so many enemies during this bruising phase of internal fighting amongst the social democrats so really that's the big question mark there and we do expect
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though all of soil it's the interim leader to become finance minister and co chancellor deputy chancellor what we do know from today on now as well is that the sea is hugh i'm going to merkel's more conservative sister party in bavaria will put up horse the will for one party leader as interior minister and that germany's development minister get will remain in office and how stable michel or do you think this new government is going to be given how long it took to bring it together. well the length of time really doesn't tell you that terribly much about it there was a necessity to really see eye to eye we have a one hundred and seventy seven page document which lays down the policies in very much detail in at some points on what this grand coalition has agreed on at the same time all three parties involved the social democrats and the medical c.d.u. on the c.s.u. system party have already said that they want to sharpen their profile while being
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in this government so i think we're in for some very interesting times indeed all right looking forward to that utopias political editor bill keller cousineau thank you very much now the consequences of italy's political limbo are starting to unfold after sunday's inconclusive national election there are reports that former prime minister matteo renzi may be resigning from his democratic party following its poor showing in the election when his party won less than one thousand percent of the vote in the stork low of the biggest block of votes went to a rightwing alliance comprised of the anti immigrant to league party in the former prime minister silvio berlusconi's forts at italia they are followed by the five star movement led by a thirty one year old dean mighell let's bring in matters he is standing by for us in rome hi gary good to see you what can you tell us about these reports of renzi stepping down. i'd not be surprised if you really were to step down i just
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talked to a political analyst who said renzi is finished and he connected his name his position as prime minister two years ago to a referendum on the constitution which was rejected he now is partly responsible at least for the historic losses of the central left political group here in italy so he basically has been rejected however his spokesperson disputed the media reports here that he actually stepped down he basically said i have no information that might boss resigned kerry heading into this felt there was a lot of talk about the return of another former prime minister silvio berlusconi and his party therefore to talia but they were eclipsed by a coalition partners that the anti immigrant league what does that tell us. a number of reasons really responsible for that i mean first of all we have to be clear this has been an anti-establishment move by the population voting for fifty
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percent in favor of populous and that is also true for bella school any who used to be prime minister four times it's not likely that there will be a fifth time and secondly really it shows that it it pays off to be on the can paint trail of material salvini the leader of the league or the coalition partner of dallas county has been touring up and down the country well better school he was only seen on t.v. and finally the issue of migration is really high check this this election and salvini one of the voters here yesterday put it to me as provided simple answers at a time when many talian feel overwhelmed by refugees who they would like that europe take some of them but that is not happening so this refugee crisis he really provided simple answers basically said promising voters to send six hundred thousand migrants back home and garrick at this point what are the prospects of any of these parties coming together to form a coalition government. all eyes on the big winner here the five star movement
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could they form a coalition with. the head of the leak. people say it's unlikely because salvini has really gained or make massive gains why would he team up with them on the other hand the five star movement has made clear they don't want to team up with anti immigrant euro skeptic hardliners on the far right so not a likely scenario and the other scenario of course maybe the five star movement could make a correlation with the center left of a renzi that is currently the most likely scenario if there is a coalition at all. you're just briefly more than fifty percent as you said voting for populist and far right parties what does this mean for the european union. it's it's really difficult to say the euro skeptic rhetoric has been toned down
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dramatically in the race then that is also true for the five star movement who dropped demands for a referendum on the euro for example the key question really is will italian politics be able to move on solve the problems of this country or will they be entangled in horse trading and and infighting amongst themselves to be scared much as reporting for us live from rome thank you garrick now to some other stories making news around the world what a mall and president jimmy what alice has confirmed his country will relocate its embassy and israeli in israel to jerusalem and may just a couple of days after washington moves its mission he told a pro israeli group the move underscores guatemala support for israel and u.s. president trump announced last month that washington would be moving its embassy to jerusalem australian cardinal george pell one of the most senior officials at the vatican has appeared before a melbourne court for the first day of hearings into past sexual abuse allegations
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judges will determine over the next several weeks if there's enough evidence to put him on trial. for the first time since the vietnam war a u.s. navy aircraft carrier is paying a visit to a vietnamese port the ship has been accompanied by a destroyer and a cruiser the top u.s. brass have met with vietnamese officials as both countries worked to battle china's interests in the south china sea. to syria now and a relief convoy has crossed into eastern guta outside of damascus it is the first aid brought to the region since government forces stepped up their bombardment two weeks ago but officials from the world health organization say syrian authorities stripped their convoy of crucial medical supplies before allowing it to pass through thousands of syrians many of them injured remain trapped in kuta. after weeks of waiting a glimmer of hope for the sick and wounded of eastern judah dozens of aid trucks
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have been clear to cross but the united nations say syrian authorities have seized crucial life saving medical supplies according to officials much of the aid was not allowed through. minimal or not. we're hoping to enter without shelling because the ceasefire must be respected as this is a humanitarian convoy heading to a large number of civilians and nothing but the convoy is not sufficient craft supplies for seventy thousand people were reduced to under twenty eight thousand. some are still under almost. the crippling siege has left civilian stranded as syrian forces expand their assault undeterred by the international outcry the un back ceasefire has been largely ignored as president bashar al assad's forces advance into the last major battle held territory near damascus. as
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it. i see no conflict between the troops and our military operations our recent advancements occurred during the cease fire as i said it is possible to achieve our humanitarian objectives while striking the terrorists we therefore have to continue our operations while allowing civilians to leave government controlled areas you know. what. hundreds of thousands of civilians remain trapped in the enclave amid pleas for an end to the crucial bun barkman. you're watching news still to come a night that once again honored hollywood royalty and signs of a reckoning at the first post weinstein oscars we'll bring you all the highlights from this year's academy awards. but first the specter of
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a trade war has the markets moving today helena that's right we see movement on european bourses also asian markets starting the week down the prospect of further threats from u.s. president donald trump to slap tariffs on imports of steel and on a minion threats which continue to feed those concerns of a global trade war while the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross defended the president's decision on u.s. television saying trump does not plan any exemptions to the tariffs ross also said threats from europe to retaliate tree tariffs on american products work in significant and from an accounting point if he would only amount to what he called a rounding error. will present trump's cherry threats could certainly hit europe where it hurts he said that he would not terrorists on european call imports if the europeans decided to slap import tariffs on u.s. goods well that would hit the car export giant germany of course hot car makers here are already warning of catastrophe v.w.
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subsidiaries audi and porsche would be hardest hit by those moves unlike folks fogg and b.m.w. and dine and now they have their own factories in the united states last year jim in order to make his exported almost haul a million cars to the united states well we can bring in our correspondent on this now he's at the frankfurt stock exchange for us early dulls the prospect of a trade war have investors they're worried. yes people are worried you can see it in the docs behind me at the moment euro stocks the shares for the most important stocks in euro land are also recovered in the docs and in fact as positive trading but people are worried about an escalation they were worried right from the get go when he. said about tariffs on steel and aluminum one foresaw this kind of escalation if you do this and if you were to tell yet then i'll come back with cars and the europeans will be forced to do something and this is to
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everyone's detriment and in the long term if it continues that can lead to rising prices and reduced growth so if you will a perfect storm perhaps not just for the united states where it will be to the detriment of most people buying things but perhaps also here in europe the car shares are still feeling the pinch though they're clearly in the negative zone trading down on these negative prospects he what about the fact that at long last to in germany it seems that a government is finally taking shape is that providing any relief. that's propping up the spirit in the markets here i think that's good news and it must be good news in europe sure everybody is looking for a stable german government in a very difficult situation in the european union right now and people that you talk to here in the market perhaps similar to political analysts are saying that with such
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a large majority and unexpectedly large majority not shoot but bigger than expected it's likely to be a stable coalition as well for the c.d.u. the c.s.u. and the esprit de throwing a bit of water in the wind is italy that hung parliament not good news for europe although a euro referendum in italy does not seem likely that's calming the nerves a little bit all right we've all stressed a different but thank you. now board member of the s. and based energy company energy has been seriously injured after an acid attack this weekend near his home outside of just off about how to contain is in a g.'s board member in charge of finances and he's reportedly not in a critical condition a motive for the attack remains unclear and police are investigating that is speculation the attack could be related to the expansion of brown coal mining activities r.w.d. which owns energy now back over to sue me for a look at the chinese president's attempt to consolidate power one of china's
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government has pledged to deliver robust economic growth and boost military spending by more than eighty percent that is the latest emerging from the annual meeting of the national people's congress but the two week gathering is likely to be overshadowed by a vote to end a constitutional limits on president xi jinping rule the presidency itself is officially limited in powers but tradition holds that the president also occupies vital worlds including communist party general secretary and head of the group that controls the nation's armed forces ending president she's term limit would reverse the system and act in one thousand nine hundred two that was supposed to prevent a lifelong dictatorship in china. the look of a man who has every reason to feel satisfied after five years as the head of state and party he jinping is at the peak of his powers for me ru paul
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we will always maintain our strength and youthfulness we will always be at the service of the people be the vanguard of our times and the backbone of the people. and that always is taking on a new meaning she wants to remove the two term limits on the presidency from the constitution last fall he even managed to have his name written in the party statutes only one other chinese statesman has achieved this during his lifetime chairman mao tse tung. ji has used his power to crackdown on dissent he denied fatally ill nobel peace prize laureate lucia bo released on bail until his death president she was the son of a high ranking party official but his father fell out of favor during mouse cultural revolution g m self was banished to the countryside where he lived in a cave and worked in the fields the cave is now
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a shrine to the cult of personality around she one of the few people who still dare to criticize him publicly is political scientist would chan sooner or later he thinks she will get into trouble. so far dissatisfied chinese have claimed local authorities in particular for their problems. but the more power she gathers around himself the more people will blame him for their dissatisfaction. but for the time being no one appears ready to challenge his authority yet and no one doubts that he will succeed with his plans to abolish term limits and extend his rule over china possibly for life. hollywood's brightest stars gathered in los angeles for the ninetieth annual academy awards on sunday the night's big winner was
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a filmmaker guillermo the toast the shape of water which netted him two oscars for best picture and best director gary oldman picked up his first oscar for his portrayal of winston churchill in the gritty world war two drama darkest hour and frances mcdormand took best actress for audience favorite three billboards outside missouri. ventilating a little bit and did it is film buff scott rockstar stayed up late to watch the oscars scott what was your favorite moment yet my family actually is that last bit that we saw there the clip of france that dormant who won best best actress for the billboard as a missouri i love france but on anyway she was an amazing tough tough as nails character in this but a woman who's trying to get vengeance or justice for her daughter who was brutally murdered and is accusing the police of not doing enough but what was great about it was she went up to accept the oscar and then she put it down on the stage and she addressed the entire audience there in l.a. and said all the women who've been nominated all the categories stand up and celebrate with me and really amazing will for me it was the moment of last night's
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oscars i think we have the clip but we want we take a look. well i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. they're all if you do it everybody else will come home with their labor thank you. very much to the liberal party for the birth was worth. abroad yeah this is it was just great and this moment and after after she got them all to stand up and celebrated them she made the point to the rest the people in the room the business people who decide what films get made and where the money goes she said ok look at all these women around here and start giving them jobs so it was really hitting home of really concrete point about change in the industry and saying don't just play lip service to diversity but really implemented with with concrete measures to really picking up on the momentum of the me to movement what about the sexual assault
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scandal that has really rocked hollywood how did that come up in the oscars yeah it was interesting because i'm for the golden globes it was very dominant there everyone wore black in order to symbolize solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment and all the cases that have come out since the start of the need to movement back october with the hollywood producer harvey weinstein in the hundreds of cases against him this time was interesting the oscars it was addressed many times but it was a lighter tone as sort of that people think we've gone a bit further now and we can talk about concrete measures to take as opposed to being so careful about it was more almost congratulatory in some ways but i found it more it was more relaxed as in oscar's past it was interesting because jimmy kimmel who's the host of the oscars he addressed it right away but he made a joke of it which went over really well where he said all these horrible man in hollywood they should take oscar the statue of oscar as as an example the kind of man they should be we have a clip of that as well we take a listen. is the most beloved and respected man in hollywood and there's
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a very good reason why there's a look at it. keeps his hands where you can see them. never says a rude word and most importantly no penis at all. here's how clueless hollywood is about women we made a movie called what women want and it started mel gibson. so it's got jokes aside just briefly what has actually changed i think quite a bit is changed actually you really see the calls now are going beyond just the service beyond just activism calls for activism to really concrete measures where people are saying going forward we can no longer have this completely white male dominated culture in hollywood and industry in hollywood and this is the first time i've been reporting on the hollywood for quite some time this is the first time i really believe that change will happen and this might be the last oscars where we even be talking about this as an issue maybe by next year or at least in five years time things will really have changed and this will be considered something of the past right our film critic us got rocks for for us thank you very much scott.
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now it's a german soccer han sunday bundesliga leaders byron munich were looking to bounce back and freiburg after being held to a drive home last week not that the bavarians were desperate for a win they went into the game with a huge lead at the top of the table. the best striker going into this match wasn't playing for the side you'd expect newspapers in his scored ten goals in his last ten outings for freiburg for more than buns rob eleven dusky who was rested for pickett tosca head freiburg scored first but at the wrong end china sea u.g. blocked thomas must first shot but he wasn't going to be denied again next sunday swallow deflecting into his own net in the twenty fifth minute. by and waited just three minutes for the seconds forty million manco on down to only saw finally justifying his price tag. line extended their lead again in the fifty fifth
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minutes of the video assistant referee judge eleven dusty's replacements on the marginally on side the goal counted. but the result beyond doubt scoring funds for and final goal. neither pietersen nor levin dusty made them up on this game it was by a second string strikeforce who had their day in the limelight. also on sunday cologne took on dark in high spirits after citing their way to a comeback win in like six last week another victory and they get off the bottom of the table for the first time since a week too. it all started so well for beleaguered cologne they grabbed the lead after just seven minutes through cloudy o.-p. sato. the thirty nine year old peruvian netting is one hundred and ninety second
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punters they go. stuck up from the ropes until the end of the first half when suddenly they made one warm mario gomez with the goal of the colones defenders still there like statues. almost immediately afterwards it was to want to stuttgart gomez again after some comedy goalkeeping from a distraught t.-bo form. colognes already brittle confidence was shot andres beck made it three one after the break cologne were heading for their fourth home game in a row with them to win. a late free kick for milosz johnny only gave the billy goats false hope the many revival of a few weeks ago is long gone. the second tier beckons to stephan bruton becks team. now while the base from the east has been uncomfortably cold for many in
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europe the conditions were perfect for icy sports in berlin over the weekend the ice speedway championships came to the german capital with russia's dimitri call to come producing a stunning performance the reigning champ talked a perfect score extending his lead in the overall standings to twenty five points next round takes place in in-cell in germany south on march seventh. and we just have time for a reminder of the top stories of performance for you sure on t w german chancellor angela merkel has welcomed the coalition deal and wants to get the new government in place politically gain approval for a new government at the weekend after more than five months struggle and italians always have to look at a hung parliament in sunday's national election. setting the stage for months of political uncertainty early counting show support for anti-static was meant parties in the far right have surged and the frustration of high unemployment and immigration. thank you for watching today.
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his productions have achieved cold status. of obama on his energy is contagious. operas by director barry kosky are setting new standards see. who is the man behind these
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masterpieces. come next. winter driving the difference. with the exit poll that doesn't plan this s.u.v. range the big deal. the motion of classics magnus magnusson focuses and he likes to do most things is the best sixty minutes. takes a good person only. with. people and stories that make the game so special . for all true said. the to. pick up more than football online. to stop the stars he made
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a point of still. representing. me ok architect of east germany's police station i. explained if i had my way. he's german he would still be here in the. past or i wish to know about it. starting march thirteenth d.w. . welcome to arts twenty one this time around we need a master of vibrant opera production raise the curtain for barry kosky. i. i i i was innocent it's his ideas he's just got fantastic ideas though at first you think oh god what does he
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