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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 3, 2018 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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that's all from the news this hour i will be back in exactly forty five minutes to feel free to log onto our website w dot com for around the clock news and information you can also get up from google play off from the apple store and that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. thank you for watching. where i come from we have to fight for a free france and was born and raised in a new tell the painter she just want to be shot now and a few newspapers with official information as attorneys have walked off the streets of many cancers and their problems are was the same forward to social inequality
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a lack of the freedom of the press. corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the sounds of human science you know michael folds who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is carlos and i work with the. chinese all to make a jellies founder leash rufu revealed this week that he now holds ten percent of german comic a dime in this shares the son of a rice farmer he started out in business with a refrigerator parts factory when the authorities shut him down he'd already made a fortune and simply switch to making motorbikes the cars in twenty ten li bought
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struggling all to make a volvo from ford and launched it in china just two decades later julie was selling over a million cars a year there making it the nation's largest independent comic. and now he's invested in dima acquiring just under ten percent of the luxury car company the state of kuwait until now the largest shareholder has been bumped into position to with six point eight percent followed by rent only son the rest is divided up among smaller investors. leases the time the stake allows him to focus on the technologies of the twenty first century electra mobility and driverless cars huge challenges he says that no money factory can tackle alone the surprise gili dialer announcement caused a stir in germany though it's about more than mere stock ownership there are concerns about technology transfer and foreign influence on corporate strategy many
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worry the chinese companies are getting too powerful in key german companies. germany's top administrative court has ruled that cities may ban diesel cars from their roads to combat air pollution the ban would impact cities like stuttgart and berlin where frequently breaches pollution limits car makers have long market to diesels as environmentally friendly they burn less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide one in three cars on german roads runs on diesel a ban would hit those most who place their trust in the industry but some welcome the news. whenever wonderful it's about time to make the city center caffrey that will be super. before things now they're filthy. the industry rejects a ban. decisions problem is that different cities she could have differing regulations can see this concerns us because
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a patchwork of different regulations would obviously confuse drivers far off. that's why we hope for a reasonable nationwide regulation. diesels will stay on german city streets for now but there's a likelihood of some bans in some cities by april. at this year's nobel world congress in barcelona the emerging five g. mobile technology stole the show sony plans to be marketing the first five g. capable gadgets by the end of twenty nineteen other companies are already channeling all their efforts into the latest generation of ultra fast data networks the world's first public five g. network was built and tested by korea telecom at the recent south korean winter olympics. and barcelona the company showcased a five g. virtual reality game. for technology transfers gigantic data volumes from players
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vest with the response time of only ten milliseconds. be the five g. is so much faster than four g. twenty times twenty times or more we've reduced the lexan seen on a result cases that go to step one not as you called to be at work or you don't have the way to go heavy recruitment and i say it's a totally wild that the future of five g. was behind much brainstorming at the bus alone expo the number of network gadgets is expected to grow exponentially along with the attendant risks i think five g. represents an opportunity it's going to signal the entrance of multiple devices that are literally going to revolutionize the way that we live the way that we every component of our lives is going to be impacted but i think what that also represents is potential risk as well because you know things like driverless cars i mean a remote healthcare and so forth security and privacy are going to be literally being
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number one question that we'll be so it's not just about games it's a serious matter of evaluating and minimizing the potentially disastrous risks of a new technology that will be rolled out within the next two years. u.s. president donald trump has decide. to slap import tariffs of twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum beginning next week the tariffs are aimed primarily at china. for years china's steel and aluminum industries have been dumping their excess production on global markets. the e.u. has already threatened retaliate to the tariffs against u.s. products like whiskey and motorbikes should e.u. products be hit by the new u.s. tariffs. cuba's state own tobacco monopoly on us says the country exported cigars worth some four hundred million euros last year a twelve percent increase on twenty sixteen have banned us exports famous cuban
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brands like cohiba and monte-cristo two hundred fifty countries tobacco is one of cuba's main foreign currency earners alongside tourism and sugar but sanctions mean the u.s. isn't among the buyers. the same pay for the same job at the same location was the goal of an e.u. workers' directive last year it was designed to protect domestic work forces in high wage countries like france and germany from being undercut by migrant workers from low wage e.u. countries but some eastern european countries aren't happy about the directive workers from their argue that having to compete on a level playing field could threaten their livelihoods and remittances the e.u. is looking into the asean. china launched its belt and road initiative also known as the new silk road five years ago the one hundred billion dollar trade infrastructure project involves sixty nine countries together home to two thirds of the world's population. it consists of two major trade routes the
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land based silk road economic belt which winds its way from china through central asia the middle east and on to europe and the maritime silk road which creates a ceiling connecting southern china southeast asia india east africa and also europe. industry representatives. say the project off has enormous potential for german companies which can deploy the necessary resources. if it involves developing physical infrastructure especially in central asian countries which aren't as well linked or developed that's clearly something which well known and large german infrastructure developers. are very much at home with. but there could also be plenty of orders for small and medium sized enterprises they can supply specialized machinery and other equipment to foreign partners involved in the mammoth projects though there are some high hurdles to clear.
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that's a good that's because many projects are put out to tender off financing by the chinese banks in the same way we used to doing things here and there are plenty of challenges when it comes to calculating prices as well. adding to potential difficulties beijing hands over eighty percent of the contracts china is funding straight to chinese companies many of the countries along the two routes are politically unstable and there's also a high risk of payment default to take into consideration as well. this is no simple change of address for marina stefano a twenty five year old service and just moving down the road she's heading abroad to austria she's finished her training as a vascular surgeon now she wants to turn her qualification into money. first. from.
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us so for me to come back. marina's packing her portrait along with her german dictionary it's a decision being taken by tens of thousands throughout the region unable to find work at home they go abroad wants. working there they support their families back home their remittances are astoundingly high an amount equivalent in value to ten percent of serbia's g.d.p. it's similar in neighboring bosnia highly qualified young people are attending german classes they want to head out as well two thirds of under twenty four year olds have no job thousands leave every year to the dismay of bosnian companies. and i've visited many companies that complain because their best people are going abroad. look at the i.t. sector look at the doctors good workers etc people simply feel this is not an environment where they can see themselves with their families in the long term that
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is something that worries me especially the. students know they're better off abroad. there are simply no opportunities for me to show my knowledge i finished you know you are a city but i can't find a job in my profession. and then i decided to requalify and live in a society that appreciates my hard work and performance. that's why nadine reggie complied to the bosnian labor agency for assistance to move abroad germany's desperate for nurses so now the qualified lawyer is trying to do that instead. in croatia many commemorate their departure in the bus station. while in serbia the journey into a new life often starts by train. southeastern european countries aren't just losing a few young people they're losing pretty much an entire generation. the
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ball of our can't get too much these days so venezuelans are coming up with creative uses for the ones valuable currency richard said go via turns the notes into handbags wallets and even head gear he left venezuela a few months ago his monthly wages were the paltry two and a half dollars now he's got his own stall just over the border in colombia he needs about a thousand bank notes to make a bag costing him just fifty cents in return he can sell each one for ten to fifteen dollars. there are some people who buy a bag for their relatives some buy to sell the more expensive elsewhere some wrap them in plastic to keep a souvenir is. there others who want me to make different things for them such as crowns to take with them as a keepsake. artists like jose leon
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are also looking for creative ways through the crisis he's using the worthless money as a kind of canvas. he's already sold two thousand works many to ex-pats venezuelans who've set themselves up abroad souvenirs of better times long since past. his productions have achieved cult status. come his energy is contagious. operas by director barry kosky are setting new standards see. who is the man behind these
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masterpieces. next. your own max this week's highlights. pulls ashore here beauty makes way septimus germany contest. victorious roger federer is sportsman a figure. uninhibited the flamenco star in chance with dazzling choreography. the old sixty minutes on g.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language which the first word published in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn something simple online on your mobile and free stuff for d w z e learning course nico speak german meetings e. g w true diversity. where
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the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of programming one variable me show you. now i've got our innovations magazine for any show of every week and always looking to. the future on t w dot com science and research for asia. welcome to arts twenty one this time around we made a master of vibrant opera production raise the curtain for barry kosky. i. am i. am i i that's him isn't it his ideas he's just got fed.


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