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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  March 4, 2018 5:30am-6:01am CET

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they knew it wouldn't end well then put it up finish propriety then the public defender was called to speak on behalf of my sister and he said he hadn't been given access to the files ahead of the trial. if he would have that he still would have argued that execution was fully justified. and then my father stood up and said that when the defender wouldn't defend his children and he wanted to do it. we're not perfect reading for tried to find a kindle for time then voice. and then they threw all of us my mother my sister and my brother venner out of the courtroom. and as he was being taken out my father called out loudly there is a higher kind of justice to hide and quickly he got. the court sentenced tungsten sophie short to death for treasonous aiding of the enemy preparing for high treason and attempting to demoralize the military their sentence to be carried out the same
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day. christopher probst had desperately begged for clemency in vain. he left behind a wife and three children the youngest only four weeks old. the white rose would die with christopher probst and sophie and hunch. in november one nine hundred forty two hundred copy was sitting in his cell in berlin he was still awaiting sentencing. meanwhile his wife was in the women's prison environ he was trusting. my father and i believe my father wrote a letter to my mother from the gestapo president. its tone was. do you and your thoughts still stroll along the sunny side of our lives you wrote you came like spring personified arms sweeping up you thought i puffed
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a good feeling then it was spring full letter continued summer was full it was so no longer so short you can't market on a calendar yet it gave us everything we longed for now autumn is coming times could be had realised he wouldn't come out of jail alive so he wrote to hilda what he couldn't say. to me sent him to least for me these letters about their days and of the joy they had together are the nicest testimonial nothing leaflets you see instance looking as. though they had their one side together that's nothing at the other side as well and that's what i think of again and again. i've moved my table beneath the window to write you these lines by the light of day the awareness of our shared identity is a continuous source of new thoughts that revolve around each other of what we
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experienced together and of what still awaits. at the time of her arrest hilda copy was seven months pregnant. and november twenty seventh she gave birth to a healthy boy she named him after his father. i'm so overjoyed i don't know where to start arms wrote our son has arrived mommy in court brought me the joyous news today given hugs and kisses and much love from his father a great big hug to you i'll hold you until i see you again. so some knowledge it's about this but father. my father saw me on the ninth of december. you know he was taken to barnum strasser are my mother and i were taken to him. and see him and then on the nineteenth of december he was sentenced to death with shorter boys and a hard knock on twelve other men and women. they got and he was murdered that
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plucks and say on december twenty second the consul told of all to what science one system it's about. plots and all that full. sentence for the members of the road to capello was death by hanging killed a copy learned of the death of her husband in jail in burning strawson. the next shock came on january twentieth one thousand nine hundred forty three when she herself was sentenced to death for the execution was to be carried out as soon as she had weaned her baby. and that's why the tradition and the suite of course that was a very difficult time for her. because on the one hand she was very happy with me. and on the other she knew it would come to an end at some point. because the most meanwhile she was also thinking about me still and in a certain way ordered that i would learn a trade and have a respectable job. that i shouldn't be spoiled too much.
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she was also worried about her mother and how that would continue. and that's why she made the decision to have her mother care for me so she'd have something to do that there would be life there for her again too because even if it's you. my dear mother soon it will be time for us to say farewell forever. the hardest part leaving my little hands is already behind me. promise me for his sake stay brave and strong. i'm going to my big hands now. i hope that little hans has inherited the best in both of us. when you hold him to your breast your child will always be with you much nearer than i can be to you now. i hope little hands will grow up tough and strong. with the warm open hearted helpful down to earth character of his father. we loved each other very much and love guided our actions
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. my dear mother and my little hans all my love surrounds you always. be brave the way i'm trying to be brave always your daughter hilda. the sentence was carried out on the same day hilda copy wrote that letter to her mother . hitler rejected her request for clemency in july one nine hundred forty three. a guillotine was used to behead hilda copy at glistens a prison on august fifth one thousand nine hundred three. khans copy jr was raised by his grandmother. and was always aware that his parents were heroes. and was next to also those but it was more my grandmother tried of course to set up certain rules of behavior that i should adopt. and that were related to my late parents. though sometimes it wasn't easy for
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me. especially where people would praise my parents and. i didn't do me any good at all i missed them by the most of the few i imagine ation i really feverish we dreamed as a boy that they might come back again that will be good because there was always someone showing up who was believed to have been long dead. sons as parents staked everything on their beliefs and paid for it with their lives after the war they were honored as heroes in communist east germany there was even a stamp with the couple's picture yet for hundreds jr it's his mother as a person who's important she's far more than a resistance fighter. because. i've got trouble with the concept of heroin. because we're talking about my mother. and it was always difficult for me to establish
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a relationship tour i am one she was brave and all. and i'm sure she certainly was a heroine. but first and foremost for me she's my mother. and the more i get away from this heroine the nearer she is to me this is the neo what is in your. field a copy was a courageous woman and she was also a mother who loved her child. and my. phone. and i didn't see and couldn't if you can see women as heroin as you thought was dishonest with stood a life full of disruption and adversity the hope and hope that come up when you can actually be proud of her that it was her. and that's the way it'll stay for me. the company's wish came true her son is staying true to his parents' legacy through his own fight against fascism.
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buying dortmund shoka like to get a favorite team sway got all the best goals we've got all the action don't miss the bundesliga right here. w. is the whole of german football here is truly it's every match get. to. fishing for votes in celine materials ovine of the party campaigns with the slogan italians for
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instance. the party hopes its stance against immigrants will bring success of the polls. because it does have a chance of governing insulate. thirty minutes d.w. . to land the big car fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers everyone of them as a plan for you to. say nothing is just that the children who have already been there all in and those that will follow are part of a new kind of. they could be the future. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. made from mines. the d. w. media center see it find it here it discover.
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video and audio podcast and language courses in the d w media center at media center dot d w dot com. in germany members of the social democratic party have voted on whether to enter a new grand coalition with conservatives results will be announced on sunday if the party joins the coalition germany will finally have a new government five months after elections. italian political parties have made final appeals to voters ahead of general elections on sunday the vote pits a right wing coalition led by former prime minister silvio berlusconi against the center left alliance led by another former prime minister matteo renzi the other
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main players the antiestablishment five star movement most observers expect a hung parliament. hundreds of people attended the funeral of slain slovak journalist on saturday he was working on a story about italian organized crime in slovakia when he and his fiance were found shot to death seven italian nationals detained in connection with the murders have been released. on twitter us president donald trump has threatened a new tax on european cars imported into the us this is further raised fears of an international trade war after he announced steel and aluminum tariffs last week the moves on trade have spurred international condemnation but are in line with trump's can. payne promises much leadership on this. time.
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you're going to is executive director of environmental action germany we'll be talking about the arrogance of the auto companies the failure of politics and the power his organization has welcomed you i'm sure to look at. your organization has won a victory after a court gave german cities the go ahead to impose driving bans to curb air pollution even put you on the front page of the new york times. times. how do you feel when you take on big companies and the government and when how long
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did you celebrate on tuesday. i thought if there wasn't a lot of time for celebration but i had a glass of wine that evening alone in my favorite public come down a bit. it was a great day for clean air in germany we fought thirteen years for that we filed every possible legal challenge and won them all but this was confirmation that it applied to all other cities. at the biscuit. you've had some successes when you started working for environmental protection when you were still a student. you helped to introduce deposits on cans and bottles in germany but is tuesday's decision your greatest success. it would have i think it is have been fighting for clean air for three decades and i put it up there was the introduction of catalytic converters or my campaign twenty years ago to bring sulphur free fuels to germany and europe with all those big steps. but let's just say that apart from
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the publicity and the social impact this victory of clean air over the interests of the car companies has done just a bit more. but why was this court ruling necessary to you why pollutants limits have been in effect since two thousand and ten but they didn't apply in germany they were only on paper the guy who was responsible for that i think they'll be fine with them now this is good although if that's the problem the limits applied in germany obviously politicians often don't employ land laws or regulations anymore especially if they don't match the interests of large industrial companies. the government starts behaving like a common criminal that doesn't respect the law but why have we won every single case for thirteen years partly because we have good lawyers but above all as we just said it's the law we have a limit to be met it prevents thousands of deaths the courts have decided that this
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is true but the government is violating this law and when to stop. those are strong words to accuse the government of criminal behavior are you saying that the german government puts the interests of auto companies above the common good. absolutely and i can prove it by the automotive industry rules germany through the individual states and through the chancellor's office. carmakers chancellor angela merkel has perfected that role. she is directly committed to automotive interests in the e.u. . and she told state officials in california in two thousand and ten that they have to relax their emissions limits saying they're bad for the. german auto industry i think. you but that's not her job she should work for the good of the people not the profit interests of a small group of companies go and tell them. your close friend and former colleague
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on environmental protection matters is the bottom of it and back state for near then free. is he also in the auto industries pocket. yes even to be honest green party state premier faces this problem but i still like him despite the contradictions. you're still close to do it with the hope of course i still like him and we get along well but this issue ation demonstrates the power of the automotive industry like his state premier comes into office and says fewer cars are better for the environment and more cars he'll get plenty of heat from the industry and he will soon behave like his predecessors. and that applies to the c.s.u. the s.p.d. and all political parties in germany. when the industry has so much power and can also play the jobs card with the politicians as blackmail that it could not and was always going to have some sympathy for the german car industry generates a huge amount of revenue.


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