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tv   Kick off - More than Football  Deutsche Welle  March 2, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm CET

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when it comes to the sounds of the humans and see the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work with. a whole kenyan handed on two point zero ok yeah. this is you. don't let them convince you don't let them commits you that you're small fearful young and old forsberg is afraid of everything that's
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a fatal height. for the war. because when you're big you'll be the super sweet and light six leading man. sixty seven feeling the muscle sunstorm it's a role. don't listen to the my in robin when they tell you you're too old as long as you leave defenders in your dust even if it is always with the site may. keep the show and i think the thought of always come up and see you upset but let them tell you dish out you found that you're no good just because you spend your life savings on jerseys. just to come up and comes to cordon off my house and you fall fun don't supporters don't let them convince you that you aren't true fans just because you're so far away. they seem to find see. which countries. to everyone else don't let anyone tell you. to kick off life doesn't
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discover the stories behind football. first though we look at a small suite making a big impact. in. sweden. and he too is a footballer. unbelievable look to be a guy who was afraid of flies would be those hoops to be topped because i didn't see that problem. until i was sixteen seventeen elsewhere the short. this is where his career began. but this is where he plays now. the club exists for the first time when i heard it well is this
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a good chance. this is going to be the right stuff. it looks like he's taken a number of steps in the right direction. and calles from the chilly climes of northern europe from sun's fall in central sweden. the remote town has a population of just fifty thousand and unassuming parts of the world. and every town of course needs a football club the forsberg footballing dynasty is a phenomenon here. they all. football
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history humans grandfather and his father. will see here i think i'm sure about him is going to be the best player ever from this club. to the club in the nineteen eighties and nineties is number ten since retired it's just quite prominently in the stadium you know i was not a quick school girls he was beautiful as a forward. and my dad was made to feel like him and almost in the same position as he is. he was my dad's smaller than me and emily is shorter than me so he's more like it's my that the forsberg said no means it's valid by the nickname. for.
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me. and my making the comment is that. he wouldn't doesn't want to be called like that when he was small he didn't he said my name is not. here. because i was playing and he was and he was compared with me all the time you know it's a kid from blade and he was you know you're going to be as good as you're there than you. are so he didn't want to call but he said my name is airman. young emily was a quiet lad nobody in sun valley ever imagined him having a career as a football star. afraid of everything. he's afraid of ever afraid of heights and feet of water and he's afraid of when he was a kid you never bug you never talk about you know we were when we were having a ball he never took a bath. in football wasn't even his first choice on the sporting front he preferred
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floorball a popular type of hockey in sweden. told by his coach york state again he was able to see big potential very early on. in the college game to play football because the situation where when i had him the first time when he was. seventeen was that he was he was not so good football player he was not the best not the best even though in the huge nineteen he was not the best player so. so the situation for him was not so easy. so i encouraged him and tried for him to make the best decision which of course is to play football. and he'll make the right decision and with the help of his youth coach he evolved not just in footballing terms but physically.
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sixty seventy i really got muscles and started to grow and after that everything went really fast we had the swedish cup we played against first team we were in the second division then then we played against the first division team and i was man of the match and i think in this moment i realised that maybe i have something good in me i was surprised how good it was going to play in the first team. twenty two forsberg transferred to mamma when he won the league twice and his first call up to the national team in twenty fifteen he surprised many by signing for a german second division side my first thought when i heard it well is this a good choice i was not sure i didn't know the club existed the first time they had met the. same owner but i didn't order the life says i can understand them because no one has ever done it before but i was sure about my thing and i was sure about the club that was going to when we had all the
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possibilities here to go up and. this is. from the. featured in the. owners wanted to. gain information in twenty six. for the champions league season. providing the most. if you. i mean that he could be a really good player but to be top in the bundesliga i didn't see that coming.
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maybe in the future and other unpolished diamond among the invalid's youth will be able to surprise his coach the way that forsberg did in first grade means a lot to me. big they hear from since. we play for instance who really wants to be like him when we gets older. but the most important support for any will is his wife shango who he married in twenty sixteen she also donned the army lights and colors for a while. if he's serving from having fun. and that's a lock that i have from the beginning she's always been feeling good here is all all the time being loving life. but despite like six manifold charms and attractions. in shanghai remain close to the place they first met one day they hope to return to their beloved son he's always well would come here and sells well when
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he was here and he's going to train and so on with the club in his vacation but. everyone talks about it in venice when we're talking football they talking leipsic and they talking actually i saw interview with him where he said that he wanted to for the last thing before he want to play here so that should be a dream to have him back one day for the whole cloth. yes well that should be a fantastic ending all the sort of. person till then emil has plenty on his plate will he help sweden to upset germany at the upcoming world cup we already know that many folks has done things that nobody believes were possible. and all you know robin is further proof that nothing is impossible the fine midfielder is still in the league elite at thirty four years old he squared off against the best teams in europe for eighteen years and still strikes fear into the hearts of
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defenders throughout the continent how does the dutch veteran do it we'll take a closer look at his patented attacking move. body and robin and his signature move defenders know exactly what's coming but a powerless to prevent it. here the robin against both proves it defender john luka it's a really did everything right here but our analysis will show why he still didn't have a chance robin away from a. good prospect he simply the culprit but. he's brian's all time top scoring midfielder thanks not least to his trademark move. here it is in classic form against freiburg last season robin picks up the ball on the right to defend his best option is to close down the line running between the attacker and the goal.
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but that's where from and wants to be his sweet spots attacking his mark christian he cuts back inside and gets off the shots he scored over twenty goals like this in the bundesliga plenty of practice. boys. from the gulf. states over us and after mr. schoen i think the thought of. option. another prime example from last season against dortmund as he bears down on goal defend us across this looks to cover the in a line and robin knows it just a surprise arrives the flying dutchman makes his move taking out to defend i'm getting himself into position setting up the finish off his feet and left foot typical law and robin. but it's not his only trick. was. to michelle gives off not enough time some strong force. and the theme of the song
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people not showing go from one problem. which brings us back to the game adults book just to get it's a quickly takes up a good defensive position closing off the inside route if you want to get past me now you'll have to go around the outside. the problem is robin does just that streaking toward the goal line whipping it up perfect cross the last thing the defense would expect. the championship wanted to look. into at a time and robin attacks itself on the outside again the result a last gasp penalty to secure the buy in victory. the robot it's no secret but that doesn't make it any easier to stop and it's why he's still one of the best. now for a look at the motorist fast will meet supporters of two clubs that absolutely hates
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one another shelf and goldman first shot. when it comes to clothes christian could make is the ultimate fan. all the royal blue should be no surprise as shock is his speciality. track and field of my mail it's been fun to shout it out in good hygiene as i know she should know by me is inside passage to my face and have to take those in trunk one hundred. because it would soon and i'd finish be done for ever not like his time seeing the light at nine hundred seventy one the old look of come. out of car in front of you cooking by that i mean it could not. get is i'm a little something out of the whole been on a mission from. one trip to the stadium and his life was changed their famous blue jerseys became his passion. to the shop and
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pewter them to sure every story from his life is a shock a fan. of us simply go from. there. let's call it not intercourse so put something that's just. for comfort. initially we understand something of the other british you know a lot of kind of as another. you know it's true from this collection just you know thirteen hundred jerseys that is home and some he got himself some planted to him from clients after the much. does the u.s. nor the knowledge of this book is also starting to kick up a job the special legendary danish every stand in for one of a proper form. of one know when the team is white carrots of course. and the consolation with the knight and stuff she seems to me
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used. and that's but thank you being the nation dog one trick was you know. when i'm going to nominate a. christian second. northwest section twenty three is greatest game nine hundred ninety seven. internets and i'll. given. up. a life those memories and one hundred percent.
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his collection is still missing one piece of wood his league championship jersey. he could always just buy one. time now for their arch rivals goldman does about half an hour. this time we're heading quite a bit further join us for the big children found in china. by these are you don't win fans but they're not from don't win. here are the real fans . but they look like fans to others really. this is who jim and her husband waged. biggest love. satirists a gentile national. home. to live in china and consider themselves
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true supporters but from so far away it's not possible they merely jumping on the bandwagon. find out off to shenzhen in southern china only nine thousand kilometers from. life gives them the fan test who in way will be tested in four categories. let's get started with the for. first category passion. how crazy for dortmund are they no better way to test it than a davi don't mean the gates. from their living room. talk the fever this is how it looks in china. don't have none of that in their house. for. the tension is high.
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the seven hour time difference means the games on late at night. which the neighbors probably love. looking. to that has a chance they say with the passion. but for that he would have. to live in your country. with. his head playing to her. children. thank you. dad hands out. and i'll come out he said i thought hans for that national claims that being a. dab hand out. to leo and i'll be the only one of the.
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class had thought you. would. know it. even from a fall all category one they're both passionate fans. seem to have agreed to the roots of the black and yellow. obsession how did they become dylan fans. so that if they do manage to get the four. randomly callaway shall find them can't be a coincidence but who knows exactly why her heart beats for dortmund how much they see him and what's you know what good time has a shot and. even congratulated them on their wedding. i wish you all the best and hope to see you and your family soon indoors will. make. us
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a whole can handle so twenty oh. yeah. ok guys that's not how you're going to pass this test the club is chosen out of tradition and local connections degree two failed when the second. good thing called. a sure one. called the end of the phone shop and. it's usually yet you well hold. on now don't forget since i didn't need to hold you up. as a mission to me five minutes from the. wedding photos in the club kids crazy but there's more to being
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a fan category three density. what's way giles connection to the city you don't know where sure trenholme going to be fine. with a. passion initial intent homage and the scene. in the single home oco . show. since yeah. well she is so far so good in this category how does wade know so much about dortmund. this year find your job or put it all in which either way you know he or you know any. challenge you can't you're sure they both think you're going to get you know but if i get. shown quadrille letter to
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nobody to clean them and i get to formula shia. way and who aren't just posers ordering the latest jerseys don't mint is more than some fad it's a major part of their lives and their identity category they're both diehard fans. the final category. what does it mean to stay true to its. mission i have hashing. and it is to deny. that a passion should not. be the cacophonous. it's a genius. with effort which. support your local team that's out of reach for ways he doesn't know what it's like to cheer on his team all celebrate a goal from inside the stadium is acknowledged to the park is just a bit too far away. instead of dog when it comes to them since twenty sixteen
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dortmund have made two trips to china including a stop in shenzhen surely are paired with the first ones in the stadium to the mentality of now a new show you why not go for it in the. committee members you can't just choose your addition to be and see. how would you found out now how do you know who you like jehu to company couldn't you thought. through fan support the. team in person even if it's only once a year they failed the last country. so what's the bottom line that both clearly dortmund obsessed two categories proved their family well they weren't up to scratch for the other two but considering the distance a strong effort you guys.
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could have but joe hockey should be in some. jobs. if you will feature here. it's a luxury we find him to be a shooting and into. his solo slow dancing. clubs. saurez good sandwich. loads of. good sleep. soon. with. my single dollar selling me the load play the. game.
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my. son the game. my. life. the gun lovers love. before moving. on.
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to. the constant. going. fishing for votes in. my tears over any of the leg up posse campaigns with the slogan italians funston. deposit hopes its stance against immigrants will bring success and the palms the moment comes and does have a chance at governing insulate the bottom of. the. thirty minute detail you'll. be bursting in good shape returning
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tending snooze and you can leave this school amazing fitness backpack if you want to know what's in it isn't on we're going. to turn the most favorite whole movement into my coffee mommy gold it appears. actually let's. just all the stars he made a point of still. represented. mika architect of east germany's place. explained if i had my way. these johnny would still be. master of the. british you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . the wounds heal. the scars on.
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the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for cities and. they have survived but do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here. but i also admire people who want to stay here and who decided to create something . new beginning in peace time more the people making it possible what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance. out of darkness cities after war. starting march tenth on t w.
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odd lem's. the deal the news live from berlin i day of deadly violence in birth you know so as valence target army headquarters and the french embassy leading security forces and civilians dead the boardings baby attackers were islamic extremists although coming up. what interim leaders pressure the syrian government to stop the bloodshed and he's trying to top that as promised a positive in fighting fail to ease the civilians operate. at least.


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